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Izziwotnot Tutti Frutti Single Duvet Cover & Pillowcase Set 18/01/2017

Very cute and good quality

Izziwotnot Tutti Frutti Single Duvet Cover & Pillowcase Set I bought this for my daughter when she was first out of her cot and into her big girls' bed and now that she is nearly 8, we are still using it. It is very good quality and has washed really well and it still remains one of her favorite duvets even though she has plenty of My Little Pony and Princess ones too! I first bought this duvet when my little girl was 18 months old. I mainly chose it because it is 100% cotton and also because it looks so lovely. When children are under 5 they tend to sweat a lot at night as their bodies struggle to control their body temperatures and so I found that cotton covers were always better for my daughter, to help her skin to breathe. It also washes better an is much softer to the touch than those polyester based ones that many children's duvet covers tend to be It is a white duvet with lots of little flowers, butterflies and birds on it. These are only small and it's quite a busy design but it looks lovely. They are lilacs, pale green, sky blue, pinks... I think because it isn't just large prints of pictures or big characters that this duvet lasts a long time- it doesn't look too babyish yet it is still sweet enough to use as nursery bedding. I find that this fits really well on the duvet itself, it isn't too tight a fit so as easy as it can be to put it on. It has buttons at the bottom too instead of poppers and I prefer these as they are less likely to pop open like poppers do. This has gone well in the three different bedrooms that ...

Fisher-Price Octonauts Talking Tiger Shark Gup B 15/01/2017

Another to add to the collection

Fisher-Price Octonauts Talking Tiger Shark Gup B My little boy loves Octonauts and has done since he was about 2. He has just turned 5 and still loves them. His collection has been growing and growing and this Talking Tiger Shark has recently been added to his collection. What are Octonauts? Octonauts is a television programme that is on Cbeebies on a daily basis. It is about 10 minutes long and is full of cartoon characters that live under the sea and undertake missions which involve them saving creatures and such like. It's quite full of action so will capture little ones' attentions and always inspire them to use their imaginations as they watch the dramatic under water rescues take place! The creatures are all based on animals that they will recognise- dogs, cats, penguin etc. I think it appeals to both boys and girls although my son has always enjoyed it more than my daughter has as he really likes the action! You can buy all different kinds of Octonaut toys and books. The toys are definitely my son's favourite, he has all kinds of them now- lots of figures, accessories, the 'Gups' where they live etc. He plays with them way more than other toys. Tiger Shark Gup B set Within this set you get the Gup B which is a tiger shark which talks. You also get the figure of Kwazii and a hammer head shark. Kwazii can fit in the tiger shark and then ride around in him. The other characters you can buy from different sets will also fit in the Gup as it's a standard size. The tiger shark is about 20cm long, and Kwazii is ...

Sixtrees Silver Plated Double Frame 14/01/2017

A lovely gift

Sixtrees Silver Plated Double Frame I was bought this double photo frame for my birthday last year and I like how understated it is. It's very simple and it looks lovely on display. I've had a look at the cost and I'm quite surprised to see that it's £25, that does seem like a lot of money so for that reason I'm removing one star. Details This frame is by Sixtrees who make some lovely silver plated frames. This is no exception- it's lovely, it's silverplated. It stands upright in a vertical position and houses 6 x 4 photos. It has a nice silver-plated frame which is about 1cm wide and very shiny. The back of the frame has a black velvet board which is a little stiff to take off to put the photos in but it's also very sturdy so means that the photos don't slip down. It has hinges so you can position it how you would like but it will not close 100% flat as the frame has a slight curve to it. The frame in use The size of the photos that go within these frames are 6 x 4 which is ideal for me as this is the size of print that I usually request my photos to be. Having them at this size, it also means that the frame isn't too large so won't take up too much space. I found that putting the photos in was a little tricky as getting the back off was stiff- there's the board backing, cardboard and the glass inside. Once I put my photos in they were held in place well as the back is such a tight fit so that once I put the frame upright, they stayed in place, no sliding down or looking like they've slipped so that is ...

Hasbro My Little Pony Flip & Whirl Rainbow Dash 12/01/2017

Not the best today

Hasbro My Little Pony Flip & Whirl Rainbow Dash My daughter loves My Little Pony and she was bought this for Christmas a year ago. Although she enjoys playing with it, we are disappointed because it doesn't work as it should and so seems quite overpriced. My Little Pony is very popular with my daughter, she has all kinds of different things with these ponies on- bed covers, pajamas, soft toys, pens, books... the programme itself is constantly on the television and the annoying American voices really wind me up but they seem to appeal greatly to little girls! When my brother bought this for Hope for Christmas a year ago, she was delighted... I wasn't quite so impressed as it talks and I have enough of their annoying voices coming from the television! It is about 20cm tall so quite a large toy compared to her other My Little Ponies. It has wings that you can press up an down and hair to style. She comes with a little plastic comb to style her hair and some transfer stickers.. These stickers are very small and when Hope put them on Rainbow Dash they didn't stay on long and ended up getting stuck to the bottom of our socks and things instead! The pony apparently 'flips and whirls'. You do this by pressing her legs back and then letting go, she announces 'watch me flip!' in her annoyiing voice and then supposedly flips right over and lands on her feet. This doesn't happen though, instead she turns, falls over and ends up on her side leaving Hope frustrated and her little brother laughing! Occasionally, however, she will ...

Ravensburger Avengers 150 Pieces Puzzle 10/01/2017

Great quality jigsaw

Ravensburger Avengers 150 Pieces Puzzle My little boy has always been a jigsaw fan, from being 18 months old he was able to complete 50 piece jigsaws with ease and it was no surprise this Christmas when he received lots of jigsaws to add to his collection. One of the jigsaws he received was this one, it is perfect for him- he loves Avengers and 150 pieces is ideal for his age (just turned 5). The quality is excellent and so we are very pleased. What you get This is a jigsaw which contains 150 pieces but it's called extra extra large. This doesn't mean it's one of those huge floor puzzles that toddlers play with, rather that the pieces are bigger than you expect of a 150 piece jigsaw. They are about 3cm x 3cm and so this is better for children of this age. The jigsaw is a little bit too big to fit in the box so is made up elsewhere. The picture on the jigsaw is of The Avengers and the picture on the box is very clear, with nothing overlapping it so it is easy for children to follow. Practicalities The jigsaw pieces being that little bit larger is ideal for children. We do have some 100-200 piece jigsaws which have the smaller pieces and although my son can make them up, he prefers these slightly larger ones. I suppose it is less intimidating and also easier for him to manipulate as he still only has small hands. Quality This is a good quality jigsaw. I find that Ravensburger are always very good quality products and this is definitely the case with this jigsaw. They are well cut pieces and they slot ...

Power Rangers Tablecover 09/01/2017

A good table cover

Power Rangers Tablecover My little boy is now 5 and he adores Power Rangers, for his birthday this year it was a rather Power Rangers themed one with plenty of toys, cards and even this table cover! I sometimes find table covers a bit of a con when they have characters on as they are often overpriced and you only use them the once then throw away. This one, however, was plastic and so we were able to use it several times. It cost us £3.99 and therefore, I think it was good value for money. The table cover is square which I find is good for parties as you can buy more than one and angle them so they make a diamond shape and you can overlap them to cover the table. They do tend to work better than rectangular ones for this reason. We took it to the party and had it as the middle table cover and used plain ones for the rest of the tables. It is made from plastic which meant that when drinks were spilled it wasn't ruined right away. It also meant we were able to wipe it down and then bring it home with us. We have been able to reuse this table cover several times. Our dining table isn't square, however, this is approx 20cm x 20cm and so we have put it on our dining table and used it as a way to protect the table for when the children are doing their crafts. One thing which is a bit annoying about this is that sometimes the cover will stick to you and it begins to lift away which a paper cover wouldn't do. It sometimes doesn't lie flat either, so the overhanging edges look as though they are in the ...

The Girls - Lisa Jewell 09/01/2017

A really great read

The Girls - Lisa Jewell I thought I'd read every Lisa Jewell book so was very pleased when I realised that her latest publication The Girls had slipped by my radar. I have recently read another Lisa Jewell book and usually, I don't like to read books by the same author too close together as I find they are a bit 'samey' and like to have some variety but with Lisa Jewell's books there is great variation with the plots, themes and feel of the book- the only thing 'samey' about them is that they're brilliant books! I was supposed to read this whilst on holiday, but made the mistake of 'just looking' at the first page and it resulted in my struggling to put it down for three days until I had devoured it... The Girls is quite a dark story, which builds slowly as it introduces the various characters and with each page turn leaves you questioning and analysing everyone which makes for a real page turner. At the beginning of the book, Pip, comes across the body of her sister Grace. She's found in the same area of the communal garden they share with their neighbours, that another teenage girl was found in many years ago... but what has happened to Grace in this garden they considered safe? Who could have hurt her? Pip and Grace moved to Virginia Terrace with their mother Clare after their father had a huge psychotic episode and burnt their house down. Clare, feeling overwhelmed and out of place, is grateful that her children seem to be making friends in the communal garden, even if some of them do appear ...

Moonshine - Christina Jones 07/01/2017

I read it in a matter of days

Moonshine - Christina Jones Having read this book in just a couple of days I think it's fair to so I really enjoyed it! It's the kind of book that's easy to read yet still full of story and bursting with interesting characters which make it stand out against other chick lit type books. I think that if you are wanting to read some light hearted chick lit which also has some good developed and deep characters, then Christina Jones' style of writing is perfect. Cleo has recently moved to Lovers Knot which is a small village in which she has taken up residency in a caravan within the local caravan park. She has just landed a job working as a PA for the lady of the manor, Mimi who is full of eccentricities as is the rest of the village... there are certainly lots of characters around, especially within the caravan park. Then a stranger appears on her doorstep. Dylan Maguire is what her friend refers to as DDG (drop dead gorgeous) and they soon find themselves working together to create mysterious sounding wines following recipes that were left behind in her caravan from a precious owner. But Cleo and Dylan are from very different backgrounds and Cleo is quick to judge him and his choices so she knows that this is a friendship that can't go any further than that... I loved reading this book because it's full of vibrant characters that really create a village atmosphere and bring the book to life. It feels effortless too- not like the author is trying to explain to you what she imagines the village to be ...

Just Play Puppy Surprise Popcorn 06/01/2017

So cute

Just Play Puppy Surprise Popcorn I bought this for my daughter for Christmas 2015 when she was 6. I had one very similar when I was a child, so when I saw this I couldn't resist it. It cost us £29.99 from Smyths. A year on and my daughter still plays with this a lot and it has become one of her favourite soft toys. Puppy Surprise have been around for a long time as I had one myself as a child. I think they must have been relaunched over the last year or so and I'm glad they have because the idea of them is very appealing. It is basically a soft toy which comes with babies but you don't know how many babies it has until you open it up! The mummy dog is quite large, I would say about 30cm long and is very soft and cuddly. Her face is made from a rubbery plastic and her ears and tail are very fluffy and can be brushed. She has a collar on which is sparkly. Under the Mummy's tummy is a velcro strip which you open up and inside are the babies. Each Mummy comes with 3-5 babies- I think it's something like only 1 in 5 will have 4 or 5 babies, so the majority do just have 3. The puppies are very, very cute! They are miniature versions of the Mummy so will have similar colouring but each one is slightly different with perhaps a patch on their head or little stripes so you are able to tell them apart. They are about 8cm long and filled with beans so they are very cuddly and the perfect size for small hands to hold. They also have little tiny tails which are very cute! They have collars which are either pink or ...

My Little Pony Hairdressing Set 05/01/2017

Cheap plastic clutter

My Little Pony Hairdressing Set My little girl has been obsessed with My Little Pony for several years now and was bought this set about 18 months ago. We have lots of different My Little Pony things and lots of different hair styling toys too and I think this one is over priced (£13.99) and really poor quality, which is a shame... Our house is slowly being taken over by these ponies and their accessories. You can buy all kinds of different MLP things, bedding, toys, teddies, books... and what I've noticed with a lot of them is that they are poor quality, it is as though they are relying on the fact it's a recognisable brand so they don't try to make their product good quality which is such a shame. What is it? With this set you get various hair dressing items which are all toys but can be used to put in your pony's hair... or your own hair. You get a hair brush, hand held mirror, hair dryer, clips, grips. They are all very girlie in bright pinks and lilacs with little gems on some of the clips and a picture of one of the ponies on the mirror (Pinky Pie?!) Playing with it My little girl, unfortunately, soon got bored playing with this set. She was really excited at first because it looks so attractive to her and the hair dryer seemed such a novelty, but it doesn't even have a button to press or any form of on off switch to make a noise so after a minute of pretending to blow dry Rainbow Dashes hair, she soon got bored. The brush is fine, in fact, she uses it more on her hair than that of her toys! ...

Braun HD730 04/01/2017

Really great hairdryer

Braun HD730 This hairdryer is the best one I've ever had, it's amazing how hairdryers can really differ, you'd think that they were very simple and all the same but actually little differences in their designs can make a huge difference to your hair. I find this dries my hair quickly whilst not reducing the body or making it feel too dry and it really does help my hair to be shiny which my old hairdryer couldn't do. It has two different heat settings and you can also choose it to blow cold air. It apparently has special ions built into it which help give you shiny hair and I really do think that this is the case! It has a satin button and it has an 'ions' button, I'm not too sure how these ions work but it definitely seems to make a difference in my hair. Sometimes, when you are drying your hair ,if you have it at too high a setting it can cause your hair to lose it's body and become quite dry and therefore this is where the different settings come in useful. I tend to use the lower temperature setting which then blows slower and this gives me the best results. Recently, I was staying at a friend's house and dried my hair with a different brand and it did make me realise just how good this one is. Comparing it, I have been able to see that this hair dryer dries my hair much faster leaving it looking nice and bright and shiny. It helps to reduce some frizz and somtimes I don't need to use straightners afterwards because this helps to reduce frizz. I do think it makes my hair look ...

Aqua Beads Star Case 03/01/2017

My Dyson is full of them!

Aqua Beads Star Case My children love Aqua Beads... I'm not too sure that I do, they would rate them a 5 out of 5 whereas I would give them a 3 so I've settled half way... they certainly keep them entertained but they also keep me very busy with having to tidy up after them! What are they? Do you remember Hamma Beads? They're similar to them, but better, in my opinion, as the process to get them to stick together is just with water, rather than heat, so childre are able to do it themselves rather than wait for us to get the iron out! They are basically little tiny round balls which, when wet, can stick together. They come in a variety of colours, some see through, some sparkly, some completely round, some with little edges to make them sparkle a bit more. What do you do? Aqua beads basically can be put together to make little images and each set is different with which images are provided. Within this set is a plastic star- saped case which has compartments for you to put the beads... supposedly a compartment for each colour. This always starts off well but soon ends up with them getting mixed up and it is difficult for little fingers to separate out. In the middle is a space for the pipette of water. There are a couple of designs which are very basic- flowers, sunshine and so forth which are on a piece of card. You put this beneath the 'board' the board is a see-through plastic square which has little holes for the beads to go. You simply follow the pattern that's beneath it and put the ...

Bedworld Discount Alaska Nest of Tables 01/01/2017

They're Alright

Bedworld Discount Alaska Nest of Tables We were bought these a couple of years ago as a gift when we moved house. When we moved to our new house a few months ago, we decided that these tables wouldn't be coming with us. We did get good use out of them for a good few years, but sadly part of the design was just too flawed to warrant us keeping them any longer. When we got these they had to be put together as they came in a flatpack. It didn't take long to assemble them at all and the instructions were very easy to do. My husband is not a fan of flat pack and usually makes mistakes (don't tell him!) or just really takes a long time over it, but he put these tables together rather quickly, with it being a while ago I can't remember exactly how long but I do remember that there was no arguing about it and no swearing from him so it must have been very straight forward! The tallest table is about 50cm tall which is an ideal height, it would sit perfectly beside the sofa. The others are then staggered so they are slightly smaller, my little boy liked to use the smallest as a stool! They were quite robust although the legs were not that thick so sometimes we used to question their sturdiness so would be careful to only use these as tables and to keep on top of the children when they tried to get away with sitting on them. They are quite light weight too so ideal for moving around and putting back in the nest but of course this also means that they can easily be knocked over if you're not too careful The design flaw ...

Silverline Pointed Sash Brush Water 22/12/2016


Silverline Pointed Sash Brush Water We have recently moved house and it has involved us painting many of the rooms. We bought lots of different paint brushes to carry out the paint work and I have found some to be very good quality, whilst others have had such basic flaws I'm surprised the companies get away with selling them. This particular brush, was not a very good one. I bought this brush from Amazon for around £2. From past experience, I have found that a rather slim brush with a point is very effective for using when cutting in and painting the corners so I wanted to make sure I bought a brush with the correct shape to do this. For £2 I thought this was good value for money. When this brush arrived I was a little disappointed as it looked really poor quality and wasn't as short as I had thought. The handle of the brush was much longer and I find it difficult to paint with a longer brush as it means you lack control. The handle of the brush is shaped in a way which is supposed to make it comortable to hold and easier to use for corner work. However, I think that depends upon how big your hands are. Perhaps for someone with big hands the shape would be perfect, but for myself I found it difficult to hold. My hand was too far up the handle which gave me less control of the brush. The bristles were quite soft which meant that painting looked good, the paint went on smoothly and didn't leave brush strokes so that was a big positive with this brush, I cannot abide it when you can see the brush strokes on ...

Ravensburger Jumping Dolphins XXL Jigsaw Puzzle 16/12/2016

Brilliant jigsaw

Ravensburger Jumping Dolphins XXL Jigsaw Puzzle We bought this jigsaw for our little boy who loves to make jigsaws and will sit for hours quite happily making them. We actually got this one from a charity shop and it was the best 99p we have spent as he has enjoyed making this ovr and over again and it is very good quality. The jigsaw has 100 pieces and these are classed as extra, extra large but this isn't a floor puzzle so don't worry about that! The pieces are not huge, they're about 4cm x 4cm which makes them ideal for smaller holds to hold and manipulate and also make it look less daunting than if the pieces were smaller. They are quite robust too so will withstand a bit of heavy handedness that comes with being a small child. The picture is nice and bright and colourful, I particularly like it because it isn't just yet another character. It's nice that it's dolphins and a beach scene which makes it different to all the Minions and Powerrangers we seem to have accumulated in jigsaws! This puzzle is too big to fit in the box when you have made it but it isn't a floor puzzle like I say, it doesn't take up too much room when made. We have found that the quality of this jigsaw is very good, the pieces slot together well and the picture is nice and bright making it very attractive. It is quite a challenge with it being 100 pieces (our little boy has just turned 5) but there is quite a lot of detail within the image to make it possible for him to figure out. The sky section is a little more tricky but he usually can ...
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