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Lego Bricks & More Baseplate 13/08/2014

Lego bricks and more base plate

Lego Bricks & More Baseplate My son has been a massive fan of Lego for years now and as such over the years we have bought plenty of the stuff. A couple of birthdays ago I bought him a set with loads of basic, but less common coloured, bricks in and I also got him the Lego bricks and more blue base plate too. This is my review of the base plate. There are various base plates that you can buy from Lego ranging from green, grey, this blue one and you can also get them in various sizes too. I opted for the blue base plate simply because it was a good size and was the cheapest option at the time I was buying it on amazon. The bricks and more blue base plate is basically just a sheet of plastic and in a way I did begrudge paying a fiver for it but the thing is they are really handy for building things on as they hold them in position. My son only had a very small base plate before I bought him this one and I did notice he was getting a bit frustrated when building houses in particular as they could only be a certain size. With this blue base plate my son has made more complex houses as well as those with gardens as he has the room to do that now. The base plate measures 10" square or 32 studs each way should you want to look at it in Lego brick terms. I would describe it as medium to large and would think it would suit most Lego builders really for their play. It is pretty tough though there is a degree of flexibility with it but it wouldn't just break under normal play circumstances. It is frustrating ...

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation 12/08/2014

Maybelline better skin foundation

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation Usually I stick to Rimmel for my day to day foundation as I find it works quite well with my skin and isn't overly expensive compared to other products. When I most recently needed foundation though I noticed there was a three for two deal on Maybelline and as I needed powder and lipstick too it made sense to get an item free. I chose the Maybelline better skin foundation and this is my review of the product. I have used Maybelline in the past plenty of times and generally found their products to be of a good quality. My sister likened the better skin foundation to the Rimmel match perfect foundation I used as she had tried them both and found them to be too thick. As I like the consistency of the Rimmel product I felt confident in trying the Maybelline product. It comes in a chunky glass bottle with a blue lid. The Maybelline name is present on the bottle but the main focus is on the words "super stay better skin". The product claims to even your skin tone immediately whilst giving better looking skin in three weeks. I can't say I felt hopeful it would improve my skin tone generally but I was looking for it to give a good and even looking coverage. There were two things that I noticed immediately upon pumping some of this foundation on to my fingers for the first time were just how thick the product was and how even the ivory tone I had bought was quite dark. The product reminded me a little of the dream matte mousse from the same brand but much thicker. The way it ...

Lego Hero Factory 6216: Jawblade 11/08/2014

Lego Hero Factory: Jawblade

Lego Hero Factory 6216: Jawblade My son is a big Lego fan and a few years ago he really enjoyed collecting the Lego Hero Factory figures. He still does buy them from time to time but not quite as much now as he did then. One of the figures he has is the set 6216 which is called Jawblade. This is my review of it. Lego Hero Factory are not really like Lego in my opinion because they aren't a series of bricks! What you get with Hero Factory is still something to build though they just have circular ends which slot in to holes to hold them and what you end up with is a hero or a monster or some sort figure basically. The Jawblade Hero Factory was one of the first that my son received from this range. It comes in a plastic kind of bag packaging as opposed to a box and on the front it shows a picture of the character fully assembled which I always think is good because you get an idea of what you are getting before you purchase. This model is best suited to those aged six to twelve according to the packaging and I think this is about right to be honest. Younger children could of course play but I would think they would need help with assembly and there are some small parts to be mindful of. My son had no bother in building this particular kit by himself and I do think they offer a less complicated build than traditional Lego sets for the most part. It probably only took him about fifteen minutes to build this one but for me the play afterwards is by far much more important with this range. As my son has many ...

Boots Seventeen Brow's That! Brow Kit 08/08/2014

Brow's That!

Boots Seventeen Brow's That! Brow Kit For a long time I paid no attention to my eyebrows really but going back a good few years now I started to get them waxed in to shape and realised how much better your face looks for it. Of course brows are all the rage these days and so many people seem to have those massive face framing eyebrows but for me I like to keep them small and in shape. That said I did learn that with a little enhancement they could look even better and so when I was in Boots before Christmas where there was an offer where you got a free Seventeen Brow's That! kit with a certain spend I decided to give it a go. Seventeen is Boots own brand and is the cheaper alternative to their No 7 range. I believe at one point it was aimed at teens but nowadays it seems to be aimed at a wider market along side brands such as Rimmel and Maybelline. The Brow's That! product is most definitely the Seventeen brands take on the very popular Benefit brow kit named Brow Zing and I do quite like the quirky little name really. This particular product is much cheaper than the Benefit one and will set you back just £6.00. Now as I say I got mine free and I'm sure it was with a fiver spend or something ridiculous but I remember both my sister and I having to get it because it was such a good deal. The kit is contained in a black rectangular compact which has the product name and such like on the front and back in a white coloured lettering. Inside the compacts top lid there is a mirror which is a great size for use when ...

Lego Hero Factory 6218: Split Face 07/08/2014

Lego Hero Factory: Split Face

Lego Hero Factory 6218: Split Face My son is a massive Lego fan and one range which he has played with for years and continues to add to his collection are those in the Hero Factory range. One of the first ones that he got was set 6218 Split Face and this is my review of it. The Lego Hero Factory is a range of characters which you build by connecting pieces. They are not like the traditional Lego bricks as you are building an actual moving character and so they feature spheres on the end of pieces which slot in to others, as well as clipping pieces and such like. There are both heroes and villians that you can buy in this range and Split Face is one of the villians in the range. Split Face comes in a foil lined plastic pack as opposed to a box and most of the Hero Factory sets come packed like this so they are easy to spot on the shelves. The packet has a picture of the character fully assembled which is always a good thing because you get to see what you are getting before you buy it which is something my son definitely likes to do. This particular model is best suited to those aged seven to fourteen years and I would say that it is pretty accurate give or take a couple of years. There are fifty pieces in this set and my son probably built the Split Face model in around fifteen minutes independently following the instructions. As even the instructions from Lego are clear and easy to follow so he has no bother with them at all. The model when built is quite impressive looking and as the name suggests he is ...

In Flight: Up In The Air Book 1 - R. K. Lilley 06/08/2014

In Flight

In Flight: Up In The Air Book 1 - R. K. Lilley I have read Fifty Shades of Grey and enjoyed it although when it was recommended to me that if I liked that I should try the Crossfire series they totally blew Fifty Shades out of the water for me. I have read the Crossfire series over and over again and so I was on the hunt for something new. The up in the air series was suggested on a site which talked about similar books to the Crossfire series and so I took the plunge and ordered the three books in the series the first of which is called In Flight. This is my review. In Flight loosely follows the themes of Fifty Shades and the Crossfire series in that you have a very wealthy, gorgeous business man who has a few kinks to say the least and a woman who is certainly less experienced than him. In this book we meet flight assistant Bianca whom is totally taken by the gorgeous James Cavendish from the moment their eyes meet. Normally she is very cool and composed and certainly isn't interested in dating and the like but there is something about James that has her flustered. There is a pull to him that she almost sees as dangerous yet she finds it very excting too. James Cavendish is a man who knows what he wants and who is used to getting it and so it is only a matter of time before Bianca falls. This book is written by an author called R K Lilley and I have to say I had never heard of her but that wasn't going to put me off this series of books because it had good reviews both on a recommended reads site and also on amazon ...

Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Eyeliner Pencil 05/08/2014

Maybelline master drama kohl eye liner pencil

Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Eyeliner Pencil I tend to always stick to my trusted Rimmel eye liner because I know it lasts well on my eyes and is easy to remove as well at the end of the day. When I needed to replace it recently though Boots did not have any stock of it in and as I had completely run out I opted for a different one. I chose a Maybelline product called master drama kohl liner and this is m review of the product. It comes in four colours including black, grey, brown and purple but my review focusses on the black. The eye liner comes in pencil form and I have to say I did like how sleek it looked with it's all black casing with white writing. The black and white obviously compliment each other and I did think the product had quite a dramatic look to it which of course is the aim for a product with the name master drama! The Maybelline name is present on the casing as well as details such as the name and the fact you can use this pencil for up to 24 months after it has been opened which is good if you are an infrequent eye liner user. The eye liner is exposed by removing the lid off the pencil and once it goes blunt you do need to sharpen it. My Rimmel product features a twisting section at the bottom so I never have to sharpen it and the point always remains pretty much the same which is one thing I do really like about that product so I wondered how I would get on with this one. It isn't the easiest to sharpen to be honest and I found it almost got stuck in the sharpener and the point never did come as ...

Rotating Heart Tea Light Holder 14/07/2014

Rotating heart tea light holder

Rotating Heart Tea Light Holder I was just having a bit of a browse on my Facebook one day before Christmas last year and I saw the most lovely little tea light holder which had little silver cats hanging down. I had to ask where it was from and my friend told me it was from a site called funky honey. When I went on the site there were other versions of the tea light holder and I knew I wanted the love heart one. I also ordered it for my sister and my friend. I was gutted when I didn't get one for Christmas but as my mum knew how much I wanted one she treated me to one after Christmas as a surprise which was just lovely. This is my review of the product. I was surprised actually when the tea light holders I had ordered for my sister and friend arrived because they were in such tiny little boxes. You have to actually assemble the holder yourself though so don't worry about the size of the box. Inside the box there are very basic instructions but it isn't really rocket science when you come to assembling the item. You basically need to add the small pole to the actual base of the product and then hook the small hanging love hearts through the slots on the section which will spin. You do need to make sure you have the pole bending in towards the centre of the base so that once there is a tea light in there it will spin. Once assembled the tea light holder is still quite small really and I would describe it as pretty dainty to be honest. It looks cute and pretty even when the tea light isn't lit. It is all a ...

Poop Soap Truckstop Turd Poop Soap 10/07/2014

Truckstop turd poop soap

Poop Soap Truckstop Turd Poop Soap My sister and I often try and buy each other silly token presents to go with the main presents we buy each other for Christmas or birthdays. Last Christmas one present that she got me was the Truckstop turd poop soap and this is my review of it! As you can imagine the Truckstop turd poop soap is a soap designed to look like a poop! Vile really but also a bit funny if you are the kind of person who enjoys things that are a bit silly or a practical joke. The soap comes packed in a brown cardboard box with the Truckstop label and a description of the product on so you do have a good idea what you are going to be opening before you see the actual soap! Now I have to say that this product really does look like a poop and it is both amusing and worrying at the same time! It is brown in colour, almost looks a bit "nutty" for want of a better word and is shaped well too. These are hand made though so no two will be exactly the same though they will be as near as possible I am sure. Although the soap looks quite disgusting it doesn't smell bad! It smells almost chocolatey really. I have to admit I did use this soap in the bath, as did my son. Although the soap is made using some oils and fragrance I didn't find it that moisturising on my skin. I do find that soap is quite drying on my skin generally and so it isn't just this one. It was a bit odd using a soap shaped like a poop in the bath though! My son just found it hilarious as little boys tend to do! On amazon this soap is ...

The Lucky One (DVD) 08/07/2014

The Lucky One

The Lucky One (DVD) I do really enjoy reading Nicholas Sparks novels and many of his novels have been made in to films. Whilst I saw The Notebook and Dear John before reading the books more recently when I have wanted to get stuck in to another Nicholas Sparks I make sure I read the book before I watch the film. The latest film I watched based on his book was The Lucky One and this is my review of it. The Lucky One tells the tale of Logan Thibault, a veteran US marine who has found it quite diffcult to settle after leaving the service. When he was in Iraq he stumbled across a photograph in the sand of a woman. When nobody claimed it Logan took it back for reasons unknown to him really and kept it on his person. Throughout the further stages of war he found himself surviving where he really had no right to and his colleague and friend convinved him that the photo was his lucky charm. When his friend dies Logan decides to try and find the woman in the photograph, not knowing what he will do when he meets her or even why he wants to find her other than thinking it is some how his destiny. When Logan does manage to find Beth, the woman in the photograph, it is clear to him that she could be so much more to him than just the woman in the photo but will they be able to live with the secrets or will it be best to come clean? Not only will they have the secret of the photo hanging over them there is also Beth's ex Sherrif Keith Clayton who definitely does not want Beth to be with anyone at all. It is ...

Sandisk Micro Secure Digital 8192 MB 07/07/2014

Sandisk micro SD card 8gb

Sandisk Micro Secure Digital 8192 MB When I bought my son a Samsung Galaxy tab 2 for Christmas I knew that the storage on it was just 8gb and so I wanted to buy a memory card for it just to increase that memory for him. I looked on amazon like I so often do when I need to buy something and was faced with a lot of choices but the card I chose was the Sandisk micro SD card 8gb. This is my review of the product. The reason that I chose the Sandisk product was purely because I have purchased their products a few times before for my own cameras or mobile phones if I have needed them. They are generally a good price and I have found them to be reliable and of good quality. The micro SD card is, as the name suggests, pretty small! It is designed for use with cameras, mobile phones or tablets. It came packed in a cardboard packaging which is designed to have less waste for these small products. It was easy to remove the SD card from the packaging so that it could be used. The actual product is a small black piece of plastic and on the front it has the name and the storage capacity written in small writing. In this case it is 8gb which apparently can store over 2500 photos! This was always going to be sufficient for my sons needs but there are smaller and larger SD cards available from this brand should you be interested in purchasing one. Popping the SD card in the tablet was really easy. Generally you just need to push the card in to the slot and it will click in to place. To remove it you push on the top and it ...

Reversible Magnetic Roll Up Dart Board 06/07/2014

Magnetic roll up dart board

Reversible Magnetic Roll Up Dart Board When my Uncle asked me for some ideas for my sons birthday back in May I asked him to get him a magnetic dart board. It wasn't something my son had asked for, or even mentioned to be honest, but it was something that I thought he would perhaps get enjoyment out of and it was something a bit different to the other toys he had. This is my review of the product. What is it? The magnetic dart board comes rolled up in a thick cardboard tube. We did hope we would be able to pop it back in to the tube after play but this became too much of a faff and so we decided to just throw the tube away. The board is made from a flexible black felt and at the top has a plastic section with a cord for hanging it up for play. We hang ours on the light switch in the lounge so we don't have to put a nail or anything in the wall but obviously it depends on what you have available to hang it on. At some point we may well pin it up on my sons cupboard door in his room. On one side of the board is a printed dart board just like any other dart board you would see and on the other side there is a target game so there is two games in one. The colours are bright and the numbers are printed clearly so they all stand out. You get six magnetic darts included with the game, three red ones and three green ones. Our experience This game was a massive hit with my son as soon as he opened it on his birthday much to my delight. It actually only cost my Uncle about a fiver on amazon too so it wasn't an ...

Fimo Soft Modelling Kit for Kids Monsters 03/07/2014

Fimo soft modelling kit for kids: monsters

Fimo Soft Modelling Kit for Kids Monsters My son used to love doing arts and crafts type activities when he was younger but as he got older he started to do them less and less. To try and combat this for Christmas this year I got him a couple of small Fimo soft clay modelling sets because I knew he had enjoyed making models with his starter set. This is my review of the Fimo soft set for kids: Monsters. What is it? Fimo is a soft clay which reminds me a bit of plastercine really in consistency. You can mould it and make models from it and then you need to bake it in the oven on a low heat for around twenty minutes and then once cooled the model will be set hard and can be varnished if you want. The set comes in a thin cardboard pack which on the front are four blocks of Fimo clay. In this set you get a block of red, yellow, purple and green clay. The pack shows pictures of a couple of really cute looking dinosaurs and the idea is that you make these models using the clay which is provided. Opinion Inside the thin card packaging there are step by step instructions on how to create the models. You are able to create a purple and a green dinosaur. I suppose if you made them smaller you could make a couple of each but my son and I just made one of each of the dinosaurs so they were a decent size. The instructions are quite good and I imagine my son could have made the models on his own but we wanted to do the activity together and it was nice doing that just sitting and talking and having fun together so I would ...

Savfy Galaxy Tab 2 Case Cover and Flip Stand 02/07/2014

Savfy Galaxy tab 7.0 case cover and flip stand

Savfy Galaxy Tab 2 Case Cover and Flip Stand For Christmas last year I bought my son a Samsung Galaxy tab 2 7.0 tablet and I was absolutely sure that I wanted to buy him a case to put it in just to give it a bit of extra protection really. I didn't really want to buy a Samsung branded case for around £20-£30 and so I looked on amazon and saw the Savfy Galaxy tab 2 7.0 cover and flip stand and this is my review of the product. The case is advertised on amazon in the title description as being leather but it isn't actually leather at all and is a faux leather. It looks fake and it feels fake but in all honesty this isn't an issue for me at all and it wouldn't be if I were purchasing it for my own use as well. The case comes in various colours but I chose a red one for my son because I thought it looked a bit vibrant and cool. When it came I did note that in some places the colour looked a little faded but I think this is just the way you hold the case more often than not because depending on the angle it seems to move places! The case features a plastic inner section which you slot the tablet in to and this is really snug. It holds it well and has holes in all the right places so that the power, volume and charging areas are free to access and there is also a space for the camera lens too. The tablet does feel really secure in the case and it wouldn't just fall out which is obviously very important. The case opens like a book and inside it is quite soft and so it doesn't damage the screen in any way. On the inside ...

Hasbro Monopoly Empire 30/06/2014

Monopoly Empire

Hasbro Monopoly Empire As a family we love to play games and we do have a really good collection of both classics and more modern games. One of my sons favourite games to play is Monopoly and so when he say Monopoly Empire it was added to his Christmas list immediately. This is my review of the game. What is it? The game is a Hasbro game which to me always means quality as it is a gaming brand which has been around a long time and I don't really know of any games we have owned by them that have been poor quality really. This game does come across as being very good quality right from the box it is presented in to the quality of the playing pieces for example. The idea of this game is to basically own the top brands in the world and so instead of buying streets you buy things like coca cola, xbox or spotify for example! The game is suited for those aged eight years and over and for two to four players. Our experience playing the game Inside the box you get: -gameboard -4 towers -6 golden playing tokens -30 billboard tiles -6 office tiles -chance cards -empire cards -money -2 dice The game is pretty simple to set up really and all you need to do is place the towers in the slots on the game board and then place the company billboards around the board on their space. Once this is done and you have been given the money and some empire cards to play you are pretty much good to go. I do find this is easier to set up than the original Monopoly game despite their being more bits to place around ...
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