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Remington S 2014 PRO SLIM Ceramic 19/10/2007


Remington S 2014 PRO SLIM Ceramic These have got to be the best hair straighteners I have ever used and there equally as good as GHD's and less than half the price at £34.99 at argos. Remington Protect and Shine are professional slim ceramic straighteners with ceramic-tourmaline-nano-silver and teflon coated plates for easy glide. They provide superior protection for healthy looking hair with more shine. The ceramic- tourmaline-nano-silver is rich with ions. It reduces static and frizz. The teflon coating gives easy glide, protection against product build up and prevents snagging and breakage. In the box ********* In the box they come in you will find Simple to follow instructions A leaflet to fill in for you 3 year guarantee The straighteners of course And a heat proof bag to store them in. How to use ********** Simply remove from the heat prove bag they come in, plug in set the desired temperature which ranges from 150 to 230 degrees and they are ready to use in 60 seconds. The lower heat settings are for finer hair and the more wiry and thicker the hair the higher heat you need. They have an indicator light which will stop flashing when they have reached the desired temperature. They also have an automatic switch which turns them off if they are left on for longer than an hour. Once you have finished using them simply lock them closed using the handle lock system and place into the heat proof bag. No need to let them coo down at all. Accessories ********** They have a locking ...

Trident Soft Tropical Twist 12/09/2007

Not nice gum

Trident Soft Tropical Twist I felt I should write a review about this come to warn others of it's disgusting flavour. Don't get me wrong, normally I like fruity gum but there is something about Trident Soft Tropical Twist chewing gum that I can't stand. The packaging ************ It comes in a sleeve type box that opens like a folder. It is bright orange colour which suits the tropical flavour. There are the words 'Trident Soft' I bold writing on the front. In the box *********** In the box you will find 14 individually wrapped sticks of Orange/peach coloured gum The taste ******** Firstly I think the peachy/fruity taste is just too strong and sickly, but it seems to have a hint of mint in there too. The flavour does last for hours (as I have chewed the same piece for two hours for this review) as it is very strong to begin with and I suppose it did turn into a slightly less awful taste after about an hour, but that was probably because I had got used to it by then. It can only be described as a sweet and sour tatse with possibly a hint of mint. Overall ****** This has got to be the worst tasting gum I have ever tried, and it is very hard to describe unless you have tried it your self. It costs between 55p and 95p from what I have seen for 14 sticks of gum. Also it was slightly too soft for my liking to begin with but it did harden up after about half an hour. All in all I won't be buying this again.

Full Marks Solution 17/08/2007

Bye bye nasty nits

Full Marks Solution Unfortunately for me and my daughter head lice seem to love her hair and mine from time to time. Aren’t kids lovely sharing with you. Which is why I consider my self to be quite an expert in the field of Head lice treatment. Head lice facts ************** Lice are non winged insects that live on the human scalp and hair close to the scalp, and feed of human blood. They can not jump, hop, fly or swim so they are only passed on from head to head contact and occasionally the sharing of hats, brushes etc. Which is why they thrive on children, probably due to the close contact that occurs during school or play etc. There are numerous products on the market to treat head lice varying in type of product, length of treatment and whether it uses pesticides or not. My favourite is Full Marks solution as it seems to work the best and only has a 10 minute application time. Full Marks solution comes in a Purple and white box and is available in 100, 200 and 300ml bottles. The 100ml bottle cost me £4.59 and is enough to treat two times. The solution ************ The solution is a clear, non fragranced liquid, which contains no pesticides with a cooking oil consistency. How to use *********** Firstly comb dry hair with a normal comb to remove and knots. Then apply the solution ensuring that the scalp is completely covered and so is all the hair. ( The scalp and first inch from the root is the most important) Leave the solution to do its stuff for 10 minutes then ...

Louis Marcel Crystal Gel Strip Wax 23/07/2007

Skin removal not hair

Louis Marcel Crystal Gel Strip Wax I found Louis Marcel crystal gel wax so awful I felt I should warm others to stay away. Below you will find what this product claims it can do. Salon smoothness without the appointment. Louis Marcel 'Crystal Gel' Strip Wax with the addition of natural avocado oil and vitamin E is a salon style cold wax-like treatment for use at home, in safe, easy and ready to use pre-coated strips. Unwanted hair is removed down to and including roots, so regrowth does not normally occur for up to six weeks, and hair regrowth will appear finer and less obvious. 'Crystal Gel' Strip Wax with pleasant honey fragrance can also be used on arms, underarms and bikini line. If necessary cut strips to size. If you are new to waxing you may need to practice initially to perfect your waxing technique. The actual product *************** ********** These waxing strips come in packs of 12 and are supposed to be able to be used anywhere on the body. Theu come in a two tone blue box with a picture of a naked lady looking hair free on the front. Directions for use *************** ******** 1. Skin must be clean, dry and free from oils, creams, lotions and perspiration. Using some cotton wool with alcohol or an astringent lotion will help. Lightly dust area with talcum powder. Fold the strip and warm between the hands for a few minutes. 2. Separate one of the two strips. Do not discard the other half. 3. Smooth the wax strip firmly onto the skin in the direction of hair growth, keeping ...

Hewlett-Packard 7310 All-in-One 25/06/2007

A great all in one printer

Hewlett-Packard 7310 All-in-One We’ve had our HP Officejet 7310 all in one for a couple of years now and it has all the features you could possibly need. Fax, Photocopier, scanner and photo printer. We purchased ours a couple of years ago from Staples for ₤310.99 and have had no problems with it ever since. Ease of use *********** Because it is an all in one it can be a bit difficult to use at first but I soon got used to it. The most difficult part is setting it up. Looking at the machine from left to right you have the scan buttons the fax options then the dialling pad followed by the copy functions and last the photo print options. It has a port so you can connect you camera directly to the machine or insert you memory card. Quality ******* It is made of solid hard wearing plastic and we use it everyday and have had no problems with it. The print quality is excellent for text and pictures no matter what grade paper you use. What it came with ************** Instruction maual Networking guide Quick Set up booklet A phone cord (for fax), a power cord and power supply. Ethernet cable. A 14ml HP 97 Tri-colour Inkjet Print Cartridge to get you started off with. A 21ml HP 96 Black Inkjet Print Cartridge An HP Image Zone Photo and Imaging software on CD-ROM Technical info ************** Print speed when printing in black --approx 30 pages per minute. Print speed when printing in colour -- approx 20 pages per minute. Fax resolution - 300x300 pdi Fax speed= about 3 ...

Fuengirola (Spain) 25/06/2007

I love Fuengirola

Fuengirola (Spain) After recently visiting friends in Fuengirola, Costa Del Sol, Spain I felt I should write this review as it thought it was a really love place to go on holiday. Fuengirola has had a lot of bad press recently on TV such as on Costa del Streetcrime where it is said to be one of the roughest parts of spain. I on the other hand had a lovely experience when I recently visited there and loved it. It is situated between Marbella and Portabenus with easy access to both via train liks and busses/taxis. Local attractions *************** * Fuengirola Zoo which is quite a nice place to visit with the kids, but it isn’t up to the standards of our British Zoos. Aqua Land, which is the local water park with some great rides. Only suitable for people over 12, although there is a water park approx 20 mins away in Torremolenos which is suitable for all ages. Trips to Gibrolta to see the whales and the monkeys. Most hotels in the run excursions to, so if you fancy this it can easily be arranged through your hotel. There are loads of things to do in Fuengirola and above are just a few of them. There is also a lovely fair situated by the marina with rides for children of all ages. Eating out ********* There are restaurants everywhere in Fuengirola to suite all taste and wallets. There are many English restaurants, but there are also Indians, Chinese restaurants, Tapas bars and many more cuisines to experience. The locals ********* I found the locals to be friendly and ...

Russell Hobbs 11403 SILV 04/06/2007

Makes my water boil

Russell Hobbs 11403 SILV I recently purchased this Russell Hobbs kettle from Currys for £19.99 as my old Cook Works one finally gave up after a 3 years of hard work. This kettle is available from most electrical outlets and comes in a white or silver finish. Product specifications *************** ***** Cordless Jug Kettle Rapid Boil Energy Efficient 3Kw Concealed Element Twist Lock Water Level Window 1.7 Litres Capacity 360 Degree Base With Cord Storage This kettle is quick to boil and takes approximately three minutes to boil when full, which is 1.7 litres or 6 average sized cups. It has a 3 Kw element which is quite a low one as I have seen kettle with a 5 Kw element which means they use more electric. It’s cordless so it is perfect for my little kitchen as my cups and coffee are kept the other side of the room to the kettle so one it’s boiled I can easily take it to the cups. It has storage underneath for the cord so if you only need a short length of cord you not left with it hanging around dangerously for little one’s to pull on. The twist lid is easy to put on and off and it means you can be sure the lid will never open when your pouring the kettle. It has a neon light which indicates when it’s boiling which is handy because if your like me I fill it up and forget to put it on, so it’s easier to notice if you forgot to switch it on. It is a plastic kettle with a silver finish which is easier to keep clean as you don’t get left with smudge marks after wiping like you ...

Superdrug Nail Polish Remover Pads 30/05/2007

Wiped away

Superdrug Nail Polish Remover Pads What they look like *************** ******* They come in a round plastic tub approx 4.5” in diameter, with instruction on the bottom of the tub. Pads are approx 4” in diameter and white. Each tub consists of 40 pads. How to use *************** *** The packaging says to use one pad on five nails and after a few seconds wipe away individually. I tend to do each nail individually, using the same pad and then go over them again with a fresh pad. Warning ************** Keep away from eyes Do not use on false nails Keep away from children Do not place pad on a polished or painted surface These removal pads are great, not only are they non messy but they also contain Panthenol Pro-Vitamin B5 to help condition your nails. They are a quick and easy way of removing nail polish no matter where you are as they can easily be carried around with you without the risk of leaking. Also they don’t have the usual nail polish removal smell; instead they have more of a flowery fragrance, which is much gentler on the nose than usual. And are cheap to use at only 1.20 per tub of 40. Give them a try girls.

Diomed 4Head Headache Treatment 23/05/2007

No more headaches

Diomed 4Head Headache Treatment I first decided to try 4head a couple of years ago when I started suffering migraines. My main reason for trying it was I hated taking pain killers when this was an alternative so I gave it a go. What it says on the box *************** ******* A natural way to treat headaches when it is applied onto your forehead. It is a natural preparation that is so practical because it is a non-greasy and colourless formula. Also, due to the fact that it is a natural preparation, the topical application of 4head is not restricted and doesn't interfere with other medication that you are taking. 4heads main ingredient is levomenthol ,which gives it the lovely peppermint smell. It is suggested that this works as the levomenthol relaxes the local blood vessels, which cause the sensation of coldness and/or tingling, which is then followed by its painkilling effect The levomenthol also works by relaxing the muscles in your head and neck, which is partially effective with tension headaches. What’s in the box *************** ******** Each pack of 4head contains a 3.6g stick which approximately enough for 100 applications. It comes in the form of a small retractable stick Who can use it *************** *** 4head is mainly for the use of headaches in adults, but children can use it one you have consulted your GP. How to use it *************** ** The instructions enclosed say that you should use topically: by wiping the surface of the stick gently across your ...

Superdrug Brush-On Hair Removal Cream 14/05/2007

No more hair

Superdrug Brush-On Hair Removal Cream I thought I’d give this a go as it is cheaper than my usual veet. It comes in a box which says: This hair removal cream gently and effectively removes unwanted hair in 6 minutes (depending on thickness of hair). Its unique brush on-applicator makes precision hair removal easier and tidier. I deal for bikini area, face and underarms. The brush applicator is easier to use than a spatula one and you don’t have to get the cream on your hands. What’s in the box *************** ********* 1 tube of hair remover 1 brush applicator 4 skin care easy removal wipes Instructions for use *************** *********** Always carry out a patch test if you are using this product for the first time, or if you are removing hair from a new area. 1. Apply the hair removing cream directly to the unwanted hair in a thick, even layer with the brush applicator. Do not rub in. 2. After 5 minutes test a small area. If the hair does not come away easily, wait a few minutes longer and test again.Do not leave on for more that 8 minutes. (For Face; Do not leave on for More than 5 minutes). 3. Gently remove the cream with a wet cloth and lukewarm water. Do not rub or use soap. Rinse thoroughly and pat your skin dry with a soft towel. 4. Apply the soothing wipe to treated area. Although it should work after 6 minutes on my hair it takes more like 9-10 minutes. The wipes are also a handy way of removing the cream This cream is easy to use and works really well. But I ...

Clinique Dramatically Differnt Moisturising Gel 09/05/2007

I can see the difference

Clinique Dramatically Differnt Moisturising Gel Skin's moisture "drink". Helps replenish lost moisture. Skin looks fresher and healthier. Leaves no residue. Safe to use around eye area. Comforts and smoothes the skin. This is available for ₤27.00 for 125ml which is more expensive than other moisturisers but has much better effects. You can custom-fit to skin type in Very Dry/Dry Combination and Combination Oily/Oily skin formulas. Directions ************ Apply twice daily to face and neck. I have quite dry skin and after just two weeks of using this I found my skin looked much healthier and had a radiant glow to it. The cream is a pale cream/yellow colour and has a light gel texture It has a subtle fragrance that fades after ten minutes or so even though it’s meant to be fragrance free, so it won’t interfere with your perfume. Once applied you skin looks instantly refreshed and it leaves no sticky residue. Cream is easily absorbed on application. 125 ml lasted me about a month and a half as it’s so good you don’t need to use much per application, just a blob the size of a small grape. It’s available with or with out the pump dispenser and also in the usual squirty tube. You can also get it in 50ml for £15.00 or 125ml for £27.00 The bottles and tubes even look nice with a silver top on both the screw cap squeezy tube and the pump action dispenser. . Definitely a must for any beauty conscious girl ...

British Gas 27/04/2007

No to British gas

British Gas Pleas read my letter below and you will see why I ma totally disgusted with british gas I am totally disgusted by the way I have been treated by your company. I had am appointment to have my gas meter changed from a pre-payment meter to a quarterly billing one, on 03/04/07 between the hours of 8.00 am and 1.00 pm. By 1.30 pm the engineer had still not arrived so I phoned your customer services department who said they would put me on hold and check with united utilities what had happened. I was told that there had been a few emergencies, but an engineer would be with me within an hour. When the engineer had still not arrived by approximately 3.30 pm I again rang customer services who told me that my appointment had been changed to 17/04/07 and that the lady I had spoken to previously should have seen that when she said she’d checked with United utilities. I was also told that I should have been notified of this change in writing prior to the missed appointment date. I was then told a manager would contact me to arrange compensation. I am still waiting to hear from a manager for that occasion. On 17/04/07 an engineer was due to come between 5.00 pm and 8.00 pm, again he failed to turn up. I telephoned customer services on 18/04/07 when I was told that the engineer couldn’t find my house because they had the address down wrong when it was checked with me. A manager did phone me back on this occasion and agreed that I should receive compensation for the missed ...

Hotpoint CTD00P 21/03/2007

Nice and dry

Hotpoint CTD00P With two children my washing baskets are never empty, so this year i decided it was time to get a tumble dryer, which had to be a condensor. The Hotpoint CTD00 seemed just what i was looking for and so far it fits the bill. It has a large 7kg drying capacity and at only 180.00 from Co-Op it wasn't too dear either. The fluff filter and water bottle are easy to empty. I recomend emptying the fluff filter after every load and the water bottle after every 3 because when full it holds 5kg of water and can be difficult to empty with out spillages. It has two heat settings hot and cool and a 20 min cool down cycle to prevent creasing, it also has a revers spin action to prevent creasing. The only downside to this dryer is the open/close mechanism. It has a green spot whihch indicates where the touch-pad is and it's like a target for my 18 month old who just loves to open it and climb in. The good thing is she can't close the door from the inside so there's no chance of it turning on (thank god). Now six months on *************** ******** I have now had my tumble dryer for 6 months and felt I should edit my review because of the trouble i've had with it. 2 months after I had it condensation started forming on the outside of the dryer around the door so I contacted hotpoint. They sent out an engineer who turned up 2 days after I called them so it was nice and quick. He adjusted the door and said everything should be ok. As soon as I tried using it condensation formed ...

Nokia 6280 14/03/2007

a decent phone

Nokia 6280 The first thing I have to say about it is that the screen is top quality. The colours are very vibrant and I struggle to pick a background which shows off the phone as they all look much better on the phone than they do before I transfer them from my PC! I find myself chopping and changing backgrounds on a daily basis. The speaker is very loud, and along with the vibrate function you certainly won't miss any more calls. You also have the option to use any MP3 for any ring tone or message tone, a function not available on some other top-of-the-range phones. When using the Mobile TV option the speaker automatically turns on and the volume can be controlled via the side buttons. The Mobile TV streams can also be turned 90 degrees so you can watch them in semi-widescreen. Please bear in mind however that you are watching a severely compressed internet video stream and so the quality of the detail you are actually able to see is pretty poor. This is not the fault of the phone but a fault of the Mobile TV distributors, and also to do with the UK coverage of the 3G network. Hopefully as the network spreads and the data rates increase we will see an improvement in the quality of the clips and streaming video functionality. The games run surprisingly fast and I was impressed to be playing a 3D rally game on my mobile phone! After a quick search online I was able to find many more games for the Nokia 6280, however someof them were designed for smaller screen resolutions and ...

Member advice on teenage pregnancy 28/02/2007

Too young to be a good mum or not

Member advice on teenage pregnancy I felt I should write this review about being a teenage mum because I am fed up with being treated differently to older mums. I fell pregnant with my eldest daughter just after I had turned 16. Everyone I knew tried convincing me to terminate the pregnancy because I was too young to cope with being a mother, but I wanted my baby so I continued with the pregnancy. Each antenatal appointment I attended was I nightmare. The looks I'd get from the older mum's to-be were awful. One even said I should be ashamed of myself because I would never be able to provide for my baby like she would. I think she meant financially but I wasn't sure and I didn't care. All I knew at the time was I would do the very best I could for my baby. I was still in high school at the time, about to sit my GCSE's. So when I found out I was pregnant I knew I'd have to go and speak to the headmaster. Luckily my mum was really supportive so she came with me. I couldn't believe it when I told him because he tried to get me to leave school until the baby had been born and then sit my exams. He said it was because I might set a bad example to other pupils. Eventually I managed to convince him that I should be allowed to sit my exams as I had worked so hard towards them. I sat my exams seven months pregnant and ended up coming away with 1 B, 6 C's, and 1D. In the following August my daughter was born. Once I was settled into the maternity ward a couple of days after the birth my Health Visitor ...
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