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Vichy Liftactiv Supreme Face Cream 10/05/2016

Handy cream to have in your purse

Vichy Liftactiv Supreme Face Cream I always enjoy trying out new creams and this is a new one that I purchased recently. The Box This product comes in a shiny silver box that shows the name of the product and the ingredients within it. The box is easy to open via a flap on the top. The Packaging The 50ml tub that this product comes in makes this product perfect for carrying around in your usual everyday bag. The tub itself is very lightweight and therefore means you do not have to worry about it weighing down your bag. The lid screws on and is secure throughout the day, so you will not have to worry about this product ruining your bag. The name of the product is very clearly stated on the tub just as it is on the box it comes in. The Formula and Use This product has natural oils such as apricot kernel oil which I find help this product moisturise the skin more than other moisturisers I have used. This product is very effective and therefore only a tiny amount of the product is actually needed at one point, meaning this small 50ml tub lasts for quite a while. It absorbs easily, and even though it looks creamy in the tub, it is not creamy on the skin and therefore easier to apply and rub in well. Even after a couple of uses, I found the product did as it stated to do - it really firmed my skin. I cannot tell you if it is an effective anti-wrinkle cream, as it also states to tackle wrinkles, as I had no wrinkles to begin with. The Scent This, to me, seems to have a generic cream scent - it is light, ...

Me from A to Z 09/05/2016

A-Z of lozzywallace

Me from A to Z I am used to writing reviews about products that I have used, so it is quite strange to write about something more personal for once. This will be interesting... A - Artist. I enjoy sketching and painting and I even took GCSE art. When I was younger, I enjoyed drawing anime and uploading my pictures online. B - Brother. I became an older sister at the age of 3 years and 9 months in the June of 2001 and this is honestly one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I love being a big sister! C - Cake. This is actually one food that I hate and I always shock everyone with this when I tell them. It's always awkward having to turn down home-made cake - "no, it's not that you can't bake, sir, I just don't like cake!" D - Dog. I used to be terrified of dogs until my family and I adopted a Staffordshire Bull Terrier back in the July 2014. She is actually just like a little baby and now I have found myself slowly turning into such a dog person! E - Employment. I have had a part time job since before I even left school and I can now not imagine life without a job. Although one can wish to not have to work, having a job is often fun and life changing. F - Friends. I am not sure what I would do in life without my friends. They are the most supportive people that I have ever met and I feel like I can tell them anything. G - Gym. I enjoy going to the gym as it gives me the chance to spend time alone, blast some music through my headphones and push myself beyond the limits. ...

Essence The Gel Nail Polish 06/05/2016

All I Ever Need For My Nails

Essence The Gel Nail Polish I always buy my nail polishes from this brand. I own 10 shades of this nail polish, which are: 53 ~ Rock My World (A dark grey colour) 37 ~ Serendipity (A lilac colour) 13 ~ Forgive Me (A pink) 40 ~ Play With My Mint (A minty green colour) 02 ~ Bubblegum (A jelly red colour) 15 ~ Hey Love! (A deep glittery red) 51 ~ Miss Captain (A dark blue green colour) 54 ~ Dream On (A creamy white) 36 ~ Dare It Nude (As the name suggests, it is a nude colour) 38 Love Is In The Air (A bright yellow) These are just a few of the shades they offer. There is literally multiple different shades of every colour imaginable (except metal-like colours). Application This nail polish is very easy to apply and the brush is smooth meaning it causes no scratches in the polish. It gives a very shiny finish, which is great as it is a gel polish. You only need two coats to get amazing colour pay-off, and you can also mix and match perfectly, as the shades all look brilliant together. It is also very easy to remove with the right nail polish remover. Colour and Lasting Power The colour pay off for this product is great, though you do have to build it up a bit more than other nail polishes if you want a more brighter, vivid, noticeable colour. The shade on your nails is exactly the same as the bottle, and they even portray this on the lids/end of brush. The lasting power for this product is brilliant. It does chip (but so do a lot of nail polishes - none of them last forever) but I have only ...

Nails Inc Nail Polish 05/05/2016

Definitely not worth the price tag

Nails Inc Nail Polish I received a nail polish by this brand in the April 2016 'My Little Box' beauty box and was keen to try it out, as I love adding colour to my nails where I can. However, this product was not to the quality I expected it to be... Application This nail polish is easy to apply. The brush is very soft and does not leave any scratch marks. It is easy to apply right to the edge of the nail. You only need to apply one coat to get a good colour pay-off. It also doesn't take very long to dry, but does smudge easily if you're not careful (but most nail polishes are like that). It is also very easy to remove with cheap nail polish remover if necessary. Colour and Lasting Power The colour pay-off is amazing. I received a plum-like colour and it looked great on my nails, though I would say this is more of a colour for Winter rather than Spring/Summer. The colour is exactly the same on the nails as it appears on the bottle, so you know exactly what colour you'll be getting when you buy it. However, this nail polish really doesn't last very long. This is why I would not recommend this product. I let this product dry completely but within half an hour, it had chipped on every nail and it had even peeled off almost completely on one nail. Within a day, almost all of the nail polish had chipped and pealed off. This meant I had to keep reapplying it a lot which is not something I have time for. Value At £11 a bottle, I think this nail polish is very over-priced because of its low quality. ...

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick 28/04/2016

Great for those who want something cheap

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick This is a brand specifically found in Wilko stores and is a lot cheaper than most brands. I love the nail varnishes from this brand so I thought I would give some more items a try. I have the shades 'Natural Beauty' and 'Oh So Matt!'. Packaging These lipsticks come like any standard lipstick would - in a simple black casing. Around the middle is the colour that matches the shade of the lipstick. On the bottom, there is a sticker to tell you the shade number and name. I find these stickers useful as if I really like a shade, then it is easy for me to find and buy that shade again. The lipstick is small, making it the perfect size for carrying around in your handbag -especially on a night out. Application I find this lipstick easy to apply and is smooth and creamy. I find these lipsticks to be slightly moisturising, (especially 'Natural Beauty') which I find surprising for lipsticks that are so cheap. You will need to apply a few layers of this lipstick if you want to have a more vivid colour but only one layer for a slight colour -more of a gloss than a lip colour. If you have dry lips, I would advise using a lip balm before applying this lipstick as even though I find this to be moisturing - you need smooth lips for better application. Staying Power and Transference The staying power for this lipstick isn't great. I find that I have to reapply this lipstick every couple of hours. Also, it transfers very easily onto glasses, as I find this lipstick to be quite sticky ...

Collection 2000 24hr Extreme Felt Tip Liner 27/04/2016

The Best Eyeliner I Have Found

Collection 2000 24hr Extreme Felt Tip Liner I am not an avid user of eye liner but when I do use it I am very picky about which ones I use. I have tried Rimmel London and Miss Sporty eye liners before, but I have not really got on with them very well. So when I found this Collection 2000 eye liner in Black at Superdrug for only £2.99, I thought I would give it a go and see if I would get on any better with this. Packaging This basically looks like a simple felt tip pen. Which is what it is, but just one that is appropriate to use on your eyes. The whole product is black with silver writing. The lid clips on well preventing the product from drying out. Use I found this product very easy to use. The colour is very vivid meaning you only need one layer to create the perfect look. It is a thick nib with a very thin point, meaning it is easy to have your eye liner thick if needed but the thin point is perfect for creating the wing. This product, however, is very easy to remove as it is not waterproof and therefore can smudge if you're not careful. Also, it cannot be put on your waterline (if that's a look you usually go for). I found this product a lot easier to apply than pencil or liquid eye liners. It does not last 24 hours like it states on the product, but does last most of my day (around 12 hours) which is all I wish for it to last for. It also dries very quickly and has a matte finish to it. Harshness I had no problems with this product at all. It never irritated my skin. Value For only £2.99, you can't go ...

Maybelline Volume Express The Colossal Go Extreme Mascara 26/04/2016

The Best I've Ever Had

Maybelline Volume Express The Colossal Go Extreme Mascara I have to admit, this is probably the best mascara that I have used to date and I always love Maybelline products (apart from the one mascara that I didn't get on well with). Packaging This mascara comes in a cheap, bright yellow container - which seems to be a common theme with Maybelline products as they all usually have bright packaging. The lid also tightens well, so I have had no problems as of yet about the product drying out. A bit of mascara has smudged around the edges of the bottle, but this is just from the regular use of this mascara. Brush/Wand This wand is lovely. It is quite flexible making it easier to apply the product and is of an average length. The brush is very soft and the many bristles are quite small meaning it is more pleasant to apply this mascara than some other mascaras that I have used before, and also catches the smaller, more difficult lashes, meaning you get full coverage from this mascara. Formula This mascara offers a medium - full coverage, especially if you use the black waterproof one. I have never had problems with this mascara clumping - sometimes I use this mascara on top of Rimmel ones to make them look less clumpy. I use the waterproof one, and I find this to be very effective as I do find it difficult to remove each night. That can be a positive as it means it is actually doing its purpose and it also hardly smudges, but also a negative as it prolongs the removal of make-up 'chore' each night. This product offers 'extreme ...

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation 25/04/2016

Foundation for the unbrave

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation Until November, I was never really fan of using foundation as I heard all the horror stories that it was extremely bad for your skin and that it dried it out tremendously. Then I decided to use it, and chose this foundation as a starting point. The Bottle I actually love this 30ml bottle. It's quite slim and it is a glass bottle, making it seem more expensive than it actually is. As this bottle is glass, it means the bottle is transparent and that is useful for knowing when you're running low, so you have time to go out and buy more. Scent Not a lot of people would agree, but I personally find that this foundation has a very fruity, almost citrus-y, smell to it. This makes it more pleasant during application. The Formula This foundation is pleasant to apply which means that you are not reminded of all the chemicals in it. It has a very moisturising effect and provides a medium to full coverage. Although there are only around 6 shades, none of the colours are too harsh so it'll be easy for anyone to find the perfect shade (even if you have to buy two and blend them). The coverage honestly lasts almost all day when accompanied by a good make-up fixing spray. However, I have found that it fades towards the end of the day, but by then I could've had my make-up on for around 5 hours so it's not really a surprise. You can't expect any foundation (even more expensive ones) to stay perfect the whole day, never mind this cheaper one. It can become quite shiny in oily patches ...

Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer 25/04/2016

Brilliant primer for new users

Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer Up until about a year ago, I was not interested in using primers as I hardly wore make-up. But now that I wear make-up on a daily basis and I wanted a primer to help my make-up last throughout the day without spending too much money. I will be reviewing the one suitable for dry/sensitive skin. The Box This product comes in a very small box that clearly outlines what the product is with clear instructions and a useful list of ingredients. The box is easy to open and the tub of the product fits perfectly inside. The Tub This product comes in a small 50ml plastic tub that is brilliant for carrying around in a travel bag. The lid secures itself well meaning that it won't leak in your bag. Again this tub includes the product name very clearly and includes the ingredients again. When opened, there is a foil lid covering the product, which shows that the product is still decent and usable. The Formula and Use This product is brilliant. It does not contain any harsh ingredients/chemicals, hence why it is suitable for dry/sensitive skin. Only a little bit of this product is needed on each use as it works very effectively. It absorbs very easily and is not too creamy. It is great at moisturising the skin and provides a very good make-up base. However, especially if you have oily eyelids, I would not recommend using this product as an eyeshadow base as it still causes your eyeshadow to crease, so I would recommend buying an eye primer from a brand such as GOSH. Sometimes I use this ...

Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara Very Black 23/04/2016

I've used better

Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara Very Black I have a Maybelline mascara that I absolutely love, so when I found this one for £3.49 in B&M, I thought I would give it a go - especially as it promised to add extra volume. Packaging It comes in a cheap, plastic container that is a very bright colour. I love that Maybelline mascaras come in bright packaging as it makes them different from others and stand out more. The lid tightens well which prevents the mascara from drying out. Brush/Wand The wand length is perfect. The bristle on the brush are very plastic-y and pull on your eyelashes a lot. This makes it quite difficult to apply the mascara yet I still managed to achieve great volume. Formula This is quite a thick mascara, meaning you'll have to apply very little if going for a natural look. It adds the volume that it promises and also curls your lashes well. It doesn't clump, which is very good compared to other mascaras that I have used. I wouldn't recommend it for your lower lashes because of how thick it is. It does wash off easily when trying to remove it, which can be positive and negative. It's a good thing because it makes make-up removal seem less like a chore. However, it's a bad thing as it smudges quite easily. Harshness I found that this irritated my eyes, and made my eyes water on and off throughout the day. I also noticed some redness of my eye, so I had to remove the mascara. However, this may just be how it reacts to me, but may be fine for other people. Price I find that it is very cheap, as I ...

Rituals Miracle Hand Scrub 23/04/2016

This Scrub is 100% a Miracle!

Rituals Miracle Hand Scrub I received this product in the April 2016 'Look Fantastic' beauty box and did not know what to think about it. That was until I used it... The Packaging This product comes in a silver squeezable bottle of 75ml and looks exactly how I also imagine hand care product bottles to look like. I find it to be the perfect size to put in your travel bag, even though it isn't a travel sample. As this bottle is squeezable, I find that it helps to get as much product out as possible towards the end of its use, but also helps to control how much you actually put on your hands - I always hate using too much product. The name of the product is placed well on the front of this bottle, and the list of ingredients is very clear on the back. The Fragrance/Scent The scent of this product definitely suggests an underlying tone of natural ingredients used throughout it. The scent of ginseng in this product stands out the most to me in this product, giving the product a very earthy smell - hence why I imagine a range of natural ingredients have been used. The scent of the Ginkgo Biloba infuses in afterwards, and it really compliments the scent of ginseng. This scent, however, is not as strong. I find that it makes the product smell a little sweeter to completely contrast with the first earthy/woody smell we are given. This is not a scent that I have really experienced before, but I would definitely recommend this product for its smell. The Texture As you can imagine, this product feels how ...

Zoella Scrubbing Me Softly Body Scrub 21/04/2016

Body Scrub = very smooth skin

Zoella Scrubbing Me Softly Body Scrub This is always my go-to body scrub. I love everything from Zoella's collection so as soon as I saw this on the shelves I thought I would give it a try. The packaging This product comes in a tub with a lid you screw on. It's not a massive tub but it makes it easier for travelling when needed and is perfect to keep in the bathroom. The tub is one standard size - 280g. The colour of the tub keeps with the theme of the rest of her collection - it is a very, very pale yellow with a darker yellow lid, and polka dot spots with pink text that clearly states what the product is and other information. The scent This, along with other products in her range, has a very fruit scent to it. I find that the scent of blueberries stands out the most whereas I find I can smell a little bit of strawberry too. It is a very feminine scent, therefore shows that this is a product for girls and women. The scent stays for around 24 hours but I wish it would last longer. But if you use it very often then it shouldn't be a problem. Value This product can be found in any Superdrug store or online for just £7, although Superdrug often have a 3 for 2 offer on all Zoella beauty items, meaning you can expand your collection while saving money. I wouldn't recommend this product if you're 'strapped for cash' as it is more expensive than most body scrubs. However, I find that, if you can afford it, it definitely lasts quite a while as you don't need to use loads of it and the scent lasts for a while. ...

Zoella Blissful Mistful 18/04/2016

Blissful Mistful is absolutely lovely

Zoella Blissful Mistful I personally love this product and use it all the time. Although it has a very perfume-y scent to it, it is technically a mist and so the scent doesn't stay forever. I carry this around with me as it is the perfect size to fit in your handbag. I find that it smells better than most drugstore perfumes and often a lot cheaper. I was given this as a gift, which was good as I probably wouldn't have brought it if I saw it on the shelves as I thought it was a lot of money for a small bottle, but now I would definitely repurchase. It is perfect for those who love very feminine scents. The scent is very strong meaning I only need to spray a small amounts a few times a day, depending on how much time I have available.
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