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Sophie the Giraffe Toy 01/05/2015

Sophie to the rescue!

Sophie the Giraffe Toy Sophie the Giraffe A good friend of mine bought my 6 month old daughter 'Sophie the Giraffe' as a gift when she was born. She had no idea what the toy did, she just said my friend has it and her son loves it! I can now safely say that my daughter loves the toy too and out of all her teething toys, it is by far her favourite! I was quite surprised to learn that the Sophie toy was first made in 1961 as the design looks very modern. She is essentially a toy giraffe however her uses and soothing features have really helped my little one with her teething, possibly more so than bonjela and calpol. Sophie is designed with a bumpy head, ears and large hooves on her feet so that she is a joy to chew on for teething babies. The design of the toy means that my daughter can use one of her legs or her ear to reach the back of her gums. Sophie is made out of 100% natural rubber and so is safe for baby to chew on. The giraffe design is painted on however non-toxic paint is used. My daughter has been chewing on Sophie for over three months now and I am pleased to say that none of the paint has faded or worn away. As she is made out of rubber, she is lightweight and easy to carry which is great. Sophie aims to be a multi-sensory toy. She helps with teething, is manipulated easily thanks to being made out of rubber, has a great design and also squeaks when she is squeezed. All of these things make for a great toy however my daughter benefits most from the teething toy element. She likes ...

Tesco Cocoa Butter Body Lotion 10/10/2014

Purse-friendly vitamin E!

Tesco Cocoa Butter Body Lotion As soon as my fiancee and I annouanced that we were expecting our first child, the pregnancy advice from my close friends and family immediately came flooding in. One bit of recurring advice that I seemed to receive again and again from my friends who have had babies themselves, was simply to moisturise. They told me to moisturise my stomach as often as I could and with the best stretch mark cream I could afford to give myself the best possible chance of avoiding them later on in my pregnancy. A few of them admitted that they had tried this approach and it had failed them but they encouraged me to give a go all the same. So I did, for weeks and weeks I piled on the cream as my belly grew. I tried different brands of Stretch Mark Cream such as Cussons and Palmers however I found that I was using so much that I was getting through tubs of it (and money loads) per week. I could feel the benefits of moisturising my stomach and I felt as though it was doing some good so I didn't want to give it up - I just knew I had to find a cheaper alternative. I stumbled upon this body lotion by chance when I was on holiday in Cornwall. The Tesco that we had visited wasn't exceptionally big so I wasn't surprised when they didn't have a great deal of creams on offer. They had Palmer's at an extortionate price and this at an incredibly reasonable £1.04. I cross-checked the ingredients and was surprised to find that they were very similar. Vitamin E was the main ingredient I was looking for and ...

Boots Soltan Suncare Lotion 07/08/2013

Soltan vs Sunburn

Boots Soltan Suncare Lotion Boots Soltan Moisturising Suncare Lotion A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were happily caught off-guard by the recent heat wave on a trip to Cornwall. We had just returned from Spain, so we hopped in the car and headed down there with the tent for a cheap long-weekend break. I had briefly seen the news and heard about the hot weather but I didn’t think much of it and didn’t bother packing any sunscreen. Once we got down to Cornwall, we were shocked to find that the temperatures almost matched those that we had been experiencing in Spain just the week before. My boyfriend has very sensitive skin and burns quite easily so it was important that we got some sunscreen as soon as possible. We headed down into St Ives and decided to stop at Boots to buy some. A lot of other people were doing the same as all of their Soltan products were on offer at half price. We decided to buy the Moisturising Suncare Lotion (SPF 15) with Insect Repellent. As we had already built up a bit of a tan from being abroad, we just wanted some protection to ensure that we didn’t burn. Also, because we were camping, the added in Insect Repellent was an extra bonus as wherever I go I relentlessly get bitten by bugs. So I hoped the product would go some way towards putting a stop to that. As there was a half-price offer on, we managed to get the sunscreen for £5.99 (RRP £11.99) for a 200ml bottle. We thought this was excellent value at the price we paid but I don’t think I would have bought the ...

Bosch Tassimo T40 28/07/2013

Costa vs Costly

Bosch Tassimo T40 *Bosch Tassimo T40* I acquired this machine by complete chance. I regularly enjoy drinking coffee at my local Costa and when I do I use my Costa Coffee loyalty card to collect points. I received an e-mail from Costa Coffee, which at first I believed to be spam. The subject line caught my eye anyway so I took a closer look at it. The e-mail was offering Costa Coffee regulars the opportunity to buy one of these Tassimo coffee machines for just £30 (including delivery), instead of the RRP of £119.99. I knew that it was an opportunity too good to miss so I quickly clicked on the link which activated a code for my purchase. There were only a limited amount of coffee machines available at this price and luckily I got there early enough. Once the machine arrived, in the box I found the machine itself and an instruction manual. There were no sample coffees in the box so I couldn’t actually use the machine which was a little bit disappointing. The machine was simple to set up as all it took was lifting it out of the box and assembling a few parts briefly such as the water tank on the back and the cup holder on the front. The machine is a good size; it is quite long as the water tank attaches onto the back however it has an attractive appearance. It is black in colour and fits in well to my kitchen. The machine looks quite simple to use and it didn’t take me long to figure it out. The first time that you use the machine you have to go through a setting up process; this is carefully ...

Sainsbury's Pure Camomile 24/07/2013

Keep Calm and Drink Camomile.

Sainsbury's Pure Camomile Sainsbury’s Camomile Tea I started drinking camomile tea as a little birdie told me that it is calming and helps you sleep. After a very stressful year of teacher training, I was eager to swap caffeine for something that was going to soothe and help relax me. Before trying camomile tea I was a bit sceptical that it would have any effect however I was pleasantly surprised. I soon discovered that having a cup of camomile tea about an hour before I went to bed would help me sleep dramatically better and make me feel a lot calmer. Placebo effect or not, it works well for me. I initially started off buying Twinings camomile tea and once that had run out I nipped to Sainsbury’s to buy some more. I noticed that Sainsbury’s had their own brand of camomile tea which in comparison to Twinings was a lot cheaper. I decided to give it ago with being thrifty in mind. I paid 79p for 20 tea bags. In my opinion, the taste of camomile tea is in no way pleasant. I think I pulled a face of disgust the first time that I tried it. However, after drinking it regularly I have become accustomed to its taste. It has quite a unique flavour and is slightly flowery. It is quite strong and can be sweetened with a spoonful of sugar or honey if necessary. To say that I disliked the tea at first I quite like the taste now and have accepted it. I could taste no difference whatsoever between the Twinings tea and Sainsbury’s own brand which means I will definitely be sticking with the thrifty option in the ...

Balnoon Camp Site, Cornwall 22/07/2013

A Peaceful St. Ives Stay...

Balnoon Camp Site, Cornwall Balnoon Camp Site We stumbled upon this lovely campsite by chance. Last week we decided to make the most of the heat wave and head down to Cornwall for a few days. Since the weather has been so glorious we wanted to take the opportunity to go camping. After staying in the Newquay area we decided to head further down the coast towards St. Ives. We didn’t book a pitch anywhere; we just drove around and hoped to find somewhere nice. We found Balnoon by following a sign for camping down an isolated Cornish road at the top of St. Ives. The site itself is very small, the smallest in the area, according to a taxi driver we met. It seems to be in the owners back garden. Despite its small size, the pitches are very comfortable and spacious. It is not cramped at all. When we arrived the site was almost full and we just managed to get one of the last pitches. There were a variety or caravans, tour homes and tents already pitched up. The campsite was mainly occupied by couples or singles, there weren’t any children and dogs were allowed on the site. Our first impression of the site was lovely. It was quiet and peaceful and the ideal get away for a few days. The scenery in the site was lovely and it was very well-kept. We were greeted by the owners, who were two of the friendliest people I have ever met. They were very helpful and eager to ensure that we had a nice stay at Balnoon. Their friendliness gave the whole campsite a lovely atmosphere and made us feel very comfortable. ...

Roberts Revival DAB (RD60) 01/09/2012

A Perfect Retro Revival by Roberts.

Roberts Revival DAB (RD60) Roberts Radios Roberts is an English company, based in South Yorkshire, which is famous for creating fabulous, timeless radios. The company has been making radios for over 80 years and they have a huge variety available. Their products are unique, individual, of high quality and durable. That is why they have been so successful for so long. I first came across a Roberts radio about five years ago when I was in Cornwall. I instantly adored the vintage design of them and found myself looking out for them wherever I went. I have always adored them from afar but it was only recently that I took the plunge invested in one. I hope that it will last me for many years to come! Revival RD-60 The Revival RD-60 has a classic 1950s retro design with up-to-date DAB features. It is the classic radio that springs to mind when you think about Roberts or vintage electronics. It has a whole range of features, which makes it a brilliant gadget, designed to suit all of your listening needs. It is portable and the perfect size to move around so you can listen to music wherever you like. It is by far my favourite of all of the Roberts radios that I have seen! The beauty of it.. The main reason I fell in love with radio and decided to buy it was for its appearance. I am a huge fan of vintage and this radio had the perfect 1950s retro style. The radio has a wooden casing and a leather-cloth finish. It is a rectangular shape and has a foldable handle to carry it with. A gold ...

Fall to Grace - Paloma Faith 27/08/2012

I Fall To Grace And Into Your Arms.

Fall to Grace - Paloma Faith Paloma Faith Paloma Faith is a 27 year-old English singer/songwriter, hailing from Hackney in London. She first came to my attention a couple of years ago when she released her second single New York in 2009. The song was catchy and soulful and after hearing it I immediately became a fan of her incredible talent. Paloma has a very unique voice which is instantly recognisable and oozes class and soul. Her first album Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful? was a huge success and gave her a number of hit singles. This album launched Paloma to stardom and had led her to duet with the likes of Cee Lo Green, Plan B and Elton John. She has also dabbled in acting, appearing in such films as St. Trinian’s and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Fall to Grace I bought this album after hearing Paloma perform her first single from it, Picking Up The Pieces, on an episode of The Voice. I instantly connected with the song and wanted to hear more of what the album had to offer! The album was released in May 2012 and peaked at number 2 in the UK album charts. Paloma co-wrote a lot of the songs on the album and she stated that it was very personal to her and it was inspired by a specific time in her life. The album has a pop/jazz/soul feel to it and Paloma’s incredible talent shines through on each track. The songs aren’t all consistently as good as each other but it is still a lovely album to listen to. Tracks 1. Picking Up The Pieces: 5*/5* 2. 30 Minute Love ...

Balanzza Ergo Digital Luggage Scale 24/08/2012

Bye Bye Luggage Fees!

Balanzza Ergo Digital Luggage Scale Balanzza Digital Luggage Scales I decided that I needed to invest in some luggage scales a few years ago when I went across to the States to work. The thought of getting to the check-in desk and my bag being heavier than what was allowed haunted me. I have been behind others in the queue before who have had to try to stuff clothes into their hand luggage or put on additional layers in order to lighten their suitcase. I have always dreaded this happening to me and so I decided to travel prepared and know the weight of my suitcase so that I could approach the check-in desk more confidently. When I started looking for some luggage scales, I was after some that were accurate, easy to use and light so that I could pop them in my suitcase and take them on my travels with me. A friend recommended getting some digital scales, as they are much more reliable and easy to operate. I first came across Balanzza Scales on I did some brief research into which luggage scales were the best and all the positive reviews that I could find led me to these scales. Balanzza are a company which specialise in luggage scales and are in fact the number one best sellers of such devices! Their aim is to make travelling carefree and to prevent you being caught out by excessive airline luggage fees! I settled on the Ergo Digital Luggage Scale, as it was exactly what I needed. I paid about £15 for the scale and I bought them from The scales RRP is £19.99 so I ...

Hotel de Crillon, Paris 14/08/2012

Hotel de Crillon: Fit for a King.

Hotel de Crillon, Paris Hotel de Crillon The Hotel de Crillon is one of the oldest and most beautiful hotels in Paris. It is situated in a prime location on the Place de la Concorde and is one of two identical palaces, which were built in 1758. The hotel boasts a five star rating and is a member of the prestigious group, The Leading Hotels of the World. So how did I end up there? Unbelievably my mum won a competition with Channel 4 to enjoy a luxury 2-night stay at the hotel. It was a competition that my mum entered for free online which she never expected to win but luckily for us she did and we were both ecstatic about visiting this magnificent hotel. Arrival As me and my mum pulled up outside the Hotel de Crillon, my first thought was that we was possibly at the wrong hotel. It was so breathtaking and grand that I was shocked. The location was absolutely incredible, at the bottom of the Champs-Élysées with a view of the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Entering a hotel of such beauty definitely made me feel very special. The concierge was on hand before we even exited the taxi. He opened the door, politely greeted us, took our bags and showed us inside. He was very friendly and made us feel very much at ease. The hotel was even more beautiful inside than what it was outside. I had never seen anything like it before, it was beaming with elegance, wealth and class. Check-in A very nice man checked us in by taking us over to a private table and making polite conversation with ...

Beurer BS 49 09/08/2012

A Mirror for Makeup Fans.

Beurer BS 49 Beurer Cosmetics Mirror I had wanted one of these cosmetic mirrors for quite a while as I had heard rave reviews about them from my friends. I wear makeup most days and it is not something that I particularly enjoy but it is a habit and something I feel I need to make me feel more confident and better about myself. Before buying this mirror, I would do my makeup in the bathroom mirror and usually it would turn out fine with the odd exception of too much blusher on one cheek or too much eyeliner on one eye. One I bought this mirror I found applying makeup to be much less of a task and I started to use less and less as I found that I did not need to use as much as what I was. I love the style of the mirror and the simplicity of it. It is great for other things as well such as shaping my eyebrows. The mirror itself is average-sized and is quite light at just 450g. It has a plastic stand and the mirror is attached by a swivel mechanism. The diameter of the mirror is 11cm so it is the perfect size to use when applying makeup. One side of the mirror shows a normal reflection and the other has a 5-x magnification. The swivel mechanism makes it easy to switch between the two and both are great for doing different things. For example, the magnification side of the mirror is ideal for applying eye makeup whilst the normal side is perfect for foundation etc. The mirror also has a bright light on it which makes it even clearer to see which you can switch on or off via a simple ...

Calvin Klein Ck One Summer 2012 Eau de Toilette 06/08/2012

2012: One Summer!

Calvin Klein Ck One Summer 2012 Eau de Toilette CK One Summer 2012 I first spotted this perfume in the duty-free shop at East Midlands Airport when I headed off to Italy last month. It caught my eye as I was looking for a summery fragrance and this one, at first glance, seemed to be perfect. It was bright and brilliant and before I even smelt it, I knew that it would be fresh and fruity. My best friend used to religiously wear a Calvin Klein fragrance and she got me hooked on the collection. I was eager to test out the new offering for 2012 and see if it lived up to my high expectations! The fragrance is unisex - men and women can both wear it and enjoy CK Summer One 2012. In my opinion, it would suit both sexes however it is very light and delicate smelling, therefore I personally believe it is more suited to a female. If I smelt it on a guy, I would be a tad confused as I think that men should wear more manly scents, however that is just my opinion. Hats off to Calvin Klein though for producing such a neutral fragrance, some other unisex fragrances that I have tested just do not quite cut it, but this one is not so bad at all. I first tested the perfume in the shop and fell in love with it instantly. It smelt of everything that I dreamed summer would be and got me right in the mood for my holiday. I really wanted to buy some there and then, however I stopped myself. I thought about buying some on the way back to England too however it seemed a lot more expensive so I took the risk and ordered some off the web ...

National Trust: St Michael's Mount, Penzance 31/07/2012

A mysterious and special Mount.

National Trust: St Michael's Mount, Penzance St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall Since being a child, I have visited St Michael’s Mount many times. Every summer my family and I would pack up our things and journey down to Cornwall with sun, sea and ice cream in mind. Driving past St Michael’s Mount always felt quite magical and special. A short distance from land a beautiful castle lies on its own island, a castle that you can in fact walk to but only when the tide is out. I was fascinated by this concept when I was younger and it is why St Michael’s Mount has made such an impression on my memory. St Michael’s Mount is situated just off the coast of Cornwall and a pretty little town called Marazion, near to Penzance. It is easy to spot and is in a fantastic location to explore some of the Cornish coast. The island is home to the St. Aubyn family who have lived there since the 17th Century and it is part of the National Trust. The Mount is rich in history. In the past, the castle has been used as a monastery, a port, a fortress and most recently a family home and tourist location. The Mount has seen a thousand years of history pass it by and the intriguing atmosphere on the island represents this. It is hard to believe that during the Civil War the Mount was used as a fortress thanks to the beauty and calm of its location and stunning Cornish views. Today the island is home to the St. Aubyn family and 30 staff who reside in the seafront cottages. It is one of Cornwall’s most historic and popular tourist ...

Abbots House Farm, North Yorkshire 30/07/2012

An idyllic location and a down to earth stay.

Abbots House Farm, North Yorkshire Abbot’s House Farm Abbot’s House Farm is a camping and caravan site situated in the heart of the North Yorkshire Moors in the pretty little village of Goathland. It has two large fields for visitors to set up camp and there are also other accommodations available in the form of holiday cottages and a bunkhouse barn for a more comfortable stay. Location If you are driving to the farm then try to refrain from following your Sat-Nav’s instructions, it will only take you past the farm and up some rather steep hills. Once you enter Goathland, simply follow the main road through and take the turning directly opposite Goathland Garage. The farm is clearly signposted, all you have to do is follow a short bumpy road, and it will take you directly to the farm. Goathland is a popular tourist location and it is clear to see why. It is where the television show Heartbeat was filmed and it is still well known for that today. You can almost step back in time in this quaint village with the old style cars and cute grocery stores and cafes. The village is not very big but there is a lot to see including the North Yorkshire Moors Steam Railway. The campsite is right next to and within perfect walking distance of The Aidensfield Arms which is ideal for a yummy pub meal and a glass or two of vino. This village really is idyllic and is Yorkshire at its best. The campsite is also only a 7-mile drive away from Whitby and the seaside. Perfect for nipping to get some fish and ...

Typhoon Retro Kitchen Scale 20/06/2012

Measure It - Retro Style.

Typhoon Retro Kitchen Scale Typhoon Retro Scales. Typhoon is a popular kitchenware company which aims to produce high quality, innovative, stylish and unique homeware products. The company has been around for quite a while now and they have a fantastic range of items, from chopping boards to woks. All of their products have lovely designs and are long lasting which is why so many customers swear by them and their homeware ranges. I have always been a fan of kitchen items and gadgets and Typhoon items have always caught my eye, as they are colourful, different and reasonably priced. I have had these Typhoon Retro Scales for quite some time now and I love them! The first thing that is noticeable about the scales is the retro design, which happens to be the reason why I bought them. I think that some scales can be quite an eye-sore and before buying these I was on the lookout for some scales which were accurate, a reasonable size and pleasant to look at. I can honestly say that I am proud to have these Typhoon Scales in my kitchen and they look amazing, like part of the furniture! I bought the scales from a kitchenware shop for about £30. I think that this is a reasonable price because I have used them and used them and they are a fantastic addition to my kitchen. I am aware that you can buy electric scales for a lot less, however, I personally prefer the old school way. The scales are cream in colour and are of a trapezium shape. There is a silver bowl resting on top and a large measuring face on ...
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