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Balance Active Formula 6-in-1 Cleansing Facial Wipes 19/11/2016

Well balanced

Balance Active Formula 6-in-1 Cleansing Facial Wipes I am always on the look out for new facial wipes and love trying new ones which I haven't used before. I had not heard of these Balance wipes before but was given them by my sister who had had them for a present and found that they were too harsh for her sensitive skin. I have looked online and you can get these wipes from Amazon for around £4 for a twin pack of two x 25 wipes and you can also get them from other sites for around £2.20. I am not sure if you can buy them in stores but I am sure that some places will stock them . These Balance Active Formula 6 in 1 Cleansing Facial Wipes claim to, 1, T Cleanse, 2, Remove Make-up, 3, Tone, 4, Moisturise, 5, Help Soothe and 6, Care for the skin. Suitable for ALL skin types. The ingredients include aloe vera and vitamin E and I found them to be very effective whilst also being gentle on my skin. The pack is oblong in shape and is a very blue in colour and it gives you the ingredients for the wipes and directions for use. It has the usual resealable closure tab which you need to make sure is closed firmly after use to keep the moisture in the remaining wipes. These particular wipes are nice and moist to the touch and I am about three quarters down the packet and they are still just as moist as the first one. The wipes are white and are extremely soft to the touch, and have a pleasant fresh smell which isn't too overpowering, I find that one wipe is plenty to cleanse my face and neck even if I am wearing a lot of make up ...

Felco Compact Deluxe Model 12 secateurs 22/06/2016

The only secateurs you will ever need

Felco Compact Deluxe Model 12 secateurs I was given this pair of Felco secateurs as a gift when we recently moved house by my mom who knows how much I love gardening and also good quality tools. I am not sure exactly how much she paid for them but they are certainly not cheap as the recommended retail price is around the £30 mark, however I know that my mom's friend has a trade card for gardening tools so I am sure that she would have got a decent discount on this. She also bought me some gardening gloves and a matching kneeling pad so it really was the perfect gift for me. I think it is false economy to buy really cheap gardening tools as they just don't last and also you can really tell the difference when you are using good quality items as it makes the job much easier. Although they are not really heavy they feel very solid and balanced to hold. They have two bright shiny red handles which are made of steel and they are coated with a non slip finish, with the curved blade being made of carbon steel which is even harder. They have the usual safety catch which keeps them shut when you are not using them, and protects the blade and also your fingers as if you have thrown them in a box in the garage and pick them up when they are open they could do a lot of damage to you as they are extremely sharp. They are just over 20cm long which is smaller than other pairs of secateurs but this makes them very easy to hold and to get right into smaller places such as a woody or overgrown shrub. I usually use these secateurs ...

Weleda Herb & Honey Elixir 11/04/2016

Soothing elixir

Weleda Herb & Honey Elixir From time to time and more so recently, I suffer with a bad chest and cough which can last for anything from a few days up to two weeks. I know I should probably go to my GP but I always feel a bit of a fraud taking up an appointment just for a cough, so I just take some sort of cough medicine. I have tried numerous types over the years and have found a lot of them work well however the last time I had a bad chest I didn't have any medicine in the house. My mother in law was coming round to visit and she said that she had a good cough medicine which she would bring over for me, which was this Weleda Herb & Hone Exilir. I have used a lot of Weleda creams over the years but had not tried any medicine but I thought it would be a good one as Weleda is a very good make and the creams I have used have been very good quality and effective. It comes in a 100ml glass bottle with a childproof lid and as soon as you open the bottle you can smell quite a strong aroma which doesn't smell particularly pleasant but I don't really think that any cough medicine smells particularly nice. The mixture is not as not as thick as some cough mixtures I have taken and you do have to be careful when you pour it onto a spoon as it is easy to spill over the edges. Although if I know it is only me who is going to use it I will usually just drink it out of the bottle, as it is only me who uses it I usually just swig it out of the bottle. This cough mixture is for dry irritating coughs and it contains ...

L'Oreal Excellence Triple Protection Hair Color Crème 10/02/2016

Go grey go!

L'Oreal Excellence Triple Protection Hair Color Crème I have had my hair dyed professionally for as long as I can remember, but after recently moving house and just not getting round to finding a reputable place, and also saving money, I decided to do it myself. I do have quite a bit of grey in my hair now so I probably need it doing every six weeks or so, although often just the roots need doing as the ends seem to retain the colour better and the roots are obviously where the grey shows through. I spent some time in Boots looking at the many different types of hair colours, reading the instructions and holding the box up to my hair to check the before and after shade compared to mine. After much consideration I decided on this Loreal Excellence in shade 9.0 as the before colour was very similar to mine, and the after colour was the exact shade I was hoping to achieve. They had an offer on at Boots where you bought one for the full price and then got one half price so I did buy the two so this saved me £3.50 and I know that I will use the other one at some time. I know that you are supposed to do a strand test but I was quite confident that it would be the right colour for me, and to be fair I don't really think many people do the strand test, as if you have splashed out on the colour you would just give it a try. I got an old towel out and followed the instructions carefully, squeezing the colour tube into the bottle and shaking it vigorously before applying it to my dry hair. I made sure that I got right down to my scalp ...

Sterling 3 Dial Brass Combination Padlock 29/01/2016

Lock it away

Sterling 3 Dial Brass Combination Padlock I bought this combination padlock earlier on this year to use to lock my small trolley suitcase for a weekend away with my girlfriends. I am quite security conscious and like to take extra precautions however having said that I am sure that if someone wants to break into your case they will find a way in however well it is secured. I bought this one from my local garden centre and paid £4.49 which isn't that cheap but a friend of mine has had this brand of padlock for years and had said how strong and well made it was. Another reason for me choosing this was because it was a combination lock as my previous padlocks had been the traditional ones which you need a key for. There had been a few occasions when I had temporarily mislaid the key and although I did eventually find it, I thought it would be easier to remember a code. This is a golden colour and there are the words Sterling on the side of the lock. It is made of solid brass with a steel shackle and it is corrosion resistant so you could use it outside for example on a garden shed or storage container. It has three dials with the numbers 0 through to 9 which gives you a huge 1000 different combinations to choose from. The numbers click round easily and are spaced enough for quite large fingers to click one at a time as my husband has used this and he has quite large fingers. The code can be set and reset easily by putting in the existing code and then pressing a paper clip or something similar into the reset hole while ...

Schwarzkopf Blondme Keratin Restore Blonde Shampoo 23/01/2016

Blonde me

Schwarzkopf Blondme Keratin Restore Blonde Shampoo I buy a lot of my toiletries from discount stores as they are usually at least half price compared to Boots and many other chemists. They are not always the most recent brands or products but I really don't mind this and would rather pay a bit less than try and keep up with all the latest products. I have had quite a few Schwarzkopf products over the years and have always found them to be very good quality so when I saw this Schwarzkopf Blondme shampoo in my local discount store for £2.39 I bought it straight away. It comes in a silver plastic tube and it is 250ml so is a decent size. I would say that this size shampoo will usually last me about two months whilst washing my hair three times a week so it does work out good value. This shampoo is designed specifically for blonde hair and it says that it will help to improve blonde clarity whilst also giving your hair an illuminating multi-dimensional shine. It can be used on natural blonde, highlighted or colour treated hair. I have been colouring my hair blonde for as long as I can remember and find I am having to do it far more frequently now to cover those pesky grey hairs, however after about two or three weeks of putting the colour on I find that it seems to fade quite a bit and can look a bit dull, so I do like to give it a lift and find I can do this by using a blonde shampoo. I have used various other blonde shampoos and have found that they really do brighten my hair so I do use them quite often and am always on the ...

General Electric T2 Spiral Energy Saving Bulb Edison Screw 12W 20/01/2016

Shine a light

General Electric T2 Spiral Energy Saving Bulb Edison Screw 12W I have an upright touch lamp in the lounge which I was given by my daughter who in turn had it given to her but she said it didn't match her decor so passed it onto me. I had been after a white upright lamp for some time but just couldn't find one that took my eye but this one was just perfect. It had a spiral bulb in it which I had not actually seen or used before. We don't have many of the new energy saving bulbs in our house as most of the older type bulbs are still okay, but obviously as they wear out I will be replacing them with the newer type as this is really all that is available now. I had only been using my new lamp for a couple of weeks when it started to make a funny sort of sizzling noise and finally gave a bang as the bulb blew. I took the old bulb out and took it with me to Homebase to match it up and bought this T2 spiral energy saving bulb which cost £2.99. I did think at first that this was a bit expensive for just one bulb but then I read that it is supposed to last for an average of 10,000 hours with 5000 switches so I think that the lamp will wear out quicker than the bulb. The wattage of the bulb is 12w and it is energy class A. The light output is listed as 1000 lumens which I can't say I understand at all, but I can say that it does give a bright light and seems to light up straight away, unlike other makes of energy saving bulb which I have which seem to give quite a dim light for some time after being switched on before they reach their full ...

Tesco Medium Pastel Silicone Cake Cases 18/01/2016

Rainbow baking

Tesco Medium Pastel Silicone Cake Cases I love baking cakes and am always on the look out for new baking equipment and accessories. I have recently discovered silicone cookware which I am a great fan of as it is easy to use and usually comes in pretty colours compared to traditional metal cookware or the usual paper case cases. It is also very strong and durable, washes really easily and is hard wearing. I saw these twelve silicone case cases in my local Tesco a few months ago for £4 and even though I do have other silicone cases I just couldn't resist them. There are twelve individual moulds which are made of durable food grade soft silicone and they come in pretty shades of pink, lilac, bright yellow and blue and there are three of each colour in the set. They have a flat bottom and the sides fan out and they have ridges all the way round. They are suitable for the oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer and are non toxic, although I did wash them before using them for the first time which is something I always do just to make sure they are perfectly clean and safe for use. If you haven't used silicone cookware before they do feel a bit strange as at first and I have expected them to melt in the oven but they obviously don't do this. They feel very pliable to the touch and they do seem to stretch and go a little bit out of shape as you are filling them with your mixture especially if you are holding them but they soon go back to their original shape as soon as you put them down. A great thing about silicone ...

Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect Stay Pressed Powder Light 17/01/2016

Blends beautifully

Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect Stay Pressed Powder Light I had not heard of Miss Sporty products before my friend gave me this pressed powder compact. She was having a sort out of her make up when we went for a girls night in at her house and she had bags and bags of stuff she just hadn't used which she was given by her sister who sells make up, so we all ended up going home with a bag of make up. I have always used powder for my face, both to set foundation in the evening, and also in the daytime on its own as I tend to get shiny patches on my face which I like to disguise. I was a bit sceptical at first as I had not used any of this range but as soon as I first used it I liked it, and when I looked online and found that you can pick it up for around £2 I was very surprised, as I have used far more expensive powders than this which aren't so good. At this price it is very affordable even if you are on a tight budget. I do like pressed powder rather than loose powder as I find it much easier to work with and also much cleaner as loose powder can be a bit messy to use Mine comes in a bright pink plastic compact with a hinged lid which you lift to open. Inside the lid there is a mirror and there is a sponge applicator.There are the words Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect Stay written across the top of the compact and it tells you that you get up to 10 hours perfect look. I have had a look online and there are three shades to choose from which are light, medium and transparant and mine is the light one which matches my complexion. It ...

W7 Pressed Powder 10/01/2016

Perfect powder

W7 Pressed Powder I like pressed powder as I find that it covers any blemishes or patches on my skin but it doesn’t feel clogged so my skin can still breathe. I have bought quite a lot of different powders over the years and am not particularly loyal to any one, and also I like to try new ones to compare them. I picked this W7 translucent pressed powder up from a local chemist and it was in the bargain box on the counter for just £2. Although when I got home and had a look you can actually get it for around this price online, but you can also pay up to £3.50. I had not heard of this make before and I looked it up online and found that the company only started in London in 2002 and they make a range of products for many different skin tones. They do not test their products on animals which is important for a lot of people and the prices are very reasonable. The products are sold in Asda, Next, Peacocks and TKMaxx as well as Amazon. It comes in a black compact with the W7 logo on the clear lid where you can see the exact colour of the powder through. When I bought this one there were two available, the translucent one which I bought and quite a dark brown shade which I would say would be suitable for much darker skin. It doesn't come with a sponge applicator but I have always got a few of these spare as I tend to buy them in packs of three or four which you can pick up cheaply. I also like to replace these quite often as I find this more hygienic. To apply I usually start with my forehead ...

Master Class Four Hole Yorkshire Pan 05/01/2016

Yummy yorkshires

Master Class Four Hole Yorkshire Pan I really enjoy cooking and baking and have come to realise over the years that it is worth buying good quality equipment as it really does last a long time if you look after it and I think it can make a big difference in the finished results of your cooking. I have got various sizes of baking tins ranging from loaf tins to trays with four holes to ones with sixteen holes and quite a few of them are from the Master Class range. This four hole yorkshire pudding tray measures approximately ten inches across and the holes are around four inches across and just less than an inch deep. It feels quite sturdy and well made and I would think it would be quite hard to dent or bash even if you dropped it onto a hard floor. It is made of a heavy duty steel and is dishwasher, oven and freezer safe. Master Class kitchen equipment is all chemical free and non stick and they all come with a five year non stick guarantee which I think is quite a long time. I bought this four hole yorkshire pudding tray from Amazon when I was ordering some other kitchen goods and needed to make the order up to qualify for free delivery. I paid £4.75 which is a good price as you can pay as much as £7.29 for this one, but it is very good quality and the other products in the same range which I have are still as good as new and I have had two cake trays for about three years now and they have had a lot of use. I have used this baking tin mostly for making Yorkshire puddings but you can use it for a variety ...

Bocideal Foundation Blender Sponge 02/01/2016

Beautiful blending

Bocideal Foundation Blender Sponge I don’t use liquid foundation very often but when I do I always use a sponge to apply it as I find this easier than using my fingers and also a lot less messy. I was given one of these Bocideal Foundation Blender Shop make up sponge by a friend who had been given a set for a gift but didn't really use them very much so she asked if I wanted one as she knew that I used this sort of thing. I have had a look online and you can get a set of four for around £1.80 and they come in a variety of colours. My sponge is a pale blue colour and is a sort of tear drop shape which then widens out again and has a flatter bottom so you can stand it up. Due to it going in in the middle I find that this helps you to keep hold of it and your fingers fit into this recess. It measures approximately two and a half inches tall and one and a half inches wide. I am not sure what type of packaging they came in as mine obviously wasn't packaged and I just keep it in the top of my make up box. The sponge feels quite solid whilst still feeling soft and it does feel gentle as I am rubbing it over my face and neck to apply the foundation. To use you just need to slightly dampen the sponge first for the best results and I will usually just very quickly run it through running water from the cold tap and then squeeze it if I find it too wet. Having said that I know that you can use the sponge dry but personally I find that the foundation goes on a bit too thick if I don't wet it first. I find that the ...

Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Wool Pleats 29/12/2015

Gentle on your skin

Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Wool Pleats I have always got a pack of cotton wool pleats or cotton wool pads in my drawer as I use them for a variety of uses. I am not particularly loyal to one particular brand but will just shop round for a bargain but as I really do like to use organic products as much as I can I was pleased to pick this pack up in John Lewis for just £1.49. I have had a look online and this is a really good price as they can sell for up to £2.25 online. You get 100g in the plastic packet which is green and white and tells you that it is 100% organic and that it is certified by the soil association. As it is a pleat you can just tear off the exact amount you need to use so there is no wastage as you might get with a pad if you do not need to use all of it. I find it is very easy to tear off and it feels very soft to the touch. The most common use for me is to use it to remove my make up and I will tear off the amount I need depending on how much make up I am wearing. I find that the make up remover stays on the cotton wool surface without soaking in too much so that it all goes on my face. It does absorb slightly as I am wiping the pad around my face but there is always sufficient moisture to remove all my make up. I will start off with my forehead working downwards towards my chin and then finish off with my eye area. I will then sometimes turn the cotton wool over to finish off and to remove any remaining make up. It does feel very soft on my face and not at all scratchy as some other makes I ...

Barry M Lip Gloss Wand 1 Coconut Clear 27/12/2015

Clearly coconut

Barry M Lip Gloss Wand 1 Coconut Clear I like wearing lip gloss as I find it quite natural looking and I like the fact that you can wear it on its own or to lock in your lipstick. I have got a wide range of colours from quite deep colours which I will wear in the evening to clear ones which I will usually wear in the daytime. I am not loyal to any brand and will just buy them if I like the colour and if they are on offer. I I bought this Barry M Coconut clear lip gloss from Superdrug and I paid £1.99 which is an average price for this although I have seen it since for £2.99 in a local chemist. It is 9ml and has the usual wand which you use to apply the gloss. I originally bought this gloss on the way to a function to wear over a lighter coloured lipstick to help to keep my lipstick on for longer and also to make my lips look shiny, but since then I often wear it just on its own in the daytime as I find it gives my lips a healthy shine and it also helps to keep them moisturised and protected. What makes this lip gloss different is that although it is clear it has a lovely sweet coconut smell which is really nice and it is hard not to lick your lips after applying it. Although the smell does fade you do get small tastes of it during the day. The wand is pliable and it feels soft on my lips and also it is quite small so it is easy to apply it accurately. I will usually just scrape the wand gently on the side of the neck as this can prevent picking up too much gloss on the wand which can result in it being too ...

Now Foods Evening Primrose Oil 22/12/2015

Help with your hot flushes

Now Foods Evening Primrose Oil I have been taking Evening Primrose Oil tablets now for about five years from around the time I started the menopause. I don't take them every single day as I don't always remember but would say that I take them about four or five days a week. I have tried quite a few different brands and to be honest found them all to have the same effect and I bought these online with various other vitamins for £3.99 for 250 capsules which they call softgels. You can also get them in a smaller size of 100 capsules. The container is white in colour and has an orange label and has the usual childproof lid which you need to press down firmly to open. The capsules themselves are a clear with a yellow tinge and feel a bit squidgy to the touch. These 500ml size which I have is not really small l and would maybe not be suitable for some people who have trouble taking tablets but I have always had this size and have never had any problems, although I do take them with a drink of water. When I first started menopausal symptoms I had decided that I would never have HRT or anything like that as I much prefer natural products. I had read a lot about Evening Primrose Oil to reduce the symptoms and thought I would give them a try. I can say that my symptoms have been quite minimal over the years which I think that taking these has helped this. I had started to suffer with hot flushes especially at night when I would wake up soaking and feeling very uncomfortable. They are also advertised as a food ...
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