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Mary Higgins Clark 29/09/2007

Mary Higgins Clark - great author

Mary Higgins Clark I have read several of Mary Higgins Clark's books and i found them all gripping. The books are easy readers and fairly short, which means that the story progresses rapidly keeping the reader entertained. The downside to Mary Higgins Clark's books is that after reading a few the ending becomes clear soon after starting a new story, but that doesnt stop the pages in the middle been gripping. I have often stayed up late into the night reading her novels and will probably continue to in the future. I would recomend these books to anyone, even if you arent a fan of crime novels. I would specifically recomend where are the children, I found it to be slightly different from the other books I have read by Mary Higgins Clark but still interesting, and it kept me up late into the night.

Rosie Thomas 29/09/2007

Rosie Thomas

Rosie Thomas I have read two of Rosie Thomas' books, 'every woman knows a secret' and 'moon island'. I found that the endings of both books were dissapointing. The stories took a while to get started in both cases, and were quite uneventful throughout, with about two interesting occurences in each. i found that due to the style of writing a lot of concentration is needed to follow sections of writing even though the details of the story arent complicated. i wouldnt recomend either of these books and as both held the same amount of my interest, then i wouldnt recomend any other Rosie Thomas books. Quite alot of detail is payed to descriptions of places, and this is done well, although a little too long in places as the story seems to stop for a few pages.

Animal - David Burnie 29/09/2007


Animal - David Burnie This book has pictures of all the species that it contains information about, aswell as both common and scientific names for the species. The book starts with information about the kind of habitats that animals occupy. The begining of each section also contains information about the family group, including details such as anatomy, evolution, feeding and reprodution. The sections on individual species also contain specific information on the habitats including a map showing the distribution of the species. I have found this book useful when studying a particular family as general information can be found as well as more detailed information about species. Although this book doesnt contain all species that information might be wanted about it does seem to have most well know species. However this book doesnt have any details of domestic animals.
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