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Skin Wisdom Age Delay Day Moisturiser 06/03/2014

The Wisdom of Experience

Avon Anew Reversalist Renewal Foaming Cleanser 24/02/2014


Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash 20/02/2014

Scrap Off the Dirt

Derwent Coloursoft Pencils Extra Soft Highly-blendable Colours 12/01/2014

Subtle to Vibrant Blendable Colour

The Complete Colored Pencil Book - Bernard Poulin 16/08/2013

Coloured Pencil Art for Grown Ups

My Early Artistic Attempts I have read a lot of books for beginner artists recently, as I think I would like drawing, and possibly also painting, as a new hobby. Although I have always wanted to be able to draw and paint, I never managed anything realistic while I was young and so became disheartened. I thought that you either had talent or you didn’t, and that I fell into the latter category. At school my art teacher just said, “Draw this”, or “Paint that.” There was no indication that art skills could be acquired. Recently I have been seeking out books in my library for would-be artists, and have found out that I can draw. I haven’t progressed to painting yet, but I am confident that I can, with the help of learning relevant techniques. The Complete Colored (American spelling) Pencil Book The Complete Colored Pencil Book claims that it, “Takes you from the basic all the way to advanced colored pencil techniques.” The first chapter describes the various drawing tools you will need and how to choose the most suitable. The latest artist grade coloured pencils are far superior to the ones sold for children. The book does not carry a warning about these, but I think it should. My advice is to be careful if you are tempted to buy artist grade pigments for a talented youngster, because these pigments can be toxic, even if just absorbed through the skin. The opening chapter, combined with chapter 3, on what to draw on (paper, board etc) is a good guide to these ...

Dioralyte Citrus 15/02/2013

Reaches QUICKLY the Parts Plain Water Doesn't

Shakespeare's Mistress - Karen Harper 04/01/2013

Will the Bigamist?

L'Oreal Universal Lip Glow 29/09/2012

Effective Tinted Balm - with barmy price

Scotts EverGreen Complete Watersmart Lawn Feed Weed & Moss Killer 15/08/2012

Green Green Grass of My Home

The Body Shop Aloe Lip Treatment 04/08/2012

Protects & Soothes Lips with Subtle Sheen

I love...Strawberries & Milkshake Lip Balm 31/07/2012

Strawberry Tinted - Great Value

Epitaph for Three Women - Jean Plaidy 30/06/2012

3 Women's Impact on Medieval History

Samsung VCU3352 06/05/2012

Lightweight Efficiency

99p Stores 99p Store Plastic Planter 19/04/2012

Sturdy & Affordable Planter

Snugglesafe Bunny Warren 06/04/2012

Bunny Fun

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