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31 25/08/2006

Lots of choice at CR ~ Choice ~ The first thing I noticed when I walked into Carpet Right was the amount of stuff in there. There was endless rolls of carpet, lots of rugs/runners on display and a laminate flooring section so I'd felt straight away that I could find my carpet. (It had to be cream and very soft!) Browzing through the aisles I was impressed by the amount of choice. There was all sorts! Loads of different colours from white to black and different patterns too. Lots of "modern" carpets with fancy designs but also some old fashioned carpets which I won't describe as I don't want to offend anyone lol. There was a wide range of laminate flooring avaliable too plus lots of rugs. Big ones for the lounge, ones you just stick in front of your door to runners as well. ~ Price ~ Most of the prices in there were quite good. On average we saw lots of carpets priced at 5.99 per square metre. There were a couple of 4.99 ones but I must say these were not as good quality like not as soft. There were some more pricier ones out of my range that were up to 12.99 per sq metre but having a feel of them they were pretty nice so if you have the money its great! Our room we were decorading measured approx 3.58 x 2.89 or something around that figure and cost 129 with the fitting and delivery and the actual carpet. We opted out of the underlay as it brought it up to 189 and we didn't really have a lot of cash but nonetheless the carpet was good quality anyway. Carpet right also seem to have an ...

Essex (England) 16/08/2006


Essex (England) I live in Essex/East London in an area called Dagenham. I live in one of the "dumps" as mentioned in the disadvantages but I rreally think Essex is a nice place to live! Next year we are planning to move out into Pitsea, Basildon so were further into the nicer bits of Essex. First of all Essex has a couple of good shopping centres. Lakeside is great for real shopaholics as it's open 7 days a week, Monday to Friday is 10 - 10pm and Saturday it's open till 8 and Sunday till 5. It has just about everything there. Tons of music shops, lots of clothing, and my personal favourite, Krispy Kreme! Lol. :P Basildon also has a decant shopping centre and I personally enjoy going to Southend-On-Sea's high street shopping during the summer. As you go further out into East London you also have Romford's shopping mall which is a good one too. Plenty of food shops, music, clothes, etc and it has a decant market place too for all your bargains! Essex has a real charm about it and I always enjoy getting out of my East London home area and round and about proper Essex! A lot of people slate Southend's beach but I love walking down there with my dog and getting the fresh sea air. It's very refreshing having fresh sea air and there's nothing better than popping down to Southend during a heatwave to have a cold bear and fish and chips for dinner! Southend also does fab warm, squishy doughnuts which you can feel instantly stick to your hips after one bite but its great. Southend also has ...

Argos Direct 16/08/2006

Please see my Argos Online review!

Argos Direct As I cannot remove this review (it was put in the wrong place, i thought argos direct was the online sevice! ) I have put this review in the correct place of online reviews! Please go to that one instead to find the review as this cannot be removed! Thanks! I did look it up but if anyone knows how to delete reviews (I looked on the faqs and couldnt find anything abou tit!) please leave a message below so i can remove this review as its pointless being here taking up the room. Just click on my name above luckyduke and click on the review directly above this one to read the proper argos review. Thanks very much and remember to rate my reviews!

When is the right time in life to have a baby? 16/08/2006

No one person is the same.

When is the right time in life to have a baby? OK in my eyes there is no right age for having your first child. Everybody is different so there is no way you can put an age on it, like, 28 because at the end of the day it doesn't matter what age you are when the time is "right" you just know it. This age can be, 18, 25, 35, anything! It just feels like the time is now. I get tired though of the constant critizing that young Mums get. How can anyone possibly know that an older person would be a better mum than a younger person? If it's both their first child, whether they are nineteen or 39 it's their first child and it's both a new experience for them. Who is anyone to say oh a eighteen year old shouldn't have a child as they should be out enjoying themselves. People seem to forget that is THERE opinion and if an 18-year-old feels ready for a baby then so be it. Not every 18 year old is naive enough to t hink looking after a baby is a piece of cake or they'll get a free council house so don't fob them off with the same stick! An example. My Aunt had her first little girl in 1981 when she was 18-years-old that time was right for her so she did it and why not? 25 years later her girl has grown up, she has another son who is 20 and she's still with the childrens dads living happily in a nice sized house and both of her children have done well at school and have good jobs! Well, that was 1981. Now I think that having a baby young is not an option now. I've always said I wanted to be settled in life before I have a ...

Argos 16/08/2006

Argos Online: Useless for quick delivery!

Argos OK this is my review of Argos online. I'll divide the review into sections! ~ The Website ~ The website is actually very good. The layout is set out well and things are easy to find. It's dividied into lighting/sounds/furnishings, etc so everything is easy to look for. The site has a good speed and it has a helpful FAQ section. The registring is also a very easy and speedy proccess. No one likes filling in their life story every time they register with a site and with Argos its quick and easy. ~ Value for money ~ Generally most of the stuff is well priced on Argos. You can get a good pair of chester drawers for under a 100 quid and there are always reductions and promotions like buy one get one free on certain items too. I've also seen a lot of electircal stuff on there priced well like a 256mb mp3 player for twenty quid which i thought was really good. ~ Customer Service ~ There is a good FAQ section on the Argos website though I think it should cover more on the delivery proccess and explain why some items take so long for delivery. The number I called was not very helpful though. The customer Assistants on the phone line provided on the website do not seem to know what they are talking about. When I called to enquire about the delivery of an item I'd ordered it took a good 20 mins on the phone to track down my item and the customer assistant on the phone seemed to be calling out on what to do to her colleagues as well like she didn't know what to ...

Where, when, how, with whom do you travel? 03/08/2006

Getting away from it all!

Where, when, how, with whom do you travel? Q: How many times a year do you travel? I used to travel every year and have been loads of different places but now it's a bit too expensive to do every year. Shame really as it's lovely getting out of England. If your counting England holidays too about 3 or four times a year. Q: For how long do you go away? Usually two weeks but my last holiday in Egypt was only for a week due to money reasons and it does suck only going on holiday for a week. The longest I've stayed away was when I was a kid and I was on America for a month with some of my family who live out there. Q: Do you stay in your home country or do you go abroad? Mostly abroad but I like some parts of England. Newquay has a nice beach and I like Leigh on Sea in Essex also. Brightons good fun too and Stoke on Trent is nice, purely cos of Alton Towers! Q: Do you organize your holidays yourself or do you go to a travel agency? It depends for long haul holidays I usually use travel agents. My last holiday was with first choice to sharm el sheik iN Egypt and they were really helpful. I don't think I've had any bad experiences with any travel agenices. Infact Ithink first Choice were one of the best I've been with. Very helpful and friendly. For England trips I just arrange things like travel, hotels, etc myself. Q: Do you prepare your holidays in advance by reading guidebooks and studying maps? Not really.. I might occasionally check out a website but most of the time I like to get there and ...

Members Advice on Weight Loss 30/07/2006

Fad Free!

Members Advice on Weight Loss OK this is just how I personally always manage to lose weight... I've never been overweight, I'm a smallish 5'5 and I've been 10 stones at my heaviest! But I like to be around 8 stone 10 so when my weight starts creeping up this is my way of doing it... Firstly before you take on any diet plan check it out with your GP and check out your BMI too! So many people are deluded and think they are huge when they only need to lose a few pounds! Another quick tip... the scales can be evil! All though its tempting lately I've decided not to weigh myself as much... you can tell if your getting bigger if your clothes are getting tighter, right? Your weights just a number... If your clothes are still fitting then your still the same size so I tend to go by that. Remember your weight can vary so do it first thing in the morning but ONLY once a week! If you do it every day it might go up and down a bit so just every monday morning before you go to work and JUST then! Also rather than using the scales keep a tape measure handy. Inches are what you need to keep your eye on so measure your waist, bust, hips, thighs and any other stodgy areas you don't like and watch the weight fall off that way! It feels a lot better as you know you've actually taken inches off and your one step closer to fitting into that size ten! You could also go for a shopping trip before you start your diet! Go to somewhere nice and buy a gorgeous dress in the size your aiming for then tear up the recipet ...

What is a Chav? 30/07/2006

Chav Heaven!

What is a Chav? Chavs, I'm sure, started in Essex, King of all chavs. Where I live is also particularly chavvy in East London but what is a chav? Let's go on... ~ Appearance ~ The chav appearance has changed over time. The first chavs around all looked quite similar. The boys would wear jogging bottoms, tucked into their football socks with a common top with the collar up and too much gel. The teen chavs would usually be covered in acne too and smell of the aftershave they nicked from their dad. The girls would usually wear rolled up adidas jogging bottoms, a short top and their hair would be tied back so tightly their forehead would pulse and they would have giant gold hoop earrings and a lot of necklaces. Since then the chav has evolved and started to become more involved in fashion! The boys now might wear jeans even and a pink top or a top with burberry in it. The hair is still slicked back with gel, still dads stale after shave and maybe a sovereign or too on their finger. Usually accompanied by a can of stellar you can usually find this type of boy chav aged 13-17 pretending to be drunk. The girl chav is definitely into more fashion now. A girl chav would typically wear a short skirt, short tops and stuff from Jane Norman and TopShop. They usually are bright orange in colour, peroxide blonde and covered in cheap jewelry from argos. ~ Behvaiour ~ For a boy the behaviour is usually bagging of ones non exsistant conquests with that fit girl. They like to shout at people ...

Should smoking be banned in all public places? 30/07/2006

Give us a a choice!

Should smoking be banned in all public places? Should smoking be banned in public? Of course! Now, I have nothing against smokers or anything if you wish to smoke a cancer stick that's up to you but why should everyone else have to breathe in your crap? I find it quite disturbing when your out shopping and people smoke out on the street and there are children around breathing in all this rubbish. So that's OK, you want to smoke, but give the child the decision! Some small café's don't have non-smoking and smoking areas too so other families who choose not to have to breathe in all the chemicals. As smoking is so dangerous I think it should be kept as something done in your own house. It's not fair to make others suffer with your smoking habit. I hate the way smokers try to argue the fact that we breathe in exhaust fumes on a daily basis the fact is we can't stop all the cars from driving and all the factories from polluting is different and passive smoking is still far more dangerous to our own health! People die of passive smoking all the time. It's sad when a non-smoker dies of smoking inhalation and they have never touched a fag in their life! Wouldn't you hate it if you'd smoked around your children/friends/loved ones and a loved-one died of smoke inhalation! It's the same thing smokers do when they breathe it all over the public when they go out! Give people a choice! I don't have anything against smokers I just think it should be kept in the house at all times. I find it particularly horrible ...

What's in my bag? 30/07/2006

My 5 pound bag!

What's in my bag? I always carry around my 5 pound bag i got from river island on sale! its a lovely beige colour with all sequins on it and i am attached to it! .. 1. My purse - this is stuffed with a current account card, credit card, savings card, nectar card, ni number card. Also has some reciepts stuffed inside, two ten pound notes and a fiver, a few bronze coins and a note with a number on it. 2. Vaseline - I HAVE to take this everywhere! Especially in winter as I suffer from chapped lips! Its also good for abit of lip gloss and eye shadow, makes your eyes all glossy! 3. An oyster card and a national rail pass with my priv card, c2c pass and photocard with dodgy mug shot. 4. A handy little silver brush with a mirror on it which I always forget I have in my bag! 5. A compact mirror... Cmon.. Every girl has one of these in her handbags! 6. My precious sony erricson k750i which is unlocked and has random numbers pressed on the screen and an unread text. 7. A funky little umbrella which i wish i could use at the moment as its been so goddamn hot! 8. Two sets of kets, one to my house and another to my office at work. When i want one set of them, like when im approaching my front door, I always seem to pull out the ones I DONT want!! 9. A pink address book with nothing in it apart from some numbers which i dont know why i wrote in there. Some random fluff and a crap bracelet i got from primark cos it was cheap! How interesting was that?! hehe...

10 Most Annoying Celebrities 29/07/2006

Pass me the shotgun

10 Most Annoying Celebrities 1. Beyonce - Claims she is a catholic then dances around in next to nothing! She may be a stunner but don't bs us all saying you're a good catholic girl then let your arse hang out in the Crazy in Love video! EVEN MORE ANNOYINGLY the silly girl claims hat she is really shy and its someone called Sasha who comes out and takes her clothes off. Isn't that the first sign of madness?! 2. Victoria Beckham - She is 31 years old with 3 gorgeous kids and she is just so stupid it annoys me. She walks around in clothes designed for teenagers and she's a living skelton with tennis balls attached to her chest and claims they are real though when she was in the spice girls and a normal size 10 they were flat as pancakes!! She's got an annoying big nose too and she should never be allowed to sing. 3. Kate Lawler - Sorry love but your fifteen minutes of fame are UP! She is always slagging off Jade Goody even though she is ten times more successful and actually has something interesting to say! She thinks she's a stunner when she looks like a typical ugly essex bird coated in slap and she can't present and she's just abig headed twat who can't get over the fact she won big brother. Yeah? Well that was four years ago now. YOUR OLD NEWS! 4. Eddie Izzard - Not funny. Why is he around? 5. Pete Burns. OHMYGOD IF I HEAR SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND BABY EVER again I will kill myself. He is responsible for one of the worst songs ever and he chooses to punish us even more by recently re releasing ...

A Day In The Life Of.... 29/07/2006

A day in the life of a late shift!

A Day In The Life Of.... OK my day starts at 10.30am... My alarm goes off on my Sony Ericson k750i with the annoying sound of a cuckoo. I have it as that as it's the only one that will make me get out of bed to turn the racket off! I drag myself up, bleary eyed then wipe my eyes though it makes no difference and as I climb over my boyfriend sleeping next to me I manage to fall on top of him and wake him up and have him grumbling on for the next half hour... I get up, go to my chest of drawers and take my daily vitamin pill. Then I go up to my lizards, Yoski and Cooper and see how they are. Yoshi has her leg over Cooper's head so everything is normal. I then realise I am desperate for the loo and run downstairs and go to the loo and run myself a bath. I go to my kitchen and make myself a healthy bowl of weetabix then make it very unhealthy by dousing the whole lot in sugar. After I have finished my brekkie I go have my bath. I wash my hair, myself, my teeth then I go upstairs and have a quick check of my emails and my ciao account... After that I punish my hair with a hairdryer and a pair of straightners and I flop down on my bed still in a towel and watch The Jerry Springer Show for a while. Then I flick through and as always there is nothing on so I reluctantly drag myself up and get ready for work... I put on my gross uniform skirt that I have to wear on my waist (what are we in the fities?!) and a pink shirt then I leave for work. I catch the district line to Barking station then get the ...

Customer Services Advisor 29/07/2006

Customer Service Assistant on a Railway

Customer Services Advisor OK this is a review about a customer service assistant BUT I'm also generally reviewing working for a railway as it isn't on here and as it's quite a popular employment I will review that too...! Being a customer service assistant/advisor CAN be rewarding. It's good to know that you can provide helpful information to customers and it's nice when they go off happy and grateful saying how helpful you are. If your in an office like me as a CSA there is alwyas plenty to do so your day never goes by slowly. There is serving customers which is a big part of the job but there's the paperwork, inputting information on the computer systems, answering phones, cash handling, etc so you never find yourself short of things to do. Working as a CSA has it's benefits too. Working within London your entitled to a nice sum of money called the London Weighting and csa's usuaully don't get terrible money. The lowest is about 16k a year which is not too bad. Being a CSA on a railway also means you get a free pass on your train operators line which for me is c2c, Sliverlink and WAGN and also a hefty 75 per cent discount on all the other railways apart from first scot rail for some odd reason. So you don't have to worry about commuting fares which is a very good benefit. Not sure about ALL csa but i know that CSAs on railways have excellent holidays. I get 8 weeks per year! There are some disadvantages tho. A lot of CSAs are reuired to work weekends and do shift work. Railways are crafty ...

All About Me 27/07/2006

My young (but very long it seems) life!

All About Me I was born on 19 years ago in a, what was, quite a nice place called Dagenham in East London which is now sadly quite well known for it's racism and generally being a bit of a dump. When I was just an ickle baby there was actually quite a severe storm going on in England but according to my lovely parents I slept all the way through it! 18 months after the birth of me, my Mum gave birth to my beautiful baby brother who is know 17 years old. I was raised as a catholic and untill the age of about 11 I did attend church every Sunday. I attended a very good primary school called St Teresa's Catholic Primary school from the ages of 4 - 11. I had a good education there and always reached well above the averages. I also had lots of friends and was a bit of a teachers pet! My Mum and Dad both had quite well paid jobs so I was lucky enough to travel to places like America, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Portugal and I had a good stable home life till about the age of 9... At 9 my Mum and Dad started to argue a lot. My Mum went on holiday without me and my brother and at 9 years old I was very upset that my Mum had left me at home while she went abroad to the Domincan Republic. I was also changing a lot myself... By the age of 11 I was quite tall for my age, about 5"2 and I had a lot suffered acne quite badly and had problems wity my teeth. I started to get bullied at school for it, it wasn't terrible at this stage as 11-year-olds only really knew silly words like pizza face (not sure ...

Top 10 Songs of All Time 26/07/2006

Top Best Ever.

Top 10 Songs of All Time In no particular order... 10. Counting Crows - Colorblind. If you have never listened to this song I strongly reccommend it. It's one of the most beautiful songs I've ever listened to. You might recognise it from the Cruel Intenions film with Sarah Michelle Gellar which is where I discovered it. 9. Goerge Michael - Careless Whisper Just a classic. George Michaels best I think. I always end up singing along (badly) to this song when it comes on and its been firmly fixed on my MP3 player. 8. Nirvana - Smells like Teen Spirit Always gets you smiling. A top rock song. 7. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody LOVE this song! I always think of Wayne's World's head nodding or Lee Evans miming when I hear this song now but it's a classic. Still played all the time and you never get bored of it! 6. Oasis - Wonderwall Lyrics are beautiful, singing is top... Always sounds as good as the first time you heard it. 5. Madonna - Vogue ALWAYS makes you want to dance with the posey hands the way Madonna does in her video lol! (Or is that just me?!) 4. Metallica - Fade to Black Stunning song.. Totally different to what Metallica usually do but the lyrics are great. 3. Oasis - Don't Look Back in Anger Second time for Oasis. They can write some excellent songs. 2. Prodigy - Firestarter Not a classic but brings back SO many memories for me! 1. Robin S - Show me Love Club classic. Still gets played today and I've never tired of it.
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