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Nails Inc Nail Polish 30/08/2011

Nails Inc London Nail Polish

Nails Inc Nail Polish As a serial nail biter for the past 20 years, I have now given up and decided to try all the different varnishes, which I will now review! SIZE and LOOKS - The bottles are a simple rounded design, holding 10ml. You can clearly see the colour inside. WHERE TO BUY - I have been told you can buy them in Superdrug, but I got mine free with a newspaper. PRICE - These nail varnishes are quite cheap at £3.99. They are a middle kind of polish, not dirt cheap, but not expensive. COLOURS - There is a massive range of colours with different finishes. I have the colour 'Atomic' which is a bright orange with a matte finish. There are some nice sumemry colours and 'clubbing' colours. BRUSH - The brush is long and small. I managed to paint my nails without getting varnish all on the surrounding skin. It is easy to use with both my left and right hand. CONSISTENCY - It is a thick consistency and so you could probably get away with just using one coat if you were in a hurry. END LOOK - The colour I had was a nice matte finish. Sometimes I go over it with a clear top coat if I want it shiny. You have to wait until it is completely dry though before you do that, or it mixes together and takes forever to dry. DRYING- This varnish dries relatively quickly, but I waited a bit longer just to be on the safe side. REMOVING - So long as you use a good nail varnish remover, I had no trouble removing the varnish and it did not stain my nails. CHIPPING - The ...

Mavala Nail Varnish 29/08/2011

Mavala Nail Varnish - glamorous, expensive looking polish!

Mavala Nail Varnish As a serial nail biter for the past 20 years, I have now given up and decided to try all the different varnishes, which I will now review! SIZE and LOOKS - Small bottles only holding 5ml. Looks good though, glass bottle so you can see what you're buying. WHERE TO BUY - I have only ever seen this sold in John Lewis and it is always on a little stand on it's own. I think they should make more of a deal of it as I would buy loads more if it was always on show! PRICE - £3.99 which seems a bit excessive for the tiny bottle, but as it's so good I don't mind paying it. COLOURS - Good range of colours. There isn't many unusual colours though, just basic ones. Most have a shine finish, although I have seen a few matt colours. BRUSH - With such a small brush I thought it might be hard to use, but actually it is really easy! You can see exactly what you are doing and so filling all the corners and gaps is easily done. CONSISTENCY - Thick consistency, meaning you can get away with just one coat. END LOOK - Glamorous. This is the finish I would expect to see on celebrities. It dries quick and shiny and is really chip resistant, so you only have to neaten up every few days. REMOVING - So long as you use a good nail varnish remover, I had no trouble removing the varnish and it did not stain my nails. OVERALL RESULT - One of the best polishes I've ever used!

Boots No.7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour 29/08/2011

No.7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour - didn't get on with this at all!

Boots No.7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour As a serial nail biter for the past 20 years, I have now given up and decided to try all the different varnishes, which I will now review! SIZE and LOOKS - The bottle holds 10ml and is a nice design. It tells you the name of the colour on the lid label, but not actually on the bottle. You can see the nail colour. WHERE TO BUY - I bought this from Boots. I was impressed as they had false nails painted with the varnishes so you could see the actual colours. You can buy them in every Boots store and online too. PRICE - Expensive! At £7.00 a pop, they aren't cheap. However, Boots often give £5.00 No.7 vouchers away and I bought the varnish with one of these, so only cost me £2.00. COLOURS - There is a good range of colours, both light and dark. They all seem to be 'shine' finish. BRUSH - I found the brush awful to use. I would say its the worst nail brush I've ever used. It was really big and with the gloopy consistency I just got it everywhere. The brush splayed out and was really hard to use. CONSISTENCY - Gloopy. I found it would cover parts of my nail and then leave other parts lighter, so I had to keep painting more coats. This in turn meant it took forever to dry! END LOOK - If I managed to wait long enough for them to dry properly, it did look nice and shiny. However, it took that long that I usually ended up scuffing them and then I would have to take it all off and start again. REMOVING - So long as you use a good nail varnish remover, ...

Marks & Spencer Autograph Ultimate Wear Nail Polish 29/08/2011

Marks and Spencer Nail Polish

Marks & Spencer Autograph Ultimate Wear Nail Polish As a serial nail biter for the past 20 years, I have now given up and decided to try all the different varnishes, which I will now review! SIZE and LOOKS - With 8ml bottles, these are smaller nail varnishes than I usually get. The bottle is glass and is simple. It simply says 'nail colour' on the front. You can clearly see the colour you are purchasing, which is good. WHERE TO BUY - You can only buy this varnish in Marks and Spencers (M&S). You can get on their website too. I'm sure you could get it on ebay too. PRICE - I went to M&S to buy a gift for a friend. I knew she liked nail varnishes, and knowing M&S' reputation I knew the varnishes would be good. I was shocked to find they were only £3.00 a bottle! I thought they would have been more. COLOURS - There is a good variety of colours, nothing too outlandish! i bought the varnishes in summer and there were some good summery colours - orange/pink/red. BRUSH - The brush is small and really easy to use. I managed to use it without getting varnish all on my skin so it must be good! CONSISTENCY - The varnish is thick and good quality. I always apply two coats but if you were in a hurry, you could easily get away with just one coat. END LOOK - The end look is glamorous! It looks shiny and well finished - like you've used an expensive/designer polish! DRYING- Doesn't take long to dry. REMOVING - So long as you use a good nail varnish remover, I had no trouble removing the varnish and it did ...

Stargazer Stargazer 29/08/2011

Stargazer Nail Varnish

Stargazer Stargazer As a serial nail biter for the past 20 years, I have now given up and decided to try all the different varnishes, which I will now review! SIZE and LOOKS - The bottles to me look quite old fashioned as they are rounded. This shouldn't matter, but to me it does. The Stargazer logo is all around the bottle and there are no other labels. Inside is 15ml. WHERE TO BUY - I have never seen this brand in regular chemists and places like Boots and Superdrug, although they have recently started selling it in Claire's Accesories and New Look. I have always bought mine from alternative 'rock/goth/emo' shops. PRICE - These nail varnishes are really cheap at £2.50 a bottle. I have never seen offers on them. They are cheap enough to buy a few of them. COLOURS - There is a massive range of colours, including glitter and neon colours. They do a nice range of unusual colours and different varieties of the same colour (lighter/darker greens etc.) BRUSH - The brush is quite large and tends to get varnish everywhere on my shorter nails, but I'm sure with longer nails it would be easier to use. Ive also found that when you have had the varnish for a few months, the brush tends to come loose from the lid and get stuck in the bottle. This has happened on ym last 3 varnishes. CONSISTENCY - It is quite watery and you definitely need 2/3 coats to get a good coverage on your nails. END LOOK - Shiny. Simple as that really. DRYING- This varnish dries really quickly, but I ...

Barbara Daly Nail Polish 29/08/2011

Barbara Daly Nail Polish at Tesco

Barbara Daly Nail Polish As a nail biter for over 20 years, I recently decided to let them grow. They are now a fairly decent length and so I have been using different varnishes, which I will now review. SIZE and LOOKS - The bottles of this varnish are attractive and simple. They are glass and in a square shape. They have the Barbara Daly logo on the front. On he back is the name of the colour and the flammable warning. There is no ingredient list. There is 11ml inside. PRICE - I thought that being in Tesco, these varnishes would be cheap but they are actually more expensive than I thought. They are £5.49. However, with this being Tesco, they often have offers on, e.g 3 for 2. COLOURS - There is a whole range of colours, both light and dark. I have 'Whimsy' which is a light brown colour, 'Pink Gin' which is a hot pink colour and 'Coral Reef' which is a orangey coral colour. BRUSH - The brush is good and is easy to use. It is quite long and so easily gets into the corners of your nail. CONSISTENCY - The consistency of the nail polish is good. If you were using one of the pale pastel colours, I think you could get away with just having 1 coat, but with the deeper and brighter colours you may need 2 or more coats. END LOOK - Depending on which colour you go for, there are different finishes. Whimsey gives a more matte look and so sometimes I use a top gloss coat to make it shiny, whereas the other two colours are shiny when dry. It deoends which look you are going ...

W. Seven Nail Polish 29/08/2011

W7 Nail Polish/Varnish

W. Seven Nail Polish As a cheap and cheerful nail polish, I would say this is very good value for money! I bought mine from Next . Ibought a neon pink and a clear one. SIZE and LOOKS - The bottles of nail varnish are 15ml, which is pretty large for a nail varnish. It is made from glass so you can see the colour you are buying, which is good! There are no ingredients listed on the bottle. PRICE - These varnishes were really cheap at £2.50 each! COLOURS - In Next, there were only 4 different colours. They were pink, clear, brown and silver. Although I know you can get more colours. BRUSH - The brush is really good as it allows you to get really into the corners of your nail. It glides smoothly over the surface of the nail. CONSISTENCY - The consistency of the nail polish is ok but if you put too much on the brush it becomes drippy. I made sure that I wiped the brush on the side of the bottle before use. COLOURS - I have the neon pink, which is stunning on. END LOOK - The nail polish sried shiny and didn't take too long to dry. I waited around 30 minutes before doing anything though, as I didn't want to scuff it. REMOVING - So long as you use a good nail varnish remover, I had no trouble removing the varnish and it did not stain my nails. CHIPPING - The polish is very resisitant and didn't chip much. It lasted around 2 days. OVERALL RESULT - The polish is cheap, fast drying and comes in some really funky colours! It's a cheap way to brighten up your ...

Nailene French Manicure Pen Kit 29/08/2011

Nailene French Manicure Kit

Nailene French Manicure Pen Kit BACKGROUND As a long term nail biter, I recently decided to try and grow them. I had managed to get them to a fairle decent length and decided to treat myself and get this manicure kit. WHAT YOU GET Nail tip guides, pink base colour, clear base/top coat and french tip white pen. INSTRUCTIONS The instructions are on the back of the pack and are really easy to read. First you apply the self adhesive nail tip. Then use the french whitener pen to fill in the tips of your nails. Two coats of the pink colour, then a top coat of the clear gloss and you're finished. IS IT EASY? Well the first time, no. I found it hard to put the tip on and then use the whitener. It's like using a tippex pen and I found it hard to get it in the corners of then nail. This might be due to the fact my nails aren't really long. I also found it tricky to put the nail tips on straight. However, the more times I have played around with it and practised, the easier it had become. VARNISHES The clear/base coat has a nice consistency, not too runny. You only need to apply one coat of this varnish. It only takes a few minutes to dry. The pink colour is nice and quite thick, which is good for me as my nails had ridges/discolouration parts (due to wearing dark colours all the time) and the pink colour covers it nicely. REMOVAL Using an acetone nail varnish remover, the varnish comes off easily. THE WHITENER I found the pen quite hard to use with my left hand, but the more practise, the ...

Hedley House Hotel, York 25/08/2011

Hedley House Hotel, York

Hedley House Hotel, York BACKGROUND I went to York this August with my mum and mum's friend. We had never been to York before so took a gamble with the hotel. We chose this particular hotel as according to the internet, it had a central location and wasn't too expensive. I was a bit dubious as when you google the hotel, there aren't any pictures of the front (always a bit dodgy!) but after being there, I'm not sure why there isn't pictures, as it is an attractive looking hotel. FIRST IMPRESSIONS As we drove down the road to the hotel I was impressed. It was very central to York's centre and was down a quiet road. There wasn't any on-street parking, but the hotel had a car park to the rear (more of that later!) The front of the hotel was attractive and looked new. My mum's friend went in to tell them we were here. The check in wasn't until 2pm, and it was 1.30pm when she went in. The room wasn't quite ready but we were able to leave our bags in the dining room. All of the staff were friendly and couldn't do enough to help us. ROOM As there were 3 of us, we were lucky enough to get a room with 3 single beds. It was a large size and had an en-suite with sink/shower and toilet. The room was clean and again, looked new. There was a TV and sofa in the room, along with plenty of space for clothes etc. There was a mirror and chair, also tea and coffee making facilities, which were topped up every day. The bathroom was clean and had towels and everything else you would need. The shower was lovely ...

Asda Vitamin E Moisturising Lotion 27/10/2010

ASDA Vitamin E Moisturising Lotion

Asda Vitamin E Moisturising Lotion PRODUCT Asda Vitamin E Moisturising Lotion. As a person with quite oily and spotty skin (I am 25) I have found this Vitamin E range, especially the lotion to be excellent. You use the lotion 'as part of you daily skin care regime.' I use it in the morning and at night, after washing and toning my face. It is also brilliant to use as a base for foundation and concealer. My face tends to look cracked and dry if i put concealer on straight away, but using this first makes it look so much smoother. PRICE This tub which contains 90ml is only 98p! This is an excellent, value for money lotion. You only use it sparingly, so it lasts for ages aswell! SKIN The comment on the packaging says 'This fragrance free silky moisturising cream is specially formulated to help hydrate sensitive skin and leave it feeling supple and smooth.' I totally agree! It is light and silky to put on and it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy at all! You only need use it sparingly. As the tub will last you ages, it doesn't go funny at all. COLOUR The cream is white, but rubs in to your skin clear. PACKAGING The cream is in an easy to open small tub. It isn't long so it also fits nicely into your make up bag, without taking up loads of room. The plastic is clear, so you can see the cream inside. POSITIVES Excellent value for money, has worked well on my problem skin. Leaves your face feeling silky and smooth. Excellent base to put on before using powder foundation and concealer. ...

Roman City Guest House, Bath 27/10/2010

Roman City Guest House, Bath

Roman City Guest House, Bath LOCATION Roman City Guest House is a 15 minute walk from the centre of Bath. It is in a perfect location, near to the centre, all attractions and numerous shops/restaurants etc. I found the B&B easy to find with the SAT NAV. The guest house itself is above a traain track and there are trains going underneath throughtout the day/night. I myself didnt find this a problem as i found it atmospheric as we were in Bath. Also, I am only 24 with good hearing and I didnt wake me up during the night. If you are a very, very light sleeper or get annoyed easily, you might want to bear this in mind. PROPRIETOR We were greeted to the B&B by Shaun, the owner. We also met his wife Shiela, and Kieron who helped us with our luiggage and everything. We found them to be extremely friendly and helpful. PARKING Luckily, we were given a parking permit for the week as there is limited parking along the road. It is on a first come, first served basis. As the location is central though, I parked up on the monday and didnt use my car all week. If getting the train etc, you would be able to get a cheap taxi fare to the guest house. PRICE I stayed in a twin room with my mum for the week and she paid around £70 a night. This was for the room and for breakfast too. Compared to the other B&B's around the area, this was one of the cheaper ones! It was great value for money. ROOMS The guest house has 3 floors, with around 12 rooms I think. We were on the first floor with a twin room. The ...

Avon Colour In A Blink Eye Shadow and Liner 06/08/2010

AVON in a blink Eye Shadow and Liner

Avon Colour In A Blink Eye Shadow and Liner AVON in a blink shadow and liner PACKAGING - The shadow and liner comes as double-ended pencil, with shadow at one end and a pencil at the other. Both ends have lids, which is good as it means it doesn’t ruin your make-up bag! The pencil shows the name, brand and colour on it. Looks very sleek and stylish. WEIGHT - The pencil is 24m altogether and that includes both sides of the pencil. PRICE - I got this in a 2 for £10 deal, but as you know with Avon the price is always changing. I would wait until there is an offer on. At the time of writing this review (1st August 2010) it is priced at £6.50 each. COLOURS- It is available in onyx, espresso, steel smoke, teal and violet smoke. I have got onyx, which is a grey/silvery colour. APPLICATION - LINER – as a liner, I have found it ok. It is easy to apply but the colour I got (onyx) isn’t that dark. I like to wear black bold eyeliner and so this isn’t the best shade for me. They do not have a black one though. It doesn’t smudge though and it does stay put for a long time. SHADOW – The eye shadow is actually inside the lid of the pencil, and there is a little brush at the end. It is clever how they have designed it. The shadow (onyx) is a pretty colour, very easy to apply because of the brush and does stay put for a day/night. OVERALL - This is a clever idea and good to take on a night out! Saves space in your bag and is easy to use. It is rather expensive if you buy it full price though, but if you wait for an ...

Miss Sporty Eye Pencil 06/08/2010

MISS SPORTY black eye-pencil

Miss Sporty Eye Pencil MISS SPORTY eye-pencil PACKAGING - The pencil comes as a standard pencil with a lid. Depending which colour you want, the pencil design is in that colour. This is really good as it makes sure you get black not brown! Yes, I have picked the wrong colour before! WEIGHT - The pencil is 30m, the standard size for an eye pencil. PRICE - Very cheap!! At only £1.99, I think this is one of the cheapest eye pencils I have seen. COLOURS- The pencil is available in many colours including black, brown, green, purple and blue. I have it in black. APPLICATION - This is an easy pencil to apply. It has a thick smooth consistency, which is what I go for. I like my eyes to stand out and this definitely works well. I use the pencil on both my upper eyelid and at the bottom where you would usually use it. It is easy to hold and use. I have found this to be one of the best eye-pencils to stay on during the day/night and doesn’t smudge too much. It does smudge a little on the eyelid (think Amy Winehouse style) but that is expected as you are blinking all the time. OVERALL - Very, very impressed! Gives the look and boldness I want, without costing the earth! ...

Barbara Daly High Impact Mascara 06/08/2010

BARBARA DALY full-on mascara

Barbara Daly High Impact Mascara BARBARA DALY full-on mascara PACKAGING - This mascara has a simple design for the packaging, which consists of a black tube and a silver lid. The writing is silver too. The tube doesn’t have any ingredients listed on it though, it just says the name on it. WEIGHT - The bottle contains 6m which is the usual amount for mascara. PRICE - The mascara was fairly cheap, at £5.92. The Barbara Daly make up range can only be purchased at TESCO stores. I did think it might be cheaper as it was sold at Tesco though. COLOURS- The mascara is available in black and brown. BRUSH - The brush of this mascara is just like a standard brush, although it does have many bristles. The way the tube has been designed also does not let any lumps or gloopy bits of mascara on to the brush, which is really good! MASCARA - I have the mascara in black, and it truly does define each lash. The consistency of the mascara is just right, it is not gloopy neither is it runny. If you are looking for a proper black thick lash effect however, you would not get it with this mascara. This is what I would call a ‘day mascara.’ It gives you a more natural look. APPLICATION - It is easy to apply, both on the top and bottom lashes. The brush catches each lash. As I have really fine lashes though, I had to use around 3 coats to make it look like I had mascara on. OVERALL - Good basic mascara. Good for use in the daytime, but if you are looking for a night out thick lash effect, you will not get it ...

Collection 2000 Moisture Care Nail Polish Remover 02/06/2010

Collection 2000 Moisture Care Nail Varnish Remover

Collection 2000 Moisture Care Nail Polish Remover Collection 2000 Moisture Care Nail Polish Remover Where to buy - Most chemists sell the product. I got it from Superdrug. Price - Between £1 and £2. What is it used for? - This is a nail polish / varnish remover. Size - 150ml Does the product work? - I have found that the product works well with lighter colored nail varnishes, but if you try to use it on a darker colour, it isn't as effective. I tried it whilst wearing a deep red colour, and it left marks of the varnish on my finger skin and slightly on the nails. I used cotton pads with this product, but you could just as easily use tissue or toilet roll! Smell - Unfortunately, it does smell very strongly of nail varnish remover, and the smell lingers in the room for a while after you have used it. For the smell alone, I would try to avoid using it. There are many other varnish removers you can buy these days which don't smell. Benefits - The remover claims to 'strengthen, condition and whiten your nails. I am not sure this is true as I only used it a few times. Maybe if you used it regularly, then it would help. Packaging - It is a nice pink colour and comes in a sturdy small bottle. Overall - It is a cheap varnish which works on lighter coloured varnishes, but isnt as effective with stronger colours. Also smells very much like varnish remover.
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