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since 14/03/2009


MyMemory 25/04/2009

Memory gain, not memory loss!

Waterstones Card 20/04/2009

Store up points with store card!

Power Plate Pro 5 Air 26/03/2009

Shake your body!

Clairol Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Shampoo 19/03/2009

What have they done to Herbal Essences?!

Clairol Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Shampoo Herbal Essences are rebranding. When I first saw the advert I was unimpressed, I've always liked Herbal Essences because although it tends to be pricey it always cleans my hair well, smells good and looks pretty in my bathroom. So I was disappointed by the adverts but got over it. However, this wasn't the end of the story. I was stocking up on shampoo as part of a special offer and some of the old Herbal Essence bottles had trial-sized bottles of the rebranded shampoo. So I took them home pleased at the bargain I'd got. I finally got through the old style shampoo the other week and so started on the trial size bottles. I squeezed some out onto my hand and was immediately shocked. I'd expected the same old Herbal Essences just in a different bottle, what I got was an almost luminous shimmery shampoo which looked nothing like the clear soft-coloured shampoo I was used to. Nevertheless I proceeded to lather it up and wash my hair with it. It was when I got to drying my hair that I really noticed a difference. Normally my hair after being washed is light and bouncy and clean. This time I noticed that there was still greasy residue at my roots despite having properly rinsed my hair through and the rest of my hair felt heavy and limp. By the end of the day I felt dirty and greasy like I hadn't washed my hair for two days. My hair is rather fine and so too much product and it can look heavy more quickly than that of other people but to say I've used Herbal Essences for years with ...

Creative ZEN V 4 GB 16/03/2009

V = Very good

My Neighbour Totoro (DVD) 16/03/2009

I want a Catbus and/or a Totoro!

Longleat Safari Park, Warminster 15/03/2009

Fantastic day at the 'Animal Park'

Gilmore Girls - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) 15/03/2009

Intelligent, fast-paced, hilarious

Gossip Girl - Series 1 - Complete (DVD) 14/03/2009


Best Western Hotel St. Raphael, Hamburg 14/03/2009

Brilliant for a weekend getaway to Hamburg

Fujifilm FinePix Z20fd 14/03/2009

Fuji is just fine for me!

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