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Tesco Value Chicken Curry 09/06/2013

Value? Chicken? Curry?

Tesco Value Chicken Curry My husband is far from a culinary genius and as I occasionally work late I am always on the lookout for something quick and easy for him to make himself. I have bought a few different cans of chicken curry as he can just about manage to boil some rice and microwave this. Some were extremely impressive but a little pricey so I recently bought a couple of cans of the Tesco everyday value chicken curry. I think I would be kicked off the site for using the words he used when I came home from work one night, so I will tone it down. It went something like "What was that thing in the tin you got me?". Thinking he had been used to the more expensive brands and was probably completely exaggerating, I decided to throw on the other can for myself. You can either cook this on the hob for 3-4 minutes or in the microwave for around the same time depending on your wattage. I put mine in the microwave. The smell was pretty good, a strong curry smell as you would expect. Halfway through cooking I stirred it and found it to be a bit thin but thought it would thicken up in the last minute and a half. Unfortunately it didn't. It did smell good, but didn't look appetising with a brownish colour and large cubed chunks of carrot and potato. It didn't taste any better, I would have liked it thicker, the sauce tasted like a really bad curry powder with lots of water and I did not see one piece of the 15% marinated chicken breast. Not one. The only things I could taste were the large amounts of ...

Boots No.17 Mascara 03/05/2013

A poor brand

Boots No.17 Mascara 17 is a cosmetic brand which can be purchased in Boots. They are reasonably priced and at the moment their cosmetics are on 3 for 2 offer with the cheapest item being free. This waterproof mascara costs £4.69 for an 8ml tube and is available in a choice of brown or black. The mascara claims to be non clogging, lengthens lashes, is waterproof, smudge resistant and lasts all day. I recently bought this mascara in black and when I first applied it I found it went on easily, the brush was a good length and thickness and the results were ok, with the black being fairly bold and I was quite happy with it for a couple of weeks. There was nothing stand out about the mascara but it seemed okay for daily use. I didn't use the mascara for 2 or 3 weeks and when I went to use it I found it was really thick and clogged on the brush, when I applied it to my eyelashes they were sticking together and it just got worse as the days went on so I threw it in the bin before I'd had this a month. I haven't found this happens with any other mascaras, which are stored in the same way so can't blame storage for the effect on the mascara. Aside from the clogging, I didn't notice much improvement in creating a lengthened eyelash look and although it seemed smudge proof I didn't get a chance to see how waterproof it was. This is the second of the 3 "17" products I got on their 3 for 2 offer which has been really disappointing so I think I will pay a little extra and stick with the No7 brand in ...

Boots No.17 Ultimate Volume Lip Gloss 25/04/2013

A Thick Mess

Boots No.17 Ultimate Volume Lip Gloss I have 2 of these lip glosses - one is the old packaging design , in the pale pink shade which didn't suit me and looked a bit tacky so this was barely used and I decided to try another shade recently. The packaging has changed slightly and now has black writing rather than the silver, and the dark blue lid has been replaced with a black one. The tube is clear so you can see the colour of the gloss inside, and a sticker on the end of the tube has the name of the shade. The choice of shades is a little strange to me, the shade I bought most recently is 'In The Nude' which is probably the most neutral shade available in this range. The other selections are mainly various pinks which go from a pale 'Star Girl' through to a dark purplish 'Very Berry'. The colour choices are fairly bold and I think some more neutral choices would make the range more popular. This lip gloss costs £3.99 for an 8ml tube. The Boots website describes this product as: Get glossy with the SEVENTEEN Ultimate Volume Lip Gloss! Giving a slick of intense colour and shine, lips look full and plumped. SEVENTEEN Ultimate Volume Lip Gloss, for lips that are good enough to kiss! I describe this product as: Thick, heavy, artificial looking and makes your lips anything but kissable (unless you want a real mess). It does make my lips look a bit more full and plump, but also very heavily made up. To start with the positives, it is fairly easy to apply and the applicator is a good size and also the ...

Pantene Palmolive Naturals Brilliant Colour Shampoo 07/04/2013

Smells great!

Pantene Palmolive Naturals Brilliant Colour Shampoo I bought this shampoo a few weeks ago for £1 in Poundland. I don't stick to one brand of shampoo and pick up whatever is on offer. The vibrant red colour attracted me to this shampoo and I thought it could be good as any previous products I have tried from the Palmolive brand have been good. The bottle is 400ml and has a flip open lid which I prefer to one which you have to screw off as it's easy to open even with wet hands in the shower. It claims to protect and nourish hair to keep it's colour and shine and it contains Jojoba oil and pomegranate extract. It also has UV protection which I liked the sound of, not that there's a lot of sunshine at the moment but in summer I struggle with my coloured hair getting dried out. I also bought the conditioner in this range but have yet to use it as I only feel the need to use conditioner if my hair is dry. The shampoo is a fairly thick liquid and it is easy to squeeze out the required amount. As it is thick I don't find I need to use a lot of this shampoo and a little goes a long way. When I put this onto my hair it lathered up really well and I really liked the scent. It is a scent that would really wake you up on a morning and although it seems quite strong even after rinsing my hair, once it was dried only a pleasant trace of the scent remained. It is nice, but not too strong. My hair had a nice shine when dried, after a few weeks of using it I don't think it has made my colour seem to last any longer or seem any more ...

Tesco Everyday Value Soap 14/03/2013

It's Just Soap

Tesco Everyday Value Soap As you may have noticed, Tesco have recently been changing the look of their value range. The value products are now known as 'everyday value' and the packaging has changed from white with the blue stripe, to packaging with pictures which vary depending on the range. This value soap has a clear plastic wrapper with green images of bathroom items such as a rubber duck, bathtub and tap as pictured. The soap itself is bright white in colour and is rectangular. Each bar costs only 11p for a 125g bar, which is why I decided to give it a try as it's hardly going to break the bank if it's not for me. The ingredients listed on the packaging are Sodium Palmate, Aqua, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Sodium Chloride, Glycerin, Palmitic Acid, Parfum, Tetrasodium EDTA, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Hexyl Cinnamal, CI 77891. The ingredients don't sound too natural, but I didn't feel they irritated my skin and I found the soap quite gentle to use. The first thing I noticed when using this soap was the shape of it was quite annoying to hold. The rectangular shape as a bit uncomfortable and something I didn't think would be a problem but I find the oval and rounded bars of soap much easier to hold. The next thing I noticed was that it doesn't lather very much, it just goes a little bit milky which means it isn't the easiest to rub into the skin. The final thing I noticed about this soap was the smell, or lack of it. There is only a very faint soapy smell which is gone as soon as it is rinsed off. ...

Cillit Bang Power Grime & LimeCleaner Spray 10/02/2013

Cillit Bang, a tough & smelly cleaner!

Cillit Bang Power Grime & LimeCleaner Spray Cillit Bang Grime & Lime power cleaner is a cleaning product I picked up in the supermarket recently. It is one product in a range of Cillit Bang products which are advertised on the TV and seem to clean miraculously. I bought this mainly for use in my bathroom as I have recently had the bath with overhead shower replaced with one large shower cubicle which shows up and soap build up much more than the tiles or bathtub did before. I find myself cleaning this much more often and as it is large it can take up quite a lot of time so I thought this might make the job a bit easier as it claims to be 4 times more effective than the leading cleaner. The bottle is very easy to spot in stores as it is bright and unique. It is bright purple in colour with a large bright orange label and spray nozzle. The bottle holds 750ml of spray. It is often on offer in supermarkets, I think I got 2 Cillit Bang products for £5. The full price is about £3.50 per bottle. It can be used on chrome, acrylic plastics, ceramics, glass, stainless steel and PVC flooring so it is very useful in the bathroom. At first I sprayed it everywhere, on the toilet, sink, takp, shower, tiles and floor but now only use it as little as possible. It does clean well and removes limescale and soap with ease but it also has it's down sides. The smell is very strong, the bottle does state to use it in a well ventilated area and I can see why. I only have a small bathroom window and even with the bathroom door open more ...

Berocca 30 Effervescent Tablets 10/02/2013

Effervescent and Fluorescent

Berocca 30 Effervescent Tablets What is Berocca?......Berocca effervescent tablets are tablets to dissolve which contain numerous vitamins. They are available in a couple of flavours including orange and mixed berries. There are a few varieties designed for different things such as boost and stay sharp. Performance in orange is the one I take. What's in it?..... Berocca contains lots of vitamins and minerals, I won't list them all but they include Vitamin B12, Folic acid, Zinc and calcium. All of which your body needs to stay healthy. One Berocca tablet contains the same amount of Vitamin C as 7 oranges. It is both sugar and caffeine free and there are no nasty sounding ingredients in the tablets so I wasn't worried about what I was putting in my body when I bought these. How to take it.... It's really quick and simple, just take one of the effervescent tablets and dissolve it in a glass of water. I use a half pint glass. The tablet will dissolve quite quickly and turn the water into something resembling orange juice. How does it taste?..... It tastes pretty much like a fizzy orange. I have purchased some cheaper brands of effervescent tablets which have a salty taste from them and don't dissolve as well as Berocca and leave an unpleasant residue at the bottom of the glass but the Berocca brand doesn' taste quite as bad. Fluorescent?......The title of this review describes one of the effects of the Berocca tablet. It can turn your urine fluorescent yellow or orange. I noticed this more when I ...

Boots No.7 Amazing Eye Pencil - Black 22/01/2013

Not that 'Amazing'

Boots No.7 Amazing Eye Pencil - Black I only use eye liner for special occasions so did not really know which brand to go for. As I find other No. 7 products to be good I decided to go for their 'Amazing Eye Pencil'. I bought the pencil in black but it is also available in other dark colours such as a dark purple, dark green, grey and blue. The pencil has two ends, one is the usual black pencil end which is covered by a gold lis, and the other end is a sponge end with a clear lid. I do not personally use the sponge end and think it is more for smokey effects etc. The pencil looks rather smart and elegant, being all shiny black with gold writing. It is a long pencil and would last a long time, especially for someone like me who rarely wears eye liner. It can be sharpened using a normal pencil sharpener and it is easy to sharpen without crumbling. The pencil claims to be a long wearing and silky smooth pencil for colour and definition. It is also hypo-allergenic. I've had this pencil for a good few months now, when I bought it it cost me around £7.50 but I believe the price has come down a little and the packaging has changed slightly now. Putting the eye liner on was easy and it glided on with ease. The black colour was bold and I was impressed with the look, the real test for me was how long it lasted. I found it lasted quite well. It wasn't as bold after a couple of hours but this is to be expected with most brands and it was still visible. It didn't irritate my eyes and I couldn't feel that I was ...

Astonish Stainless Steel Cleaner 09/01/2013

Streak free surfaces

Astonish Stainless Steel Cleaner Astonish is a brand I have used for a number of years now. I first bought it from a TV shopping channel where one paste like tub would clean anything from trainers to cookers. Now the brand makes lots of products for different purposes. I haven't been disappointed in any of their cleaners I have tried so far, one of these being the stainless steel cleaner. I bought this in a discount store, it can be found in Poundland and for the 740ml bottle I think £1 is a really good price. The bottle is clear with a blue trigger spray on the top. The nozzle can be twisted to close it as a safety feature and is quite stiff to open and close. The label is mostly silver and blue in colour. The label tells you to wash your hands after use and to rinse skin with water if it is spilled. I always wash my hands after using any cleaning product and haven't found any skin reaction to this cleaner. The label also states that the cleaner is specially developed for cleaning stainless steel sinks, draining boards and highly polished stainless steel leaving it shiny and free of water marks. The directions are to spray it onto a surface, wipe with a wet cloth and then polish dry leaving no residue. For my sink and draining board this is how I use it, on smaller surfaces I spray the liquid onto a sponge and wipe the surface before wiping with a wet cloth and drying. Especially for appliances such as stainless steel toasters or kettles I feel this is a safer way to clean them than spraying it ...

Boots No7 Stay Perfect Trio Eyeshadow 23/12/2012

Three lovely eyeshadows

Boots No7 Stay Perfect Trio Eyeshadow I don't wear eyeshadow often really, but with a lot of parties and events to go to over the last few weeks I decided to buy this a few months ago. I chose one that looks very much like the one in the picture as I wanted fairly neutral shades. My trio is called 'Good Earth' which has a cream colour, a medium brown and a darker brown. The browns have a lovely shimmery effect. Other trios include golds, greens, blues, pinks and black/white/silver. There are currently 10 choices. This trio cost me £9.50 and was on 3 for 2 on No7 products when I bought it. The current offer in boots is that you receive a free gift worth £26 when you buy 2 No7 products. The packaging is like the picture above, it is a small round black plastic square, with a clear window on the top to see the 3 colours through. This comes with an double ended applicator. This is good and none of the ends have come loose or fallen off after use. The container says ‘Smooth, crease resistant eyeshadows for a long-lasting finish Create your look with this trio of colours and other No7 eyeshadows.’ One of my daughters offered to do my eye make up for a recent party. I half agreed telling her she could do it at home first and for the party if I liked it. It's not that she isn't good at make up but she would be used to wearing a lot more than I would and when she said she was going to use all three shades to create a 'smokey eye' look I was a little worried and thought it would be far too young for me. When she ...

Tesco 2 in1 Cotton Fresh Air Freshener 14/12/2012

Fresh, Clean Scent

Tesco 2 in1 Cotton Fresh Air Freshener When it comes to air fresheners I am not really a fan of floral or strong fragrances, this is what made me choose the Tesco Cotton Fresh air freshener. It also claims to eliminate odours which I also look for in an air freshener. It comes in a light blue aerosol can with a picture of some grass, daisies, a tree and I thought this indicates a fresh and scent of nature. The can is tall and slim and holds 300ml of air freshener. The spray is on top of the lid which I also like as I don't have to remove a lid before spraying. When I first used this air freshener I found the scent less cotton fresh and more soapy than anything. After a while the soapy smell fades but it still smells fresh and nice. I have often sprayed this in a morning and can still faintly smell it later in the day so although it is only a small amount of scent left after a few hours it is much more impressive than others I have used which fade after minutes. When it comes to eliminating odours I also find it as good as any other that claims to do this. I'm not a smoker and no longer have any pets so I'm not sure how good it would be with these smells. I hate the smell of food in the house, it's fine when you're eating it but I have no wish to smell it all day long and I find it good for this and haven't noticed by husband complaining about the smell of eggs (he hates eggs, I can't smell them) since I've been using it! The scent is clean and subtle, which is exactly what I was looking for. I also like ...

Phillips Milk of Magnesia 27/10/2012

Helping with indigestion

Phillips Milk of Magnesia Phillips Milk of Magnesia is available in original, mint and cherry flavours. There are lots of sizes of bottles available including 100ml, 200ml and 769ml. The bottle I got last week was 200ml in size and cost £2.75 for the original. It's available in most supermarkets. It comes in a royal blue coloured bottle with a rounded lid you can pour it into and drink out of as well as a white sealed lid like the kind on a medicine bottle so it can’t be easily opened by children. The liquid is a white milky looking liquid which is used to soothe indigestion, acid, heartburn and an upset stomach. One or two 5ml spoons or measures in the cap of the liquid is enough to provide relief from these problems but you can take a few more if you are suffering from constipation. The maximum you can take in a day is 60ml. It also tells you not to use for more than 3 consecutive days as a laxative. As with most medications if you are taking medications or are pregnant you should consult your doctor before using it. When you drink the liquid the original still has a minty taste, the texture isn't that nice it leaves a chalky feeling in your mouth a bit like Rennies tablets. The unpleasant texture only lasts a minute and this works for me so it's not a problem. I find it is soothing and relieves the burning sensation I experience from acid indigestion. I find it slightly more effective than a Rennie tablet but it's easier to carry a tablet around than a bottle of this so I only use this in ... Marketplace 25/10/2012

My New Addiction Marketplace I've only recently been introduced to Amazon by my daughter and now I can't stay off this site. It's basically a shopping site where you can buy just about anything, both new and used. What I really like about the site is that they sell a lot of brands that may have been discontinued in the shops or items that may not be available locally. The layout of the site is very easy to figure out and looks professional whilst staying user friendly. Another feature I really like is the ability to add products to a wishlist. This means that if I see a product I like I can add it to my wishlist and view it later, this makes it easy to compare products or save the product until you have researched prices and information a little more without having to go back and search for it all over again. You can also share your wish list with others so they can purchase items for you as a gift from the list, I think this is a very good idea for weddings as you can add items of all prices and it doesn't put pressure on people to buy large expensive gifts from department store wedding lists. The site can be searched by typing the item in a search box or by browsing through the products department which there are many of including books, toys & games, clothes, shoes & footwear, electronics, grocery and anything else you can think of. When you find the item you were looking at it will be displayed with a picture, description and the price of the product and delivery. Many items include free 3-5 ...

Bold 2 in1 Gel Lavender & Camomile 23/10/2012

Removes stains well and leaves clothes soft and smelling good

Bold 2 in1 Gel Lavender & Camomile I'm normally tend to use washing powders and tablets rather than a gel but a friend told me the gel is much better to use for a quick wash and I picked this up when it was on offer. The large bottle is slightly changed from the picture shown, the label and lid are a more pink colour. The bottle stands on it's lid and has a measuring cup on the other end which pulls off the bottle and clips back on again, there are two levels you can pour your gel to depending on how tough the stains are you want to remove. The gel can be used in temperatures from 15 degrees up to a 95 degree wash which is good as I like to have something which can be used on both hot and cool washes. The first couple of times I used this I was really impressed, I used it for a quick wash the first time I used it and noticed the lovely smell as soon as I opened the door of my washing machine. After hanging out my clothes and bringing them in I still thought the smell was nice and clean. The only thing I will say is that when I have used this more recently, when the flooding was around, I had to dry my clothes indoors and my husband was moaning about how strong the smell was. Even when the clothes had been taken out of the room and put away he was still saying he could taste the smell from his dinner (a real drama queen!). Not that I would tell him that but I do find the smell a little overpowering when I dry the clothes inside. I really like the smell when bringing them in off the washing line though so ...

Dove Antiperspirant Aerosol Original 22/10/2012

A long lasting Deodorant

Dove Antiperspirant Aerosol Original I always buy Dove soap and deodorants as I find them gentle on my skin and moisturising. There is quite a big range of these dove antiperspirants available these days, some for sensitive skin or with different scents and ingredients but I find there is so much to choose from that I don't know what to go for and always end up getting the old original. I prefer the aerosol to the roll on deodorants in general as I find them quicker to apply and faster to dry. This Dove antiperspirant smells like most of the original Dove products, which is a clean soapy kind of scent. I find that the scent is long lasting and I can still smell it after a days work. The can is white with a blue plastic lid. The one I usually get is 150ml and is £1.93 in Boots at the moment. It is a little more expensive than many anti perspirants but it is worth paying the extra as it lasts all day long so the can lasts much longer than one I may have to spray a few times throughout the day. There is also a travel size 35ml can which can be bought for under £1 and is very small and easy to put in your handbag for a weekend away. The dove original roll on is also small, smells the same and is long lasting. I do find this deodorant tends to leave white marks on my clothing so I have to make sure it is dry and be careful when wearing dark clothing. I think this seems to last longer than most deodorants and the smell isn't floral or anything so it doesn't clash with the smell of any perfume I am wearing. I ...
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