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Fisher-Price Disney My First Pooh 17/05/2012

Sleep and awake your child with brightness.

I recently gave birth to a baby boy who was quite a loud and fussy baby, and therefore, I found myself being forced to find something for him that would keep him quiet and distracted in order to let me get on with my work. However, my little boy didn't like anything that wouldn't light up and make so much noise that anyone within the house would get the biggest headache out of and therefore, not let me work anyway. Until one day, I came across this bright yellow winnie the pooh teddy at John lewis's fisher price section when my baby boy wouldn't stop clinging to it, so I decided to buy it although I found it being quite expensive for my preferations at £14 The fact that the teddy is soft is highly advantageable and dosen't contain disadvantages such as those of which contain harmful chemicals within the cotton used as I was quite worried in regards to my son putting everything in his mouth and therefore, had to make sure I was aware of what was within the cotton just incase and luckily, found that there is no problem within the cotton, thus, the quality of the product is quite high as no matter how hard he tries to rip it, it never works and if he does then I don't have anything to worry about! Additionally, the fact that I have a messy baby is also a disadvantage when he's playing with his toys, however, this teddy is washable and therefore putting it in the washing machine shouldn't be a problem, on the other hand, it may allow the colouring of the product to change and ...

ASDA Household Gloves 19/04/2012

Rub and scrub with comfort! cheap and valuable gloves

ASDA Household Gloves Usually, finding something at a cheap price may allow many of you (such as myself for example) to associate the product with cheap quality, right? Well yes, but these pink and magical gloves are the whole package! Great quality AND for a good price. I purchase these pink gloves from my local Asda for roughly 89p, containing a pack of 3 medium sizes, however, they are also available in alternative sizes such as medium and small, so you can purchase them according to your personal requirements (I personally find that the large and medium ones are pretty much the same size though) so don't let the size decieve you. They do tend to go on offer sometimes too as i purchased two packs for a pound once, so the price is quite cheap in regards to what its worth, unallowing that to be an issue. When I wash my dishes or want to do some ''hardcore'' cleaning, I prefer to have a pair of gloves on as I tend to use bleech and alternative cleaning products that may be sensitive to the skin, thus, these pair of gloves are very advantageable in terms of avoiding any prologed contact with cleaning products as they prevent all the cleaning products which contain various amounts of chemicals from reaching and damaging the skin, which is a bonus. Additionally, these gloves don't change into an alternative colour when using alongside your cleaning products and therefore, thats also a benefit as it allows them to last quite a long time. They usually last me about 3 to 4 weeks with everyday cleaning ...

Fairy Washing Up Liquid Original 17/04/2012

A little goes a long way...

Max Factor Panstick Foundation 16/04/2012

Say hello to my little friend!

Max Factor Panstick Foundation Now, I am an experienced young girl when it comes to foundation, but the trouble is, finding the right one for your skin type! All foundations talk the talk when reading about it. For example, Maxfactor's panstick's introduction states the following when researching about it. ''It can be hard enough to create the perfect look from a foundation and it can be even harder to keep that initial look fresh and perfect all day long. With the daily trials and tribulations your face undergoes, living up to the promise of a flawless and fresh look, all day, up until now, has been technically challenging. Now, with breakthrough technology from Max Factor there is a new solution - Flawless Perfection Make-Up. Flawless Perfection introduces a revolutionary new approach to foundation - a unique patented two-step system incorporating separate skin perfecting and colour finish formulas designed to work together to deliver a freshly applied, flawless look which lasts throughout the day'' BUT, what foundation will pursue the above in regards to YOUR personal skin type is the real problem! Maxfactor's panstick is a great foundation, however, this is not the thing your looking for if your skin type is dry as the Panstick tends to be very obvious and patchy after a few hours of wearing it. On the other hand, If you have normal or alternative skin types, then this is the foundation for you. Either way however, I advice you to moisturise your face before applying it in order to gain a long lasting ...

Before I Die - Jenny Downham 20/02/2012

Live your life, before you die.

Before I Die - Jenny Downham This is a book namely ''Before I die'' by the British novelist and ex-actor Jenny Downham. Jenny Downham has published only ''TWO'' books, before I die and You against me, with this book being the most successful. Before I die has previously been the winner of 4 awards including the 2007 guardian award and 3 following awards in 2008 including the lancashire book of the year, the Branford Boase award aswell as the Booktrust teenage prize, thus, emphasising how great this book is which would be further discussed within this review. Before I die is about a young girl named Tessa Scott who is suffering and infact dieng from lukeimeia (also known as cancer) and is unaware of the exact day that she will die, yet, acknowledges that the world will be over for her soon. Thus, Tessa has a list of things to do before her death day arrives. The book technically revolves around this list with roughly about 10 very interesting things Tessa awaits to do before she dies. Including crime, sex and drugs! I am not personally a fan of books and reading, however, this book certainly and surprisingly catched my attention due to it's first pages allowing me to be extremely eager to carry on reading in order to find out what happens next. This is due to the fantastic literary and linguistic techniques included certainly creating ambiguity and therefore giving us the eagerness to finish the book as quickly as possibble! I will definitely associate this book with extremely uplifting books allowing ...

CBBC Tracy Beaker Returns 19/12/2011

You can make your world come trueee...

Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman 11/12/2011

''power to you'' with a quick click...

L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation 01/12/2011

L'Oreal's match for you. Because you're worth it.

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