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Nestle Aero Bubbles Peppermint 15/03/2014

Aero Bubbles

Nestle Aero Bubbles Peppermint Aero Bubbles are one of my favourite types of chocolate and to my dismay shops seem to stock them far less often than they used to, or only in the share/multipack variety. They are a round version of the typical Aero chocolate, which is a mixture of milk chocolate and mint typically found in a bar shape. When I first tried Aero bubbles half of the bubble would be a pale green and the other brown, and this would be the same inside once taking a bite, but more recently I realised the inside is now entirely brown. I'm not actually sure how much this affects the taste as I don't recollect there being a mint and chocolate taste distinctively. Recently I have noticed in the chocolate and sweets aisle a new variety of this flavour in orange. I haven't yet tried it and I'm not quite sure if I like it as I am quite hit-or-miss with chocolate and orange (except in Terry's Chocolate Oranges which I love) but I thought it worthy of note. The taste is very morish, as is the format which I can easily find myself eating one after another due to the shape and size of the 'bubbles'. In the small and larger variety I think a good thing about this quality is the amount of 'bubble' pieces you get to a bag. Its actually quite a lot, particularly compared to the shrinking size of chocolates these days and the great lengths distributors appear to go to to sell you less for the same price. The price of a small bag of Aero Bubbles is usually 60-80p although like I said I haven't been able to buy ...

Oasis Summer Fruits 11/03/2014

Oasis Summmer Fruits

Oasis Summer Fruits Recently I've been trying to have less Diet Coke because it has become apparent to me I drink far, far too much of it. I figure the most successful way to achieve this is to substitute it with lots of other drinks so that I don't also create a habit with these new drinks also. One drink I have always enjoyed, and have replaced my Diet Coke drinking with is Oasis. Oasis comes in two flavours which I just call the red and the yellow colour, but they are actually summer fruits and citrus respectively. I happen to like Summer Fruits more because I like berries a lot and the fruit from concentrate within it are strawberry, cherry and redcurrant, plus apple. The colour too is very appetising, with a very rich red colour that is dark enough to suggest flavour and not too light to suggest it is mostly watered down. Oasis though a soft drink isn't necessarily a drink I would consider wholly natural either. The fruits within are concentrate like I said, and the sugar is 4.6g per 100ml. This isn't so bad when you compare it to another drink like Coca Cola however is 10.6g per 100ml. Oasis comes in a slightly different bottle to most fizzy drinks. I tend to struggle with the lid a little as it is quite wide and I only have quite small hands so its a little difficult getting the grip all the way across. Another problem is that when the seal does break a little the bottle almost collapses because it is quite a thin plastic, and so I sometimes spill some of the contents on myself. It ...

Cadbury Crunchie 04/03/2014

Cadbury Crunchie

Cadbury Crunchie Crunchies have always been a chocolate bar I have enjoyed. The feel very typical of what a chocolate bar should be. The shape and size is perfect for dipping into when you feel like to have a quick bite, and you can just fold over the foil outside to keep it fresh for later. The wrapping is very appetising and all those years ago when I first tried a Crunchie, was probably the reason I picked it up at all. It has a nice gold shine to it and purple edging to echo the Cadbury logo which is also positioned in the top left hand corner. The ends of the wrapping are very easy to rip an so I tend to open up a small triangle, and open it from the fold from them, trying to open as little as possible as I have seen the effects of a left out Crunchie, and it isn't exactly appetising. The typical ordinary sized Crunchie bar is about the length of my palm which is quite long for a modern day chocolate. Every time I find myself in that chocolate mood in my local corner shop, the size of each sweet and chocolate seems to slowly shrink with every visit. Perhaps its life's way of telling me to eat less chocolate. There are also miniature versions which come in multipack selections, the kind you get around Christmas, which are probably a bit more adequately sized as that's how much I tend to eat in one sitting. The Crunchie itself contains milk chocolate and honeycomb throughout the middle. The milk chocolate glaze is the perfect thickness so that you get a good amount of both flavours, and ...

Nestlé Cheerios 28/02/2014


Nestlé Cheerios I always find myself snacking throughout the day and attribute this to my forgetting to eat breakfast most days so I still feel hungry later on. I'm currently on a mission to eat breakfast as much as I can and before I'm in that routine, I'm sticking mostly just to your standard cereals. I only ever buy Cheerios or Corn Flakes really. They are quite plain, wholesome cereals that I've enjoyed since I was young. I don't really like to put things on my food as I usually don't like the taste, so sugary cereals or the Cheerio with honey flavour isn't really for me. Cheerios have a slightly sweet flavour that is still tasty without anything added to it. They come in small hoop shapes which begin to soften in the milk of your bowl, but usually not too much so there is still a bit of crunch which I like. There are four different types of wholegrains which I think I can taste, although I'm sure if they were all the same flavour but in different colours I'd trick myself into finding a non-existent difference. The price is usually dependent on the size, and there tends to be two varieties I've seen, a 350g version and a 600g version. I have no real preference as to which one I buy, although when I buy the 600g I find this too big to fit in my cupboard and so have to pour out into a box to store away and keep fresh. The larger option is around £3-4 whereas the smalle one is around £2.50. I don't think this is that expensive, although a store version would definitely be cheaper. But I ...

Nurofen Tension Headache 24/02/2014

Nurofen Tension Headache

Nurofen Tension Headache I suffer from headaches quite often and end up with quite a heavy blocked feeling head that feels quite tight, particularly behind the eyes or just above the ears. I have trusted Nurofen for many years now, having used a lot of their products in the past, but more recently when I was in my local pharmacy I asked the woman behind the till if she could recommend something specific for tension headaches and she offered me this. Previously she had recommended a type of vitamins for me to use that worked a treat, so trusting her opinion I bought a pack of this. The thing you want most when you are suffering from a headache is relief. This means you ideally want a very fast acting medication that can get to the problem quickly and sooth any pain. These tablets tend to work in under an hour in my experience, and last for about 5 hours also, unless I happen to be suffering from quite a severe migraine, in which case I take a second dose. They advise to take one or two every four hours, although I usually stick to one and find them quite effective. My main reason for doing this is because it helps the pack to last a little longer, which is important as I like to make things go further. The pack contains 12 caplets which are not too large and fairly easy to swallow I find. However, due to the fact I take medication for another ailment daily I'm quite used to taking medication anyway, so don't often use water to help. I think a bit of water for those who find swallowing caplets ...

Skittles Sours 19/02/2014

Sour Skittles

Skittles Sours When I was younger I didn't really like sweets and much preferred chocolate. As I have grown older though I have started to enjoy the sweets I used to think were only ok and find myself wanting them more and more. One of these such sweets is skittles. I more usually eat the original flavoured Skittles that comes in a red packet, but from time to time I do like to have the sour version as its nice to try new things. Sour Skittles are as the name would suggest just a sour version of ordinary Skittles. They come in a crunchy brightly coloured shell attached to whichever flavour they happen to be. The flavours are Grape, Lemon, Strawberry, Orange and Apple. My boyfriend assures me they are distinguishable flavours but I personally can never really tell the difference and tend to eat them in groups of a few colours anyway. You can taste a difference between them, but I never seem able to actually work out which is which when they're in my mouth. The sour flavour isn't exceptionally strong, unless you eat a significant amount of skittles in one go. The sour taste is pleasant and sweet, and works well with skittles due to the small shape and size, so you get just the right amount of sour. The cost of Sour Skittles depends on the size of the bag you happen to purchase. There is the ordinary size which is around 60-70p and a large share pack for £1.50. I say this a lot about confectionery but I am certain they have recently reduced the size of skittles packets. The shape is ...

Homebase Paint Roller Kit 19/01/2014

Homebase Paint Roller Kit

Homebase Paint Roller Kit Recently I decided I wanted to paint the small bedroom in my house. The wall was suffering from damp as it is an outer wall and always cold to the touch. The wallpaper that was already on the walls was a little slack and dingy looking and the room was just very glum to look at at all. That's why I went out and bought a tin of paint and this roller pack. This includes a tray and two sleeves that come in a plastic bag that's easy to open up and get straight to use. Setting up is fairly easy, however I do tend to have a problem with taking off the sleeves after use as I have weak wrists and can never really get the strength to pull them off. With a bit of pulling they do come away though, and one benefit is it does mean they are a little sturdier when on. It did mean I got paint all over my hands however as I had to grip on the sleeve itself to get it off, which was annoying. Applying the paint is easy and it has very good coverage. The tray is also very effective as the dots mean it has good grip and the paint applies easily. It is about the same width as the roller and so it fits easily for back and forth coverage when getting the paint, and you don't just end up dunking it in and making a mess. There are two slight dips at the top of the tray were you can rest your brush, but more often than not this ends up being filled with paint if you aren't careful and so wasn't really used for that reason in my household. The sleeves are spongey and durable. They soak up the paint ...

Thorntons French Dark Chocolate Block 19/12/2013

Thorntons French Dark Chocolate Block

Thorntons French Dark Chocolate Block Thorntons is a chocolate shop that sells an array of different chocolate bars and boxes in various different flavours. I tend to only buy things from the store for special occassions as they are more on the pricey side for the occasional treat, although one deal I make use of from time to time is the offer of 3 bars for £5. This means I can get three different varieties of chocolate and have a small taste of each. Recently one option I went for is a flavour I haven't tried before from the shop, and that is the French Dark Chocolate block. I am not a huge dark chocolate fan but sometimes I find myself with a craving for it. I prefer milk chocolate, but dark chocolate definitely makes a nice change from time to time. This version of French dark chocolate is slightly more bitter and has a stronger taste than ordinary dark chocolate, which I think gives it an acquired taste. The block is about 3 inch by 3 inch and comes in small square pieces that you can easily break off. The pieces are soft and easy to chew or leave to melt in the mouth. The block is 90g which I think is a little too much to eat in one sitting personally, as the richness of the bar makes it quite filling earlier than a milder flavour. The packaging is currently a pink colour rather than the purple image that is shown on this review, but the packaging remains largely the same. A block on its own is £1.89, as are the other flavours on offer. These vary from Belgian chocolate, to mint chocolate versions, with ...

Sure Women Compressed Crystal Clear Aqua Antiperspirant 08/11/2013

Sure Women Compressed Crystal Aqua Clear

Sure Women Compressed Crystal Clear Aqua Antiperspirant With the adverts for the new compressed antiperspirants for Sure and Dove I thought I would try to buy a can for myself the next time I went to the supermarket. So when I found myself in the beauty aisle of my local Morrisons I picked up this product because I've used the full sized sure can in the past and know that it has always delivered high quality results. The compressed can is exactly what you get in an ordinary sized one but smaller. You still get the same amount but in a can that's a little bit more convenient to store and easier to carry around. The can is a slightly different shape with a more titled head from where the spray comes out, which I think makes it somewhat easier to spray out of. Similarly, with small hands its just a lot easier for me to use this as sometimes I struggle to stretch my fingers out across the top to get enough pressure to release the spray evenly. Like most antiperspirants it comes with the claim that it lasts for 48 hours. I've never bothered to test this out as I shower daily, but it has kept the freshness throughout the day. I haven't noticed a full on fragrance, although I use body sprays after applying this so its difficult to tell. The spray from the can is fresh and light smelling though when applying, and there is no sting which is especially good as sometimes I'm prone to putting it on straight out of the shower after having shaved. I bought this around a month and a half ago and I'm just about reaching the end of the can. ...

Heinz Classic Vegetable Soup 24/10/2013

Heinz Vegetable Soup

Heinz Classic Vegetable Soup I like to be thrifty (as much as I can) and buy things that are usually a little cheaper or from the store brand as I am trying to budget a lot better this year as I'm living away from home as a student. For almost everything I opt for the cheaper, or plain covered value range except that is with soup. At first I attempted to make my own soup but struggling to find a flavour I liked and also with portions (I live with my partner only and so the 4-6 people recipes are often geared towards is far too much, and I'd rather not eat one flavour of soup for multiple days of the week just because I happened to make a larger batch as I prefer to have a more varied diet). I suppose I could just reduce the quantities but that feels like too much effort when I could easily pick up a tin of this which I enjoy more. Anyway I digress, the solution to that is to simply buy two tins of soup for circa £2, instead of the many ingredients needed to make it myself. Further, I just happen to enjoy this soup and while every other staple I consume may be value, its nice to have some familiar brands from time to time to get that taste you're looking for. My favourite flavour of soup is either tomato or vegetable. I don't really like the soups that contain meat and so these tend to be the only other options that I can regularly find in store, and are also flavours I enjoy. The vegetable soup come in a very appetising orange colour that looks hearty and very attractive. The soup is made up of various ...

Pringles Salt&Vinegar 01/10/2013

Pringles Salt & Vinegar

Pringles Salt&Vinegar I am stuck in a rut. No matter how hard I try recently I cannot stop myself from popping a can of Pringles into my shopping basket and spending the ridiculous £2.50-3.50 (if there's an offer) on it when I know it'll be finished off in about a day. I find Pringles to be one of the most moreish crisps out there and even when I consciously try not to eat them all once I've bought a can, I find myself repeatedly opening it up and dipping in over and over. That's not to say its a bad thing though, so long as you aren't eating a ridiculous amount of cans a day, and I think a can every fortnight or so, or whenever it is I happen to grab myself some, is reasonable. Pringles are a potato crisp snack that come in a quite narrow tin with a pop off lid. To keep the crispness there is a foil type lid that if you fold back over helps to keep in the freshness after use. The inside of the tin is also lined with a foil type interior and this keeps them nice and crunchy even when they've been open for a while. The crisp themselves are a thin, curved shape which makes them slightly different to other brands of crisp, but not wholly outlandish. You can buy these in a small can about the size of a drinks can that is usually a lot cheaper than its larger partner, and is also a better amount without leaving you feeling very full (unless you can manage not to keep revisiting the can over and over like I do). The larger can is 190g and is usually quite expensive like I said, although I have ...

Boots No7 Lash Adapt Mascara 27/09/2013

Boots No7 Lash Adapt Mascara

Boots No7 Lash Adapt Mascara I don't often wear a lot of makeup but when I do the staples for me are mascara and occasionally eyeliner. This enables me to not worry so much about how much I spend on these items as I buy them so infrequently which is quite important in this product's case as a tube of this mascara costs £12.95. If I were to buy my makeup more often I don't think I would buy this in store from Boots as this is simply too much than my budget allows for and would instead buy online as it is a product I enjoy. I quite like the Boots range as its something I can always easily pick up if ever I'm in town, or buy online, and its also one I think is quite high quality. Like pretty much all mascaras this comes inside a box and then a tube which is easily to carry around and can easily be popped inside a chunky purse or bag. The product is quite lightweight although you do manage to get 7ml worth. I have really bad wrists because of arthritis and I manage to twist open the cap easily even when its been closed very tightly (and believe you me, this is definitely an issue for me ordinarily when I often have to resort to biting onto one end for grip and opening things this way as my wrists are so weak, and so this is definitely a plus!) Equally important is manages to keep all the contents inside and doesn't leak out. When dipping the brush into the tube you manage to get quite decent coverage even in one usage and it applies very well. I find that this doesn't clump that much and manages to coat ...

Simple Kind to Skin Exfoliating Facial Wipes 23/09/2013

Simple Kind to Skin Exfoliating Facial Wipes

Simple Kind to Skin Exfoliating Facial Wipes I am the kind of person who is often having to treat rather than prevent certain ailments. For example, I am a very clumsy, unlucky person and will often be seen sporting a bandage or tubigrip of some sort having sprained/twisted/etc certain joints in my body. This unfortunate trait extends to looking after other parts of myself also, in particular my skin. Recently, with the weather having taken a turn for the worse I've noticed my skin is feeling much more cracked and sore in places and thought it was about time I did something to remedy this. Not being an avid user skincare products I took the advice of my best friend and opted for something from Simple. This was particularly good advice as the Garnier deep pour scrub I had been using throughout the week had began to burn when left on my skin for too long due to the sensitivity of it, and Simple is known for being 'kind to skin'. Being that I am both a lazy and busy person I decided to go for facial wipes rather than a full on scrub to help get rid of the rougher parts of skin on my face and bring it back to normal. These are marketed as exfoliating facial wipes and so they seemed perfect for what I needed them for. They work well at removing makeup and also just cleansing my skin in general. I've been able to dip into the little packet whenever I've felt the need to, and I like that I don't have to worry about going to the bathroom to rinse it all off as its just one quick wipe and its done. The wipes have granules on ...

Mars Galaxy Minstrels 31/08/2013


Mars Galaxy Minstrels Ministrels are and always have been one of my favourite sweets/chocolates. I think they have the best of both worlds, with a crisp outer shell and smooth galaxy chocolate inside. The balance means that they don't feel as rich or too sweet like some other chocolate brands, and you can easily find yourself dipping into the packet over and over without even realising. The shell also keeps them preserved for a little longer as unlike some other chocolates, when its a little hot you don't fin they have all melted into one big chocolate lump when you open up the bag. Minstrels come in a small one person serving packet and also a larger for sharing one. I tend to buy the larger as I can share them out with my boyfriend (if he's lucky!) and reseal it when I don't feel like finishing them off in one sitting. These are often on sale at big supermarkets in a 2 for *insert price* deal and so I like to get them when I can as I feel it is a good saving on a nice treat. A smaller packet is usually around 60-80p depending on where you buy which is about standard for most sweets and chocolates now. A larger bag can be anywhere from £1.50-2.50 and though the larger end of the scale is definitely expensive for a bag of little chocolates, I think its worth it simply because of the taste. In addition, this is within the typical range for chocolates now and so is what you have to expect when you buy branded ones. Minstrels, I find, are one of the few chocolate brands that just cannot be ...

Ribena Blackcurrant Drink 23/08/2013

Ribena Blackcurrant

Ribena Blackcurrant Drink I drink far too many fizzy drinks, in particular Diet Coke. I know this and though I'd like to correct it, I can't seem to kick the habit as of yet. I am someone who only really enjoys their drinks when they're verging on ice cold and so when I'm out of the house or not near a bag of ice cubes, I tend to avoid fizzy drinks and pick still ones instead because I find these a bit nicer when they're not super cold like I would prefer. The two still drinks I choose from that I mostly buy are either Oasis or Ribena. Ribena has connotations of my childhood for me. Drinking it from a little cartoon that you have to pop into the top with the attached straw to get to the juice. The taste was always refreshing and always very tasty. Over the years I've tried a variety of different Ribena flavours on offer but each and every time I have always gone back to blackcurrant because I find it to be the best. In a bottle format this drink is definitely much more convenient as with the top lid cartons you would have to drink them all in one sitting or else they would leak as you'd have an open lid, and so a screw lid is a much better option. This allows you to dip into the drink throughout the day as you please, or to screw it back up after use so that you don't end up spilling it all over (for someone as clumsy and accident prone as me, this is definitely a benefit!). The colour of the drink is a very appetizing rich purple colour. It looks and smells like a blackcurrant drink because ...
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