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BMW 320i 13/08/2005

Life with my BMW 320i Sport

BMW 320i As a new mum, I had to replace my beloved Mercedes SLK 2-seater with the more child-friendly BMW. Obviously the BMW had a lot to measure up to. Some of the key stats then - it is a V6 2000cc engine, which means I get similar brake horse power to the 323i Sport - 170bhp compared to 186 bhp (but you wouldn't notice and it is about £3,000 cheaper). 0-60 in about 8-9 seconds, but more importantly they have discs, on the 17" alloys, all round so brakes 60-0 in about 3 secs. The insurance group is 17, but depending on your circumstances, you might pay from about £600 per year fully comp. It is a saloon and the four doors makes it easy enough to get my baby into the car seat. My first outing in the car proved a comfortable and enjoyable journey luckily. Leather seats and sports steering wheel made me feel at home. The steering wheel is pretty cool with speaker volume controls built in and the cruise control dials are easier to get to grips with compared to the Mercedes "stick". Having given up a fully automatic convertible roof, the blow was softened with the additional extras in the car such as Bluetooth technology, 6-CD player and SmartNav. I had a lovely automated voice telling me how to get from A to B, instead of grappling with a map and a noisy baby in the back. It also has rear parking sensors to help get in to tight spaces. Considering the size of the car - and its speed - the car is great on petrol it normally costs me £50-60 to fill it up and I get about 400-420 miles ...

Dynamite - Jamiroquai 13/08/2005

Jamiroquai - Dynamite

Dynamite - Jamiroquai Having to follow his last album - "A funk odyssey" - was going to be a tough one, but Jay Kay has succeeded in giving us an equally funky collections of tracks. The best songs on the album have to be the recently released Feels Just Like It Should, Dynamite, Seven Days In Sunny June and Starchild. Most lyrics point towards someone who is single and looking for love as if that is what is going on in the artist's mind, and there is a great mixture of solid funk, R&B with a peppering of guitar-strumming rock. The album contains a couple slower tunes which take a while to grow on you. I found this album grows on you when you have played it a couple of times with the volume turned right up - it REALLY gets you then! I would fully recommend buying this album, and at £8.99 or lower, it certainly doesn't disappoint. ...
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