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Member Advice on Living Abroad 23/02/2003

La Extranjera

Member Advice on Living Abroad I can never resist a challenge! I am British but have lived in Spain for nearly three years. We lived on the Costa del Sol for two years, but now live in Granada, which is a beautiful city at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains. So what’s it like to live here? Well living on the coast is very much like living in a slightly tatty city in Britain, but with sunshine. There are more foreigners there than there are Spaniards and most people speak English. You can buy everything from Lincolnshire sausages to baked beans and if you can’t find anything, Gibraltar is only an hour’s drive away. In “real” Spain (away from the coasts), it really is different. The Spanish have a whole different outlook on life – family is more important, weekends are sacred and religion plays a much greater part in life. And of course you can’t get good tea bags for love nor money. There are also differences on the coasts. For one thing the official paperwork is a complete nightmare. By law in Spain you have to carry a residence permit and you have to be registered for Social Security etc. For some reason though, many British people here seem to feel that they don’t have to bother with this or with other Spanish laws. Possibly it’s some sort of being-on-holiday mentality, but more on that later. More importantly for me, there are no proper British pubs here. Oh, you find many “Irish” pubs (of the kind you find in England), and many bars called things like The Red Lion, but they always seem ...

Tots Bots Nappies 16/02/2003

super nappy 15/02/2003

The bible for car buyers

Bosch ProfiMixx 46 07/08/2002

Big bowls, big jugs and houmous

Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone (DVD) 28/07/2002

The magical world of Harry Potter

The Contented Little Baby Book - Gina Ford 14/06/2002

sleep beautiful sleep

Epson Stylus C80 13/05/2002

The monster printer

Granada (Spain) 28/04/2002

Granada - my favourite city in Spain

Johnson's Ultra Sun Cream 21/04/2002

sun creams for vampires.

Twenty Four 20/04/2002

24 - the best drama series in years

Costa del Sol (Spain) 16/04/2002

How to get the best from the Costa del Sol

Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea - PJ Harvey 12/04/2002

Polly relaxes a bit

Microsoft Access 2000 2000 Complete package 12/04/2002

an entry level database

Bossanova - Pixies 09/04/2002

pixies lite - and fantastic

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