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since 26/09/2003


Nappy Nippas Nappies 20/04/2004

Much better than sticking your self with a pin!

The Trafford Centre, Manchester 20/04/2004

I've lost count!

Everything that starts with P ... 19/04/2004

pretty lazy people nicking our parking space!

Tots Bots Nappies 06/04/2004

I love my tots bots!

Oilatum Bath Emollient 21/02/2004

ah thats better!

Durex Extrasafe 19/02/2004

I know I'm a woman but...

Metanium 18/02/2004

the best nappy rash cream ever!

Bumbo Baby Seat 18/02/2004


Furbies 17/02/2004

go and brush the dust off your furbie friend!

Tesco Nappies 14/02/2004

the purple perils

Ikea Ajustable Toddler Bed 10/01/2004

the bed that grows!

Sony EyeToy USB Camera 07/01/2004

the most fun I've ever had with my clothes on!

Recovery - Runrig 07/01/2004

A Runrig classic

Member Advice on Breastfeeding 07/01/2004

Breast is not best for all women

I'm a mother of two and I gave birth to my first son when I was 18 (i'm 21 now) I was determind to breast feed him, really wanted to try, my husband backed me all the way. So when Ewan was born I breast fed him. Fine whilst I was in hospital I was shown how to feed him lying down, not so good when you need to go out, but any way I perceivered until I got the sore nipple things, great, now I didn't want to feed him cause it hurt so much, so i went to the local breast feeding group and they should me how to do it properly, great, I carried on. This was after one week, then I started to notice the huge down side to breast feeding, I could not express much and so i had to do all the night feeds, which meant I was getting little to no sleep at all, ewan took his time whilst feeding which meant I didn't sleep for very long. Not good when you are recovering from giving birth, I was dead on my feet. Then I wanted to get out and about, I found that I had to spend so much time feeding Ewan, I was sat in one place for at least an hour, then as soon as two hours later he wanted more, it wasnt worth going out, all well and good having a breast feeding room but I don't want to be sat in there all day away from my husband! I was getting more and more down, and depressed, then the finally straw came, Ewan got a cold, and wouldn't latch on, he was 6 weeks old and he would feed for very long, I could tell he was not doing well, the breast feeding group had got bigger and so there was less ...
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