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Buyer Beware! (urgent warnings about products/services to avoid at all costs) 20/08/2011

venture photography- steer clear!

Buyer Beware! (urgent warnings about products/services to avoid at all costs) I was sold a voucher for venture at our local supermarket. it seemed like a bargain- we got the shoot and one free small picture for £15. only after I had handed over my bank details was i told that the studio was about 25 miles away in Darlington. however, my husband and i were still looking forward to taking our 1 year old daughter along to the session. we did enjoy the shoot and the photographer was lovely. we made an appointment to view the results the next Saturday. When we got home we looked at the price list we'd been given. it was very misleading. it seemed as though the cheapest picture was £200. the picture that we got free with the voucher was in tiny writing and it was obvious that this was to fool you into paying more. well, we returned for the viewing today. With it being so far away .(and it being derby day) the roads were very busy and we ended up being late. we did call and explain to the studio and thought we would be ok as they allow an hour for appointments and we were clear about what we wanted. we arrived and were told we could not see the photographs in spite of the fact that we had 45 minutes of time left in our appointment slot. having driven all the way from the far side of Durham, we were not impressed. we stood our ground and explained that we thought they were being massively unreasonable, but they wouldn't budge.we ended up demanding our money back and to be fair, they refunded us what we'd paid. it's obvious that they had a whole hard sell ...

ASDA Little Angels New Arrival Newborn Nappies 21/09/2010

ASDA Little Angels Rival Brand Name Nappies!

ASDA Little Angels New Arrival Newborn Nappies I decided to try ASDA's Little Angels nappies mainly because of the price. To be honest I wasn't expecting them to be any good but after a few weeks of using them, I will never return to the big name brands! I have found them to be just as absorbant as the 2 leading brands tried, and my baby is totally comfy in them. She has not experienced any nappy rash either. They are very soft and have longer tabs which makes them fit better. She has worn them through the night and we have never had any leaks yet! For less than £2 per pack for the newborn version, these are fantastic value and I can say with confidence that we will not be using any other brands- for newborn nappies at least. ...
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