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Nicotinell Chewing gum Nicotine Extra Strength 22/03/2007

Give up the evil weed!

Nicotinell Chewing gum Nicotine Extra Strength Nicotinell Fruit Gum Extra Strength. Well as most of you have now noticed I have given up the evil weed YES! I'm on my 3rd week and sooo happy. I don't think I could have done it without the nicotine gum though. Let me tell you a little about the gum first: I picked the fruit flavored gum because for some strange reason the mint flavor seems to fade quicker for me. And I tend to associate mint with ciggies as I always had a piece of gum after a ciggie to get rid of my stinky breath. The gum itself comes in chick let form (that is small rectangular pieces of gum, for those who do not know what a chick let is) and they advise when you first give up the weed to eat on average up to 8 pieces a day. On reading the box and leaflet it says that if you have a ciggie first thing in the morning before food you are better with the extra strength 4mg nicotine level. And also if you smoke in the region of 20 plus a day. I was the get up grab a fag and a coffee and grunt kinda person so thought I was best with the 4mg. So what I find works best is to have half a piece of gum until you get used to the strong nicotine taste then you can try a full piece. I have found the strong nicotine flavor tends to make you gag a little at first but as you get used to it this stops. The other reason I say eat only half is that most of us can't eat gum at work for various reasons so a small half chick let can be stored in the side of your mouth easier that a big lump of gum. ...

Mitre Hotel 27/05/2006

My sleepless night in the mitre

Mitre Hotel Ok so for my review of the Mitre Hotel In Manchester. Just got back from my trip in wet and windy Manchester trip was good hotel stay was less that good. But before I tell you all the bad points I'll tell you about the hotel. Location: Cathedral Gates Manchester, M31 SW United Kingdom Based right next to the Manchester Cathedral in the centre of Manchester. 10 meters walk from Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. 800 meters from Piccadilly train station 300 meters from Victoria train station. And 8 miles from Manchester Airport. Building: Lovely old sandstone style building very quaint. Two doors into hotel to reach the pub downstairs where the reception is now located. Then several narrow stairways to reach your rooms. The Room: Two single beds with fresh white linen and firm beds fairly comfy. Dirty net curtains in dire need of a wash. Carpet was faded and needed a good clean. Toilet was very plain and shower was lacking in power with a horrible plastic curtain with mould. Apart from that fairly clean. Kettle with tea and coffee sugar and milk nice clean cups and spoons. Small TV with no remote and only seemed to get 2 channels if you pressed the buttons on the set. The door had a huge gap at the bottom where you could see people in the hall walking past I could fit my hand under this. A few tacky abstract prints on the magnolia painted walls. Serious lack of plug sockets. NO hairdryer. NO Iron or Ironing board. Comments on ...

Recipes for Cakes and Biscuits 20/05/2006

Maggie's mums sultana loaf

Recipes for Cakes and Biscuits Ok folks I know it's been a while and due to lots of pressure I submit my favourite recipe for Sultana Loaf. This was passed to me on a bit of paper from my mum have to give her a special mention for this one. Ok to the recipe. What you will need to start: Utensils: 2lb Loaf tin …greased or lined with greaseproof /parchment paper. Medium sized saucepan. A utensil for mixing the ingredients …I use a spoon. Scales Measuring cup Regular cup or bowl to whisk ur egg in. Ingredients: Self Raising Flour 2 cups Margarine 4 ozs Sultanas 1 cup Milk 1 cup Sugar 1 cup Mixed spice 1 tsp 1 well beaten egg So on to the making of this lovely loaf. Put the Sugar / margarine / sultanas / milk and spices all into your saucepan. Place over a medium heat on your cooker until the margarine melts and the ingredients start to boil. Turn down the heat and stir and let simmer while stirring gently for about 5 mins. Remove from the heat and sit on a cooling rack for 5 to 10 mins. While waiting for the mixture to cool break your egg into a cup/bowl and beat this well with a fork or a whisk leave to stand. After your 5-10 mins has passed sift 1 cup of the flour into your mixture in the saucepan mix this is well before adding your second cup of flour. Once this is done mix in your whisked/beaten egg. Now your mix is ready to put in your lined loaf tin. Now dependant on how well your over behaves you may want to place a piece of foil on top of the ...

Sam Lord´s Castle (Barbados) 22/03/2006

Sam Lords Castle Barbados.

Sam Lord´s Castle (Barbados) Sam Lords Castle Barbados. I was married in Barbados on 25th Feb 2000 at Sam Lords Castle; this was my second attempt at marriage and also my husband to be. So we decided to go away somewhere warm and inviting and do the wedding bit just for us instead of the worry of inviting hundreds of guests and all the hassle that goes with it. When we set out on this task we were unsure as to where we wanted to go at first but decided on the Caribbean after looking at wedding packages this one seemed to provide all that we wanted with minimum effort on our part. So let's start at the beginning: We went along to our local travel agent and booked this amazing trip though KUONI. It cost us in the region of £4500.00 all inclusive in total for 9 days in Barbados included in this price were the following: • Transportation to Bridgetown to get marriage license. • Marriage license, stamp duty and registration of marriage certificate. • Priest to perform ceremony. • Bridal bouquet and boutonniere. • Wedding cake (serves 10-12 persons) • Champagne for toasting (8 persons) • Co-ordination fee • Hotel room • All food and beverages • Use of the Sam Lords castle for our wedding • Lovely wee cart brought me from my room to where Alistair was waiting. We had to pay extra for the photographer this cost us $260.00 for 24 prints and negatives and a lovely white leather bound album. From the ...

Hyundai Santa Fe 2.4 22/03/2006

My Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe 2.4 Hyundai Santa Fe----2.4 CDX (petrol) Now you wonder why would I go for a 4x4 well try spending a winter in Livingston then you will see. Last January we had some major snow fall and because I work in Edinburgh I tend to drive in. Well I had a Hyundai Coupe and let me tell you that car did not like the snow . Looked out my window in the morning and the snow was about 6/7 inch deep. Tried to get it out of the street with no luck so had to take the day off work. That's when I decided I would get the 4x4. I went to my local Hyundai dealer as they have provided me with excellent service in the past and explained to them my dilemma. They suggested the 4x4 Santa Fe. So took it out for a spin and loved it straight away it got off it's mark quick enough this is important for me as I stay in a place with lots of roundabouts so pick off speed is important. Took a bit of getting used to after having a 2ltr coupe as I could not throw it round bends as fast for fear of it toppling over. The drive itself was very comfortable and there are lots of leavers for the seat adjustment you can angle the seat pad and move up and down (for us short people)forward back and there is lumbar support witch you can adjust also. Visually it is quite rounded and not as square as the land rover I bought a nice silver color which surprisingly enough hides dirt well have only washed it twice in about 8 months. Now getting in and out of it can be tricky if your small as it does not come with ...

Everything that starts with C ... 02/02/2006

Maggies Childhood Challenge

Everything that starts with C ... Now I know there are a lot of challenges going about at the moment but I thought why not another. This one is to re discover your childhood and remember all the things you forgot. Or made yourself forget ! So on to "Maggies Childhood Challenge" ~~ What Era were you born in ~~ The 70's ~~ Name 3 songs you can remember from that era ~~ 1) Roberta Flack - "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" one of my favorite chill songs. 2) Don McLean - " Vincent " 3) Michael Jackson - "Ben " Gawd I used to love that song remember singing it in my room. ~~ What is your first Good memory as a child ~~ The first time I got to ride on the back of my dad's motorbike what a thrill I was such a tomboy. ~~ What is your first Bad memory as a child~~ Falling on a black ice slide and fracturing my skull. I remember being on a trolley going into the hospital was very scary was only about 4. ~~ What was your first day of school like ~~ Hated it had to wear a dress and this big guy called Johnston kept kicking me in the shins went home covered in bruises. Until after my dad taught me how to punch and I broke two of Johnston's teeth the next day. ~~ Did you ever get punished at school i.e the belt / detention or lines and what for ~~ Got the belt at my second primary school was playing with a ruler had it in my mouth but slightly bent well it kinda pinged out sending a massive goober right into Craig Girvans face. Remember the look on his face to this day ...

Everything that starts with F ... 13/01/2006

Wee Maggie's Five

Everything that starts with F ... This one was started by Dakota and so many others have followed suite. Now just because my old stomping ground bud Garleon has asked I will try to oblige with my five. ***5 things I can do*** 1) I can do one of those handstand things for ages and not get dizzy. 2) I can almost still do the splits used to be a gymnast( many many moons ago) 3) I can do the karate kid kick without falling on my butt ( most of the time anyway) 4) Can hear the start of a song and start singing it. Don't ask me the name of the song though as I rarely ever remember it. 5) I can get up and sing at Karaoke sober ( most people think I'm drunk anyway) ***5 things I can't do*** 1) I can't watch zombie films they give me nightmares for weeks. 2) I can't lift my right arm above shoulder height as I have a damaged thorasic nerve and my shoulder blade sticks out. Damaged it when I was 16 lifting a crate of irn bru above my head when I worked in a local shop. 3) I can't watch people being cruel to animals If it's on telly I turn it over If it's someone in the street I go say something. 4) I can't keep quiet if there is someone next to me with BO I have to make that ewww sound, Same thing when someone farts I have to say who farted. People should always own up to their farts I do ! 5) I can't sit through a full football match on TV I would just die of boredom. ***5 things I say most often*** 1) "Sweetheart Or Sweetie" is one of my most common ones I call my staff this ...

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation 04/01/2006

Double Wear Double Glam !!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Estee Lauder "Double Wear Foundation". Does exactly what it says I wear this foundation every day to work being in the retail industry I have to look my best. I think most of you at one time have had to re apply your makeup during the day due to touching your face or overhead lights melting it. Well this is solved with Double Wear. >>Average wear time: I find that this foundation lasts about 10 hours then it starts to fade a wee bit but have been known to go straight out after work and my foundation is still perfect. >>Ease of use: It is a glass bottle so a wee bit hard getting to the dregs at the bottom but I solved this by using my soft makeup brush to scoop the rest out. >>Does it blend? It blends pretty well but I would advise as with all foundations to wear a moisturizer before applying as it does dry quickly. >>Colors Available that I have tried: They have around 16 colors. Shell Ecru Outdoor Beige Wheat Desert beige Pebble >>Texture Lovely smooth texture but thick also remember to shake the bottle before use as it can separate a wee bit. >>Price Around £25 for a 30ml Bottle Full price but I get a discount because I work in Harvey Nicks so get it much cheaper. he he. But let me say well worth every penny as this wee bottle lasts for ages you only need a very small amount to cover your face. I find no need for cover up sticks when I use Double Wear as it covers the dark circles under my eyes very well. And the odd eruption we ...

Should smoking be banned in all public places? 04/01/2006

Awfull habbit ain't it

Should smoking be banned in all public places? Yes I am one of those horrible people who polute your air and stand outside having a fag. But before you condem me to nicotine patches and nicotine chewing gum think have you ever been adicted to anything? Have you ever wanted something so bad you have wanted to cry. Well thats what stopping smoking is for me I have done the hypnotherapy,Patches,Gum,Cold turkey,Eating lots of food. Am i spineless or am i just addicted? problem for me is i enjoy them so much i don't want to stop. Fags are drugs lets face it they are meant to get you addicted and line the pockets of the tobaco companies. So what am i to do if it is banned ? What are my options? My quality of life will be affected if there is a total ban. The nice easy going person before you turns into a raging lunatic when she goes without a ciggie for more that 24 hours. would you unleash her on the world? Update 04/01/2006 ----------- Well if you have read some of my other reviews you will notice I stopped smoking a few months ago with the help of Nicotine gum. Some points I have noticed since I stopped smoking are: 1) Smell - People walking past me who have just had a ciggie stink ! Not of normal smoke but smells more like ashtray. When I walk into a shop I find myself having to hold my breath as the smell from the smokers outside makes me gag. When my staff return from outside after a ciggie they stink and I have to walk away from them till the smell goes away. 2) Dirt - I mean my ...

Motorola V980 09/12/2005

Maggies wee mobile

Motorola V980 Ok so this is my phone not some stylish rav or raz slim line bright pink funky model but my trusty Motorola V980 flip top in sliver and blue. Where I got the phone: Well I used to be on a monthly contract with Vodaphone which was costing me £14.95 for rental then 200 free off peak minutes so my phone bills varied from about £55 to £300.00 depending on whether I was traveling or not . So decided to change my contract once my year was up. Well I called Vodaphone and they informed me of the funky new phone offer they had if I signed up for another year so blinded by a new phone offer I went ahead. It is now a pay as you go phone as I decided to cancel my monthly contract. I got my new phone which cost me nothing and was very pleased, it had all these great functions that my old Motorola did not have so decided to put the manual aside and work it out myself. So here are the functions: 1) The thing I just loved about this phone at first was the wee screen on outside of the phone you can set it to tell you date and time and you can have your screen picture on this as well. So every time I look at the phone I can see my wee nephew's cheeky grin smiling at me. This also shows when you have a call it will tell you who is calling so you do not have to answer it if you don't want to. 2) On opening the phone it is not the lightest of phones but then again you are not afraid of breaking this one either it's one of the sturdier flip phones. It opens easily to let ...

Everything that starts with Q ... 03/12/2005

Question Time with maggie??

Everything that starts with Q ... Liked the questions on this one by Missy so thought I'd give it a go. 1) How Is The Weather? Well it's Scotland so you can guess it's raining and windy and cold. 2) Name? Margaret Or wee Maggie or mags for short. 3) Age? 33 years young 4) Eyes? Green and blue and some other shades they change color with my mood. 5) Hair? Very dark brown with a slight sprinkling of grey trying to peek through, easily sorted with loreal dye. 6) Weight? I'm kinda normal weight I think but my scales say I'm overweight at 10st 9lb. I'm 5ft 5 so think I'm ok if a little soft and curvy. 7) Do you live in a house or flat or what? A terraced house. 8) a) How many Bedrooms? 3 bedrooms but only use two for sleeping in the other room is full of computers. b) How many toilets? Just the one but would love a second loo. 9) Favourite room in the house and why? My living room/dining room it has my TV my Computer and right next to the kitchen for easy snack access. 10) Best thing about your body? My big toe well I don't take my body that seriously people say my smile so could be that :-) 11) Worst thing about your body? My wee fat tummy that I inherited from my mum. 12) How many children? I have no kids but my hubby has two boys from a previous marriage we see once a week they are great kids. Age 13 and 15 both 6ft odds tall and towering over me. 13) How many brothers and sisters? I have one big brother who is 1 yr older than ...

Member Advice on Cosmetic Surgery 03/12/2005

Want new boobs ???

Member Advice on Cosmetic Surgery Cosmetic surgery. Well I did the breast implant thing a few years ago now. I had just come out of a particularly bad marriage and had lost a major amount of weight so it seems most of your boobs are made of fat so you loose it from there first. Now I never had massive boobs before I lost weight not gonna give you sizes in case I offend so had very little left and was just plain unhappy. Decided I wanted to get a boob job. I did my homework and looked about for who seemed to be the best, and found Transform Medical Group on the web. I went along to the clinic in Glasgow for a free consultation to find out more about purchasing my new boobies. Well took my current hubby with me who was my boyfriend then along with me. We were taken into a small room where lots of implants were sitting on a table. We were encouraged to feel them to see what we thought it felt a bit funny and Ali was chuckling about it too. But we eventually decided on silicone as this was seemingly the best for the surgeon to work with and the most natural feeling. This had an anti tear sac so no worries with leakage. I came away very happy and had booked myself in to get my new boobies. It cost me £4500 at that time to make my boobs two sizes bigger. And did not mind paying it as the money came from selling my old house as part of my divorce settlement. So the day came for the surgery and let me tell you I was nervous I was booked into a private hospital in Glasgow with my own wee room ...

What's in my bag? 02/12/2005

Maggie's Bag Of Tricks.

What's in my bag? Ok so what's in wee Maggie's bag? First I would like to mention it's red and it's a Louis Vitton. I know ur saying name dropper. But just had to. Well let's fish into the little red bag and see what we find. I hope you know I'm taking my life in my hands doing this not cleared out my bag in ages. (1) Well first I pull out my little red purse by Mullberry. When my hubby bought me my LV had to treat myself to a classy purse to go with it and as I work in Harvey Nichols I get a good discount so bought this lovely red purse. Pity it's just full of dross and receipts. For those who don't know what dross is that's coppers and change no notes. (2) Next my box of Nicotinell gum well it's there in place of the ciggies so must be good. (3) Next we have 6 different lipsticks and lip glosses Overkill I know. Here are the colors and makers of my favorite lippies. Estee Lauder --French Fig --lovely gold case and creamy soft lipstick. Pout--Firethorn --lip gloss get that bee stung fullness. Palladio--mauve--herbal lips twist in. L'Oreal--934 Pink --meant to stay on all day not on me it doesn't! Rimmel--minx--full volume liquid color Rimmel--030 mauve--here to stay yeah sure not on me. (4) Next is my Lancôme compact with concealer and a mirror great for those last minute touch up's. Ok think that's all the makeup what's next. (5) Motorola V980 mobile phone pay as you go has a camera and a video. On the front screen is a picture of my wee ...

The Matchmaker (DVD) 02/12/2005

Irish Matchmaker

The Matchmaker (DVD) ~~~The Matchmaker~~~ Just had to do a review on one of my all time favorite films The Matchmaker, now some people may have seen this some not but I would rate it as a stay at home curl up on the couch funny film. Not just for us girlies but my hubby finds this one funny too. ~~Briefly about the film~~ Janeane Garfalo (of The Truth about cats and dogs and Mystery Men) plays Marcy Tizard in this film she is helping an American Senator John McGlory (Played by Jay O Sanders) To trace his Irish ancestors, but much to her horror she finds herself bang in the middle of a matchmaking festival. Constantly under pressure from Denis Leary who plays the senators right hand man to provide proof of the senators ancestors. She meets Dermot O'Brien played by (Milo O'Shea) the local matchmaker who decides he is going to try and help her find her true love. He does not let her know this but pretends to be helping her find the senators ancestors. But his rival matchmaker Millie O'Dowd played by (Rosaleen Linehan) sets him a bet that he can't match make Marcy and Sean Kelly played by (David O'Hara from Braveheart ) so he goes all out to match them up. This bet leads to lots of funny encounters and just general mayhem. I think the mix of Irish and American works well in this film. Don't want to give too much away about the film as I hate people who tell me about a film before I see it myself. ~~My Views on the film~~ It's full of funny bits, lots of mushy love bits ...

The Truth About Cats And Dogs (DVD) 02/12/2005

Cats and Dogs

The Truth About Cats And Dogs (DVD) ~~~The Truth About Cats & Dogs~~~ Another of my all time favorite films by Janeane Garofalo she plays Abby a radio talk show presenter who specializes in animals. She is a frumpy looking female and she knows it, right through the film you see her getting ignored while taller more elegant women get doors held open for them. She just does not see how lovely she is. So you can imagine she is very shy about relationships. She meets Uma Thurman who plays Noelle a ditzy blond model with a perfect body with very few brains. They make a strange duo brains and beauty. One day Abby is doing her radio show when a male caller Ben Chaplin who plays Brian a photographer he has a problem with a dog on roller skates. (not gonna tell you why you will have to watch the film) He is so impressed by the way Abby helps him that he asks her on a date. He makes the mistake of asking how she looks and she automatically assumes that he will not find her attractive so she describes Noelle instead. This leads to all sorts of problems when Brian turns up to see why Abby did not meet him for the date and Noelle is over at the radio station visiting. So she pretends to be Abby. The film continues with the pair trying to get the nerve up to tell Brian the truth. The problem is Noelle starts to get feelings for Brian also but Brian actually liked Abby from her voice on the radio and her brains not her beauty. ~~My Opinion~~ It's full of cringe worthy moments that make you hide ...
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