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since 23/06/2006


Fujifilm FinePix S5600 Zoom 16/06/2007

Fuji Finepix digital camera S5600 Zoom

Fujifilm FinePix S5600 Zoom This camera is very easy to use, excellent picture quality has simple to install software for your pc, this camera is simplicity itself with very easy to use components, good screen size and image quality. This camera is excellent design and exceptional value for money, it was so simple to set up and use, it's screen size is very good and picture view quality is 2nd bar none, simple and efficient, i have a 1 gb card install and have had up to 400 pictures on it and still room 4 more, battery life good,lense good it has 10 x optical zoom facility, getting your subject close. You can also fix your image and pre set image capture to keep subject in focus. A very good camera, would recommend it. ...

Samsung SGH U600 16/06/2007

Samsung u-600 mobile phone

Samsung SGH U600 Not the all singing all dancing phone everyone expected, poor picture quality, too sensetive to the touch, very thin but not very robust, actually mine when open feels like it is ready to break in half, i suppose when u go that thin in design something has to go, whilst it has some good qualities, i think it has more negatives. not highly recommendable to others from myself, whilst it has many better features of other phones in the samsung range, it's touch sensetive pads make it uneasy handling and make you more fearful of using it therefore leaving many functions unused. The battery life is poor and even switching many features off it still doesn't last more than a day and a half before recharching must be done, this is a slight hinderance but also vital information, a stlish looking phone but that is all in my point of view. Would not recommend it as a good value present or product.......... sorry.... ...

Everything that starts with H ... 12/06/2007

Our Friend

Everything that starts with H ... Well my baby, i guess all turned out well for you in the end babes, after meeting you and kevin, i find your story or should i say your life story exceptional reading and truthful, It is testement to your strength of charactor that you can still speak of it so frankly, well i know from my experience of meeting you and your family and i know Rose will agree with me, but we think you are an exceptional person, unselfish, very thoughtful and loving, i think this experience in life has made you a far better person than any of your family will ever aspire too and i know it has made you a better mother and wife to your family and they should be over joyed to have you as their mother and Kevin to have you as his wife, keep smiling, your precious to us girl.... Now you are in control your life.... your destiny is your own. xxxxx Rose n Law xxx

Weight Watchers 28/06/2006

weight watches

Weight Watchers i went to weight watches and found it a very nice a relaxing place to go and the staff was very helpfull indead . i didnt feel unconfortable at all and the price was very cheap at £3.50. if you needed advice there was always a friendly help for you. there was also things you could buy like snack bars,sweets,weighing scales, magazines, cook books. And after you had been weighed which was also private there was a talk which the manger talked to you all and gave advice and ways you could eat healthy.i lost the weight i needed to in about a year and a half which i think was great and i have managed to keep it off.

Sony Ericsson K600i 23/06/2006

mobile phone

Sony Ericsson K600i I really like this phone although the camrea is not brill. its one of the best phones i have had and i would recommend it to anyone. it has loads of good things on it like making your own tunes too picture phone and has a good memory on it as well as that you can record like a video camera although you dont get much time . Me and my partner have the same mobile so we can do video call which is fantastic you can see the other person and what there up to . i think its a great mobile but not for first time buyers if you have never had one before. so give it a go.
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