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Graco Travel Cot 07/01/2011

Graco Travel Cot - a great temporary or permanent cot

Graco Travel Cot I bought a Graco Travel Cot due to staying with family a lot and not having space for a permanent cot. It was a great price - ( believe I paid 14.99 purchased at Argos) although I see e-bay can now beat that. It folds down into a long oblong about 3 ft tall and comes in it's own carry case which is easy to move around although a little weighty for one person. To put up the cot you remove it from the carry sleeve, discard the sleeve. Then you have to unfold the cot, clip all 4 top bars in place by pulling upwards then push the center rod (seen here in white) at the bottom of the cot into place. The center rod will not clip into place until you have properly clipped all 4 top rods into place as the top rods will keep popping down on you. We found it took several goes to clip all the 4 top rods into place as they kept popping out - but once we got the hang of it after setting up a few times we could set it up inside of 5 minutes. To use it as a more permanent cot, you are better off buying a separate mattress that goes inside the cot for around 10 pounds as the mattress provided with the cot has a hard underneath and soft top but is quite thin and I don't believe it would be suitable for long term use. ... 06/01/2011

e-bay - the UK's biggest on-line shop? I have to admit that I was first scared about using ebay. How do I bid? What do I do? What if the item doesn't arrive and I pay out for nothing? Ebay is extremely easy to use. You sign into an account following simple, on-line instructions. You set up a Pay-pal account which really is a very secure way of paying. Then you search for your items and put in your maximum bid. You can track the item and an email will be sent to you if you are outbid giving you a link to increase the bid if you wish to. Don't forget though it is a contract to buy that you enter into when you bid, so it's not an on-line toy! You are obliged to pay if you are the winning bidder. I've got items wrong before - so contact the seller and ask for the situation to be resolved. Items haven't arrived - contact the seller - you will either get a tracking number to track the item on-line or, in some cases, the seller has refunded the funds via Paypal. Check the seller out with the on-line ratings from other buyers. If you try to sell an item, it can be tricky to work out how to do this and one attempt I made didn't get to the auctions - so haven't tried again yet but will do in the near future when hopefully I can sort out how to use the sell section. A word of caution though when bidding for items: Check on-line to stores selling these items to make sure you are not paying above retail price when you enter auction - or you could find yourself paying over the odds. Also, ebay adds up your purchases ...

Harvey's Bristol Cream Sherry 06/01/2011

Harvey's Bristol Cream Sherry - a delicate delight to your tasteb

Harvey's Bristol Cream Sherry If you like Sherry, then this is a definite hit. It's smooth, silky texture glides down your pallet in dreamy way that makes you want to keep drinking it all night. It is a great drink to share with friends before a dinner party and a quick night cap also. Perhaps the bottle doesn't seem to last long enough though but I do like this drink and could sup it up all night in place of wine or beer. Reasonably priced although I haven't had the spare cash to buy such a luxury item for some time so it has had to be sadly put on the burner this last festive season. Easy to drink on your own, with company or with family and friends - especially at Christmas time and it would make a great Christmas gift even to someone who doesn't drink a great deal of alcohol. I believe it can be purchased at most alcohol retailers and supermarkets. (Hope my family will read this and remember the pressie from Santa next year). ...

Ryanair - RYR 06/01/2011

Ryaniar - the cheapest shorthall

Ryanair - RYR There has been a lot of bad publicity recently about Ryanair's add on costs. Yes - these exist but they allow me to travel on many flights that otherwise would prove far too expensive with other short-haul airlines. Yes - the food is extremely expensive whilst on board - but the best thing to do is not to get caught out and take your own if your flight falls at a meal time. You can buy quite reasonably too at both Gatwick and Heathrow airport because you will get a more nutrient packed sandwich there than you will a bite sized (McDonald's looks huge in comparison) for the same price when on-board. Tea isn't that badly priced if you're desperate for a cuppa but mostly beverages and snacks are best avoided - give your spare change to their charities instead - you'll feel better for it. The idea of paying for going to the toilet could be modified slightly if the person travelling has a medical condition. If you travel by train north to south in Portugal, you won't find many toilets on their trains - these facilities are usually only found within the station - so why should flights be any different? The flights themselves are just what you pay for - a seat and a passage to wherever you are going - if you want extra's then you pay for them. I find it's 'cheeky' however to ask me to pay for the work I do in booking in on-line, using my printer, inkjet cartridge and paper to produce a boarding pass. Surely they ought to be paying me? Mostly on-time (usually only a problem ...

National express 06/01/2011

National Express bus service

National express I used to book with National Express a lot whilst travelling to and from Europe but just recently their prices have become uncompetitive and I am tending to look for alternative, discounted rail travel. Also, if you book a certain coach on line and have to make changes to the coach you get, they charge 5 pounds for making any change per booking. EG, my partner booked separately being over 60 and therefore got a discounted rate. I booked myself and my child in on another booking. Our flight was earlier (great news) than expected and the bus we wanted meant a 2 hour wait, when another was due. As there were then 2 separate bookings, we had to pay a total of 10 pounds to change to the earlier bus. This meant that there was no advantage whatsoever by booking on-line as the bus was not full by any means and we would have been able to easily get a ticket at the counter and avoided this payment. But as previously stated, the cost now is more than discounted train fares and also the time to travel from the Midlands to London Gatwick/Heathrow does not lend itself to better and more convenient over that of the train services. ...

EasyJet - EZU 06/01/2011


EasyJet - EZU A great little company, a competitor in the budget airline deals and one of the better airlines in this sector to travel with. The seats seem to be wider apart and the prices of food on board is far more reasonable than it's competitors. They also allow children on first without forcing them into purchasing speedy boarding. Allowing families with children under 5 on board also helps out as if there are just one adult and one child and this isn't offered, you can end up with 2 seats either end of the plane with the staff having to shuffle people around to get 2 seats together. Most planes are on time and if they are not the notices are always fairly prompt in advising any delays or changes. Their website bookings are easy to access and you can add other services, such as baggage, at a later date and they don't charge the earth for taking a suit case. They can however when first booking try to fairly aggressively persuade you to book your suitcases there and then - but they don't tell you that suit cases can be booked onto the flight once you have completed your on-line booking when you can choose the number of bags you want, not have the number chosen for you when booking. The staff I have always found helpful and polite. ...

Hasbro In the Night Garden Ninky Nonk Train Set 06/01/2011

In the Night Garden Ninky Nonk Train Set

Hasbro In the Night Garden Ninky Nonk Train Set I purchased one second-hand via ebay as my son was then very young (under 2 years old) and was into trains although he hasn't been particularly interested in playing with this toy, mostly taking it apart and leaving the various elements in places around the house. He was excited to have this train from Santa, although I believe it was smaller than he imagined it would be. The train itself is sturdy, the links are excellent and won't break easily and the product itself lends a good likeness to the model that appears on the television. It doesn't have any opening parts which may have provided more of an interactive toy, as on the TV program Iggle Piggle and Daisy Do actually get into the train but you can't open any of the compartments on this version. However, my son enjoys a train that goes onto a track rather than one that goes around on it's own. In my opinion the train is just exactly what the Ninky Nonk Train ought to be but make sure you buy it whilst your child is young enough to be interested in The NIght Garden and not leave it too long after, say, the age of 3 1/2 when interest is less. I don't know the full retail price but wouldn't pay for a new one as I don't think it's great value. ...

Milupa Aptamil Stage 2 Extra Hungry Infant Milk for Hungrier Babies 04/01/2011

Milupa Aptamil Stage 2 Extra Hungry Infant Milk - great product f

Milupa Aptamil Stage 2 Extra Hungry Infant Milk for Hungrier Babies I was unable to breastfeed unfortunately as my son didn't take to it very well, so I had to look for alternatives. I found that a standard formula was great for the day-time but night times meant a lot of waking up every hour or so and it was beginning to wear me down. I therefore decided to try this Extra Hungry Infant Milk for use just before bed-time, although I was a little concerned that he may put on weight and in fact this did happen, but possibly not due to the milk that was given him. After giving this milk I found I could get longer periods of sleep up to 3 hours between feeds. I found however that I didn't need this milk for regular feeds during the day-time. A great product, especially if the child doesn't come in a 'standard' size. ...

LoveHoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Rabbit Vibrator 04/01/2011

Don't go anywhere without it

LoveHoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Rabbit Vibrator This really is just the perfect product for a girl who can't achieve an orgasm in any other way. It gives a really great orgasm just with the vibration alone. It is in my opinion a little noisy though if you want to keep it quiet from the other half. It doesn't use much power so batteries can last a long time. It's a good size and if you take it on holiday be prepared to be embarrassed as it shows up on the ex-ray screen but apart from that you may get a few smiles from airport security - try to choose a woman at the desk! It is a little pricey but if you look after it you'll have a friend for a few years and the initial outlay is well worth it. ...

Nurofen For Children 04/01/2011

Children who won't take medicines

Nurofen For Children I have tried Nurofen for Children but my child refuses in any way to take any sorts of liquid medicines in any form, even with the syringe and even holding him down - he just spits in out. The doctors have tried to administer the product, my parents and family have tried to encourage him but he will not have it so I don't buy this product any more. Luckily, he doesn't have many illnesses but very occasionally gets a headache or an injury that needs some form of pain relief. There doesn't appear to be any alternative product other than in liquid form. In my opinion some form of medicine delivered as a 'sweet' such as in lozenge form would solve this problem provided it is palatable and doesn't taste like the liquid version.
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