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Andaz Apna Apna (Hindi Language) (DVD) 16/10/2008

Everyone have their own Style

Andaz Apna Apna (Hindi Language) (DVD) I'm surprised to see that no one has ever reviewed this movie, so many movies from Bollywood have been reviewed but not a single review about this movie. So I'm writing, hope you like it. Andaz Apna Apna (Everybody have their own Style), was released in the year 1994. For me its one of the best comedy movies ever from Bollywood. The main actors in this movie are Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Raveena Tandon, Karishma Kapoor, Paresh Rawal Etc. Its directed by Raj Kumar Santoshi. Cast: Aamir Khan (As Amar Manohar) Salman Khan (As Prem Bhopali) Raveena Tandon (As Raveena Bajaj) Karishma Kapoor (As Karishma - Secretary to Raveena) Paresh Rawal (In Double role Teja/Ram Gopal Bajaj) Shakti Kapoor (As Crime Master Gogo) Mehmood (As Johnny) Deven Varma (As Amar's Father- Murli Manohar) Jagdeep (As Prem's father - Bakeylal Bhopali) Shehzad Khan (As Bhalla) Viju Khote (As Robert) Tiku Talsania (As Inspector) Javed Khan (As Anand Akela) Harish Patel (As Lodge Manager) Special Appearance by Govinda & Juhi Chawla Music by Tushar Bhatia Written by Rajkumar Santoashi & Dilip Shukla Directed by Rajkumar Santoshi Plot: Amar is son of a barber Murli Manohar, Amar does nothing apart from dreaming and spending his father's hard earned money just like that. His father is a barber and cuts people hairs for 10Rs, but Amar goes to big saloon and spends 300Rs on his hair cut. He just dreams of becoming a rich man with a short cut and don't wont to work hard. In some ...

Krrish (DVD) 14/10/2008

Krrish - The Indian Superhero

Krrish (DVD) Krrish is a Bollywood Superhero movie and Sequel to Koi Mil Gaya which I reviewed last week. It was released in the year 2006, and was one of the biggest hit of that year. Its made by Rakesh Roshan and the Leading actor is Hrithik Roshan as Krrish. Cast: Hrithik Roshan (As Krishna/Krish) - Also as Rohit, Krishna's Father Priyanka Chopra (As Priya) Rekha (As Sonia Mehra) Maanini Mishra (As Honey) Naseeruddin Shah (As Dr Siddhant Arya) Sharat Saxena (As Vikram Sinha) Xia Bin (As Kristian) Preity Zinar (As Nisha - Krishna's Mother) Written, Produced & Directed By - Rakesh Roshan Music By Rajesh Roshan Singers : Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghosal & Kunal Ganjawala. Plot: Rohit is blessed with superpowers by Jadoo, Nisha is pregnant. Rohit goes to Singapore, to work with Dr Arya a genius who wants to build a computer that can enable them to see the future with the help of Rohit. But when Krishna is born his parents die due to some Incident and now his care is taken by his grandmother Sonia Mehra. Rohit powers are transferred to Krishna as he is his son, Sonia take Krishna out of school when he is aged 10, because she wants to protect him and does not wants anyone to know about his Superpowers. So she leaves the town and goes to a hill station, where she teaches him, and he has no friends there as everyone think he is different. So he grows up with the nature. He can run quickly then a horse, can jump high, can climb on a mountain quickly, he can do anything which ...

Bluffmaster (DVD) 08/10/2008


Bluffmaster (DVD) Bluffmaster a bollywood movie released in the year 2005 made by Rohan Sippy son of Ramesh Sippy who is also the producer. It stars Abhishek Bachchan & Priyanka Chopra in the lead, while Ritesh Deshmukh, Nana Patekar & Boman Irani plays other important part in the Movie. Cast: Abhishek Bachchan (As Roy Kapoor) Priyanka Chopra (As Simmi Khanna) Ritesh Deshmukh (As Dittu) Boman Irani (As Doctor) Nana Patekar (As Chandru Parekh) Music: Is given by Various Artist Directed By: Rohan Sippy Plot: Roy Kapoor is a smart conman and is really good at it. The love of his life is Simmi Khanna, but Simmi does not know what exactly Roy does to live. Roy and Simmi are getting engaged and on their engagement party Roy's identity is revealed by Simmi's uncle who was earlier conned by Roy. Simmi hearts broke and she part ways with roy, taking out the engagement ring. Few months down the line Roy refuses to give a wants Simmi back in his life as he loves her a lot. Here comes Dittu a young conman who wants to make it big. Dittu tries to pull on Roy but as Roy being a master in this field catches them, seeing this Dittu wants to learn the Tricks from Roy. Roy meets a Doctor (He saves him from being conned by Dittu), later due to some incidents the doctor let him knows that he has got Brain Tumour and it's at the later stage and nothing can be done to save him. Meanwhile Simmi is engaged to someone else, Dittu wants to learn from Roy as he wants to take revenage from ...

Koi Mil Gaya (DVD) 06/10/2008

Met Someone

Koi Mil Gaya (DVD) Koi Mil Gaya means Met a bollywood blockbuster movie released in the year 2003, its probably the first Bollywood Sci-Fi movie and was an instant hit, this movie is made by Rakesh Roshan and his Son Hrithik Roshan in the lead. This was their second movie after Kaho Naa Pyar Hai which again was huge hit and Debut movie of Hrithik Roshan. Cast : Hrithik Roshan (As Rohit Mehra) Priety Zinta (As Nisha) Rekha (As Sonia/Hrithik's Mother) Rajat Bedi (As Raj) Mukesh Rishi (As Inspector Khan) and many more Music: Rajesh Roshan Produced & Directed By : Rakesh Roshan Plot: Sanjay Mehra is a scientist and has developed a computer that send sound waves in the space, he Uses Om word for his sound frequency. One day he gets response from the space, he is delighted that his experiment worked and goes and tell this to his colleagues who laugh him off. He is furious as no one believes him that he has been able to contact someone from other planet. While coming back in car his wife Sonia is with him and who is Pregnant. While driving he see's a Spaceship and in excitement he has an accident in which he dies and his wife is injured and gives birth to their son Rohit. In accident the doctors says that Rohit's brain has been Damaged and wont be abnormal child, Rohit is shown a young man but a brain of 11 year old, all his friend go pass him and he is still in school, as he is abnormal. There is Raj son of the local mayor and he use to be Rohit's ...

Chup Chup Ke (DVD) 25/07/2008

Do It Silently

Chup Chup Ke (DVD) Chup Chup Ke was released in the year 2006, is another comedy movie by Priyadarshan who is known for his comedy movies in Bollywood. 'Do it Silently' that what's the title means. Cast: Shahid Kapoor (As Jeetu) Kareena Kapoor (As Shruti) Sushma Reddy (As Pooja) Rajpal Yadav (As Bandya) Paresh Rawal (As Gundya Bhau) Neha Dhupia (As Meenakshi) Sunil Shetty (As Mangal Singh Chauhan) Anupam Kher (As Jeetu's Father) Om Puri (Prabhat Singh Chauhan) Music By Himesh Reshamiya Directed By Priyadarshan Plot: Jeetu is a young lad who is dept, he has taken money to try different business but every time it does not work out and debt goes on increasing, money lenders are after him and his family, Jeetu's father is a school teacher and is also in tension because of Jeetu. He loves a girl Pooja since his childhood, and they both are suppose to get married. As the pressure of money lenders is growing and he cant return the money he decides to suicide so that the money that comes from his life insurance his father can pay off his debt. But this plan does not work as he gets caught in fishing net of Bandya who is the servant of Gundya Bhau. Gundya Bhau himself is in debt of Mr Prabhat singh Chauhan and seeing this burden on him he don't like it. Jeetu pretend to be Deaf & Dumb, they found a letter in his pocket stating some money and they think that he is a millionaire and decides to take care of him. But due to confusion going on Prabhat singh keeps Jeetu & ...

Partner (DVD) 21/07/2008


Partner (DVD) Partner released in 2007 was one of the biggest blockbuster of 2007, it's a comedy movie in which Salman Khan & Govinda are playing the lead roles., David Dhawan has directed this movie. Cast: Salman Khan (As Prem) Govinda (As Bhaskar) Katrina Kaif (As Priya) Lara Dutta (As Naina) Rajpal Yadav (As Chota Don) Plot: Prem is Love Guru who helps people in getting the love of their life, he brings in them confidence, guide them how to woo their love etc. Bhaskar works as one of the financial advisors at Jaisingh group of industries and Priya is the boss. Bhaskar likes her very much, but due to his low esteem & confidence he can not express his feeling to her, in fact he has never spoken to her. So he goes to meet Prem and tells him to help him in winning Priya's heart, but as soon as he listens Priya's name he laughs and tell Bhaskar to forget her as she wont go out with him. But after a lot of persuasion Prem finally agrees to help her in winning her heart, with Prem's tips he is able to speak with Priya and they both gets friends. On the other side Prem meets Naina in an incident where she is running away and saving her life from Chota Don, As Naina is a journalist she was taking Pictures of Don and he see her taking the picture of him. So he is after Naina's life. Prem falls in love with Naina and wants to marry her, but Naina is a single mother. On the other hand Priya's father is fixing her marriage with some one else. What happen next , for ...

Kaho Naa...Pyaar Hai (DVD) 18/07/2008

Say There's Love

Kaho Naa...Pyaar Hai (DVD) Kaho Naa Pyar Hai(KNPH) means 'Say There's Love' was released in the year 2000, Written, Produced & Directed by Rakesh Roshan. He has given some of the biggest hits from Bollywood, like Khatta Meetha, Karan Arjun, Koi Mil Gaya and many more. He launched his Hrithik Roshan his son with this movie & Amisha Patel, and this movie went on to become one of the biggest blockbuster. It won almost all awards that year in almost every category. It won a record 108 awards in all. Cast: Hrithik Roshan (As Rohit/Raj) Amisha Patel (As Sonia Saxena) Anupam Kher (As Sonia's Dad) Dalip Tahil (As Malik) Mohnish Behl & Ashish Vidhyarti (As Corrupt Police Officers) Satish Shah & Farida Jalal (As Rohit's Landlord) Music: Rajesh Roshan Director: Rakesh Roshan Plot: Sonia is a rich girl & Rohit is a struggling singer, but works at a Car showroom for living. They both meet and after few interesting scenes between them they fall in love with each other. Twist comes when Rohit witnesses a murder of senior police official which is done by corrupt police officers Mohnish & Ashish in a drug scandal. They saw Rohit had watched them so they hunt him down and kill him. After this Sonia goes heartbroken and her father sends her to New Zealand so that there she can stay with her Uncle and try to overcome the Incident that shattered her life. There she meets Raj who is a look a like Rohit. After that they both come to India, seeing Raj the corrupt officer thinks that Rohit is back ...

40 Year Old Virgin (DVD) 17/07/2008

What? Virgin till 40

40 Year Old Virgin (DVD) 40 year old Virgin is a comedy movie from 2005, lead role played by Steve Carell and directed by Judd Apatow. Cast: Steve Carell (As Andy) Catherine Keener (As Trish) Seth Rogen (As Cal) Paul Rudd (As David) Romany Malco (As Jay) Plot: Andy is a 40 year old man working at an electronic store, he likes playing video games, collecting and painting action figures, but he is a virgin. Cal works with him in the store room, and Jay and David are the salesman in the store. All of them think there is something wrong with him and they think he is a serial killer, but they invite him for a poker game after work, and during some conversation at game they find out that he is a Virgin. Seeing this all of them feel pity for him and decides that they will help him in laying down and loose his virginity. And they try different things for him so that he can lay down. In between all this he meets Trish who come to their store to buy a video player, Trish a mother of three has a shop just down the road and sells stuffs on Ebay. Both of them like each other, and this time Andy's friend think this is it until they hear an arrangement between Trish & Andy? Will Andy friends be any help to him? What's the deal between Andy & Trish? Will Andy be able to lay down? My Say: A very good story and a very fun film to watch. You can understand that its Embarrassing as well if you are Virgin till 40, coz you feel uncomfortable. This movie shows everything for a guy who is ...

Analyze This (DVD) 15/07/2008

Anaylze This

Analyze This (DVD) Analyze This released in 1998 is a story about a Mob boss played by Robert DeNiro & Psychiatrist Billy Crystal, directed by Harold Ramis. Cast: Robert DeNiro (As Paul Vitti) Billy Crystal (As Ben Sobol) Lisa Kudrow (As Laura MacNamara) Plot: Paul Vitti is the head of crime gang in New York, for last few days he feels that he has been having Heart Attacks, but doctor suggests him that there are Panic Attacks. There is a big crime meeting in 2 weeks time where every big name from the crime world will be there to discuss about how to go further. A meeting like this had taken place earlier in 1957 when Paul was a child. Vitti is also in war with his arch rival Primo Sindone (Played by Palminteri), so this is also taking on him and his stress out. Dr. Ben Sobol is a Psychiatrist who by accidentally meets with one of the right arm of Paul Vitti, Paul is looking out for a shrink who can help him cure from this problem and then he Meets Dr. Ben. Dr Ben is about to get married with Laura in Florida in two weeks time and had taken a leave and wont be seeing any patient, but after meeting Ben, Paul feels good and decides that Ben would treat him. Ben had no choice but ask him that he will start his treatment once he is back from his wedding. But Paul follows him to Florida and now he requires Ben 24 hours a day. Will Ben be able to cure Paul in 2 weeks time? What happens with Ben Wedding? My Analysis: I enjoyed this movie, its lot of fun, and at least better ...

Taare Zameen Par (DVD) 14/07/2008

Stars on Ground

Taare Zameen Par (DVD) Taare Zameen Par released in the year 2007, is one of the blockbusters of 2007. This movie brings out to talent one Master Darsheel Safary on whom the story is based, and the other talent is Aamir Khan the director of the movie. The movie is based on the story of a Dyslexic Kid. Cast: Darsheel Safary (As Ishaan) Aamir Khan (As Art Teacher Ram Shankar Nikumbh) Tisca Chopra (As Ishaan's Mother) Vipin Sharma (As Ishaan's Father) Sachet Engineer (As Ishaan's Elder Brother) Music: Shankar Ehsaan & Loy Story: Amol Gupte Produced & Directed by Aamir Khan Plot: Ishaan Awasthi is an eight-year-old boy, whose life is not like the other kids around him of his age. His world is filled with things like colors, Animals being innovative. So study is something, which does not attract him, nor does any sport. But this does not goes well with people who are there near to him. His father and teachers want him to study hard, do his homework on time, don't mischief and be neat and tidy. But all this does not go well with Ishaan because nothing goes right with him in his class. On the other hand his elder is excellent in everything, from studies to sport. So his father is always in praise for his elder son. And says to Ishaan why cant you be like him. Ishaan but have a good relationship with his brother and mother. Ishaan always have a fight with kids in the neighborhood, so everyday there is complaint about Ishaan from his school, from neighbors. Seeing this his ...

Lamhe (Hindi Language) (DVD) 30/05/2008


Lamhe (Hindi Language) (DVD) Lamhe released in the year 1991, is one of my fav romantic movies from Bollywood. Although the movie didnt work that well in India. It has Anil Kapoor & Sridevi in leading roles, and produced & directed by the great Yash Chopra. Cast : Anil Kapoor (As Virendra Pratap Singh) Sridevi (As Pallavi \ Pooja) Waheeda Rahman (As Dai Jaa) Anupam Kher (As Prem) Deepak Malhotra (As Siddharth Bhatnagar) Music : Shiv Hari Produced & Directed by : Yash Chopra. Plot: Well the movie starts with showing the beautifull Rajasthan, Viren who is a Kunwar(prince of a particular Small Province) who lives and have business in London come to Rajasthan for some legal issues and also to meet Daijaa, she is the governess of Viren who looked after him after his parents death. Next to viren's palace lives his fathers good friend, he has a Daughter pallavi. Viren & Pallavi becomes friend and she shows Viren the real Rajasthan as before he hardly use to come for 2 or 3 days. Viren falls in love with pallavi, actually love at first sight of a thing. Pallavi is elder to Viren. Due to some incident Pallavi's father dies of a heart attack, and he tells Viren to take care of Pallavi & now he is responsible for her. Viren is already in love with Pallavi, and thinks she also likes him, but he comes to know that she is in love with another guy Siddharth who is a pilot by proffesion. This scene is very good to watch out when Viren comes to know about this, you will like it. So ...

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (DVD) 29/05/2008

Never Say GoodBye

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (DVD) Never Say GoodBye is the english translation of the title Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. Released in 2006, was the much awaited movie of the year, all becuase it was directed by Karan Johar, and before this his 2 releases were blockbusters. Plus Sharukh & Amitabh in one movie, which is another USP. also other stars including Abhishek Bachchan, Rani Mukherjee, Preity Zinta. makes it a huge bollywood movie. Already the music of this movie was a big hit before its release. Cast : Sharukh Khan (As Dev) Preity Zinta (As Rhea) Abhishek Bachchan (As Rishi) Rani Mukherjee (As Maya) Amitabh Bachchan (As Sexy Sam) Kiron Kher (Dev's Mother) Arjun Rampal (Rhea's Boss) Plot : The movie is about two couples, shows their unsuccessfull marriage life and are based in New York. Dev is married to Rhea, and is a football player by profession. His mother porfession is to manage Marriages. On the other hand there is maya whose parents died when she was young and was look after by Sam (Amitabh), Sam's son Rishi since childhood is in love with Maya. He proposes her many time, but she never agrees, coz she is fond of Rishi but dont love him. But she agrees to marry him. Rishi's & Maya's marriage is managed by Dev's mother, so dev come to help her out and see's the bride Maya sitting in garden before marriage, as she is confused whether to get marry to Rishi or not?. Dev as a stranger comes to her and ask her the problem, but she refuses saying why should i tell you, but later she ...

Salaam-E-Ishq (DVD) 28/05/2008

Salute Love - But this time i did'nt

Salaam-E-Ishq (DVD) Salaam-E-Ishq released in 2007 is a bollywood Multi-starrer film. It has 12 stars in the leading role and its a romantic movie. This movie is inspired by Love Actually, but is has different stories(Adding Bollywood Flavour to it). Movie directed by Nikhil Advani of Kal Ho Na Ho Fame. Cast : Salman Khan (As Rahul) Priyanka Chopra (As Kamini) Anil Kapoor (As Vinay) Juhi Chawla (As Seema) Govinda (As Raju Taxiwala) Shannon Esrechowitz (As Stephenie) - International Star Akshaye Khanna (As Shiven) Ayesha Takia (As Jia) John Abraham (As Ashutosh) Vidya Balan (As Tehzeeb) Sohail Khan (As Ramdayal) Isha Khoppikar (As phoolvati) Music : Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy Director : Nikhil Advani Plot: Well the movie is about six different love stories, showing how they fall in love, what are the problems in thier life etc. Vinay and Seema are happily married, and have to kids, they live in London. Vinay works in an Event Management company and is soing good. He has been married to Seema for 15 years, but feels that his life is too boring now and there is no variety, he gets attracted to a young, beautifull woman Anjali(played by some Indian Model). He meets her on london tube, Anjali also gets attracted to his Innosence. So now Vinay has a extra-marital affair, and seema does come to know about this in movie. So what happens with this couple? for this you have to watch the movie. Kamini is a big Item Girl in bollywood, but she wants to go in main stream cinema and ...

Iqbal (DVD) 27/05/2008

If you believe you can, then you can make it...

Iqbal (DVD) Iqbal was released in the year 2005. This movie is about a Deaf & Dumb boy name Iqbal and whose dream is play cricket & play in Indian Cricket team. The movie is directed by Nagesh Kukunoor who has earlier made movie like Hyderabad Bluez, 3 Deewaraien etc...all these movies were good but Iqbal is the biggest hit from him. Iqbal is produced by Subhash Ghai who is a big filmaker in Indian Cinema. Iqbal's character is played by Shreyas Talpade, this was his first bollywood movie, but he had a good name in Marathi film industry. But he did a very good job in his first Hindi movie, and also won all the awards for the newcomer of the year. Cast : Shreyas Talpade (As Iqbal) Naseeruddin Shah (As Mohit) Shweta Prasad (As Khatija) Pratiksha Lonkar (As Iqbal's Mother) Yateen Karyekar (As Iqbal's Father) Guruji (Pritish Karnad) Director : Nagesh Kukunoor Story The movie starts out by showing a village Kolipad and itstotally deserted, but in place all of sudden you see a huge group of people & they are shouting, when the camera goes closer it shows all of them watching India's cricket match on TV. There is Iqbals Mother who is pregnant and is cheering for Team India, She is a big fan of Indian Cricket team. Then the movie moves forward a many years. And it shows Shreyas Talpade asa 18 year old boy who is deaf & dumb, but is also a cricket fan and wants to play cricket. he has a small sister Khatija who supports her brother and speaks on his behalf & also makes ...

East Is East (DVD) 22/05/2008

East Is East

East Is East (DVD) East Is East was released in 1999, and its a comedy movie. It is based on a play by Ayub Khan & directed by Damien 0'Donnell. The movie revolves around a Pakistani British Family. Cast: Om Puri (As George Khan) Linda Bassett (As Ella Khan) Jordan Routledge (As Sajid Khan) Raji James (As Abdul Khan) Chris Bisson (As Saleem Khan) Emil Marwah (As Maneer Khan) Jimi Mistry (As Tariq Khan) Ian Aspinall (As Nazir Khan) Archie Panjabi (Meenah Khan) Lesley Nicol (Aunt Annie) Plot : The movie is set in 1970's, George Khan who is settled in Salford near Manchester and is married to a British Woman Ella, they have seven children (Six Boys & One Girl), George & Ella runs a Fish & Chips shop near their house. Annie also helps Ella as she is her friend. George is very dominating & wants everyone to live the life as he wants them to live. George is Pakistani & he came to England in 1937. Ella is George's second wife, his first wife is back in Pakistan. George is proud of Pakistan & Islam, he wants them to follow Islam properly. And he Believes that what ever your father & husband says you should so as said to you. Everyone in the house is Frighten of George, but do every other thing behind his back, they hate their father so much, that because of these they hate all Pakistani's & Don't follow Islam as well. They drink & Eat Bacon's which is not allowed in Islam. Ella on the other hands says that they should know their religion but should not be tortured for that ...
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