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Where is the best sea view? 22/02/2010

My favourite view The Island Newquay

Where is the best sea view? I love being beside the sea it's my idea of heaven. Just sitting watching the waves crash up against the rocks and flow gently back and forth over the sands is so peaceful and relaxing. If I ever won the lottery I would buy myself a house overlooking the sea so I could see it hear it and smell it whenever I wanted to. In 2002 we had had a particularly tough time when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. I moved in with him to look after him but he deteriorated so quickly and sadly died a week later. From first being diagnosed to his death took only thee months and I was left feeling inadaquate and that I should have done more that I had let him down. I entered a very dark hole of depression where I had no interest in anything and I could not see any way out . My husband and I had never had a proper holiday and we decided a good break might be just what we needed to help get over the trauma of the last few months so decided to go to Newquay in Cornwall for a week. We travelled with National buses on a package trip and although the journey was extremely long (10 hours) when we eventually got to our destination and got off the bus I looked to the view across the road from our hotel and I was amazed. It was absolutely beautiful with a panoramic view of the beach below, the very high cliffs surrounding it and curving right around to show other beaches in the area as well . And there were loads of surfers! Having lived in Australia for a few years when I was a child I felt ...

Prai Pure Intensive Serum 29/01/2010

PRAIvate Investigations

Prai Pure Intensive Serum WHO ARE PRAI? A LITTLE BIT ABOUT THEM *************** *************** *************** **** Taken from the website The PRAI family of fine skin care is named for a key ingredient –prai root, a botanical native to the jungles of central Thailand. The smoothing properties of the prai root were well known to ancient monks, who used it in preparations in their temple sala, which were healing and restorative centres much like today’s spas. Today, we combine it with the latest breakthroughs in anti-aging to provide powerful benefits. PRAI focuses on the beauty needs and wants of women: individual products and daily regimens that help skin feel and look better, that help thwart the effects of environmental and personal stress, that minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and that offer affordable and realistic alternatives to costly cosmetic surgery and procedures. The PRAI collections of skincare, body care, fragrance and anti-aging are available in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada. Our customers all over the world love PRAI because it looks terrific, feels spectacular, smells divine and PERFORMS as promised. Founded in 1999 by Cathy Kangas, the PRAI Beauty Group, Inc. has earned an international reputation for exceptional quality and performance. Using the latest innovations in skin care -- including our well-known "second skin" technology -- and incorporating the finest ingredients, all PRAI products are manufactured in ...

Maybelline Define a Lash Volume Mascara 23/01/2010

DEFINEitely a good mascara!

Maybelline Define a Lash Volume Mascara I have been using Maybelline Define a Lash Voume for around 18 months now and, despite trying out other mascaras, this is the one I keep coming back to. Prices range from £5.99 (Cheapsmells and Ebay) to £8.99 (Boots) and Superdrug have it on special offer at the moment (January 2010) for £7.64. There are only two colour options black or brown and a waterproof version is also available. The one I use is black and is not waterproof. The mascara comes in an attractive maroon coloured container and has a slim brush which sits comfortably between the fingers. I can feel the pull of the built in clump remover as I take out the brush. The clump remover does a good job of making sure too much mascara is not deposited on the brush thus resulting in clump free lashes. After trying out many different mascaras which claim to be clump free I have been disappointed but with this one it does what it says. I usually only need one coat for the top lashes but tend to put two on the lower ones which are much shorter and harder to cover. Even when appling a second coat to still wet lashes there are no clumps. The mascara defines, separates and colours my lashes well and by sweeping the brush upwards over the ends of my top lashes it gives them a nice curl too. As a rule I don't need to reapply it through the day but sometimes, if I''ve been reading or on the computer for long periods of time wearing my glasses, I find the lower lashes have lost some of the mascara and need a top up. ... 29/11/2009

YankeeDoodle is just dandy! WHO ARE YANKEEDOODLE? Well they are a UK based online company who specialise in Yankee candles and accessories. They do not sell any other brands of candles so if Yankee candles aren't your favourites then this is not the site for you. They have been in business since 2002 and are the largest UK stockist of Yankee candles online. Having looked at various Yankee candle sites I can confirm that this is true. THE SITE The home page is nicely laid out with clear headings to help you find your way around the site. There is a search box of course if you already know what you're looking for but otherwise you can just browse the different section headings which are at the top of the page. HOME START HERE For your first visit this section will tell you all about the company and it's products and general info NEW ARRIVALS Obviously the latest products YANKEE CANDLES CAR AND HOME ACCESSORIES 1 ACCESSORIES 2 OTHER RANGES asmall range of various items including Zippo lighters, wick trimmers, candy, cuddly bears and other sundries SPECIAL OFFERS Once you have made your selections you can either add them to your basket or create a wish list for future use if you don't want to buy straight away. You will be asked for your email address and a password to create your account and payments can be made by all major credit/debit cards and also by paypal. Once a member all your orders will be viewable from your account page so if you've bought something and ...

Being the Soham Psychic - Dennis Mckenzie 14/09/2009

Do you Believe?

Being the Soham Psychic - Dennis Mckenzie I'm not one for reading books but when I saw this in Asda last week I couldn't help putting into the trolley. I have always been interested in the paranormal not really sure whether I believed in it or not so this book drew me to it. At £3.13 it wasn't going to break the bank so in it went. I was shocked when the Soham case was going on and took great interest in the media coverage wanting to know if the girls had been found safe and well but as we all know that wasn't to be. Despite my interest in the case I had not heard about Dennis McKenzie in his capacity of a psychic being involved so my curiosity was sparked. Dennis McKenzie was an ordinary working class bloke who lived in a council house in Cambridgeshire with his wife and two kids and he was also a psychic. After being laid off from his job as a gamekeeper he decided to see if he could make a living from his psychic abilities and turned professional. He began giving readings to friends and his reputation grew from there. When Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells went missing in Soham he was called in to help find them and that was the taking off point for his career and led to him being dubbed "The Soham Psychic". The book begins with a brief rundown of his childhood and when he first discovered he could see dead people at the age of 3. Of course he didn't know they were dead and just assumed everybody could see them. He first realised other people couldn't see his "friends" when he was in hospital after being ...

DermaWand Handheld Skin Care Rejuvenation System 08/09/2009

My Magic Wand!

DermaWand Handheld Skin Care Rejuvenation System WHAT IS A DERMA WAND?. Most of the ladies reading this will have heard about facial toning machines which work on the muscles of the face to tighten and strengthen them well the Derma Wand is similar but works on the skin instead. It is a condensed version of machines used in salons to help tighten up loose skin and refresh the complexion as well as helping to smooth out fine lines. It is recommended if you use these facial toners to follow up with the Derma Wand to give you an even more youthful appearance. WHAT THE BLURB SAYS Derma Wand is a skin treatment device which generates ozone. The ozone is a strong oxidizer, which is beneficial in eradicating bacteria in the skin surface area. The beneficial effects of ozone on the skin are well established and it has been a conventional practice in beauty salons to provide a ozone producing apparatus for the purpose. Derma Wand is a home version of the units used in salons. Now you can treat lines, wrinkles and aging skin just like the experts without cosmetic surgery. The Derma Wand, the breakthrough skin care system that can take one, five, up to 10 years off your skin's appearance in just minutes a day. Based on a skin care technology that's been used with great success for over 50 years in the professional beauty clinics and spas all over the world, Derma Wand condensed it, perfected it and made it available for everyone. Now go from damaged and blotchy to healthy, beautiful and more even. The secret is a ...

Andrew Barton Big Hair Lifting Juice 03/08/2009

Juice me up Andrew!

Andrew Barton Big Hair Lifting Juice I came across this product in Asda last week when I was looking for something to give my fine hair a bit more body. At £3.00 for 250ml I thought it wasn't too expensive and if it didn't work, as so many different products I've tried didn't, well at least I hadn't wasted too much money. It comes in a tall cylindrical black plastic bottle with a lift off top and has a spray applicator. The words Shiny Happy Hair Andrew Barton Big Hair Lifting Juice Body Building Style Spray are written in green and white on the front of the bottle. I must confess I've never heard of Andrew Barton but on doing some research I discovered he had been in the hairdressing business for over 25 years tending the hair of the rich and famous. His new haircare range has been sold exclusively from Asda since 2007. ***WHAT THE BLURB SAYS*** This body building power dose with wheat protein and holding polymers attaches itself to your hair shaft and helps you get maximum oomph and gloss without stickiness. Contains wheat proteins, amino acids and holding polymers. Amino acids are absorbed by hair, while proteins coat the outer layer of the hair shaft keeping the amino acids in place. Holding polymers attach themselves to the hair and volumise from the roots for maximum oomph without stickiness. ***SO DOES IT WORK?*** Yes it does! I didn't hold out much hope after wasting so much money on products that promise thicker looking hair and fail miserably but this one does what it says. I ...

Northumberland (England) 23/05/2009

Not a flat cap in sight

Northumberland (England) For some the North East conjures up images of grimy industrial areas with men in flat caps and whippets. They couldn't be more wrong. Northumberland, where I am lucky to live, has stunning coastal and countryside locations with something for everyone. Northumberland has more castles than anywhere else in England so if that's what interests you then look no further. Starting off with perhaps the most well known castle Alnwick which has been used in several films most noteably it was Hogwarts school in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. It dates from the 11th century and is the second largest inhabited castle in England and is home to the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland. Tours of the castle and Fusiliers Museum of Northumberland are available and entertainment for the kids such as Harry Spotters tours, Knights Quest where they can dress up in medievel clothes and learn to swordfight are a must for the young ones. If you don't fancy the castle they are Alnwick gardens which are the most popular visitor attraction in the area. The gardens have the largest water feature of it's kind in the UK with 38 spectacular water fountains. There are Ornamental gardens, Rose gardens and the Serpent garden which has interactive water sculptures exploring the way in which water can be made to look and move. Alnwick Garden is also home to Europes largest tree house which is a huge collection of turret topped cottages connected by a suspended walkway. Craster is a small fishing ...

Yankee Candle Clean Cotton Electric Plug-In Refill 12/05/2009

If my sheets smelt like this I would change my washing powder!

Yankee Candle Clean Cotton Electric Plug-In Refill Yankee candles are at the forefront of candlemaking and are always the leaders in coming up with new ideas. The plug in fragrances are fairly new on the market and make an ideal alternative to conventional candles. Inside the box you will find a glass bottle containing the essential oils and this is attached to the plug in bit. The unit also has a white shade on top which makes it look rather attractive as well as acting as a cover for the bottle. There are three power levels on the unit so you can choose how much fragrance is released. In a small room level one would be enough and in a larger room level three. Obviously you plug the unit into an electric socket and away you go. Within a few minutes the fragrance begins to come through. ***What Yankee Candles say*** Invigorate your home with the Clean Cotton Electric Home Fragrance Unit. Rich in the true to life scents of sun dried cotton sheets combined with green notes, white flowers, and just a hint of lemon, this plug-in electric air freshener is sure to bring the freshness of the great outdoors into your home. The Clean Cotton Electric Home Fragrance Unit is high quality and easy to use. I plugged the unit in at the bottom of the stairs and very shortly afterwards I could smell the fragrance coming through to the sitting room. What I was expecting was the smell of a brand new cotton shirt when you first take it out of the packaging or sheets dried on the line on a crisp spring day but this is not what I ...

Yankee Candle Sweet Strawberry Jar 08/05/2009

Don't Try To Eat This At Home!

Yankee Candle Sweet Strawberry Jar Of all the fruity scented Yankee Candles Sweet Strawberry is my favourite. Readers over a certain age will remember how strawberries used to taste before mass production in greenhouses churning out the far less tasty varieties began. They were lucious,juicy,soft and so sweet you didn't have to add any sugar to them. Well this is what Sweet Strawberry smells like just like an old fashioned strawberry. With my eyes closed I could just imagine a lovely bowlfull sitting in front of me waiting to be devoured when I smell this candle. Just looking at it's lovely red colour accompanied by the delicious aroma makes it almost good enough to eat! This one comes in various forms but in this case I am reviewing the jar version which has some advantages over tealights and votives. Firstly it lasts much longer with a burn time of 30-45 hours for the small jar (£6.36), 45-90 hours for the medium jar (£12.74) and 90-150 hours for the large jar (£15.29). Prices quoted are from the Scented Candle who have a 15% off offer on at the moment with free next day delivery when spending over £20 . This is the cheapest I have found them at but be prepared to pay more if you go elsewhere. Secondly when extinguishing a candle you always get that burning smell for a few seconds whereas with a jar candle you simply replace the top which cuts off the air supply and the candle goes out leaving no nasty niffs! The glass jars can also be reused once washed out either for making your own candles ...

Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick Scented Tealights 07/05/2009

Cinnamon Stick tealights for a taste of Christmas

Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick Scented Tealights Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick tealights are on my shopping list every Christmas. I first tried them a couple of years ago and loved the homely, slightly spicy aroma so reminiscent of the smells we associate with the Festive period. Mince Pies and Christmas cake cooking in the oven, freshly baked cinnamon cookies and mulled wine are all present in these lovely little tealights. A real smell of home cooking but not overly strong just a gentle hint as you enter the room they are burning in. I mainly use them in the kitchen with one or two in the sitting room too. I don't even need to light them as I can still detect the aroma when sitting or working near them. Any I don't light I put away for the following year as Yankee Candles do not lose their scent at all like some of the cheaper candles on the market. The tealights come in a box of 12 and are priced around the £5.99 mark with each one having an approximate burn time of 4-6 hours. You can buy much cheaper tealights but I find they don't burn as long as Yankee Candles nor does the fragrance last right till the very end so I consider it a false economy Yankee candles are available from most good garden centres.and some department stores but I tend to buy mine online mainly from where they often have some good deals on. Next time you're at the garden centre give these tealights a sniff and I'm sure you'll like them. They are not always available all year round with them being a Christmas fragrance ...

Yankee Candle Baby Powder Fragranced Reeds 29/04/2009

Don't Light my Fire Baby!

Yankee Candle Baby Powder Fragranced Reeds Yankee candles Baby Powder fragrance is one of my favourite smells so I was very interested to try out the fragrance in the new reed diffuser variety. I had never used reeds before and wasn't sure of what was involved but decided to order them from Scented Candle where they were advertised at the cheapest price I could find of £13.59 for the small (50ml) and £16.99 for the large(200ml). I decided to opt for the small version and, on placing my order, I was delighted to find it was free delivery. When the package arrived I couldn't wait to try them out. Inside was a slim glass bottle containing the fragranced oil with a lift off top and a screw off top. You remove the lift off top and then take off the screw top. Next put back the lift off top and this is where the reeds go into It was very simple to insert the reeds and it was then ready to go. I placed the diffuser in my bathroom and sure enough, after about a half an hour, the lovely baby powder fragrance began to gently waft about the room. It was by no means strong just a very subtle absolutely delightful smell exactly the same as the Baby Powder candle which I love so much. The oil also has the advantage of being alcohol free so is a more true to life smell. The advantage of a reed diffuser over candles is you can leave it unattended which you obviously can't with a lighted candle. It is always gently releasing the fragrance into the air through the reeds so once you have set it up there is very little to ...

Asda Essential Care Sensitive Cleanser 06/04/2009

My bargain of the year!

Asda Essential Care Sensitive Cleanser When I was in Asda the other week I thought I would have a look at the toiletries aisle to check out facial cleansers as mine was nearly empty. I had been using Clinique extra mild but at £11 a bottle I was on the lookout for something cheaper and wondered if Asda had anything suitable on offer. Being in my 50's my skin is mature with a tenency to be dry and sensitive so I have to be careful what products I use. Nothing immediately grabbed my eye but then I noticed Asda Essential Care Sensitive face cleanser. It was in an unassuming slim clear plastic bottle with a flip top lid and to be honest it didn't look too inspiring but as time was getting on I checked the price and put it in the trolley. At £1.89 I didn't expect much but thought at that price it was worth a punt and if it wasn't any good at least I hadn't wasted any serious money. ***WHAT ASDA SAY ABOUT THE PRODUCT*** About this product. ESSENTIAL CARE SENSITIVE has been specially developed for sensitive skin using formulations that are free from harsh ingredients and unnecessary additives that can aggravate delicate skin. A gentle cleanser that nourishes dry skin while removing impurities. Enriched with Aloe Vera to soothe and soften the skin and Vitamin E to moisturise and improve skin condition. pH balanced and suitable for sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested. 100% fragrance and colour free. Suitable for all skin types. Asda is against animal testing and funds research into alternatives. Country ...

Dove Pro Age Beauty Wash 27/01/2009

It's not an age thing

Dove Pro Age Beauty Wash I'm sure most of you have seen the adverts for Dove's Pro-age products featuring naked more mature women but thankfully it is all very discreet! Being from that age range myself I decided to give the bodywash a go and I'm so glad I did. You will see from the picture above this comes in a dark red plastic container with a flip top lid which, even with wet hands, makes it easy to hold and use. I find one squirt from the container onto my scrunchie is ample to give an all over wash. The lather is rich and creamy and has a hint of fragrance to it but nothing overpowering. In some ways the smell reminds me of Ponds Cold Cream but not quite so strong. As I wash with it the lather increases and I'm covered in lovely creamy bubbles which feel luxurious to my skin. Afterwards my skin feels clean and moisturised and oh so soft. In fact the first time I used this bodywash when I went to bed my husband stroked my back and I thought "hello my luck is in tonight" but he simply said my skin felt nice and then he turned over and went to sleep! He never usually notices or comments when I've used other bodywashes or creams so this one must be good! I suffer from very dry skin on the soles of my feet and have tried various creams to no avail but since using this bodywash I have seen a definite improvement so for that alone it gets the thumbs up from me. I love the way it makes my skin feel and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to women of all ages who want soft and moisturised ...

Hyundai Coupe SIII 2.0 14/12/2008

Sexy Sylvia

Hyundai Coupe SIII 2.0 Firstly I know nothing about cars and so all technical info will come from my husband who has maintained and repaired every car he's ever had and so therefore knows what he is talking about. I on the other hand only care that they get me safely from A to B and back again in some degree of comfort. I know what a mini and a lambourghini look like and must admit i'm rather partial to the latter so long as it's yellow. We purchased this car as part exchange for a Golf GTI. It was manufactured in 2002 and had 23.500 miles on the clock. When my husband told me he was getting another car I wasn't too fussed as I thought the Golf was fine. That said when my husband brought this car home I was impressed. It was silver and very sporty looking and quite sexy. So I thought I would give it the once over from a passengers point of view. I don't drive. I did try it but there was too much concentration involved and as I have the concentration span of a goldfish I thought it would be safer for the population at large to remain a passenger. Anyway my husband needs me to keep him informed of what shops are having sales as we drive past as he can't take his eyes off the road so that's my job. So back to the car I found it difficult to get in it as it's one of those low slung sporty affairs. I'm getting on a bit and found the only way to do it was just to let myself drop into it. Getting out is slightly harder but with one hand on the frame of the car and the other on the door I can ...
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