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Everything that starts with G ... 07/08/2009

nothing to see here please remove

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Boots Nicotine Inhalator 06/05/2004

I want to live....simple

Boots Nicotine Inhalator Why did I decide to give up smoking? I want to live.... simple I have nicked the following information from a website called as on reading this made me realise what sh*t I was putting in my body everyday. Familiar Chemicals in Cigarettes: Carbon monoxide car exhaust Nicotine bug sprays Tar material to make roads Arsenic rat poison Ammonia cleaning products Hydrogen cyanide gas chamber poison Cyanide deadly poison Acetone nail polish remover Butane cigarette lighter fluid DDT insecticides Formaldehyde to preserve dead bodies Sulfuric acid car batteries Cadmium used to recharge batteries Freon damages earth's ozone layer Geranic acid a fragrance Methoprene a pesticide Maltitol a sweetener not permitted to be used in foods in the U.S. Sources: Dr. Joel Dunnington, Tobacco Almanac, Revised, May 1993. O.K shoot me for copying but after reading this, really made me think and that's why I am writing today about the product: Nicorette Inhaler:/ Nicotine inhalator What's in the Starter Pack? *************** ***** For £5.65 you get: First and most important, your information booklet. Here lies a step by step guide to using your inhaler and some general backround guidelines to giving up smoking. A white plasic pen like object, soon to become a fixed presence in your mouth. A white plastic, if you can be bothered to use container to carry your pen and cartridges around and of course your cartridges. ...

Everything that starts with H ... 16/02/2004

Valentines Challenge

Everything that starts with H ... Seeing this challenge floating around and me being off work for a week decided to have a little go. Two ops in one week, I am being good. 1. Describe your current relationship status: ************* My dear grandmother would call it living in sin and me being alittle naughty, can live with that Roger and I have been together for about 13 years and cant really see the point now of spending out huge amounts of money getting married. I dare say if we won the lottery would go and find a nice beach somewhere but feel settled enough not to need a ring to show our love. 2. When, in your opinion, is the perfect age to get married? ************* I dont think there is a "Perfect age". I still find it amusing that at 16 you can have sex (therefore children), start work and earn a living but cant vote in an election ?? In life you will always look back and wonder "If I did this, if I did that" and really are you ever ready for anything??. I just think if it feels right at the time, do it. You may regret it, you may not but either way you wont know unless you try it. 3. Is it ok to have children before you are married? ************* Yes, yes, yes. I have a great daughter of 9 whom has in no way lost out on anything in life just because we are not married. She is, I think as happy as any and we could not love her anymore had we tied the knot. 4. Is it ok to have sex before you are married? ************* I hope so or else I would still be a virgin (shocking ...

Colman's English Mustard 06/02/2004

My Mouth Explodes with Delight

Colman's English Mustard 3000BC, India is where we begin today. No I was not around but according to the unofficial Colmans website, it was back then that mustard was first discovered. Introduced to Britain by the Romans, 3,800,000kg of this stuff is now sold every year. Anyway as Colmans mustard is by far my favourite, this my friends is what I have decided to write about today. Its at this time of year that the busy mustard makers at J & J Colman Ltd sow their seeds. Now behave will you, I am talking planting seeds their personal activites will have to wait until harvesting is finished in September. Packaging ********* Well beleive it or not this product comes in 13 different kinds of packaging with various weights. The one I have is the 170g glass jar but you can buy larger and smaller jars or tubes for easy squeeze use. Whatever size you choose the bright yellow packaging remains the same. The jar in front of me now is see through glass with the yellow label wrapped round, Colmans Mustard in red a picture of a cow (why?) and the fact that since 1814 you are still getting the original stuff. On the back you are invited to visit their mustard shop in Norwich where you can buy memorabilia and for those who live too far to visit they give an address that you can write to for one of their catalogues. Colmans Mustard Shop 15 The Royal Arcade Norwich Norfolk NR2 1NQ Also on the label are your nutritional information and your ingredients. Now great news for anyone with a nut allergy ...

Everything that starts with L ... 03/02/2004

I Had To Do It It Had Sex In It

Everything that starts with L ... Blame CheekyChicken for this. I read hers and thought, what the heck, one more challenge. WARNING Anyone who is under 16, dont like sex or is just a prude should read no further. Updated thanks to Angus and the warning!! *What is your full name and why did your parents call you that?* My full name is Angus. *What does your name mean?* I have no idea but if anyone else does, let me know and I will update. (updated thanks to MonkeyMoo) Michelle and Ann are both Hebrew Michelle means "like God" and Ann "Gracious". I can live with that. Angus.. No idea *Do you want kids?* Not no more hurt too bl**dy much the first time. Now dont get me wrong I have a beautiful daughter Charlie who is 8 years old and I would never want to be without her but I have done my bit for the human race ! *When was you born?* Right this is something which even I did not know until just now 10.56pm (had to phone mummy). Now the rest I did, Thursday ?? April 19?? in Bromley Hospital same place and year as Kalamazoo, weird. (updated thanks to Trampus) she has brought it to my attention that we could have been born in the same bed. Now thats scary. *Do you have any brothers/sisters?* Yep 1 brother James but we call him Jim Jim. Something he now hates as it was o.k as a child but not now he is 28!!!! *Do you have a job?* Yes. I work part time in an EMI (elderly mental infirm), nursing home near Braintree in Essex. Some may say that taking care ...

Poems of Love 26/01/2004

How could they

Poems of Love Some may say this is a strange thing to write about when thinking of poems of love but as I have already wrote a few poems about my love of my partner, daughter and parents, I just wanted to share with you how much I love my dog. We got you from rescue, broken and sore How could anyone hurt such a friend to adore You looked in our eyes and the sadness within Hunger for a home with love you had never been We decided then to take you home 3 stone underweight all skin and bone Infections to treat, the vets bill then came But it wasn't your fault, you were never to blame At 3 years old you should have been wagging with joy But neglect and abuse, a broken boy 1 year 6 months on, my house is a mess A 14 stone sloppy St Bernard I bless The fun you give not just me but all A big bundle of fluff, you now stand tall Forgotten the days of the inbedded blood stained chain No food to eat, punches and kicks of pain You my friend will now eat your heart out My home and my love you will never doubt We drove up to Manchester from Essex when we heard about Dillan he was very underweight and the sores were so bad we had to have him shaven from head to toe to treat. He had been beaten and left for dead with a chain inbedded in his neck, how could we not give him a home He trusted nobody, had no life about him but a year and a half on, he is the best friend anyone could ask for. We love him to bits and vow he will never feel such pain again. Thanks ...

Where, when, how, with whom do you travel? 04/12/2003

When Where and Why

Where, when, how, with whom do you travel? I have been reading opinions (sorry now reviews), for a few days with great interest and thought it was about time I put finger to keyboard as I have not been a very good Ciaor of late. Q: How many times a year do you travel? A: My life has had many different turns. Before I met Roger, my partner, I had the most fantastic job in the whole world where I used to travel to many different places stay in the most beautiful hotels and get paid for doing it. I used to arrange conferences for members of the legal profession and would travel around 10 times a year to America, Hong Kong, Eastern Europe, to name but a few and would be there anything from 1 to 3 weeks at a time. This was definitely a single persons job so when I met Roger giving it up was one of the hardest things I had to do but 13 years later I have no regrets only fond memories. When our relationship began Roger was a publican so we had no problems getting away and for years would drive down to Marbella spend 4 weeks there than another week driving back stopping at remote french villages along the way, heaven. Nowdays twice a year if possible with the odd weekend here and there. Q: For how long do you go away? A: Normally 2 weeks at a time, I find one week is not enough to unwind. I would like to go for longer but the cost of holidays is huge now so have to get back to work to start saving my pennies for the next one. Q: Do you stay in your home country or do you go abroad? A: Abroad mostly. ...

Nestle After Eight 21/11/2003

With 2 inches you can still have pleasure

Nestle After Eight As some of you know it has been a long couple of months for me and my family and getting my head around writing something other than in the Cafe has been just as difficult. I bought a box of After Eight mints just before Christmas but did not get around to opening them until last night. Roger and I decided to treat ourselves, and as we are living for each day, out with the New Year diets, out with worry and what ifs and in with lets party. History ------- We have Mr Henri Nestle to thank for what was the fourth highest selling boxed chocolate in the year 2000, After Eight mints. Mr Nestle started out in 1867 with a modest little set up in Switzerland selling the first milk food for children but wow, not such a small set up now. Nestle produce everything from chocolate to Buitoni pasta and even coffee and Herta Frankfurters. The After Eight first appeared in 1962 and although many other after dinner mints are now available, these classics sold 42 million pounds worth in 2000 and remain top dog for that after dinner treat. All this information and more can be found at their website Packaging ---------- The box is predominatly dark green with a hint of lighter green around the gold clock giving us a shadow look. The clock (showing the time as 8 o'clock), appears between the bold white words After and Eight. You have the name Nestle in the top left, thin chocolate mints in the bottom right and is the same on three sides. On the forth side ...

McCain Pizza Fingers 21/11/2003

Bring on the meat

McCain Pizza Fingers Having started a diet yesterday, the last thing I should be writing and thinking about is pizza. I am a big pizza fan and while out shopping I saw the word New wrote over a nice bright red pizza box. Now I dont know about you but when I see that word my eyes light up and my taste buds start to work overtime. I must, MUST try it. The product I am talking about is McCain Cheese and Tomato Pizza Fingers. Now I have tried their products before and found them very nice so had no problem popping them in my trolly. Packaging: As I said the box (oblong not round), is bright red with the words Pizza Fingers in large yellow letters. The words have little hands at the end, I guess this would attract the younger customer. On the front is a picture of a finger with some fish and chips and the word new. This, I think appeals to any mum bored with the same old thing. On one side you will find the McCain Quality Guarantee. If you have any feedback you can call the customer careline on 0800 146 573 or email them at On the other side are your storage instructions, cooking directions and ingredients (thanks Mel). All in all I thought a nice bright box, easy to find at a glance and would appeal to a new customer. Price: I payed £1.79 at Tesco but prices may vary in different shops. I think for 10 fingers this was good value as you can pay £3 or more for pizza's. Cooking: They say you can grill these but I popped mine in the oven for about 10mins. ...

Silver Spoon Low Calorie Granulated Sweetener 13/11/2003

Sweet Dreams

Silver Spoon Low Calorie Granulated Sweetener As some of you may know if you have read my other ops, my partner is a diabetic and me, well, I have a very sweet tooth but a bulging wastline. I am always looking out for low calorie alternatives so I can still have my little treats (a glass or two of wine). For years we have used Canderel or Hermesetas but have never really thought they tasted like real sugar. Out shopping one day I noticed Silver Spoon Low Calorie Granulated Sweetener, and as they are well known for their sugar, I popped a jar in my basket to try. History ------- I looked at the Silver Spoon web site, and noticed that they were 1 of 2 groups of the British Sugar Group. Around since 1977, they became the best selling brand in 1978. On the site you will find some interesting facts about where the different sugars are produced and that 10,000 farmers are involved in 9 million tonnes of sugar beet annually. Packaging --------- Nice. An oblong glass jar with a bright yellow label around the centre and a blue stripe around the bottom. On 3 sides of the jar you will find the Silver Spoon logo in a red backround, the name of the product, the fact that it tastes like sugar and the jar size (70g approx 140 servings). On the back are the nutriton information, the bar code, the contact address and some information about the product. Now the best part, the top. Dark blue plastic with 3 ways of opening. The first is a flip on your right hand side. This is for your sprinkle. 5 small ...

Green Giant Asparagus 09/10/2003

Slimy flower buds

Green Giant Asparagus Always willing to try something new, I decided to pick up a tin of asparagus. Now I know this is not exactly new but I had never tried it before. I am not your normal meat, potato and 2 veg girl but I do like my Sunday roast. Last Sunday I had my favourite, lamb with mint sauce and thought I would swap my normal carrots for something different. How wrong I was. Today (Sunday),I am cooking roast pork, carrots will make their come back. History ------- Famous for their Ho, Ho, Ho adverts, Green Giant were founded in 1903 in Le Sueur, Minnesota. I found this out after visiting their website. Here you can read about the importance of vegetables in your daily diet, take a fitness test or just look at all the products produced by Green Giant. More famous for their corn, Green Giant also produce a wide range of vegetables including, peas, beans and asparagus. The product I would like to tell you about today is their extra long green asparagus spears. Packaging ---------- About 5 inches in height, this product comes in a recyclable steel tin. It has a very simple label around the tin (green, white with a touch of red), showing pictures of the asparagus spears and Mr Jolly Green Giant himself on the front and has your cooking instruction and nutrition information on the back. Also on the label are your ingredients (not much apart from asparagus), and a freephone number should you have any questions or comments : 0800 89 7777 (UK) or 1800 535 115 (Ireland). Old fashioned ...

What Has Made You Happy Recently 13/09/2003

He won the fight

What Has Made You Happy Recently Where do I start?? Well first of all a big, no a huge thank you for all the kind messages sent in the last couple of weeks. You really are a great bunch and even though I haven't been around much, have looked at all the messages but have not had time to reply, sorry!! This year has well, not been the greatest but at last I can write THAT peom I have been aching to write for months. For those who do not have a clue what I am on about, a short re-cap!! Roger my partner has been--lets just say poorly for a couple of years and has been awaiting a triple by-pass for the last year. He was taken in last Sunday week and had the op Monday morning. It has been touch and go but today he is back home. I am now looking after him 24-7 and as he is snoring away at the mo, thought I must just let you all know that the op went well and he is alive and kicking. He will be unable to go back to work for at least 5 months (normally 3 but with the asthma and diabetes he will take that bit longer), so will have to nip on here when I can. He is over the worse but we just have to be that extra bit careful. Due to the diabetes he has a few sores that are not healing as they should but I DONT CARE HE IS ALIVE, I STILL HAVE A PARTNER AND OUR DAUGHTER STILL HAS A FATHER. God that felt good!! The past week has been non-stop visiting, being mum, looking after the house and our dog and not much more for anything else. (Gonna shout here)!!. MY HAPPY POEM ONE I HAVE DREAMED OF ...

Everything that starts with E ... 29/08/2003

Why I am at an all time low

Everything that starts with E ... I have decided to take up a challenge set by Penguinchikalata to write a poem with the following words included. Genesis, Energy, Penguin, Berry and Yard. The reason for this is not for those extra points as at the moment dots, colours and points mean nothing. Your friendship does!!! Many will know the shit year my family have had and the pain and anger inside me at the moment. Poetry has always been a way I can let it out and writing this has helped. I have not been around as much in the last couple of weeks as spending more time with my family has been more important. Nearly everyday for just over a year. My love of Ciao has become very clear. But things at the mo are up in the air. I cannot sleep, eat, I just sit and stare. Let me expain for friends who don't know. Why I have been at an all time low. Roger my partner has been very ill. Months and months waiting, life still. Death for sure if he dont get the op. Now 50/50 this may not now stop. Sunday morning he must go. Monday morning we will know. Genesis gave life to the earth. This unknown energy breaths air, gives birth. But as this gift, this joy was made. When taken away, so too hope will fade. Our daughter, our dog in the yard they are playing. Daddy will be fine I hear myself saying. Her penguin teddy she hugs and she cries. On Sunday may be the last goodbyes. I look around at trees at flowers. Berrys on trees and their survival showers. Never forget, look around. Life is too ...

My Fifteen Minutes of Fame 07/08/2003

Did you know I was gonna be on page 3?

My Fifteen Minutes of Fame Its my Ciao Birthday today 1 year to the day that I lost my life and found a strange addiction but also found many, many friends - yes you lot Lol!! Now how could I let my birthday go by without posting an op?? Not eating today as its too dam hot so couldn't do a foodie op, washed but to be honest nothing is really keeping me dry and smelling sweet, drank too much to remember what it tasted like and to be honest am sh*t at anything else so today my friends I am going to let you into a little secret of mine (yea like i've not told you enough already)!! MY famous moment:: Step this way!! O.k o.k big hype for what?? Well they say we all have our 15 mins of fame and yep I had mine, could have had more but sex with Roger ended that. Want to know more?? Read on. It started before I met Roger (for those that have not read any other ops Roger has been my partner for 13 years). I was very young and all I wanted was fame (and fortune). Without blowing my own trumpet when I was younger and "pert" I was, lets just say, not without the odd complement about my looks so decided to join up with a London model agency. At 14 I had regular jobs in your teens mags (you know the ones with the bubbles comming out their mouths) and a few adverts here and there. Not enough to make me a star but I loved it. Now I did this for a few years earning a few bucks here and there then came a real job, modelling for a very well known hair saloon in a very up-market venue, the Hippadrome in ...

Fiction 07/08/2003

Emmaclaire Story Challenge Part 2

Fiction Always a sucker for a challenge I have decided to add to the story started by Emmaclaire I have left the instructions in so that you all know what this is about but have moved them to the bottom. **Updated** At the request of Ciao, I have taken out the start of the story created by Emmaclaire so as not to copy and repeat but this can be found on her page so take a look before you read mine. (manunas22 29.07.03) What she first thought were fairy lights were infact different coloured dots ranging from white to gold and as she took her first steps up the branches found a white dot now travelling with her. "Am I alone" she whispered. Giggles could be heard from the branches and a little voice saying "welcome you have found the Ciao tree" "who are you" she askes in a wary way. "My name is Rachel but you can call me Kappaslappa all my friends do" "Friends what friends, how many people are here" again very wary. "Oh loads" replies Kappaslappa. "Take my hand and I will show you the way" Kappaslappa being new too is keen to help the young princess grow in colour and explains that she is now a blue light. Excited the young princess begins her journey. *** Now add your section to the bottom to continue the story *** · If you decide to add a new character to the story, it must be a newbie that you admire, or think has the potential to be a solid member of Ciao. · You can finish the story that is currently written at any time you want, but no cop-outs! That ...
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