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BEWARE OF WEB BLINDS - they are unhelpful & inflexible We have recently placed a third order with Web Blinds. The first two were fine BECAUSE we had no issues with them. The third order was supplied in the 'wrong' width fitting. We were apparently told on the phone that we had ordered 'the standard 89mm' when our order was read back to us. As we have previously received the correct size for us (127mm) we missed that information apparently given. WEB BLINDS are totally inflexible about returns (they do admittedly say this in Terms & Conditions) as their products are made to order. So we have wasted over £50. They say that if we return them they would have to put them straight in the bin (rather doubt that!) but even if they did of course the cost to them is a fraction of that £50+. Their very 'nice', but pathetic, customer service department tell us 'they can not ask the customer all the possible questions when a customer orders'!!. True of course - but just how basic a question is checking a width required (when only 2 are made anyway!!), to make CERTAIN the customer has this right? We will never order from them again obviously. We appreciate that the blame CAN indeed be laid at our door for not knowing to ask all the right questions BUT they are the 'blinds experts' not us let's face it. SO, IN SUMMARY, USE WEB BLINDS ONLY IF YOU ARE 100% CERTAIN THAT YOU KNOW EVERY SINGLE PART OF YOUR ORDER INFORMATION IS CORRECT & THAT YOU HAVE DEFINITELY THOUGHT OF EVERY QUESTION YOU COULD POSSIBLY NEED TO KNOW THE ANSWER TO BECAUSE YOU ...
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