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One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (Special Edition) (DVD) 25/09/2006

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (Special Edition)

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (Special Edition) (DVD) Randle Patrick McMurphy (Jack Nicholson) is a small time criminal and thinks he can get out of doing work while in prison by pretending to be insane. His plan backfires when he is sent to a mental asylum. At the mental institution, a brash McMurphy rallies the patients together to take on the authoritarian Nurse Ratched. Ratchet has suppressed and institutionalized the inmates, yet McMurphy wants to rebel. He tries to excite the asylum a bit by playing card games and basketball with his fellow inmates, but the head nurse is after him at every turn. A unique bond forms between McMurphy and the other patients as well as the link between McMurphy and Ratched. After a twisting story line I found the ending to be satisfying and a nice way to end a very good film, I will not spoil the end for you here though.The Film is entertaining and well written throughout and Nicholson delivers and excellent performance really capturing the character perfectly, for which he deservedly achieved an academy award. The special edition DVD here is really worth buying, it contains the following: 1. Commentary by: director Milos Forman and producers Michael Douglas and Saul Zaentz I found this very interesting and entertaining, providing some insightful points about the film. Michael Douglas produced the film and was originally going to cast his dad Kirk as McMurphy before deciding he was a little old for the role and opted for the younger Nicholson, an excellent choice. 2. "The Making of ...

The Rock (DVD) 24/09/2006

The Rock - Deluxe Edition

The Rock (DVD) In this exciting action film directed by Michael Bay and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, Nicholas Cage plays a chemical weapons expert, Dr Stanley Goodspeed. When ex marine General Hummel (Ed Harris) steals rockets filled with VX poison gas and takes over Alcatraz prison Dr Stanley Goodspeed (Cage) is called in due to his expert knowledge in the field. Firstly they need to break in to Alcatraz to manually disarm each rocket. John Patric Mason (Sean Connery) is the only man to has surrived the escape from the infamous prison and is released to help break them in. Mason was jailed for life for stealing secrets such as the truth behine the JFK assasination. A rocky road is ahead on the island and a exciting and twisting story line keeps the audience entertained from start to finish. Superb acting and casting makes this film what it is, a fantastic movie. The deluxe edition bursting at the seems with extras for lovers of the film. Disc 1: Audio Commentary with Nicholas Cage, containing comments from other members of the cast, director and producer. Disc 2: On the Range with the Navy Seals Dos and Don'ts of Hollywood Gunplay "The Rock" on Movie Magic Secrets of Alcatraz Special Effects: The Dive Sequence Outtakes Jerry Bruckheimer Interview (15 Mins) These extras provide an interesting and insightful look into an alredy 136 min film. A loved this film and extras and would reccommend them to new viewers to the film and exisiting lovers alike wanting to ...

Good Will Hunting (DVD) 22/09/2006

Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting (DVD) Gus Van Sant has directed a beautiful and touching piece of art in this master piece of a film. Set in Boston at M.I.T, Will Hunting (Matt Daemon) is troubled, angry young man working as a cleaner in the university. When the mathematics professor puts a challenge of a proof on the black borad Will sovles it with ease and continues with the more difficult ones. When the professor finds out who the mysterious mathematician is he wants to employ Will. The problem is that Will is a bit of a tear-away and is not interested in using his emense talent. After commiting crimes and losing his job Will is ordered by the courts, when he defends himself, to help the professor and see a councillor (Robin Williams). Traumatic times are ahead, yet an unexpected bond forms between the two. Minnie-Driver entertains us with an excellent performance as the love interest of Will. Ben Affleck, playing the part of Wills drop out friend plays the character perfectly and adds a nice toch to the film. This is a tale of friendships, genius and adversity and provides a thoroughly entertaining 126 mins of film. The excellent storyline and powerful cast will entertain and touch you. Robin Willaims was rewarded for his fantastic, moving performance with an Oscar for best supporting actor. I Highly reccommend this film and would say it is one of the best i have ever seen. A Classic, i cannot fault it. ...

The Shawshank Redemption (DVD) 22/09/2006

The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption (DVD) A thrilling and emotional experience, The Shawshank Redemption is a powerful and moving film and is a true classic. A lesson in over coming adversity and maintaining hope even when it seems as all is gone. The film is an adaption of the Stephen King novel: Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. The film centres around Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) who is convicted of murdering his wife and her lover. Andy Dufresne is innocent of the crime yet all the evidence indicated he is guilty. Conived to two life sentences Dufresne is sent to Shawshank prison, where he meets and becomes friends with Red (Morgan Freeman). The majority of the film is set in the prison and the experinces of Dufresne, both good and bad, and his friendships and jobs. Without giving too much of the plot away there is a somewhat happy and satisfying end to this real emotional rollercoaster of a film. The 142 minute film displays fantastic and moving performances by Robbins and Freeman, making the film the true master piece of a film. The well written storyline has many exciting plots and twists yet retaining the integrity of this touching film. Frank Darabont directed the film and has been meticulos with details. Many people quote this film as being their favourite of all time and my experience of the film believes this to be true. I reccommmend this film in the highest possible terms. Every time you watch this film it remains a classic, i cannot fault it.

A Few Good Men (DVD) 21/09/2006

A Few Good Men

A Few Good Men (DVD) An absolutly brilliant film. A real twisting and facinating plot that will have you glued to the very end. A military courtroom drama, provide high levels of tension and massive performances from start to finish. Four excellent actors: Jack Nicholson ,Tom Cruise, Demi Moore and Kevin Bacon set this film alight with their dazzeling perfomances. The film is based around a murder trial invoving one of the soldiers in cuba. There are mysterious circumstances around the death and suspicions of a "code red" from the orders of Jessop (Nicholson), Criuse, moore and bacon are all lawyers involved with the case. The remarkable acting and stroy line makes this film compulsive viewing and a real must see. A motivating and exciting film all the way through culminates in a famous powerful scene with Nicholson providing the performance of a life time. A beautifully written and acted film, you will not be disappointed. This collectors edition 132 minutes and also has many special featues, such as: code of conduct documentary, from stage to screen, commenary with director, trailer, filmographies and animated menus. I reccommend this film in the highest possible terms.

Die Hard Trilogy (DVD) 21/09/2006

Die Hard - Triolgy

Die Hard Trilogy (DVD) Bruce Willis stars in all three of this excellent box set. The first film is a true thiller and as in all the films is set at christmas time. maclain (Willis) is trying to defeat germany terrorists who have sezed control of a tower block in LA, the only cop on the inside maclain has to save the day. A fantastic action film and a real must see. The secon film is the weakest of the triology but still provides excellent entertainment and is very well made. This time the setting is an airport again with a terrorist plot. The third film is back ot the high standard of the first and also includes the highly acclaimed actors, Jeremy Irons and Samuel L Jackson. Set in New York, the chief terrorist (Irons) plays a cat and omuse game of simon says with the two pawns maclain and zeus (Jackson). A real rollercoaster will have you on the edge of your set the whole way through, anothre must see. I highly reccommend this fantastic set of films.

The Terminator Trilogy (DVD) 21/09/2006

Terminator Trilogy

The Terminator Trilogy (DVD) The first in this brilliant box set is a thrilling, exciting film that will have you on edge until the end. Arnie is perfectly suited to play the terminator providing a superb performance. This film is still an excellent watch today dispite the age of it. The second film in the triolgy is simply fantastic, maybe the best film i have ever seen. An exceptional story line, outstanding casting and acting provides a tremendous and thoroughly entertaining experience. A truly must see. The third film i felt was a dissapointment. Whilsty still being entertaining it did not nearly live up to the quality of the first and second films. The story line is not as strong and the casting and acting is weaker (along with many more cheesy line). Dispite this still worth watching but you may not be in a hurry to view again. An excellent trilogy and a true classic. This fantastic set of films comes with my strong recommendation.
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