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Acer ICONIA Tab W500 32 GB 26/05/2011

Acer Iconia...I salute that laptop!

Acer ICONIA Tab W500 32 GB I have just bought an Acer W500 and it works well. The W500 is made up of two distinct elements: the 10.1 in Windows 7 tablet and the removable keyboard dock cleverly designed to fit perfectly together into the shape of a net book when closed for carrying. Rather than opening upwards like a laptop, the two segments simply come apart in your hands – a surprise that caused as I was opening it for the first time. A small handle on the front edge of the keyboard holds the two parts together like a traditional laptop lid, and as a whole it feels about as thick and weighty as a netbook which is a small price to pay for such flexibility Also, the design of the tablet and its docking are out of my expectation, its design is stylish and well built with fine material. So I have both tablet and netbook for the price of just one device! For those users who only use tablets, there are many cheap tablets on market for them. But if you want a tablet also for business usage or working in addition to consuming content, W500 is the best choice by far I think. My only problem with this model is that Windows 7 simply isn't designed for tablets. The icons look so small considering the size of screen and I don't think making the icons lager for 10.1 " helps much. Finally the battery can go for more than five hours which is okay for a tablet and the screen resolution is decent enough, with even brightness and good viewing angles.

Leighton Denny Juicy Fruity 26/05/2011

Leighton Denny Nail Polish is absolutely stunning!

Leighton Denny Juicy Fruity I recently ordered this product Online after seeing it on Lisa Aldridge video. I love the colour range my favourite being juicy Lucy. I bought the whole package from Base Coat to the Top Coat which is a good idea as it leaves the nails protected; the shine is kept to a minimum, nothing dull or shoddy just sheer Class. When it dries you can feel the cold from it which means that is locking the entire colour. I loved the packaging; very beautiful. Colour, opaqueness, shine and packaging all get a 5 star from me. If you have to buy nail polish make it this one. it comes in a little stylish box and it's great for the handbag when you are on the go .It’s also hygienic, practical and makes your nails top notch . I also noticed that the base coat comes out with the remover unlike most base coats. The only down side is that it chips off a little fast (compared to Chanel) ...

Urban Healing Spa Therapy Anti Age Eye Contour Cream 26/05/2011

Best option for anti ageing?

Urban Healing Spa Therapy Anti Age Eye Contour Cream After hearing about Urban healing spa therapy anti age eye contour cream a couple months ago, my mother and her two lady friends couldn't wait to get their hands on one and try it. It's been four month now and I thought I could share their experience on the product with you. A good product should be one that lives up to your expectations in terms of its product features.I will therefore rate the according to the following five qualities of a good skin care product in relation to my friends opinion: 1. Customer satisfaction The cream really does is it hides those ugly wrinkles and moisturizes your skin so you can achieve a more beautiful face. My mum and her friends do look ten ears younger. Although one of them was sceptical since her wrinkles started reappearing after a few weeks of not using the product 2. Recommended by Dermatologists My mum was referred to the product by a dermatologist and all friends can testify that it revitalizes their skin and reduces the signs of aging by significantly diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 3. The safety of the product In my opinion the product is safe as it is rich in natural minerals and plants. 4. The Price It only costs £9 which is cheaper than most anti ageing creams 5. Clinical studies Recent developments in the skin care industry have shown that Crithmum Maritimum ( a component used in the product) does indeed detoxify the skin and help improve skin elasticity. ...
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