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Annihilation Of The Wicked - Nile 07/01/2006

Egyptian Death Metal!!!

Annihilation Of The Wicked - Nile This band has been recognized as one of the best death metal bands in the world at the moment. They combine the basic elements of the death metal genre, combine it with egyptian history and mythology and out comes some of the best music you would have heard in this genre in a while! The band have a very good understanding of their instruments and music in general because some of the music is amazingly well written, and has obviously taken time and care. They are the Beethoven's of Death Metal. They craft a unique sound wich is instantly recognizable that of egyptian sounding chord's and lead passages combined to create a very epic sound. On the album the band use an array of different instruments to gain that egyptian sound. Dusk Falls Upon the Temple of the Serpent on the Mount of Sunrise (0.51)-Instruemntal, this has a very oriental sound to it and symbolizes the end of the egyptian empire as a setting of the sun. This shows the band's diversity in playing their instruments, and is also a very good introduction to the next song. Rating: 8/10-a very melodic relaxing tune before the storm! Cast Down The Heretic (5.45)-This is the one song you believe to be the weak link on this album, but in fact after listening to it over and over you'll realize how amazingly well written it is. It starts with thundering guitar riff's and blasting drums with the vocals being a low pitch growl. The real highlight of the song is the guitar solo's-easily the best on the album, and they ...

Boss Wah Pedal PW-10 07/01/2006

A wah pedal for the 21st century player

Boss Wah Pedal PW-10 The Boss Pw-10 Wah pedal is the first of it's kind, offering 6 different wah settings, distortion and overdrive effects, 3 digital memories and many other little extra's all wrapped up in a tiny pedal. This is a stunning new wah pedal wich is aimed at any guitar player for it is very versatile. The pedal is very easy to start off with, the knobs and controls are extremely easy to figure out with simple instructions printed on the back of the pedal and more details in the manual. The pedal has many features wich I have already mentioned wich are: 8 Distortion/Overdrive effects 6 Different wah effects Advanced Infared Pedal Detection A new 'Voice' effect New 'Double Resonance mode' New Uni V effect 3 digital memories and a range knob This is a very cool pedal to have as I have found out recently, normally you would have to buy separate wah pedals and distortion/overdrive pedals for your guitar but this pedal not only combines them for a reasonable price (Got mine for £100) but it models the overdrive/distortion and the wah models on already famous versions including the vox wah, morley wah and various distortion/overdrive pedals. It's basically like a model amp but for your wah and overdrive instead. Once you plug this baby in it also delivers an insanely clear tone through your amp wich is why I use it so much-hardly ever for the wah and distortion but for the tone this thing produces! I recently bought a new amplifier (Line 6 spider ii 210) and even that ...

Epitaph - Necrophagist 07/01/2006

Its like Vai or Satriani playing death metal!

Epitaph - Necrophagist This is one band that once I heard, being a musician, I instantly loved. They are so talented and gifted individuals to be playing such brutal complicated music at such a fast pace! This is the bands second big release and is a cut above the first, the evil technical sound the guitars produce and supported by the fierce growls and constant double bass poundings. Stabwound (2.50)- This opening onslaught launches you straight into the deep-end of their technical prowess the singer/guitarist (Muhammed Suicmez) plays all this whilst singing wich I couldnt believe to be honest! This is only a short song but it tells you everything you need to know about the band and the album-Ridiculously good! Rating: 9/10 The Stillborn One (4.24)-This is a slower song yet still very heavy, yet the guitarists still get to show off their skills even at the slower pace playing some demonic chords and lead passages. The song has a very evily seductive sound to it wich lures you into the slow pace but then unexpectedly it launches into a freight train, notes flying all over the place wich the double bass pounding away wich deathly growls accompanying them. The solo is ridiculously good as you'd expect but it'll still blow your mind at how good these men are at playing their instruments! Rating: 9/10 Ignominous & Pale (4.01)-This starts up the pace again but sounding eerily similar to the last track 'Symbiotic In Theory', the guitar lines and drumming is extremely well done and their is ...

Ashes of the Wake (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Lamb of God 28/09/2005

Remorse Is For The Dead!

Ashes of the Wake (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Lamb of God This is Lamb Of God's most recent album, realeased in 2004. The band play a unique brand of death metal, with an amazing line up of talent within the band: Randy Blythe: Lead Vocals Willie Adler: Guitar Mark Morton: Guitar John Campbell: Bass Chris Adler: Drums Laid To Rest (3.50) This song has a terrifying intro! The guitars are straight into their routine and full off an amazing riff. The intro verse has a very 'Children Of Bodom' feel about it and worked well with the first guitar riff. The constant semi-pinch harmoinics sounded much better than the full pinch harmonic would have, and I'm sure the bane were aware of that. The vocals here are very aggressive and work well with the band's whole aggressive attitude. The drumming on this track are amazing also, in constant unison with teh guitar's, showing the band are very tight and play well together. The interlude to this song is very heavy and one of the best they've written. Rating: 10/10 Hourglass (4.00) This song has a very typicall Lamb Of God riff, with a lot of twisted notes and triplets in it. The guitar's tone is perfect, and I love the way both guitarist's switch from both playing, to one playing and the other coming in later, wich gives a nice effect. The lyrics and vocals here are excellent again and fit the song perfectly. The interlude here is amazing, with the first guitar playing the lower rhythm and the second coming in later and playing an amazing harmony, wich sound's absolutley stunning. The ...

Ride The Lightning - Metallica 27/09/2005

Metallica shock us with this electrifying album!

Ride The Lightning - Metallica Metallica's second album 'Ride The Lightning' showed that Metallica where here to stay for the long run. The album still has the band's original thrashy feel about it, but there's a new blend of heavyness to this album also. Fight Fire With Fire (4.44) The classical rhythm to start us off, is beautifully written and is well made to fit for an intro to song. It was the calm before the storm, you realize, once the heavy punding riffing crashes in. This riff is one of the heaviest of Metallica's career, with both Hetfield and Hammet, using some very low end riff delivered at a million miles per hour. The vocals have improved slightly from the 'Kill 'em All' album, and show's that Hetfield's voice has matured a lot. The solo here is very melodic and very fast! It fits into the whole thrashy feel of the song perfectly, giving it an even more thrashy feel. Rating: 8/10 Ride The Lightning (6.37) This, the title track, has one of the best intro's on the whole album. The high pitched burst of guitar, followed by a thrashy riff, and steady drums is a perfect intro. As Hetfield's vocal's pierce through the guitar's, you notice his quite high pitched singing, but it's not like the singing of 'Axl Rose', because it has a very twisted feel to it, wich I love about this man's vocals. To be honest you couldnt imagine Metallica with a different vocalist. The interlude here is stunning, some very fast guitar work followed by a really melodic tapping solo, wich I loved. Rating: ...

As the Palaces Burn - Lamb of God 26/09/2005

Not your ordinary lamb of god!

As the Palaces Burn - Lamb of God This band formed early 1990, have worked really hard to get where they are. They are one of the leading death metal band's around at the moment, and their musical talent is unsurpassed. They released this album (their second), in 2003. The band line up as follow's: Randy Blythe: Lead Vocals Willie Adler: Guitar Mark Morton: Guitar John Campbell: Bass Chris Adler: Drums Ruin (3.54) This is the first song on the album, and it launches you straight into the deep end! The guitars, dropped to a D tuning really give the band a heavy feel to them. The opening riff repeat's quite alot, but there are some variation's wich work well. The verse riff is probably the best variation. The drumming on this song is sublime, with the drummer being one of the best in the buisness! Some may not like this vocalist, but he really lead's the band forward, his vocal's are what draw's your attention. That is until the guitars start that interlude! The solo is well worked also, normally in this genre band's wont play guitar solo's, but the band have gotten away with this one. Rating: 9/10 Purified (3.10) This has a full on guitar assault of an intro! The guitarists for this band are very well educated in the genre they play in, and play some very original riff's. The drumming again is amazing, always on cue and leading the way through this steamtrain of a song. I like the lyrics to this song, and how the vocalist manages to keep up all that growling! It really sound's like it's destroying ...

Cowboys from Hell - Pantera 26/09/2005

Cowboys from hell!!!!!!!!!!

Cowboys from Hell - Pantera Pantera! An amazing metal band from Southern America, boasting the legandary DimeBag Darrell (R.I.P) on guitar! The sheer musical genius of this man is unbelievable. This album has most of the bands best works, and most memorable songs! Cowboys From Hell (4.07) This is a classic pantera song, starting off with the repeating open E string, Dimebag plays a lead over the top. The classic pantera rhythm smashes in, with Dimebag's amazing tone giving the band a unique sound. The singing here is amazing, I really like this singer and this song really does him justice. The solo fits in perfectly, with Dimebag showing off his fine skills with the solo, and the harmonic drenched interlude wich follow's. Rating: 10/10 Primal Concrete Sledge (2.13) This main riff is really heavy, with Dimebag playin a simple but effective piece. The drums are repetative double-bass wich fit perfect with the guitar riff's. The singing here isnt as good but it doesnt ruin the song. Dimebag then plays a lead/rhythm piece wich is very well composed and gives a nice twist. This song is one of the shortest at just 2.13, and would have been better if it was longer. Rating: 8/10 Psycho Holiday (5.19) The intro here is strange, some repeating banging noise? Anyway moving on, Dimebag starts this one off with another trademark riff, heavy to start with and then sticking some lead in with it. I really like Dimebags guitar style on this album, and this riff is one of his best. The singing is back to it's ...

Horror Show - Iced Earth 26/09/2005

Iced Earth-Horror Show!

Horror Show - Iced Earth Iced Earth are back again, the accomplished heavy metalers are back with this 'Horror Show'. This album features a lot of great song's and a couple of classic's. Transylvania (4.25) This, an instrumental piece, is a fast barrage of fast riffing and amazing lead's. I was very impressed by the first riff wich gives this song a bit of a thrash feel to it. The second riff was stunning, and absolute classic riff, and the lead wich was played after it was incredible. This song goes to show the guitarist's wholesome supply of classic riff's. The solo was nice and bluesy and worked well with the earlier lead riff. Rating: 10/10 The Phantom Opera Ghost (8.40) A very operatic feel to the start of this song, a nicely played classical/acoustic riff. kicks the distortion, the drums and bass and away we go! The guitars play some fantasic rhythm on this song, and the drummer loves his double-bass. The singer has perfect vocal's as usual, and they have a guest woman singer also, wich gives a nice feel to the song, gives it that operatic feel. There are some weird effect's used in the interlude wich I rather liked. Rating: 8/10 Dracula (5.53) A nice acoustic ballad, and soft vocal's start this song off, very melodic and easy to listen to. Then out of nowhere the metal kicks in, and the screeching vocals! There's some nicely played rhythm played here, but it's the drums that caught my attention, the rythm and double-bass was awsome! The vocal's were a bit annoying here, ...

Rust in Peace - Megadeth 26/09/2005

Megadeth aint gonna rust in peace!

Rust in Peace - Megadeth Megadeth-one of the most accomplished heavy metallers in the buisness, released this album in 1990. This is by far their best album. The band have had many changes but the line up in this album was: Dave Mustaine (vocals, guitar), David Ellefson (bass), Marty Friedman (guitars), Nick Menza (drums). This is a true thrash masterpiece and probably the best thrash metal album of all time, 'Master Of Puppets' and 'Reign In Blood' by Metallica and Slayer close behind. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due (6.36) This song is trully amazing, the guitars galloping first riff, and the perfectly worked lead work amazingly well together. Mustaine's sarcastic singing voice then come's in singing about how pointless orgonized religion is and about endless holy wars. Then Friedman plays a beautiful acoustic solo out of nowhere wich fits brilliantly into the song. Then next a powerfull interlude, and many solo's courtesy of Friedman and Mustaine. The last line of the song is classic 'next thing you know, they'll take my thoughts away', absolutley classic! Rating: 10/10 Hangar 18 (5.14) This is a guitar infested riot. The chord rhythm intro is very well written and the lead/verse sounds amazing and very original. The first solo here is very well written and very fast. The bass and drums are good but there seem's almost no point to them once the guitars start on their galloping sprint to the finish solos. The lyrics here are very good also, singing about hangar 18, area 51, and the supposed ...

Alive or Just Breathing - Killswitch Engage 26/09/2005


Alive or Just Breathing - Killswitch Engage Killswitch Engage are an amazing band, emerging from America, killswitch are the most well known Hardcore/Metalcore band on the planet. This album really set them on their way. Numbered Days (3.35) A classic start to this album, very heavy guitar's and teh vocalist growling 'The time approaches!', indeed it does! This may not really be the best song they've written but it's give us the whole vibe of the album. A brutal attack of screeching guitar's and angry vocals. Rating: 7/10 Self Revolution (3.08) This is one of my favorites, an absolutley amazing intro rhythm to the song, and some good vocals. I really like the chorus, where the vocalist sing's rather than growls and it makes this song much easier to listen to. But you will learn to love the growling part's because it'll get your head banging! There is a high quality of music in this song, where it is obvious the band has taken care in writing this song. Rating: 9/10 Fixation On The Darkness (3.37) What a classic opening riff! this is the best known song the band have written, and I'm sure you'll recognize this one if you havnt heard it already. The guitar's have a menacing vibe about them, screeching pinch harmonics and smashing the chords out. You can also clearly hear the drumming lead the way in this one, there are some nice fills and rhythm played. I also liked the lyrics of this song and the vocalist's singing/growling and how he switched between them both. Rating: 10/10 My Last Serenade (4.13) This ...

Leviathan - Mastodon 26/09/2005

Mastodon are back again!

Leviathan - Mastodon Mastodon are back with this, their third album. This album has received critical acclaim, and was hailed as the best metal album of last year. The band have based this album on the story of Moby Dick. Blood And Thunder (3.48) This powerhouse of a song, start's with an amazing riff, very memorable and very powerfull. The double guitar's and the drum fill's work almost perfectly together as the band spread their genius onto this song. The vocals may not be to everybody's taste but the lyrics are something to behold. There is a nice interlude at the end of the song aswel wich gives the song a nice twist. Rating: 9/10 I Am Ahab (2.45) Yet again Mastodon deliver an effective riff, you can clearly hear the drums in the background wich lead the way in this song. There are a number of time changes and the riffs seem complex, but it all add's to the genius of this band. The interlude is very melodic and works well with the rest of the song. The vocals here are very loud, and sound as if a bear has taken controll of that microphone. Rating: 9/10 Seabeast (4.15) This has a very twisted feel to it, the guitars start off playing arpeggiated chords, and then the lead comes in with a very well written piece. This song is one of the best written on the album. The vocals change in this song, they start with a bit of a moany cry sort of singing, and then in the chorus the growling comes in, I liked the different styles of singing they used here and thought it was quite effective. ...

Kill 'Em All - Metallica 26/09/2005

The Four Horsemen arrive at last!

Kill 'Em All - Metallica Kill 'Em All 1983, Megaforce Well here we go, the start of this incredible band's career. This album is just pure thrash metal a genre this band created along with the likes of Slayer and Anthrax. This album launched Metallica into the limelight and this is the album that brough the public's attention to this trully talented band. Hit The Light's (4.17) This is an amazing start to the album, 100mph of thrash choas. The slightly bluesy riffing set Metallica's tone for the next couple of years. The impossibly quick solo's Hammet pulls out of his bag are amazing and really shows what Metallica can do! This track hits you full force if your face, and knocks you flat on your arse! Rating: 9/10 The Four Horsemen (7.13) The longest track on the album, but its seven minutes of razor sharp riffing with amazing time changes at every corner. The Lyrics here are very well written and Hetfield's vocal's work amazingly well with the music. Hammet's solo's again are amazing, but more melodic and controlled. The interlude here is something to die for, and amazing piece or work on the whole. Rating: 10/10 Motorbreath (3.08) This, a tribute to their favorite band, the legendary Motorhead. This brings us straight back to the speed, and the sole agression the band have. Hetfield's lyrics in this song are telling us 'this is how I live my life' and are telling us to fu*k off if we dont like it! Rating: 7/10 Jump In The Fire (4.41) This is probably one of the lesser track's ...

Surfing With The Alien [Remastered] - Joe Satriani 26/09/2005

Satch's back with this stomper!

Surfing With The Alien [Remastered] - Joe Satriani Satch is indeed back, with yet another fine album, and yet again thankfully no singing! This is one of his better album's, really technical, and well written. This album contains some of Joe's best known work. Here we go then, the album list: Surfing With The Alien (4.25) The album track, and probably one of his best known song's. This song is reverred in the guitar world as it's pure technical prowess and songwriting skills outmatch most other guitarists. It's a nice heavy tune, wich launches us staraight into the action, Joe gives us a nice heavy riff before blasting in with his fantastic tone and a lead riff. The solo here show's us exactly what Joe's made of, and to be honest i think he's on speed cos there's no way anyone can play that fast! Rating:10/10 Ice 9 (3.59) One of my favorite's, an amazing rhythm part, and a really melodic lead. The rhythm is really funky and the lead works well with that. The solo on this song is probably my favorite because Joe uses a lot of different effects, and I love the way his tone changes halfway through the solo. Here we can see how well Joe can use the whammy bar with a really weird effect to finish off the solo. Rating:10/10 Crsuhing Day (5.14) This song has one of the best rhythm part's I've ever heard by Satch, and the lead also is also something to envy. His tone on this song is well crafted, you can see he's taken great care in this song to get everything sounding perfect, and quite frankly, it does! The solo is ...

Extremist - Joe Satriani 26/09/2005

The Extremist strikes again!!

Extremist - Joe Satriani Well here we go, another Satch album but thankfully no singing! This album probably contains satch's best work to date, with 'surfing with the alien' following closely behind. Joe starts this album off with a nice mellow and chillout song in FRIENDS (3.27) a very easy song to get you into the mood of the album. Joe delivers (yet again) a nice lead riff over a relaxing rhythm part. The solo Joe plays in this one is very bluesy and more melodic, rather than his usual super speedy solo's. Rating: 8/10 The Extremist (3.42) is the next track and the album title. Well what can you say? and absolutley amazing rhythm part played here with an astonishing lead played with the fantastic boogie groove and tone he always has. A very nice worked harmonica solo ties in with Joe's beautiful solo here, this track deserves the to be the title track. Rating: 10/10 War (5.46) is a wah infected anthem, it has a bit of a techno feel to it, and the leads are nicely orchestrated with that. There is a very nice use of chorus and doubling the guitar sound to create the illusion of more than 1 guitar. Satch loves his solo's and he goes off on a blistering one in this song, using his amazing legato technique and his trusty wah effectively. Rating: 10/10 Cryin' (5.42) is a slower song to cool down to after the blistering 'War'. It's a very emotional song as you can hear through Joe's guitar work. In this song you can really see how well Joe can show emotion through his guitar. Rating: ...

Monty Python - The Best Of Monty Python's Flying Circus (Box Set) (DVD) 25/09/2005

Monty Python: Best Of Flying Circus

Monty Python - The Best Of Monty Python's Flying Circus (Box Set) (DVD) Wel what can I say? The Monty Python trully are legend's, and this dvd has all of their best bit's off their tv show Monty Python's Flying Circus. This dvd is a collection of the wittiest, funniest and best python sketches there are. This dvd is the best way to capture all of those python moments. There are plently of sketches featured on this 3 disc box set. The sketches are taken from monty python volume 1, 2 and 3, and includes clips from all the four season's and hit series. Some of the sketches featured are: The legendary 'Dead Parrot Skecth' The 'Cheese Shop Sketch', and The 'Argument Sketch'. This dvd was well worth buying, because I could keep all those funny Monty Python moment on 3 dvd's instead of having to go out and buy all the season box set's and all the other individual dvd's. This box set allowed me easy access to my favorite monty python sketches! I recommend this very highly, and any monty python fan out there should own this!
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