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Road Angel Navigator 7000 20/08/2007

Road test the Road Angel before you buy

Road Angel Navigator 7000 In a nutshell I fully agree with the other reviews on this site. I previously have used Tom Tom both on an Ipac and subsequently 'stand alone' and found them both to be far superior to Road Angel. I recently changed jobs and the Road Angel came with the car and not wishing to be negative I have given it as thorough a testing as possible and positively worn the instructions to parchment. In summary it is not intuitive, the battery life is poor and gives 'battery critically low' notices after 2.5 hours and there is no option to choose 'written details' of the planned route. I have averaged 45k miles per annum all over the UK for the last few years and with my first sat nav I really felt I had made a quantum leap from road maps; using the Road Angel after Tom Tom feels like I am going backwards again as I keep having to refer to the AA Atlas ! I will be speaking to the boss tomorrow and putting in a request for a replacement
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