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Tony Hawk's Underground (PS2) 18/03/2012

Tony Hawk's Underground- A Classic in my opinion.

Tony Hawk's Underground (PS2) In my opinion this game is a classic. I would spend hours apon hours playing this game when i was younger and play it every now and then still today.StorylineThe storyline is very good. The storyline starts off with you and your best friend Eric who live in a dump of a town and just want a shot at being somebody in the world of skateboarding. As the story progresses Eric betrays you. As you both rise to the top it ends with a final PRIVATE faceoff to see who really is the best skateboarder. Gameplay Story mode, The story mode in this game is the storyline i decribed before with many fun and challenging goals. You can pick from a few different story mode diffiuculties as well. Also in story mode you are free to skate around and do whatever you want as well as improve you skater's stats.Singleplayer- Singeplayer mode lets you pick any of the maps you have unlocked and free skate around in them as well as do high score run and other fun minigames.2 player. The 2 player is awesome. This slit screen game mode lets you free skate with one of your friends as well as play dozens of fun minigames such as king of the hill, highscore, Tagging (i think thats what it was called) and alot more. These minigames are fun and challenging as well as very competitive. I had great memories of playing 2 player with my brother all day.Create/Play Goals- This lets you create goals- the goals aren't too advanced and is usally, collect the skate or combo letters and you get to choose where to put them ...

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Xbox 360) 18/03/2012

Skyrim- game of the year

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Xbox 360) The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim was one of the best games of the year and is very addictive. Skyrim is a Rpg game with amazing graphics/sound and a fabulous story line. There are practicly infinite quests and dungeons to explore and neverending fun. questingAfter you complete the main storyline/quest you would think the game is done. Not in skyrim. After you complete the main quest you a free to roam around and do whatever you please and ATTEMPT to complete all of the side quests.levelingthe leveling in this game is awesome. In a nutshell, There are skills such as blocking smithing mining sneaking and many many more. When you level up those skills it gives you more xp. That xp is used to level up (if that makes sense) there are levels within levels. gameplaySkyrim has amamzing graphics and sound. The characters and npcs are very detailed. The world is also endless. The controls in the game vary. You can play as advanced as you want. Controls are either simple or complex. The one thing i do not like is the loading screens. the loading screens are very long and in some circumstances you have to walk through many rooms and deal with many loading screens. I feel like the whole game was a loading screen. 18/03/2012 is NOT a scam is yet another way to get free stuff by taking surveys. Many people think these sites are scams but the truth is does work. On the other hand i do not think it is worth it. It took me about a week to make 8 bucks which i used to buy a micro sd card set and on top of that it gave my computer a virus.NavigationThe site is very difficult to navigate. The site sends you to the websites of the survey. Many of the sites are very confusing and do not work. Every once in a while you find a survey that works. Also the points you get for taking surveys do not transfer over very quickly. Sometimes it takes a few hours and sometimes you never get your points. It is not easy to do and took me a week to make enough points to select a "decent" prizePrizesThe site provides good prizes but in the long run will take way to long to get an out of this world prize. However it is not a scam. When i chose my prize i expected it to never come and one day i was checking the mail and was shocked that it actually came.

Schwarzkopf got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray 18/03/2012

Gotsb Glued Spray

Schwarzkopf got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray This Spray is one of the strongest sprays you can possibly buy today. It is a very strong spray that stays in your hair all day and is easy to remove when you take a shower. This spray is great for you if you like to spike up your hair or like to have goth/emo style hair. It is also great for keeping your hair down. This spray will not dissapoint you and it is very inexpensive. You can buy it practiclly anywhere (walmart, cvs, target, even some grocery stores.Disadventagesalthough the spray has many advantages there are a few disadventages. The spray is quite messy because it is very sticky. When you use it you usually have to wash your hands after. Also the can gets clogged pretty easy because it is practicly glue.Overall it is a great product and i highly reccomend it.

Minecraft (PC) 16/03/2012


Minecraft (PC) In case you have not heard about minecraft, Minecraft is a simulation/free roam game thats lets you expresss you creativity either online or single player. There are two types of game modes in minecraft. Survival and Creative mode. In survival mode you explore the randomnly generated map, use resources such as wood, dirt, stone and much more to create weapons, tools and building materials. Explore deep underground in mines or unveal many of minecrafts secrets. In creative mod you get unlimited resoruces and are free to fly around and build whatever your imagination can think of. The are no boundries to stifle your creativity. You are free to do whatever you want to. Minecraft is also that has hundreds of avaible mods that are easy to install and allow you to explore and build more. Minecraft is a game that will never dissapoint. The game gives you hours,days,weeks of fun. You will never run out of things to do in minecraft. If you have not bought minecraft yet go and do it now you will not regret it. i have been playing minecraft for about a year now and have no been dissatisfied with it. It is truly a remarkable and amazing game.

ASUS N53SN S1280V 16/03/2012

Asus N53sn

ASUS N53SN S1280V I just recently purchased this laptop and so far i love it. The laptop runs great and i am able to play many games on it which is the reason i bought the laptop. The laptop also has very high quality (and loud!) speakers. The laptop is also sleek and stylish and looks just like stainless steel. This laptop is a great deal if you buy it from Bj's or Sam's club. The only problem i have had with it is the fact that I'm not to fond of the keyboard and my E key works 9/10 times. If your looking for a good laptop for gaming and media this laptop will not disappoint you. It is very quiet and has great performance. I would highly recommend this laptop.
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