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Nokia X6 16GB 19/10/2010

Nokia X6 - Stylish and Functional!

Nokia X6 16GB Having dropped my previous phone down the toilet (needless to say it wasn’t too happy about this), and being fed up of using my age old spare phone, I decided that it was time for me to invest in a new mobile telephone device. After a week of research into the various makes and models available, I made a split second decision to get the new Nokia X6. I have now had the phone for three months, and have to say I am impressed. The X6 is a touch screen phone, which unlike previous Nokias, is a capacitive touch screen, as opposed to resistive. This in essence makes typing and such like much easier and smoother, giving results that you would only normally gain with a physical keypad. The touch screen is very responsive, you only have to touch it very lightly, which is obviously a bonus, as some phones out there you have to almost hit the screen to get it to respond. The screen also claims to be scratch resistant, however, despite treating my phone with the upmost care, I had managed to scratch the screen slightly within 2 weeks. So be warned, don’t put it in the same pocket as your keys! (Goes without saying I know, but I made the mistake anyway) One bonus/slightly annoying feature (depending what you’re trying to do) is the accelerometer sensor, basically meaning the phone knows which way up it is. If you turn the phone to the side, the display will rotate. This is great for when looking at photos, browsing the web or using the built in sat nav, but becomes a bit of a pain when ...

Samsung Digimax D103 14/05/2008

Digimax D103 - WOW!

Samsung Digimax D103 After his camera broke whilst in Florida, my step dad bought a Samsung Digimax D103. He bought it mainly because it boasts 10.1 mega pixels, which produces a really good picture. I used this camera on a recent holiday to Lake Garda and I am very impressed with it. The Features The camera has many different features which I have listed below: 10.1 Megapixels Optical 3x Zoom Large 2.5" LCD Easy Grip ISO 1000 Powerful movie functions (MPEG-4 VGA 30fps) 4cm Macro & Auto macro Manual Functions User-friendly "Effect" button Quick Print button A full range of features and technical information can be found at the Samsung website: bmenu=2#tabs The Samsung website also says that the camera can come with an optional docking station, but the one I have didn't. The D103 uses SD cards which are readily availably in various sizes. As the camera is 10.1 mega pixels, the pictures take up a lot of room, so you will require a fairly large capacity card. However, the camera enables you to select different sizes from 1 mega pixels up to 10, allowing you to store more photos, but compromising on quality. A 256MB should be able to store about 94 photos at 10 mega pixels. Capture Modes The D103 has 8 capture modes. These are: Auto - minimal user interaction, everything done automatically Program - manually configure most functions apart from shutter speed and aperture value Manual - allows you ...

Troodos Mountains, Troodos 13/04/2008

Troodos Mountains, Cyprus

Troodos Mountains, Troodos Troodos is the largest mountain range in Cyprus. It is located in the southern, Greek side of the island. The highest peak in the mountain range is Mount Olympus, at 1,952 meters. The area has many attractions, including quite a few monasteries, some of which allow visitors. The mountains are best explored in a 4x4, as although many of the roads are now tarmaced, there are still lots of little tracks that lead to some pleasant surprises. We have visited Cyprus many times, and are still discovering new parts of the mountains. Travelling some of these roads is not for the faint hearted though. There are some really steep drops. My mum got quite paranoid about the car falling off the road. This was not helped when we had to try to negotiate some small rock slides, pushing us closer to the edge. It is also not helpful that the tracks are only wide enough for one car. If you come across someone coming the other way, you just have to reverse back to a suitable passing place, which could be a mile or so back. However, if you do not have a 4x4, it is still possible to explore the majority of these mountains. There are a lot of nice smooth tarmaced roads, with stunning views. Along these roads are lots of stopping places where you can admire the view. I really cannot put into words how spectacular the scenery is, so I have included some photos at the end of this review. There are a lot of attractions in the mountain range, including many monasteries and churches. Amongst ...

Tombs of the Kings, Paphos 31/12/2007

Tombs of the Kings

Tombs of the Kings, Paphos Cyprus is one of the best places to visit if you like exploring archaeological sites and ruins. After a recent visit to the island, I have decided to write about a few of these places. At the top of my list is the Tombs of the Kings. Tombs of the kings is a huge ancient cemetery in Paphos. Despite the name, the Tombs of the Kings was never used for royal burials. Instead, rich citizens were laid to rest in the site. Tombs of the Kings is named so because of the impressive appearance of the tombs. The area was used for burials during the Hellenistic and Roman times. After this, it was used as a refuge place for early Christians during times of persecution. Some of the larger tombs were used by squatters during medieval times who altered some of the architecture. Unfortunately, the site was also popular with looters who stole many artefacts. Nowadays, the site is completely open to visitors to roam freely. Because of the age of the tombs, many are just ruins now. However, there are some tombs that are almost completely intact. These are really interesting to look around. There are many nooks and crannies to peek into, and if your really adventurous, crawl through. I wouldn't really advise the latter tough, as Cyprus is home to several species of snake (but only one is harmful). When you are exploring the different tombs, you can get a real sense of the architecture of the time, as the burial sites reflected the style of houses. Quite a few of the tombs have a central ...

Challenge 9 Inch Angle Grinder 08/12/2007

Makes quick work of everything

Challenge 9 Inch Angle Grinder After recently having our drive extended, I thought I would have a go at saving money and lay a block paved path down the side of my shed. At first I was using a brick bolster, which split the bricks in exactly the same place, no matter where I hit it. There seems to be some sort of weak point in the brick. After wasting about 20 bricks in the space of an hour, I decided to fish out my 4 ½ inch angle grinder. This didn't really help matters, as it wouldn't cut the whole way through the brick. After speculating for a few days over what to do, I finally decided to purchase a bigger angle grinder (yes it did take me a few days to get to this - I don't like spending money). I went for the cheapest 9 inch angle grinder I could find, which happened to be one in the Argos catalogue. It cost £29.99, which I don't think is too bad. I reserved the item and collected it later that day. Upon receiving the angle grinder, my first thoughts were that it is heavier than I imagined. It weighs about 5 ½ kg. The grinder is quite large and looks like a space ship out of Star Wars. There is a knack in getting it in the best position for holding, but it doesn't take too long to figure out. The actual grinder is very good. It makes short work of paving blocks. It is however very noisy, so you will need to wear ear defenders. It also makes a lot of dust so make sure you wear a dust mask as well. I would also recommend wearing eye protection. I bought a machinery had from Screwfix which ...

Alonso Vs Hamilton Mc Laren-Mercedes. Who is more to blame? Who do you support, and why? 28/11/2007

Two household names

Alonso Vs Hamilton Mc Laren-Mercedes.  Who is more to blame? Who do you support, and why? Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. Two big household names. I have yet to meet someone who has not heard of the dispute between the two formula one drivers. Incase you are one of the few people who haven't, here is a brief outline pf events. Hamilton is a rookie in the sport of Formula One. This means that t is his first year. Yet he has been recruited by one of the biggest teams in the sport; McLaren-Mercedes. Also recruited by McLaren is the world champion from 2006, Fernando Alonso. Hamilton got of to a flying start, landing 12 podium finishes. Alonso didn't like the fact that Hamilton was as good as he was, and got really angry about the fact that McLaren backed Hamilton as much as Alonso. The battle of McLaren had begun. Hamilton lead the Drivers Championship on points for most of the season, with Alonso closely behind. At first, the two seemed to get on well, but behind closed doors, all hell let lose. In the Hungarian Grand Prix, Alonso deliberately prevented Hamilton from leaving the pit lane to set his final qualifying lap. Alonso simply sat in the pits with his mechanics waving him to go. This caused Hamilton to miss the cut off time by about two seconds. This event was when the public began to see cracks in the drivers relationship. For the rest of the season, Alonso and Hamilton battled it out to become world champion. Alonso really let his aggression out, trashing up a hotel room on one occasion. Hamilton however appeared calm, keeping his emotions to ...

Leatherman Micra 14/11/2007

Leatherman Micra - Usefull All Around The House

Leatherman Micra The Leatherman Micra is one of those invaluable little tools that once you use, you find it hard to live without. Mine was bought for my birthday by my step dad after I kept borrowing his. It is very useful to have in your pocket around the house, especially when trying to open up boxes or packets. The Features The Leatherman Micra has the following features: * Scissors * Knife (about 4cm blade) * Tweezers (useful for splinters) * Nail file with a hook thing for cleaning them as well * Flat screwdriver designed to fit Phillips screws * Extra small screwdriver (useful for those extra small screws) * Medium screwdriver * Bottle Opener * Ruler (inch/metric) (though this is not very easy to use) As you can see, this knife has all of the features that you are likely to need for general use around the home. The knife also has a loop for attaching to a keyring The Style There are various different colours that the knife can come in. The main style is stainless steel. Mine is more of a grey colour. On the internet, I have seen blue ones, red ones, green ones and black ones. I am aware that there are other colours aswell. The coloured and the grey ones are basically the stainless steel one with a cover over it, as it is slightly thicker. The cover is metal though and will not come off. My step dad has the stainless steel one and I have the grey one, so as to avoid confusion. Uses As I said before, this knife is very useful to carry around the house. ...

CGP GCSE Mathematics AQA Modular Specification The Revision Guide Higher Level - Richard Parsons 01/11/2007

CGP Revision Guide - GCSE Mathematics AQA Modular

CGP GCSE Mathematics AQA Modular Specification The Revision Guide Higher Level - Richard Parsons Having already done two GCSE maths exams, I am currently in the process of revising for my last. The course I am doing is AQA Modular (3300). I have found this revision guide invaluable. It covers modules one, three and five, meaning you can look up anything that you are not sure about. Modules two and four are coursework, which varies from school to school, so they cannot include these. This book is aimed at those students taking the higher tier paper. The Layout CGP books are famous for their fun and colourful way of presenting information. This guide is no exception. It includes useful diagrams of graphs and shapes as well as boxes of the most important information if you just want a quick memory jog. There are worked examples that show you exactly how to get the correct answer. The style of writing is fairly informal, making it relatively enjoyable to read. Each sub topic has its own page, split up with subtitles. Formulas are thoroughly explained, ensuring that you understand them. The key points are underlined and written in a different colour, making sure you take note of them. The Content As I said before, this revision guide covers modules 1,3 and 5. Everything within these modules is covered. Module 1 is data handling, Module 3 is number and Module 5 is algebra and shapes. I cannot possibly write out the entire contents page as there are 90 pages of maths in the book. However, if you visit the following link, you can find a picture of the contents ...

Jackass - The Movie (DVD) 25/10/2007

Jackass The Movie

Jackass - The Movie (DVD) After watching several episodes of Jackass on the TV, I decided that I would buy the film. I bought it for £4 in ASDA; money well spent. The DVD case claims to have limited edition collectors packaging, but this means nothing to me. The Film If you have seen any episodes of Jackass on the TV, the film is no different. It consists of many short sketches of daft and dangerous stunts and pranks. Jackass created the film so that they could show more dangerous and outrageous stunts that they couldn't show on the TV. If you have never seen Jackass before, this should give you a good idea of the kinds of things they do: fireworks and somebody's arse. I say no more. There is also quite a lot of nudity involved. The film lasts for just under 1½ hours, so is neither too long or too short. If you are squeamish, this is not the movie for you as it involves quite a lot of excrement, blood and guts, making many of the crew members sick. The cast is the same as on the MTV TV show, with Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O and the rest of the insane 'stuntmen'. The Bonus Features Included in the DVD are over five hours of bonus features. Amongst these is 27 minutes of additional footage, which for some reason, they decided not to include in the feature film. There is also a reel of outtakes, which isn't all that funny, and a short 'making of' film. This is quite interesting, as there is a bit more organisation involved than meets the eye. Also included is a short biography of ...

Cirque Du Freak - Darren Shan 26/09/2007

A great read for both kids and adults!

Cirque Du Freak - Darren Shan I often read books, many grab me, some do not. But Cirque Du Freak literally pulled me right into the story. I couldn't let go, i couldn't put it down, I couldn't stop reading. This book is the first in a series of 12 called the Saga of Darren Shan, featuring the actual author as the main charecter. It tells the life of a normal teenager who becomes a vampire. But it's not what you'd expect from a vampire. You'll have to read it to find out more on that. The story is very cleverly written in the first person (the character is actually telling the story as it happens). Currently, Darren Shan is my favourate author, followed by Anthony Horowitz (yes, it's actually better than Alex Rider!). I even got my 37 year old step dad hooked on the books. Now that is somthing! If you're a bit worried about reading a book about vampires, it's not that scary. The story is more about the life of the boy Darren Shan. However, this does not mean that the story is boring. There is alot of action, backstabbing and affection in the book. If you still don't know, give it a go, read to the end and if you still don't like it, you don't have to read the others. (although i think you will probably want to) Number of pages: 192 Target Audience: Teenagers (although adults may enjoy it as well) Time to read: A few days The other books in this series are as follows (in the correct order): Cirque Du Freak The Vampires Assistant Tunnels of Blood Vampire Mountain Trials of Death The Vampire ...

Microsoft BX2-00011 26/09/2007

Designed for comfort

Microsoft BX2-00011 For Christmas last year, I received many new components for my computer. Amongst these new components was the Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 3.0 Comfort Edition Keyboard and Mouse. This replaced my ugly wired keyboard and mouse which kept getting tangled and took up all of my desk space. The Keyboard One of the first features that you notice when you look at the keyboard is the curvy design. This gives the keyboard a modern, sleek feel. Along the bottom of the keyboard is a nice soft place to rest your wrist when typing, making using your computer more comfortable. The keyboard has many loads of hotkeys, buttons which perform functions like opening programs or controlling music playback. These hotkeys include a button to open Messenger, Internet Explorer, My Documents and Outlook Express. You can also customise these buttons if you want them to open something else. Along the top of the keyboard is a panel of 5 favourites buttons which you can use to visit your favourite websites. Next to these buttons are controls for music playback when using Media Player. All of the Function Buttons (F1, F2 etc.) can also be used to perform commands such as Save or Open or Send E-mail. One of the most useful features on this keyboard is the zoom slider to zoom in and out of documents and webpages. This is especially useful if you visit a website with tiny, illegible writing. As well as all of these special features, the keyboard has all of the regulars, like a number keypad and ...

Screwfix 04/09/2007

Screwfix - Great Prices

Screwfix Screwfix sell all kinds of items for tradesmen and DIYers. They are owned by Kingfisher PLC, the same people who own B&Q. However, many of Screwfix's products are half the price of B&Q's and of better standard. The best way of seeing the products that Screwfix have to offer is by looking at one of their catalogues. The Catalogue The Screwfix catalogue features their whole product range and spans over 1000 pages. It is split into 30 different sections to help find particular products and includes an index. Each item has a picture and a price chart, specifying sizes and prices. Some products offer a bulk deal; the more you buy, the more you save. The prices in the catalogue include VAT. This is useful for people like me, who are DIYers and cannot claim back VAT. Screwfix bring out a new catalogue around every two to three months. You can get a full colour catalogue for free by visiting their website, The Products Screwfix offer many different products that do many different things. They supply: Screws Fixings Bolts Nails Screwdriver Bits Drill Bits Saw Blades Abrasives Sealants Decorating Sundries Paint Ironmongery (hooks, door handles etc.) Security Items (padlocks, locks, CCTV) Lighting Electrical Items Heating and Cooling Plumbing Bathrooms Kitchens Flooring Building Items (Staircases, guttering, windows, doors etc.) Outdoor Buildings Safety and Workwear Cleaning products Access and Storage products Automotive Items Van ... 03/09/2007

Axminster - Not great on Delivery Product Range Axminster stock many different types of tools and accessories for many different trades. They stock hobby tools, trade tools, industrial tools and even production tools. Their catalogue tells you which categories the tool you are interested in falls in. As well as power and hand tools, Axminster also stock wood for woodturning, woodturning project kits and lime for carving. Just to top it off, they even sell books and DVDs covering a wide range of trades. I cannot give you a very good impression of the gigantic range of products that Axminster stock, so if you will have to visit their website. To put it into perspective, their catalogue is A4 size and has over 600 pages. The Catalogue The Axminster catalogue, as I said, has over 600 pages. It is full colour and every tool has a picture so that you know what you are buying. All of the power tools have extensive specification tables and descriptions so that you know what they are for. My Story Now, I may only be 15, but I have already got a very expensive hobby: woodwork. I have my own workshop and loads of tools and gadgets. A couple of weeks ago, I thought that a lathe would be a great addition to my ever expanding workshop, so after some research, I decided to go for one in the Axminster catalogue. The lathe I chose was a relatively cheap one at just £100 (it was on offer from £110). In addition to the lathe, I purchased two sash clamps and a guide clamp (also on offer). The total came just ...

The Sims 2 (DVD-Rom) 30/08/2007

The Sims 2 DVD-ROM

The Sims 2 (DVD-Rom) I have been a fan of the Sims for many years now, but only recently recently the Sims 2 for Christmas. When I opened it up, I noticed that it said DVD-Rom. At this point I panicked, thinking that I wouldn't be able to use it. Luckily, my computer has a DVD-ROM drive. The only difference between the normal CD-ROM version and the DVD-ROM, Is that the DVD-ROM only has one disc, making installation easier and quicker. Installation As I said, because the game is held on one disc only, you don't have to sit waiting for the computer to tell you top put in 'disc 2' or disc 3' etc. This means that you can leave the computer to happily go about its business of installing, whilst you go and watch the telly. As with most games, you can choose where to install the game. To keep you occupied during the installation (if there's noting on TV) a small game is automatically launched when you click 'Install'. This is a sort of pairs card game, but you are timed. A nice little touch if you ask me. The Game On my old computer, this game runs extremely slow due to all the fancy 3D graphics. However, on my Dads computer, it runs nice and smooth. The higher spec your computer, the better the game will run. The game does not take too long to load up on my Dads computer, which is a HP Pavilion When you start the game, you are faced with a menu giving you access to different 'neighbourhoods'. These are the sort of big playing areas, in which you build and play individual houses ...

ITV - F1 28/08/2007

Great Coverage

ITV - F1 It's that time of year again. Time to sit down on a Sunday with a nice cold coke (or beer). Turn on the TV and watch the fast paced, action packed sport of Formula One. Now, we don't have much choice as to what channel to watch it on. Apart from on Sky or Cable, ITV is the only channel that you can watch F! on. Commentated by James Allen and Mark Blundell, you can have confidence that they know what they're on about. They keep youinformed as to exactly what is happening, exactly when it happens. The excitement of the commentators rubs off on you, and you get really stuck in to the race. As well as the two main commetators, Ted Kravitz keeps you informed about the going ons in the pit. This is helpful because it is quite confusing at times as to what the mechanics are doing. Louise Goodman is also around somewhere trying to find drivers who have retired form the race to ask them just what went wrong. The camera work is excellent, however this is not down to ITV, as they just broadcast the pictures that F1 give them. Even so, the commentators keep up perfectly with the images. Every so often, a G-Force meter or speedometer pops up on screen. This is quite interesting, as it shows just how much stress a driver can be put through. The content of the program before the race starts is quite interesting as well. They have interviews with the drivers, look at the careers of veteran drivers or look at the highlights of the season so far. It is very hard to get bored whilst ...
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