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Everything that starts with U ... 11/07/2007

United For Peace

Everything that starts with U ... Here is another one of my poems, hoping to unite the world. I hope you enjoy. Love to all who pass this way. Freedom Open you mind to touch me, Feel the beating of my heart. Touch my soul, feel my pride, Taste the many tears I’ve cried. Why should we let hatred win, Just because, of the colour of our skin. Just like you I feel a Hunger, Feel the yearning in my heart. Reach inside and feel my need, Just like you I too, can bleed Crush me and I too will break, Hurt me, and my heart will ache. So come together all you nations Sing the freedom song United we’ll build a better world, Where all mankind belong. Open you heart to know me, Feel the flesh upon my bones. Listen to know the me inside Love can cross the great divide. Travel through my spiritual mind, You just might like, what you will find Just like you I need protection, Feel the fear that hides within. Reach out now and hold my hand, Together we must make a stand. Don’t let racial hatred burn, If we want peace, we need to learn. So come together all you nations, Sing the freedom song. United we’ll build a better world, Where all mankind belong. Maureen Lawton ...

Everything that starts with N ... 10/07/2007

Native American Poems

Everything that starts with N ... These poems I have written with the Native American people in mind. Why? Because I am psychic and my Spirit guide is a Native American Indian Of the Oglala Sioux tribe and these are poems inspired by him. I am on Myspace and decided to search for Native Americans on the site because I thought it would be nice to see what they thought to these poems, as I have always had a positive response from people in this country, I came across a Native American record producing company, they are soon to release thier first single. They are called Native Smoke, among others these where one of the people I had messaged my poems to, I recieved a happy response from all who read them and have been welcomed as a friend, which warmed my heart, But the best exciting news is that Native Smoke are going to use my words for songs. I can't wait to hear what they create from them. Anyway here they are, and I hope you enjoy reading them. Love and Peace to all of you. PAIN I want to sing some happy songs, While dancing in the rain. To fill me up with happiness, And take away the pain. But pain lies deep within my heart, And silently I weep. Nightmares take the place of dreams To haunt me as I sleep. I feel the pain of peaceful Nations, Herded up like sheep. Confined to reservations, Making customs hard to keep. I feel the pain of warriors, Trying hard to make a stand. Against the deadly bullets, And the raping of their land. I feel the pain of Mothers, As their ...

Fiction 02/07/2007

Gentle Warrior

Fiction This is something I wrote the other day, and thought I would like to share it. I am a Spiritualist, a healer and I am developing my mediumship. I tell you this because I feel you may understand the story better for knowing. I hope you enjoy it. Gentle Warrior There was once a young warrior named White Dove, who lived in a time when greed filled men’s hearts, and battles raged as his people tried to protect their sacred land, their families, and their homes from men who worshiped and believed in nothing more than the shiny gold metal they had discovered, they would kill for it without a second thought for the life they had taken or the pain they would leave in their wake. White Dove’s heart would be saddened as he watched the warriors return from battle carrying the dead and wounded, hearing the painful wails of the rest of his tribe as they rushed to meet them, he felt anger in his heart. He felt sad as later he sat and listened as the braves talked about how many of the enemy they had killed, he knew they would also leave behind people who would feel the pain of loss . So many young lives taken before their time. Too many people forced to mourn. And for what? The greed and need of riches upon this earth plain. The yearning for possessions and power. But for how long can they possess these gains that they have accumulated by the pain of others ? Only for the short time upon this earth plain. Why can they not see that you can accumulate more treasures by ...

Knorr Honey and Mustard 23/06/2007

Food Without Fuss

Knorr Honey and Mustard I love cooking sauces because with them you can create a nice tastey meal without all the fuss. Knorr honey and mustard sauce is from the Knorr Chicken Tonight range. It is a tangy, sweet cooking sauce for chicken made with honey and dijon-style mustard, with carrots & onions. How to use On the hob: 1.Heat a little oil in a pan and fry 450g of cubed skinless chicken fillets* until golden. 2.Stir in the sauce, cover and simmer for 20 minutes or until chicken is fully cooked Oven-bake: 1.Follow step 1 above. 2.Place the chicken in a casserole dish, stir in the sauce and cover. 3.Cook in a pre-heated oven at 180C/Gas 4 for 1 hour (or until chicken is fully cooked) *If you prefer to use chicken pieces,{ I have allways used diced chicken} use 900g and allow 10 minutes extra cooking time. They say to serve this with rice or mashed potato, but I have always had it with rice because I really don't think the sauce would go nicely with potato, I feel it would need something extra with it if it was served with mash. But that is only my opinion you may love it with mash. The other plus is you can make meals in advance with these sauces, and have them ready in the freezer just to cook when you need them. I have tried them from the freezer and I thought they where actually nicer when recooked, so I tend to always try to make them and freeze them . The sauce can be frozen on the day of opening for up to one month in a suitable container, when required ...

Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash Original 22/06/2007

Clean, Healthy And Tinglely Fresh

Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash Original This product has been around for years, I remember it from my childhood.Now it comes in minty flavours also, but I still prefer the original, just because I have never felt the same effect after using the minty ones. I have used Listerine on and off for years and have become used to the taste, it is hard to describe the taste other than to say it has a very strong antiseptic taste They claim it will reduce plaque by 56% more than brushing alone, and will provide 24 hour protection against plaque and give lasting fresh breath confidence. How To Use- Use just twice a day. Especially effective when used morning and evening after brushing. Pour 20ml (4x5ml teaspoonfuls) into a glass, rinse around teeth and gums, gargle, and spit out after 30 seconds. The Effect-- I find that if I have not used it for a long time, the first time will make my mouth and especially my gums really tingle and sting, it can feel quite sore, but after a few uses it just feels like a fresh tingling sensation. I might be wrong but I think that it hurts more when it needs to fight more germs, so by using regularly your mouth is healthier so you just get the fresh tingle. The Results- My mouth feels fresh and clean, my teeth look more shiny. On the long term effect I believe this product really fufills it's promises, I have found on looking back that during the times in my life when I have not been using Listerine for a while, I have needed to have more dental work done. I now try to make ...

Boots No 7 Uplifting Night Cream 16/06/2007

10 Years Younger ? Not Quite< But Getting There

Boots No 7 Uplifting Night Cream I only recently started using No7 face products, I have often bought thier makeup, but have always bought other more exspensive skin products from companies I believed to be leaders in the field. Clarins Este Lauder etc. How wrong I was. I was awakened to No7 by a review I read on Ciao on a product by No7 called Protect and Perfect and anti aging serum that was featured on a Horizon programme, who's test showed that this was the only cream that actually did make a difference and reduce wrinkles. Boots sold out overnight, it became and still is like gold dust to get. And that it how I became a No7 junkie, I have been trying lots of thier products with great satisfaction. My skin-- I am 49 and have never eaten or drank the things that would be kind to my skin, eg. water, therefore my skin needs a lot of loving care, it had started to look a bit tired and saggy. No7 Uplifting Night Cream comes in a blue box Saying No7 Uplifting Night Cream and claiming it will visibly firm and redefine in 7 days. On the back of the box it say's- Love the feeling Boost your skin's natural repair process while you sleep, with this incredibly powerful night cream. With every application it lifts and tightens, working deep down to intensively firm in just 7 days. Its clever ingredients chase away the signs of skin ageing, measurably reducing lines and wrinkles, evening skin tone, fading dark spots and leaving you looking younger looking in 2 weeks. We've blended an ...

Carnation Corn Caps 11/04/2007

More Pain No Gain

Carnation Corn Caps I recently had a corn that was quite painful so I decided to go to the chemist to buy some Carnation Corn Caps, against the advice of my Dad who said that his chiropodist said they where actually bad for your feet , I just thought well she's bound to say that is'nt she. So off I limped to Lloyds chemist to get myself a packet they cost me £3.35 for a packet of 10 On the pack it say's Corn caps medicated corn removers Clinically proven corn removal, self adhesive plaster, felt pad relieves pressure, active medicated centre. I got home and straight away removed one from the packet wanting to start the treatment straight away as I had been feeling so miserable and hated puting my shoes on becausee of the pain. They just look like a plaster with a round red padded ring with a hole in the centre, the idea is that the red ring go's round the corn so that the medicated centre is on the corn, and the pad then relieves the pressure on the corn. Direction for use 1. Clean and dy the feet to ensure adhesion. 2. Remove a corn cap from the backingpaper and posiyion te felt ring over the corn. 3. Firmly fix in position withadhesive straps. Whenproperly applied it should not slip or move 4. Change the corn cap every two days until the corn is easily removed.A maximum of five corn caps should be used per corn. 5. No more than three corns to be treated at one time. Each Carnation corn cap contains Active ingrediants 40% Salicylic Acid. Also contains peanut oil. Yellow Beeswax, ...

Poems of War 11/04/2007

Peace Not War

Poems of War Here are a couple of my poems that are war related but more on the side of peace, which is what we all pray for'. I hope you enjoy them and thanks for reading. I wish you all a life filled with peace, love and harmony, and off course good health. WAR CHILD = Hear them crying in the street, As they take away thier dead, See the childrens ashen faces, Should be safely tucked in bed. No time for childish daydreams, When war dictates your life, No happy sounds of laughter, Pain cuts you like a knife. Gone from your eyes, That childish glint of hope, You're struggling for survival, Praying that you'll cope. Look into the childrens eyes, Can't you see each burdened soul? With your need and greed for war, Their innocence you stole. War child Your face is etched with misery. War child I wish that I could set you free. War child Will they ever heed you pain. War child Give you back your life again. STOP!!!! Take a break, , from your gun, Make life safe, , for everyone. Cildren cry, people die, Do we ever, question "Why!"I Greed and hatred, In extreem, Counteracts, our peaceful dream. Stop! Stop! Stop! War no more. Open your heart, peace is at the door. Stop wanting to take, It's time to give. Preserve our world, let the children live. ...

Saxby's Puff Pastry 20/03/2007

Perfect Puff without the Fuss

Saxby's Puff Pastry I don't mind cooking and have made some nice things but I have never wanted to attempt to make puff pastry as it involves a lot of messing about, so finding this product was a dream come true, because it is all ready for use, all I need to do is roll it out. Saxby's puff pastry comes in a 5oogram packet for which I paid 78p at Asda One pack is quite ample for 2 pie toppings so if I am using it for this I will cut it in half and freeze the other half until needed as it says on the pack it is suitable for freezing, but they say you should freeze it on day of purchase and use within 1 month.They recommend that you should remove from the fridge about 20 minutes before using. Roll out pastry while still cold, to the thickness,you want on a lightly floured surface. After rolling out, allow to stand for a few minutes before using. If using from frozen allow to defrost in the fridge overnight or at room temperature for 2 hours.Then cook it in a pre-heated oven at 220°C/425°F/Gas Mark 7, or at the temperature stated in your recipe. Saxby's is suitable for vegetarians. The allergen advice they give is that it contains wheat gluten. Ingrediants Wheat Flour, Vegetable Margarine (Vegetable Oil, Water, Salt , Emulsifier: Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids, Citric Acid), Water, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Preservative (Potassium Sorbate) NUTIRITION Per serving Per 100g Raw Energy KJ 1776 Protein 5.0 Available Carbohydrate 29.0 Of Which Sugars 0.9 Fat 26.8 Of which Saturates ...

Avon Wellbeing Dry Skin Relief 24 Hour Moisturising Cream 28/08/2005


Avon Wellbeing Dry Skin Relief 24 Hour Moisturising Cream Due to wearing flip flops and sandals and also running around with bare feet during the summer I noticed that my feet had become very dry and flaky, I started to moisturise them most evenings using body lotion and when that did not work I decided to try hand cream, but it did not make much difference because the skin was so hard. I have recently become an Avon rep and in last months brochure they had a special deal whereby if you bought cotton moisturising gloves £3 or socks £3.50 you received the 24-hour moisture cream free, as this is normally £5 on its own, it was a good deal. The product claims to soothe and comfort extremely dry skin overnight, they say it is a 24hour extra strength moisturising cream and that the hydro protective formula attracts and retains water in the skins uppermost layers, I decided to try it. The product comes in a 200ml tub, on opening it I was reminded of nivea cream by the texture and the smell. The instruction say to apply liberally as often as needed. I found it easy to apply and it seemed to be immediately absorbed by my skin, I didn't need to put the socks on really but thought I would as I had them there, so at bedtime I applied a generous amount of cream on my feet and put the socks on . Next morning there was a vast improvement, my feet felt soft and the hard dry patches that I had had where almost gone. After three nights of use, my feet are lovely, soft, and smooth and feel wonderful. I am 47 and have been going through the ...

Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate Drink 16/03/2004

Where's my Chocolate?

Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate Drink I love Galaxy chocolate it is my favourite, so when I saw Galaxy instant chocolate drink I did not hesitate to buy it, I love a drink of hot chocolate sometimes, especially at bed time. When I showed it to my husband who is also a chocoholic and a big Galaxy fan he was as excited as me to try it. As I was waiting for the kettle to boil I was looking at the container, it is a tall plastic jar with the familiar brown and cream and peach labelling as on the chocolate, I have always thought this made the product look cheap and more so on the jar, but that did not put me off as I know the luxury of the product inside. I had already put the required 4 heaped teaspoons of chocolate powder into each of our mugs, it smelled a bit chocolaty but could not say it reminded me of Galaxy, I poured on a bit of water and blended then topped the mugs up with boiling water stirring to ensure it was well blended and added a dash of milk as I always find a bit of milk makes instant hot chocolate more creamy. We both sat down waiting for it to cool slightly, both anticipating the delicious delight we would soon savour. One sip and instant disappointment, it tasted so watery and the only thing it reminded me of was the horrible hot chocolate you get from a machine, in fact I would say I have had better hot chocolate from the machines. Finding it hard to believe that this was made by Galaxy, I decided to add another spoonful feeling sure it would make it taste better but sadly again I ...

Spirit & Destiny Magazine 11/03/2004

Everything for body and soul

Spirit & Destiny Magazine I have been buying this magazine from the first issue and have never missed one, in fact I can hardly wait for the next issue to come out. I am interested in all things spiritual which is why I decided to buy this magazine in the first place, and I have never been disappointed in the content of this magazine, it has good spiritual articles and a whole lot more. As with all magazines of this sort it has a monthly horoscope, this dedicates a page to each star sign covering Love, Career, Friends and Cash It also gives dates for Shine on days( time for happy events) Hide-away days( low days) and Red letter days ( love events) .Cosmic key give general planetary influence for the month ahead. They also give you a star sign to watch out for and the influence they could have on your life. I never take these generalised horoscopes too seriously but they are good to read to get an idea of the planetary influence. There is a readers letters page with the star letter receiving a collection of Fenjal body products and a silk bathrobe. Star Dates is a page that gives the best days to do certain things according to the planets and gives you the months moon cycle dates. There is a celebrity watch page where a psychic, Eve Peacock gives a prediction of what is in store for certain stars. The Barefoot Doctor gives words of wisdom and knowledge on different aspects of life to help us on our spiritual journey. Sex and Shopping is a great page with interesting facts on all ...

Eucerin 5% Urea Face Cream 08/03/2004

Heavenly Hydration

Eucerin 5% Urea Face Cream I have very dry skin and sometimes especially if I have been drinking lots of coffee it can become very tight. I first tried Eucerin when I received a free sample and was really impressed as from the first application y skin felt soft and hydrated. Although I thought it was good I did not rush out to buy it because I expected it to be expensive, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it is in fact very reasonably priced. It costs £6.15 for 50mls from Boots I use Eucerin as a day cream and although you would expect it to be quite heavy because of its great moisture level it is in fact very light and not at all greasy and can use it under my makeup. They say that the urea the cream contains is a natural moisturiser found in the skin, I looked up the definition of urea in the dictionary it says it is a white water soluble crystalline compound produced by protein metabolism and excreted in the urine. A synthetic form is used as fertiliser and animal feed. Anyway I don’t really care as I am more than happy with the results. A friend at work has been suffering with Roscea and her cheeks where often very re and flaky and sore she had had many different creams and ointments from the doctor and nothing seemed to relieve it for long, I suggested she try Eucerin and she has had a good result as now although her skin might still get a bit red occasionally it is no longer dry and sore. Also one of our clients ay work I work in a care home for the elderly, has been ...

I Can't believe it's no butter 02/03/2004

Can you Believe it

I Can't believe it's no butter I have never been a fan of any of the alternatives to real butter mainly because they always taste strange on toast, I have tried a few because they are supposed to be better for you and they are also always cheaper, but although they have tasted ok on sandwiches I have always reverted back to real butter so I could enjoy my toast. Last month I was staying with my mother in law and she made us some toast for breakfast I have never enjoyed toast at her house because she always uses one of the alternative spreads as she can not eat real butter because it gives her indigestion. This time my toast tasted great and I thought she must have bought some real butter for our visit, but imagine my surprise when I went into the kitchen and seen that what she had given us was “I can’t Believe its not Butter”, I couldn’t believe it I would have bet anything on me being able to tell the difference. But this had the same taste and most importantly to me the same texture on toast., it did not make the toast soggy like I have found most alternatives do. “I Can’t Believe its not Butter” is a 59% vegetable fat spread made with pure buttermilk, the colour is more yellow than real butter but it has the same creamy texture as a spreadable real butter, it is less fattening than real butter 10g is 53 calories, and it does not contain hydrogenated fats and contains virtually no trans fatty acids, it does however contain a few E numbers .It is even easier to spread than spreadable butter and ...

Murphys Irish Stout 28/02/2004

Oh So Creamy

Murphys Irish Stout My brother was visiting and bought some of this and after a lot of persuasion I had a taste I was amazed ay how nice it tasted. I am often anaemic and have wanted to drink a bottle of Guinness a day because it is a good source of iron, and any time my brother had gone through a phase of drinking it he always looked so healthy, but no matter how I tried I could not drink Guinness it just tasted so bitter to me and no matter how good I knew it would be for me I could not acquire a taste for it, which is why I did not expect to like Murphy’s. The smell of Murphy’s was the first thing I noticed it smells kind of like cappuccino coffee it is dark like Guinness but the head is more creamy and smoother looking, the taste although similar to Guinness, Murphy’s is smooth and creamy with no bitterness and contains all the same goodness, it does however leave a slight sour but not unpleasant aftertaste. I don’t think you could go out and get legless on this because I think before that would happen you would fall over, because your belly would feel so full, after a pint of it I feel like I have had a full on Sunday dinner withal the trimmings. I have heard of stout being used for people recovering from illness and my granddad said he was brought bank from the brink of death by drinking a good stout everyday to build him up after he had had a really bad illness and lost a lot of weight, after that he would always have a stout everyday and lived a long healthy life from then on until ...
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