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Everything that starts with L ... 24/05/2004

Lil Miss Pinks Challenge Continued

Everything that starts with L ... • Where were you born? Wonderful and glamorous Hackney, East London! Voted one of the top 100 worst places to live in the whole of Britain, as certified in the ‘Crap Towns’ book. One of the very few London boroughs which has no tube station, although the bus services are amongst the best in London. With very cheap markets and pound shops by the bucket load, it’s great! The large variety of nightlife, cafes and restaurants make Hackney a fab place to venture for a night out, so long as you carry a can of Mace, an ignorant attitude and a shotgun for when you make the short walk to the nearest cab office! Despite an average of 3 murders a week in this London Borough, and a road with shootings so frequent it is locally known as ‘murder mile’, the yuppies moved in, in droves, during the nineties in order to ‘live like the common people’, and embroil themselves into an ‘ethnically mixed’ area and lifestyle. (They also saw how cheap it was to buy houses here, and still be extremely close to neighbouring trendy Islington, and the city.) They now realise that they aren’t suited to this type of life, can’t get their heads around living amongst more than one race and are selling up like hotcakes. Serves ‘em right. Ahh, you can take the girl out of Hackney, but you just can’t take Hackney out of the girl!!!! • Where would you have liked to have been born? Not being a particularly fussy girl, I am glad I was born in London, although I wouldn’t mind if I had been born in a really ...

All About Me 28/03/2003

The sarcastic cow strikes back

All About Me I don’t usually write in the café section, but thought this was a good idea, so heres me answers!…. 01. What time is it? Its exactly one minute past eight in the evening – 20:01 to be precise! 02. Name: Melanie – but call me Mel 03. Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake: about 24 – the last time I got candles, but I should have got thirty in December! 04. Hair colour: Naturally a mousish blonde, but had it dyed a really lovely reddish brown yesterday, thanks to a present of a trip to a posh hairdressers in Mayfair from my lovely mum! 05. Tattoos: None. Had the idea of a palm tree on my ankle years ago, but that’s become so overused now am waiting for another original idea to use till I get it done! 06. How much do you love your job on a scale of 0-5: I don’t work at the minute, so in the work stakes its definitely a zero (yes, I am a saddo and DO miss working – well the free and continuous use of the net at work anyway!!!) 07. Favourite colour: It changes with my moods (which are extremely variable) but if pushed, I’d plump for any shade of blue!!!!! 08. Home County: Born in East London, raised in East, East Central and North London, and livin in North London. 09. Current Relationship Status Living with a pain in the arse!!!!!!!(not including my kids)!!!. 10. Favourite food: Predictable and cheap, but nuthin beats a macca dees quarter pounder with cheese meal and a mcflurry. Cheap to please I am!! 11. Been ...

Jeepers Creepers (DVD) 04/11/2002

Watch This and Be Very Afraid

Jeepers Creepers (DVD) I bought this movie and became very afraid…. Frightened beyond my wildest dreams in fact…. Paralysed with an extreme fear that doesn’t come along very often…. Pure terror filled me with dread at the thought that anyone who knows me might spot it in my movie collection and curse me out into damnation for ever more. You see, to be spotted in possession of this movie would make even the most close friend or relative seriously reassess my mental state, and would undoubtedly question my taste in movies to a serious degree. For this movie, heralded to be one of the most terrifying movies of late, is to be honest, erm, pants. Yes folks, even a scaredy cat like me, who shudders at the sight of TV’s ‘Casualty’ accident scenes, who is way too squeamish to watch Scream, and who would just pass out at the thought of ‘Scary Carrie, Scary Carrie’ sat and watched this film in utter disbelief. For the entire movie seemed to be unintentionally comical, poorly written, lacking in any imagination and very poorly acted out. Now the last complaint I forgive. After all were it not for the pure cheesiness of actors such as those in classics such as The Evil Dead or Nightmare on Elm Street, they would not have gained the massive acclaim they now have and have enduringly held onto. However it could be accepted that these films were genre breaking in terms of the horror plots and storylines, and as such deserved the ... Marketplace 19/09/2002

I Got Paid Loads For Sex Tips Marketplace My quest for online earnings has never been more eager, and apart from all of the online surveys for points/vouchers/cash, research panel and mystery shopping sites that I now make regular sums of money from, my favourite pastime has to be selling and auctioning stuff online. Nothing compares to the satisfaction I derive from this. Already a regular seller and buyer on the auction site, an avid 'avoider' of, due to its (in my opinion) rip off charges and discriminatory credit card limitations, I felt the need to further my potential selling base. After the closure of Yahoo auctions, my choices were pretty limited. Indeed there are plenty of online auction sites around, but after checking some of these out via a 'Google' search on the Internet, none seemed to come anywhere close to the organisation, layout, cost effectiveness or number of users compared to the two big sites (Ebay and QXL). I had considered looking into selling on, a site that complements the daily newspaper title of the same name, but this deals purely with straight sales, dealing with purchasers on the phone and in person, with no direct or online payment facilities. Nope, involved too much people contact and too many cash transactions for my liking! Now, either I am lucky, or perhaps those kind folks over at had secretly employed a psychic to read the minds of online sellers like me. For this site has started up a service which is quite unique. ...

Avon 13/09/2002


Avon Selling Avon products has in the past, and perhaps still is, seen as something middle aged housewives do in their spare time for a bit of extra cash, some free slap (make up), and some 'much needed' female companionship. Indeed when I first told people I was starting to sell Avon, I was greeted with the usual range of comments - "Ding Dong", and "Avon Calling"! For those not accustomed to modern day Avon, preconceptions of forceful women with overly caked on eye-shadow and false eyelashes appearing at your door with a briefcase full of make up and ghastly perfumes for sale still persist. In reality however, Avon is an enormous Beauty product empire, with a vast range of good quality and fairly priced items that can be sold and bought through an Avon representative at your home/workplace or, more recently, directly either by post or online. And it doesn't just sell make up and perfumes. SELLING AVON: THE CONCEPT Avon allows people (although this is still a predominantly female occupation) to sell Avon products to people they know, such as work colleagues, family, friends, neighbours etc, and for the items they sell to these people, will receive commission. The most common way to become an 'Avon Representative' (as Avon sellers are known) is to contact your local Avon Rep/Manager. This can be done by contacting Avon directly, who will then give you their contact details. SELLING AVON: GETTING STARTED An Avon Rep will then visit you at your home, discuss ...

Whirlpool ADP 5740 22/08/2002

I Am No Longer A Scrubber

Whirlpool ADP 5740 A shock to my regular readers, I know, but as comes with growing up, I decided to change my lifetime habits and clean up my act a little. For well over 13 years I have been a heavy duty, hardcore scrubber, and upon reaching the ripe old age of 29 last December (and now approaching the big 3.0.with much speed!), decided it was time for change. And, as in all usual tales of lifestyle changes, I have not looked back since. The Philips Whirlpool Dishwasher has become one of the most relied upon and useful appliances in my house, never mind the kitchen. The price I paid for this dishwasher (£350) was way above its usual selling price (£199) as I purchased it from an unscrupulous 'we give credit to those with no/bad credit history' stores that I won't bother naming - to do so would give them free advertising they simply don't deserve! To say that having a dishwasher makes an improvement to your lifestyle is an understatement - especially if you like to cook/entertain a lot or have kids at home. A normal kitchen clean up including getting the dishes done is reduced from approximately 1/2 hour minimum to 10 minutes maximum! But enough of the virtues of having a dishwasher, any dishwasher, here are the real selling points of why I would wholeheartedly recommend a Whirlpool Dishwasher... SIZE The Whirlpool Dishwasher slots nice and snugly into a 20 inch wide kitchen space, and is the same height as standard size kitchen units (the usual white formica ones ... 02/07/2002

Ive Got Great Big Bids A lot of comments on my ops and in my guestbook contain subjects along the lines of 'Good to see you writing again' and 'Long time no see!' I will admit that my writing on Ciao has become less than usual, and I do have a big confession to make. No, I'm not secretly writing as 'mbmb11isreallyaplagiarist' on other op sites, and no, I haven't rigged up a webcam in my bedroom and am earning megabucks off of hardcore pay per views - (Hmm, now that's an idea...!!) I have though, found another website (gasp, shock, horror!!) that has recently kept me up into the small hours and has held my undivided attention. I confess - I am now addicted to online auctions, and in particular is an orange and white coloured auction site that allows people to either immediately sell or auction goods that are new, used, antique, collectable, broken or even useless. REGISTRATION In order to sell on the site you will first need to register. This will entail the usual registration medley we have all grown to know and love (!) such as name, address, email details and the like, but you will also be required to enter a credit or debit card number of your own. QXL takes nearly all UK debit and credit cards, even Solo and Visa Electron. This is to ensure that people who register onto the site can be traceable, puts off dishonest people from the site and means that fees incurred on the site can be paid easily and without fuss through your chosen card. Once this is ...

Yves Saint Laurent Yvresse Eau de Toilette 26/06/2002

I am a French Rich Sex Goddess

Yves Saint Laurent Yvresse Eau de Toilette My birthday came and went many a month ago (well 6 months ago to be exact) and one of the things at the top of my wish list never surfaced. I was gutted. I had sat imagining all of the wonderful things that would happen to me once I had liberally sprayed on Yvresse, the perfume by Yves Saint Laurent. Images of me walking down the road with panache, grace, a look of natural style and sexyness without doing a god-damn thing, and all thanks to my perfume, became a constant yearning in the back of my mind. I had to have it, I just had to. This life changing perfume would have to be obtained. So in the end I went down the chemists and bought a bottle for myself! (Dreamy perfumey style ad text over with, now lets get on to the nitty gritty)... Yvresse, by Yves Saint Laurent is a perfume with quite a colourful background to it - both to its packaging, its name and its actual scent. Pronounced Eve-Ress (although many a shop assistant will decide their own odd pronunciations of this as I found out to my annoyance) this perfume was not originally known by this name. Launched in 1993 under the name 'Champagne', this perfume became one of YSL's (Yves Saint Laurent's) best sellers, selling quantities equal to its other best seller of the time 'Paris'. Its packaging oozed opulence, in order to match its superior quality sounding name, with the perfume box being a gold, black and red affair. The bottle itself came in two shapes - an oval style bottle and a ...

The Body Shop Lip Gloss 31/05/2002

My daily fix doesnt keep me going

The Body Shop Lip Gloss Hmm, a strange one for me, this op, as I am a newcomer to the Beauty section of Ciao. Not that I am new to beauty products (I know all those ciaoers must be thinking "what kind of a slutty girl is this, with no beauty experience??!!")but it has taken a product to really disappoint me to spur me into writing this opinion! The Body Shop is usually well respected for its cosmetic products. There is a wide range of colours and products that are designed to suit all skin colours and types, and all are apparently not tested on animals. So far, so good. Anyway, off I trundle, after pay day, into my nearest Body Shop in desperate need of a lipstick or lip gloss. I am bare lipped and need something FAST! Perusing the lip colour selection, a range of products catches my eye. A slim battery width, slightly longer than a cigarette, brush on applicator bottle of tinted lip gloss. Just the ticket methinks - this will surely sort out my lips. It will deal with both colour and moisturisation. The style and design of the product will be great - not intrusive inside my handbag, and the applicator is attached to the inside of the lid, so no need to fiddle around looking for the lip brush. Perfecto! I make a selection of colour from around 10 available to this particular product, ranging from clear gloss to browns, pinks, and reds and head for the checkout. "That will be £4.95 please". Arrgghh a fiver for a lip gloss? Blimey! Theyre only two quid in ...

Spider-Man (DVD) 20/05/2002

Spider Senses Are Definitley Tingling

Spider-Man (DVD) Without a doubt the greatest movie I have seen this year will have to be the action sensation of the year (although not yet on general release in the UK until June 7th) - Spiderman. Spiderman is a creation of the famous Marvel Comics, which chronicle the adventures of one or more of a breed of mutant superheroes, who alter from normal everyday humans to superhuman 'save the day' mutant creatures with special powers. Peter Parker is a nerdy looking, thick spec wearing, high school student who is (naturally, hee hee!!) very intelligent. He lives with his Auntie and Uncle as both his parents are dead. His best friend is the son of a wealthy businessman who is very fond of first! He is hopelessly in love with his next door neighbour MJ (Mary Jane) but she views him as nothing more than a friend, and often doesn't even realise he's around. But oh how poor old Peter Parker's life is about to change.........!!!! Whilst on a school visit to a spider exhibition he is accidentally bitten by a genetically modified spider, and this bite gives him super human spider powers! Shocked and feeling unwell Peter goes home and goes straight to bed (of course he doesn't tell anyone about his bite!) The next morning, Peter dresses and looks in the mirror. Wowsers! Peter has developed pecs to die for, he no longer needs his glasses to see with. He can leap around for great distances and climb walls, cast webs and sense danger from far away. Spidey Senses ...

Original Pirate Material - Streets (The) 06/05/2002

Low Down Dirty Street Talkin Baby

Original Pirate Material - Streets (The) THIS IS AWAITING A CATEGORY CHANGE - SO NO GB COMPLAINTS PLEASE!! *************** *************** *************** ****** For me to write an op on a CD takes a lot! I listen to and buy a LOT of music, and my tastes are varied by anyone’s standards; with my collection ranging from The Smiths to 80’s Rare Groove, from UK Garage and US Hip Hop to Wayne Wonder (Jamaican Reggae Singer – cor what a voice!!) on vinyl and CD formats. I would probably jam up the Ciao servers if I were to write ops on all the wonderful music that I buy and appreciate!!! However, I recently bought a CD that has not left my personal CD Walkman since a week ago, and the sheer quality of it has moved me to express my sheer pleasure with my purchase! The Streets – ‘Original Pirate Material’ is the debut album from this UK ‘collective’. I call them a collective, as to refer to them as a band in my opinion would not be a fitting title; as far as I know The Streets consists of two main people, but they have other people featuring on their tracks. Not guest performances, just other members of their ‘collective’, a bit like So Solid Crew. This reference to So Solid Crew is purely for explanatory purposes, The Streets should in no way be compared to So Solid Crew in terms of music or style! The Streets have recently been hailed with critical acclaim from numerous musical magazines and press for this album – I just hope that ...

HP Pavilion 7946 22/04/2002

Sex on my desk

HP Pavilion 7946 THIS IS UNDER THIS CATEGORY UNTIL CIAO SORT OUT THE CORRECT PRODUCT HEADING!!! Well, as promised, I have eventually managed to tear myself away from playing the Sims for a couple of hours and write another op. Sad, but true. Every day for me has become Sim day. I am truly and honestly obsessed. However, whilst writing my last op - which was about the Sims game, and in the time since then, I did and have failed to truly notice and appreciate the very vessel which enables me to play the Sims. Indeed I have only been able to play the Sims at the rip roaring speed and clarity that it should be played at thanks to my latest piece of hardware. If it were not for my new machine, I would never have been able to enjoy the wonders of Simsville and all its delights! Ok, enough of my blethering and trademark background story telling mumbo jumbo; lets get down to business!!... My wonderful trusty Daewoo PC was reaching breaking point. It has served me very very well (See my Daewoo PC op!) but was finally slowing up, and was not able to run all of the wonderful games that we wanted to play as well as it should. To be honest, I really didn't want to spend lots of money adding extra memory, upgrading the sound and graphics cards etc - if I am going to spend, I want to see something new for my money. (Yes I am fickle like that folks!!) I searched the Internet for various bargains - keeping in mind the specifications I was looking for - but was either not too ...

The Sims (PC) 04/03/2002

I have simulated sex with neighbours every night

The Sims (PC) Thanks to my Sister (MorganForever), I have been having the most earth shattering, fantastic experiences of all time, from straight after I get home from work, until the early hours of the morning. I have neglected the Washing, Ironing, and even the kids' packed lunch making over this! After many a day (and night) of going round to my sisters house to indulge in activities such as role playing, dressing up in leather gear and stealing other women's husbands I have finally taken the plunge and gone it alone. I no longer need guidance from my sister - I have mastered being as naughty as she is! I now partake in doing all this at home, with my boyfriends complete approval. He even enjoys watching me do this sometimes! Now before I get accused by anyone of being a right old slapper, I shall share my secret with you. After all, regular Ciaoers will know that after a long silence by myself I could not possibly have changed THAT much since my last op!!!!!!! So, what is this delightful thing I get up to every night then I hear you cry! And how dare I involve my younger teenage sister in this mess? Simple - Do as me and my sister do and play The Sims!!!!!!! Now The Sims (By Maxis) is available on both PC and Macintosh formats, and the gameplay and control system are identical on both, using mouse based click button commands. At the minute you can pick up a copy for around £25 - £30 brand new, but search around online or buy second hand - I paid just £10 for my ...

Sexy Beast (DVD) 11/01/2002

Ray Winstone is a Top Notch Sexy Geezer

Sexy Beast (DVD) It would appear that I have become obsessed with writing movie ops, presumably due to my wonderful Sky experiences (that I refuse to bore you all with yet again!) I just have to share my latest movie viewing with you all! Now in my opinion, Ray Winstone has been a sexy beast since his appearance in the film Scum. (A now very dated film about the horrors of being sent to a boys borstal - an old version of a young offenders institution). Despite ageing since then, this guy is a lot of things personified - sex, maturity, gangster, bad boy, proper cockney geezer, you name it. In this movie - he manages to encapsulate of all these perfect traits in one swoop!! Now Sexy Beast is a 'South London Gangster movie set in Spain' with a twist - in that it could almost be classed as a comedy gangster movie. Set in present day it concerns a retired gangster called Gaw/Gal (cockney abbreviation for Gary) and his ex-porn star wife Dee Dee - played superbly (and for this kind of role a surprising choice) by Amanda Redman. They have retired to Spain, and are basically living the good life in a plush villa, (no doubt bought with the proceeds of various criminal heists and the like), and are taking things easy, when Gal recieves an invitation to do one last job. This invitation is one that he cannot refuse, although he tries quite desperately to do so. Enter Ben Kingsley. Now the name Ben Kingsley immediately (usually) summons thoughts of his role of Gandhi in the same ...

Angela's Ashes (2000) 02/01/2002

Robert Carlisle is a Feckin Useless Eejit

Angela's Ashes (2000) Well, with the festive season over, I now have much more time to reflect upon the wonderful array of seasonal offerings that were available to me on my Sky movie Channels! (and we all know how attached I am to these - sad case that I am!!) Now the great thing about Sky (no, I promise, I don't work for them!!) is that all their movies that are available on Pay Per View are usually screened on the standard movie channels a month or so later. Angela's Ashes was one such filum - I mean film! My reasons for not ordering this movie when it was on the pay per view were simple. I'd never heard of it before, I didn't (at the time) know it was based on a hugely successful book (as in literary circles I'm dim like that) and the adverts on Sky didn't give me a clue as to what it was all about! So, when it turned up on my movie channel I thought I may as well give it a go, as I had nothing else doing. How glad I was that I caught this gem of a movie. The premise of the film is simple - it is about the life of Frank McCourt, an Irish Boy, growing up in poverty stricken Ireland in the 1920's. It doesn't 'examine', but simply shows his childhood and teenage years, his aspirations to travel to America, and his relationships with his mother, father, brothers and sisters, and the life they 'endure' during this time. The film, directed by Alan Parker, most commonly known to many for the Movie version of Bugsy Malone, opened my eyes to just how poor the Irish at this time really ...
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