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since 21/01/2004


Peugeot 306 1.4 20/02/2004

Another really satisfied owner

Peugeot 306 1.4 Having read all the reviews, I decided to add my comment. I owned a 306 1.4LX R reg(97) for about 2 years (bought in Feb. 2002) and I can honestly say that it has been the most reliable car I've had. Incidently I've "upgraded" to a 306 1.8 Meridian as I like the 306 so much. The good points: Wonderfully comfortable both for driving and travelling in. It has been remarked by people who've travelled with me "how comfortable" it is. Handling - With the power steering and suspension it takes corners with ease even at high speeds. Having driven a firend's Corsa which felt as though it would roll over unless you took corners gently, I am well impressed. Electric windows, electric sunroof, control for the Blaupunkt CD player on the steering column. All controls in easily locatable positions. Economical - I found I could get at least 450 miles out of a tank of unleaded even when driving it hard or round town, more on a long journey. Secure - immobiliser and deadlocking , which I guess could cause a problem if you leave the keys inside with young kids as you physically can't get out(or in) without the key. Remote central locking. Reliable - In two years of motoring (approx 55,000 miles (as I travel a lot!!) I had two sets of new tyres and servicing every 10k, nothing and I mean nothing went wrong whilst I had it. Oh, also a set of front brake pads and a cambelt - routine as advised by my dealer. Why did I get rid of it... it had done over 99,000 miles, needed an ...

NAVMAN GPS 500 12 channel GPS kit for Palm m505, Palm m130, Palm m515, Palm m500, Palm m125 22/01/2004

I wouldn't be without it

NAVMAN GPS 500 12 channel GPS kit for Palm m505, Palm m130, Palm m515, Palm m500, Palm m125 After considering a GPS system for a while, as I do a lot of driving to different places with my work, I stumbled across the Navman 500 for sale secondhand. Great, I already have a Palm M130 PDA which is great. I connected it up, put the windscreen mount on (it can also be used in handheld mode if you are walking around too!!). Installed the software and downloaded the UK map and my local area maps where I live. As I live in a rural area (Lincolnshire) I decided to get lost and switch it on to guide me home. It did and found a route which I would never have thought of - and I arrived home quicker than anticipated. Whilst it is still necessary sometimes to have a road atlas, the unit can tell you where you are in seconds. My only criticism is that I emailed Navman and they are not releasing any new updated maps (current version is around 2000/2001). Apart from that a great product, excellent value if you already have a Palm PDA. The Navman unit is great, but what I feel lets it down is my Palm - the m130 which doesn't have a particularly bright or large display, so is often difficult to see in bright weather. Anyone use another PDA with it as I may think about changing it, but keeping the Navman unit?
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