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Johnsons Baby Shampoo 11/09/2016

best shampoo for toddlers

Johnsons Baby Shampoo Summers leave my scalp very sweaty and hair very limp and sticky. So I have to shower my head every other day which means shampooing every day. This shampoo is surely milder than all the shampoos I have tried so far. So, I could comfortably use this ever day for washing my hair. But, one thing is, the lathering is not really sufficient for my hair wash. So, in between I used to use some other shampoo. Johnson’s baby shampoo does not strip the natural oils, hence making it good for daily use for adults. I will buy this again when I have to take shower every day. Not now. I turned this product into my regular face wash for quite some time. This came very handy while travelling too. It can be used as a hand wash too. Dilute this product with warm water and use it as a mild wash during pedicure. Since, it is a baby product, it is definitely milder than all the products that has been made for we adults. Yes, I have bought this product again since it was very handy for using and carrying around. ...
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