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Tropicana Pure Premium Original Orange Juice 20/03/2003

My juicy bit of news

Tropicana Pure Premium Original Orange Juice There is nothing I enjoy more than a lovely cold glass of fresh orange juice with my breakfast. I have definitely found my favourite and I really must tell you all about it! Tropicana Pure Premium Smooth Style Orange Juice. 100% pure squeezed orange juice. It comes in a white carton with a picture of some oranges on the front and back. I always purchase the 1.75ltr carton and this has a red strip at the top with the words Bigger Pack Better Value written in large yellow letters. It has a blue screw cap, which can sometimes be quite difficult to turn when first opened. (Ooh, I may just need a big man with muscles to help me!). There are a many different types of Tropicana Pure Premium 100% pure squeezed juices available in the shops: Original – with juicy bits of orange for that 100% pure squeezed taste or Smoothstyle “no bits” for those who prefer their juice without the bits. That’s me! Calcium – All the taste of delicious 100% pure squeezed oranges, with the added benefit of calcium. Golden Grapefruit – 100% pure squeezed grapefruit juice, for a refreshing taste sensation. Pink Grapefruit – 100% pure squeezed pink grapefruit juice, for a slightly sweeter refreshing taste. Sanguinello – All the tangy taste and rich colour of 100% pure squeezed red oranges. Ruby Breakfast – A delicious blend of 100% pure squeezed oranges, red oranges and a twist of pink grapefruit. Multivitamins – A mouth-watering blend of you guessed it, 100% juices with the ...

Recipes for Main Courses 07/03/2003

Pork escalopes with double cheese crust

Recipes for Main Courses I have read some delicious recipes on Ciao lately and decided that I should definitely share this one. I cooked it for my husband on Valentines Day and we both thought it tasted scrum-diddly! Pork Escalopes with Double Cheese Crust Lean, tender pork escalopes topped with a cheesy crumb crust and grilled to perfection. Serves 4 Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 10 minutes (can you believe that!) 370 calories per serving Ingredients 4 pork escalopes, each about 125g (4oz) (I found these in Waitrose reduced from £3.71 to £2.71 – a bargain) freshly ground black pepper (most people should have this in their cupboard) 1 ½ slices white bread, processed into breadcrumbs (chop in blender) 50g (2oz) mature Cheddar or Gruyere cheese, coarsely grated (if you are like me you probably always have a bit of cheddar in the fridge) 25g (1oz) butter, melted (again everyone normally has butter or margarine) 75g (3oz) soft goat’s cheese, such as Chavroux (£1.79 for 150g at Tesco’s) lemon slices, to garnish 1 Put the pork escalopes between 2 sheets of greaseproof paper and bat out thinly with a rolling pin. (Good for releasing any tension) Season with plenty of pepper. 2 Mix together the breadcrumbs, grated cheese and melted butter. 3 Lay the pork escalopes on the grill rack and grill for 3 – 4 minutes, fairly close to the heat, until the meat changes colour and feels firm. 4 Spread the goat’s cheese roughly over the pork, leaving it thick in places. ...

HobbyCraft Store (Shop) 28/02/2003

Arts and Crafts Wherever You Turn

HobbyCraft Store (Shop) I have just had my first visit to the Southampton Hobbycraft store. I had seen the advertisements in our local paper and I thought that it definitely deserved a visit. My girls and I are always painting and drawing. The Southampton store is situated next to Haskins Garden Centre, Gaters Hill, Mansbridge Road, West End, Southampton, Hants, SO18 3HW. There is a large free car park outside. A map and directions are available on their web site. If you select the store that you require the details appear automatically. We didn’t find the directions that helpful but the map was very easy to understand. The opening hours are Mon–Sat: 9am-6pm and Sun 11am-5pm. Payments can be made by Debit/Credit Cards, Visa, Switch, Delta, Mastercard. Postal Orders, Personal Cheques, Hobbycraft Gift Vouchers and Cash. The Haskins Garden Centre is situated next door and has a large and very well run café. It is clean and the food and service are excellent. They serve hot and cold food at very reasonable prices. The girls had a lunchbox containing a cheese spread roll, crisps, chocolate biscuit, jelly and a lollipop. They also had crayons and a picture to colour. There were fresh flowers on every table. The toilets catered for ladies, gents, baby change and disabled. They were all lovely and clean. Food and toilets are very important to a family like myself with young children. Inside the Hobbycraft store we were amazed at the variety of products and services on offer. Near the ...

Everything that starts with A ... 23/02/2003

An A - Z of Meggie1

Everything that starts with A ... Here we go, an A – Z of meggie1. It was more difficult than I imagined but I think this definitely describes me. A – Art I am arty in a Blue Peter sort of way. Give me a cereal box, material, wooden spoons and double sided sticky tape and Ta Da – a puppet show. B – Beth My daughter. She is 2 years old, loves to watch films and suck her thumb. Her best friend is Polly our Labrador. C – Cooking I love cooking. I am always in the kitchen making up different concoctions (usually because I don’t have the right ingredients. I once made a green battenburg cake because I didn’t have any pink colouring! D – Daffodils I have been a mum/housewife for too long now as last week I found myself complaining to some workers who were in our street cutting back the trees. I stood in my doorway ranting and raving about how they had dropped the branches in my front garden and destroyed half of my daffodils. It wasn’t until a little a while later when I had a closer look and I realised that the half that I thought were missing were actually just starting to grow! I really need to get a life. I can’t believe that I even phoned the council (I am embarrassed to admit that). E – Epilepsy My brother, his wife and my dog all suffer with epilepsy. They all have to have medication for the rest of their lives. F – Frizzy hair That’s me! Lots of it. Any advice on controlling it would be greatly appreciated. G – Girls, girls, girls My home is full of them. Megan, Beth, Holly, ...

Pampers Kandoo Melon Wipes 22/02/2003

Its great when the kids Kandoo it

Pampers Kandoo Melon Wipes Hooray for Kandoo Toilet Wipes! They are such a great idea. Soft, gentle, fragrant and the children love to use them. When my daughter was four years old she really struggled with her bottom wiping especially when she started school. I was beginning to worry that she would never have the confidence to wipe her own bottom. She worried about how much toilet paper to use, whether it would end up on her fingers, ugh! I think she just didn’t want to do it by herself. Then I started seeing the adverts on the television for the Kandoo Toilet Wipes. I thought I might as well give it a go. Within a couple of weeks of using the wipes she was doing it all by herself. No more shouts from the bathroom of “mum, can you wipe my bottom”. Yippee! At £2.28 a box I don’t think they are that expensive. They last for about two weeks in our house. They are fairly small and can be flushed down the toilet. They are strong so that no fingers can poke holes in them and have a delicate fragrance. They come in a brightly coloured container and refills are available. I have now begun to use them when wiping my other daughter’s bottom as she is just beginning to use the potty. On the odd occasion I have used a normal baby wipe and flushed it all down the toilet. Oops, this causes a blocked toilet and the water rises to just below the seat, aagh! I have tried a couple of other types of toilet wipes but none compare to the Kandoo Wipes. They were either too moist or too ...

Graco Children's Products DuoSport 18/02/2003

Double trouble or double the fun

Graco Children's Products DuoSport My husband and I must have spent nearly four months deciding what type of pushchair would be suitable for us. I already had a daughter who was two years old and we were expecting a baby. We looked at tandems, side by sides, single pushchairs, travel systems, three wheelers (double and single), you name it we tried it! We were very tempted by the mamas and papas single three wheeler pushchair but we decided that we had to be practical and look for a double. I thought that my little girl who was two years old was too young to walk everywhere. I had been told about the Graco Duo Sport Plus by a pen friend, she had mentioned that it could fit through most doorways. Off we went in search of one, we found it, tried it in the shop and bought it. The Duo Sport Plus comes in blue or grey. It is sold with a rain cover but a matching changing bag and cosy toes can also be purchased at an additional cost. The pushchair cost around £156.00 and I bought a changing bag and one cosy toes costing around another £40 to £45 for both. The Duo Sport Plus is lightweight and very easy to fold. Slide a button on the handle and twist then the pushchair folds down. This can be done with one hand. It does indeed fit through most doorways including my front door. There are still some shops that do not accommodate normal pushchairs and definitely not doubles. The seats on the Duo Sport Plus are very narrow and my two year old didn’t look that comfortable. Her foot sometimes touched the ...

Member Advice on Being a Step Parent 17/02/2003

When the stepchildren live with you

Member Advice on Being a Step Parent I have been a step mum for over 6 years now and I have to admit that it has been one of the most difficult things I have ever done. My husband and I have had many ups and downs throughout our entire relationship. Having read some of the other opinions on Ciao, it is a relief to know I am not alone. When I first met my husband it all seemed like fun. Visiting him and the two small children (a girl 4yrs and a boy 6yrs), going to the park, having water fight's, trips to the zoo. This was all very short lived as three months down the line I became pregnant! I was 25yrs old, naïve and still immature. The thought of having a baby was exciting and preparations were hastily made for us to marry before the birth. This felt like the right thing to do for the sake of the baby. My wedding felt like it wasn't really mine, my mother in-law insisted that the children had to be a bridesmaid and pageboy and carry the rings and flowers. She proceeded to ensure that the children were in nearly every photograph and our honeymoon was only for three days so the children wouldn't feel left out. I suppose this was understandable but at the time I just wanted some special time with my partner. The feelings I had when I saw my baby girl for the first time were overwhelming. I had never felt love like it before and then I started to think about how a mother could ever leave her children! The children's mother had decided to walk away from her children when she divorced my partner. She ...

Labrador Retriever 17/02/2003

Labrador - The Best Family Pet

Labrador Retriever I have a 5 year old Golden Labrador called Polly. She is the best dog that any family could ever own. Labradors are kind and gentle with everyone especially young children. I trust my labrador 100% with my 5 month old baby daughter. I know she would never become aggressive even whilst having her ears pulled by my baby, being sat on by my 2 year old and being chased by my 5 year old. Labradors can have problems, they are well known for having arthritus in their hips. They are tested for this as puppies. My labrador sadly has developed epilepsy, which I have now discovered can be another problem that occurs in labradors. We bought our labrador from a breeding kennel in Hampshire. I would never recommend anyone to by a puppy from a place like this as I believe there can be too much in breeding (mothers with sons etc) and I feel that this may be why my labrador has epilepsy. If I ever bought another labrador I would buy one from a reputable breeder, visit the puppy at the breeders home and make sure that I saw the mother with her puppies. My husband and I were shown the mother of our labrador, she was brought to us and then taken away again. Our puppy was also brought to us in a room and we never saw them together and we never saw where she was kept. I have found that female labradors can become protective over their toys but only with other dogs. Our dog would never become agressive with my children and I would have no problem with them removing her toys from her mouth ...

Lapland (Finland) 17/02/2003

Once in a lifetime trip to Santa

Lapland (Finland) Just before Christmas last year, my husband and two of my children had a day trip to Lapland. My daughters were 5 years old and 2 years old. I booked this special trip for the 14th December, just 10 days before Christmas. I knew that this would make us all excited in the run up to Christmas. The flight was from Gatwick at 07.10am. For a one off trip of a lifetime, getting the children up and ready at 3am was no problem. We had to be at the airport at 5am. Waiting for the plane was fun and the holiday reps kept all the children amused by playing games in the waiting area. From Gatwick the flight took approximately two and a half hours. The children were all given a colouring book and pencils. The food on board was not really ideal for children even though the trip was mainly for kids. A herb sausage, baked beans and a lump of scrambled egg. You could hear all the children complaining throughout the plane. I would recommend anyone taking this trip to take food with them its a very long day. When we arrived at the airport we were all ushered down to a room where we were all issued with thermal overalls. You had to supply your own boots, hats, gloves and scarves. We were told that temperatures could reach minus 20 at that time of year. Before the trip I was unsure what type of coat you would need to take. The travel agent could have given more specific information on this, when I had asked them for details on clothing required they were not certain as to whether we were to ...

Sudo Cream 04/02/2003

Highly recommended Cream for Babies Bottoms

Sudo Cream I have used Sudo cream for all three of my girls and would recommend it to anyone that asked. On the rare occasion that any of my girls had nappy rash I immediately put on the sudo cream and the rash soon cleared up. I buy one large tub and this will last me for a couple of months. Sudo cream was recommended to me 6 years ago and I have briefly tried other products but none of which have compared to this. It is in an easy storable container and comes in a variety of sizes which are ideal for home, changing bags and the smallest can even easily fit into a handbag. Sudo cream can also be used for other purposes like eczema or bed sores so it can be used by all of the family. I recently used it for sore chapped fingers from the cold weather and they cleared up in no time. ...
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