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I Fancy You (Shop) 29/10/2010

London finally has the fancy dress shop it deserves!

I Fancy  You (Shop) I stumbled across I Fancy You whilst shopping in Shoreditch this week. After talking to the staff and also knowing the area and the type of shops that are here, the original intention of the shop was to open as a "Pop Up" which basically means that it would be open for a short while, at a key time. Halloween of course! Judging by how busy the shop was and after chatting with the staff, they've decided to keep it open for 6 months. London’s gain as there is a real, dearth of decent fancy dress shops places like this. The first thing I was struck by was the choice on offer. Now I'm not a regular "fancy dresser" or even a cross dresser, but I think we'd all agree that over the course of a year you're invited to at least a couple that require some sort of outfit or at the very least accessories. It’s very difficult buying online for sizes etc and also me being based in London, its actually very hard to find a decent place with a wide range (there’s one shop in the west-end and one in south london - for 7m people!!). The problem with these shops is they’re expensive and, in mu opinion, do not offer a great selection of variety. I Fancy You covers all this. Its right in the heart of east-London “cool” suburb of Shoreditch and is very easy to get to via tube, bus or over ground. The area is great too so it’s really not chore even you're south of the river or live West to come over. I think there’s two great things you need from fancy dress. One; selection and Two; ...

Vileda Wertheim X3000 22/10/2010

Quality, bag less cleaner!

Vileda Wertheim X3000 Pros: Its a powerful, easy to operate, long retractable cable, can be used and stored almost anywhere and easy to empty. It is very lightweight too and is very easy to carry around. Not that this matters for a hoover but it also looks very nice! Cons: Trying to empty the machine can be a nightmare for people that suffer from allergies, dust particles can escape,so i guess dont empty the catcher outside but then again you cant empty it inside either but I figure this could be a common issue for all "bag less" machines, also manoeuvring can be tricking when trying to vacuum stairs or under certain beds/tables,getting tangled in cable but until they invent a wireless vacuum (maybe there is?) I suspect the Wertheim X3000 is far from alone in this respect. Overall: Its a great machine! it does what it needs to well and cleans all surfacesto a very high standard - theres no need to go bakc over an area. All in all I would have no hesitation in recommending the X3000 to anyone. Happy hoovering! ...

Krups Espresseria Automatic XP7200 21/10/2010

Stay away, far better products on the market!

Krups Espresseria Automatic XP7200 I bought my 2nd machine after the first one I purchased lasted less than two years; I started to have problems at around 14 months and just out of the warranty. Grrr....When you look at all the waste ground coffee and how dirty this machine gets inside not surprising that the machine will breakdown over time. Lesson learnt. Although, that said, that is no excuse for the power button to break off. At the end of the day, I believe all automated machines will have problems and I do not want to deal with adding and removing coffee for each cup soI went with the same machine again. As I said earlier, lesson learnt and have started to wash and dry the tray . This goes above the coffee waste bin each time prompted to keep this as clean as possible and not add to the internal build up. With the new machine I am still having problems and it has broken down on numerous occasions despite my concerted efforts to maintiain it. My friend has a cheaper Delonghi model that whilst may not look as attractive on the kitchen side, it does produce quality cup after quality cup and she has had it for over 2 years. Next time I will go for substance over style! ...

Panasonic TX-P37X20 20/09/2010

Excellant value plasma - exceeded expectations, Panasonic TX-P37X

Panasonic TX-P37X20 I'll be honest, I was originally drawn to this product because of the cost. Having done my research (well visiting and chatting to advisors in high street electronic chains) I decided I wanted to go for a plasma, for the crisper, quicker picture quality. I also wanted to go for a prominent brand as if you're spending a few quid, you want a decent brand to show for it. I was left with Sony, LG, Samsung and Panasonic. At £369 the Panasonic Viera TX-P37X20B was substantially cheaper than any of the other "big boys" products by nearly £100. I was intrigued... To start with, set-up couldn’t be easier. For someone like me that isn’t blessed with a huge amount of patience and technological know-how, this was the best possible start. The stand is very easy to set up and then its just a case of plugging in, and the TV sets the channels up automatically. My previous TV was a Samsung and for some reason wasn’t able to download all of the FreeView channels. No such problem for the Panasonic Viera TX-P37X20B. Within 6-7 minutues I had every FreeView channel available. Result. Now for the important stuff. The picture quality is fantastic. Its crisp, clear and when HD activated is simply superb - especially when you bear in mind this cost just £369 inc. delivery. The sound is great, although not great for playing CD's, but that’s not really the point, is it? Features wise, there’s the full "Viera Suite" to get to grips with. I'll be honest, I haven’t really taken advantage of ...
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