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Die Hard Trilogy (DVD) 27/06/2007

John McClane - Alive and Kicking!

Die Hard Trilogy (DVD) Action film fans - hold on to your seat for the ride of your life. Follow the adventures of John McClane, a New York cop that seems to upset the bad guys. I can't wait for the next film to come, I think Bruce Willis is like a good cheese, he certainly gets better with age! Die Hard - John McClane heads to California (and meets a very laid back limo driver!) to see his entranged wife and the kids for Christmas, but, gets caught up in Hans Gruber's very clever terrorist robbery at the missus's office Christmas party in the 67 storey Nakatomi Towers. Everyone gets taken hostage including (big shock) John's wife. Al, the fat cop made me laugh, he has a strange sense of humour! Never one to let the bad guys get their way, John decides to put a stop to it and get back into his wifes good books. Lots of shooting, explosions and special effects later sees John the (barefoot) victorious hero. Die Hard II - Die Harder Poor John McClane must start to hate Christmas when his wife's life is again put in danger as terrorists try to free a drug baron being transported to Dulles International Airport. Gunfights in the luggage room, exploding aircrafts (I had to cover my eyes for that bit the first time I watched it as I was flying the next day!) and icicles as weapons (made me feel a bit sick!) keep your eyes glued to the screen whilst you hope John can defeat the bad guys in time to save his wife, who is stranded in a plane that is circling the out of service airport using nothing ...

Goodnight Lady - Martina Cole 22/06/2007

Goodnight Lady - good any time!

Goodnight Lady - Martina Cole The plot line is fantastic with loads of twists and turns. From an abused young child, we follow Briony Cavanagh as she is sold by her drunken Irish father to a rich man with a liking for very young girls, through a difficult and heart-rending pregnancy and subsequent adoption, falling in love, violent gang wars, all the way to old age. We read how she makes her life better, although mens clubs and violence are not what most would call respectable, in the East End of London she becomes queen and she also finds and loses people along the way. The characters are so well described and developed you almost feel as if you are there with them, in some chapters this is quite scary as the violence is described in graphic detail!. Really easy to get into and not difficult to pick up again if you have neglected it for a few days. I have yet to read a bad Martina Cole book, the day that happens I shall probably give up reading all together! I definately recommend this book to anybody who loves crime thrillers - even my boyfriend reads these books! ...
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