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Wilko Aqua Hand Towel 08/10/2014

Cheap hand towels

Wilko Aqua Hand Towel I bought some hand towels from Wilko a few months ago including this aqua one. They are a standard hand towel but a bit smaller than the ones I have replaced that were showing signs of aging. The quality is good and I expected it to be, I have bought towels from Wilko before and they have been good quality without exception but they do not last for as long as other baled towels I have owned and used. The towel is 100% cotton and when it is washed and dried it is soft whether or not I use fabric conditioner, that is a good sign as towels that are cheaper than average usually dry with a hard texture and that makes them unpleasant to use. I bought aqua to match the decor in my bathrooms but identical towels are available in a wide range of colours from pastel shades to brighter colours. This towel is dyed to a very high standard and the colour is not patchy and has not faded after 14 or more washes, I wash towels at a high temperature and that can sometimes fade the colour if the dye isn't of a sufficiently high quality but nothing untoward has happened to my aqua towels from Wilko. They dry my hands and other parts of the body well and also absorb water better than I would have expected. I used one to stem the flow of a slow leak last night, it is that that prompted me to write this review because I was suprised by how much water I was able to soak up using this towel and it saw me through until I got my tools to repair the leak. Now I understand why the towel is so good at ...

Mug Shot Thai Pasta Snack 28/05/2014


Mug Shot Thai Pasta Snack A friend made me a Thai Mug Shot for my lunch yesterday after I said I hadn't tried it before. A Mug Shot is a packet of dried pasta and spices that you add boiling water to for an instant meal, the different flavours typically have a fat content of 1% or 2% so are marketed as a meal/snack for people who are watching their weight. The Thai flavour contains 2% fat. Each packet makes one mug of pasta and sauce, the pasta is much too soft after it has absorbed the boiling water but the flavour makes up for the bad texture. It is spicy but not at all hot, the sauce is very thin but it flavours the pasta more thoroughly than I thought it would and it tastes surprisingly authentic if a little too salty. I had to drink a glass of water after eating my Mug Shot and that is unlike me as I had drank before my meal. The only way to eat it is with a fork out of your cup but I said to my friend that you could make 2 packets up and have them in a bowl for a more filling meal. The mug of pasta alone is filling but it wouldn't be enough for a full meal for me and I would eat a Mug Shot as a snack not a lunch, when I left my friends I went straight into Gregg's for a sausage roll so not good diet food if it leaves me still so hungry.! Mug Shots are expensive for what they are, costing about 65p. They don't make them in a multi pack to cut the expense but if you're eating this as your lunch the cost doesn't work out so high compared to buying a sandwich. ...

Tesco Chocolate Chip Muffins 14/02/2014

A chip off the old block

Tesco Chocolate Chip Muffins I don't have much of a sweet tooth but often get the urge for a chocolate chip muffin and when that happens I like these muffins from Tesco. They're sold in packets of 4 but can't be frozen, the muffins don't keep very well so they all have to be eaten over the next 2 days, I don't think this is a problem because I'm greedy but it's a shame they're not sold in ones or twos because I bet a lot are wasted. They're not as big as muffins from other shops but they have a rich flavour so that doesn't matter. There are the right amount of chocolate chips in each muffin and they're spread around the sponge so that you get some chocolate every time you take a bite, the chips taste and act like real chocolate instead of the chocolate flavoured chips used by other supermarkets. I like the dense quality of the sponge and think these muffins are very filling, I eat them as a snack with a cup of tea because they don't feel right eaten as a dessert after dinner. These are stodgy in texture and sticky on my teeth, some people won't like how very sweet they are but eating one of these muffins always feels better than having a chocolate bar or actual sweets when my sweet tooth strikes and I think that's because they're so large and substantial. They're nice warmed up too, I put them in the oven for just a few minutes and that softens the sponge and melts the chocolate chips to give a nice fresh flavour that makes the muffins taste like homemade baked goodies. The only thing I would ...

Warburtons White Loaf 30/12/2013

Beautiful bread

Warburtons White Loaf I prefer white bread to brown and my loaf of choice is usually Warburtons, I used to buy Kingsmill only but they changed their recipe and this altered the taste of the bread so much that I didn't like it any longer. Warburtons bread is available in three different thickness of slice, with each being exactly the same loaf that has been sliced differently. The blue packet contains medium sliced bread, the orange is thick and the green is extra thick. I usually buy their medium sliced loaf because that is suitable for sandwiches as well as toast, but sometimes buy the thicker varieties for example if I am having beans on toast for supper or have cooked a stew and need thick bread to mop up the gravy. The bread is light but makes a substantial sandwich, it will cope with any filling within reason and doesn't fall apart if I'm making a wet sandwich using a filling that has a sauce. The crust is thin and has a fresh taste and texture but I always make sure I butter all the way to the edge because like the crust on any bread it can be quite dry so for a perfect sandwich it is best to always butter or fill the bread as close to the edge as you can. Warburtons bread usually has a use by date of about 6-7 days when you buy it but once opened I think it's best consumed within two days, that's only for quality reasons because it can be kept for longer than that but it loses its fresh and soft flavour after this point. After the freshness has disappeared you can still use the bread ...

Bic Biro 28/12/2013

The brilliant Bic

Bic Biro I have used Bic biros for many years because they might be basic but they are always reliable. I have the full set of green, black, blue and red at the moment and have never had cause to complain. As they are plain biros the effect of my writing isn't as neat as it would be if I was using a more prestigious ink pen but I have always found the ink flows smoothly through Bic biros and this ink is deep and vibrant. These biros give a smooth and medium size line for clear writing, just enough ink is released to give solid colour but without causing smudging if I move my hand or arm across the page after I have finished writing. Bic biros are not retractable and each pen comes with a lid that corresponds with the colour of the ink, that is useful if you have and use different colours because as long as you make sure the right lid is on each pen you can see at a brief glance what pen you are about to pick up. I would not say these are the only pens I will buy but they are my favourite because they're so comfortable to hold that I never feel my hand starting to cramp up around the barrel of the pen even if I'm doing more writing than usual. The pens last for a while, but the ink lasts for a noticeably shorter time than when I use more expensive pens. For the cheap cost of these that doesn't concern me and as I always keep a stock in I never find myself searching for a replacement pen when the ink does run out. ...

Herbal Essences Bee Strong Shampoo 28/12/2013

Bee forever lank

Herbal Essences Bee Strong Shampoo As a male of a certain age I'm finding myself with less and less hair to worry about, I haven't had an opinion on shampoo since I almost burned my hair off using Vosene and use whatever the wife has bought and left in the shower room. Herbal Essences Bee Strong Shampoo and Bee Strong conditioner is an obvious favourite of hers as she has replaced it several times even though I've told her I hate it, she obviously thinks her hair looking nice is more important than mine looking nice and she's right there! There's honey in the shampoo but I can't smell it, I think it's a gimmick and cannot see that there's enough honey in the shampoo to make any difference to the condition of my hair after washing. The shampoo lathers up quickly and easily but the lather isn't long lasting and drips off my hair before I've put my head back under the shower. My hair feels clean after washing and the shampoo rinses out easily, more easily than I was expecting with it having such a thick consistency. It's an hour later that I notice my hair starting to look greasy and lank, I don't use conditioner because my hair isn't thick enough so it was clear to me that the shampoo was causing this problem and I think it's because it is so rich. The clean feeling stopped when the lank feeling began because the sensation was so intense that my hair not only looked greasy but felt it too. My wife has a lions mane of thick hair and this shampoo leaves it shiny and looking good until the next hair wash so it ...

Fanta Orange 26/12/2013

Fizzy oranges!

Fanta Orange I'd been to a lot of Christmas parties over the last two weeks before Christmas and had drunk more than I should so by the time it was Christmas Day I only wanted soft drinks because my liver was beginning to complain. I bought alcohol for my guests but also laid on a selection of soft drinks including Fanta, a carbonated orange drink that I have enjoyed for many years and one that I believe is superior to Tango because it has more of an authentic orange flavour and is less sweet. It is very fizzy when you first open the bottle and you must make sure you don't shake or even tilt the bottle too heavily or you'll be hit by a geyser of orange tinted froth when you unscrew the bottle top. I buy the 2 litre bottles and keep them laid down in the fridge but when I want to pour a glass I leave it for a minute to let the bubbles settle. The taste of Fanta is sweet but not too sugary in flavour so it's still a refreshing drink, I like to drink it through the summer with lots of ice cubes but you have to drink Fanta quite quickly because even though it's very fizzy to start with it does go flat if it's left in the glass and the taste of flat Fanta is not very pleasant. Fanta doesn't taste like fresh orange and it is definitely full of flavourings but it's more refreshing than coke and the bubbles make it a more interesting drink than flat fruit juice or water based drinks. There aren't as many calories in Fanta as you would think and that's because they have removed quite a lot ...

Muller Fruit Corner Strawberry Yogurt 25/12/2013

Yogurt for breakfast or dessert

Muller Fruit Corner Strawberry Yogurt This is my favourite yogurt and I prefer it to dessert so even had one today after my Christmas lunch! I get tired of eating heavy and rich food at Christmas so I thought a yogurt for dessert would be ideal while everyone else was tucking into Christmas Pudding and chocolate desserts. The smooth white yogurt is quite sweet on its own but when I stir in the lumpy and fruity strawberry compote it makes the sweet flavour more indulgent as well as the strawberry making the yogurt refreshing. You can either add all of the strawberry compote and stir it completely into the yogurt or take a tiny amount at a time and measure a larger amount of yogurt onto your spoon. I don't care how mine is served if I am being passed my yogurt but if given the choice I add the compote a small spoon full at a time so I can savour the individual flavours of both sections. There is a relevant amount of yogurt to compote and it's rare that I find myself left with a lot of plain yogurt to eat when all of the compote has gone. The yogurt tastes very nice on its own because it is sweeter then normal plain yogurt. You can add some fresh strawberries too for extra taste and texture. The corner yogurts are filling and I think the strawberry one is best for that because of how chunky the compote is, larger pieces of fruit make it seem like more of a meal, and that is why I chose it as my Christmas day dessert. A Muller strawberry corner yogurt costs about 65p and has greatly increased in price for the ...

Halfords Jumbo Car Wash Sponge 25/12/2013

The best sponge for cheap car washing

Halfords Jumbo Car Wash Sponge This is the sponge I always use to wash my car because the size is right for me to hold in my hand. It's big but not that thick that I feel like my hand is stretching when I'm using it. The sponge soaks up plenty of water but when I put car cleaning fluid directly onto the sponge it doesn't soak that up so I am able to wash my car without wasting too much of the cleaner, that isn't a problem for financial reasons but saves me time as I don't have to keep squeezing or measuring out my cleaner so often. It's perfectly soft and I never feel that there's anything that could damage the paintwork of my car even if I use the sponge until it's old and ratted. Like any other car cleaning sponge I would never drop it on the floor because even a tiny piece of grit attached to the sponge could result in a scratch to the paint that would be costly to correct. One of the things I like about these sponges from Halfords is that they wring out thoroughly and effortlessly. They do not hold onto unnecessary water and this shows when you start to rub the car because a lot of water runs off the sponge, this is good because it means you're left with the perfect amount of water to clean the visible dirt but not such a wet sponge that you're water logging the metal surface of your car. The disadvantage would be that the sponge is bulky and doesn't compact down very much, I have to change sponges if I am giving my car a thorough clean because the Halfords sponge will not for into some small ...
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