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Channel 4 - Hollyoaks 16/07/2004

Like teenage angst? Love Hollyoaks

Channel 4 - Hollyoaks I remember there was a time when I was younger, when I was banned from watching Hollyoaks. My parents deemed it unsuitable for a young teenager, as I was. However, now, a few years on I'm an 18 year old Hollyoaks addict who's also got her dad watching it with her every evening! Hollyoaks is a soap on Channel four, 5 nights a week. I wait in anticipation for 6.30 p.m. to come, when I can sit down comfortably and get involved in one of my favourite soaps (Neighbours being my other favourite!) I'm not as sad as I sound by the way! Alternatively, if I happen to miss an episode, I can catch up with the omnibus on Channel four, Sundays at about 10.15 a.m. It is also shown Monday to Friday at 5.30 p.m. on E4 (the night befores episode) and Saturday afternoon is the omnibus. There are always a number of different story lines running, and in my opinion there is something for everyone. For example, currently there is a storyline about a couple in their 40's who are due to be married (Richard and Liz), this may appeal to the older viewer. For younger viewers there is a storyline about a couple in their 20's (Mandy and Tony) with Mandy being pregnant and facing a number of decisions. Personally, I love Hollyoaks because I feel I can relate to some of the characters, it deals with issues that can be a taboo in society and as well as making me feel low sometimes it also makes me laugh a lot! The characters I feel I can mostly relate to are the one's of my own ...

It Was Written (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Nas 13/04/2001


It Was Written (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Nas O.K, so yeah maybe I didn't go into town to buy this album but you know what happens! You see something and you have to buy it! This was the case with Nas' alcum, It was written. My brother has a Nas album, Illmatic and I like it so I thought this wouldn't be bad either. I have to admit I bought it because it was reduced to £4.99 in HMV, and I thought my brother or I might like it so I couldn't really go wrong for the price. It was written has 15 great tracks. The three I knew before buying the album were Street Dreams, The message and If I ruled the world. I didn't realise these were all on the album so this was a bonus. If you like any three of these songs then I think it is safe to say you would like this album. The message is a cool rap tune with a good backing and clever lyrics, and gets your head bopping, but this is true for basically all of the songs on the New Yorker's album. Street Dreams is quite upbeat, but is an interpolation of "Sweet dreams" written by Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox performed by the Eurythmics. However it is not Annie Lennox singing before you get surprised! It is Nas saying it in an adapted way to the song, "Street dreams are made of these n****s pushin' bimas and 300 e's a drug dealer's destiny is reaching the keys everybody's looking for something" You can't help singing along to the chorus of this one! WARNING-It will get stuck in you head! If I ruled the world (imagine that) is the second to last track on the album and ...

Angry Blonde - Eminem 07/04/2001

Hi kids Do you like lyrics

Angry Blonde - Eminem Eminem. This one name brings up many opinions. Everybody seems to have an opinion on the rap star. Well, my personal opinion is that he's great. So as I'm a fan, I decided to purchase his book, Angry Blonde. I was unsure about buying it at first, as I knew it had a lot of swear words in it that my mum wouldn't approve of :) However, she's heard me play his c-d's so I figured this wouldn't be much different. Angry Blonde is an 148 page book with lyrics to many of his songs e.g I'm Shady, Rock Bottom, "97 Bonnie and Clyde, Kill You, The Way I am and many more. It contains a mix of songs from his second album, the Slim Shady lp and his third, the Marshall Mathers lp. There is also one song from his debut album, Infinite which was released in 1996 but didn't do well as Em wasn't really known. Before each set of lyrics, there is an explanation about the song, like how it came together, or where he got the idea from, where he wrote it etc. For example, for the controversial song "97 Bonnie and Clyde (Slim Shady lp, where Em dumps his dead wifes body in the sea), we learn that the reason Slim wrote this song was because he and his wife (ex-wife now) weren't seeing eye to eye and she was trying to use their daughter Hailie as a weapon against him. She wasn't letting him see Hailie, so this song was to get back at her. Em has often said that the most important thing in his life is his daughter Hailie, so maybe writing a song like this wasn't unjust? Hailie's voice actually ...

New Look (Shop) 05/04/2001

New Look maybe it needs one

New Look (Shop) New Look is a clothes store for young girls, teenagers and women. There are a selection of clothes from glitzy party gear like sparkly halter neck tops, corsets or skirts to more comfortable/"lounging around" clothes like jogging bottoms, jeans or hoodies. New Look is up to date with the latest trends for example at the moment there are hoodies with BROOKLYN written on the front (not Brooklyn Beckham, the place!) as hoodies are quite popular at the moment. I have also seen quite a few people in the Brooklyn hoodies, so if you are not a fashion follower (if you like more unique clothes) then New Look is not really for you. The clothes are mostly reasonably priced, however being a student I don't really have a lot of cash, so I find some items quite expensive. Saying that though, many people wouldn't think twice about paying £22 for a pair of trousers. But nice tops can be picked up for about £12 and things like skirts for around the same price. In the sales, the reductions are quite big and you can pick things up cheaply e.g tops that were previously £12 to about £6. However, during the sales, New Look is a mess with clothes everywhere! The sizes available are good, I'm not quite sure what they start at probably 6 or 8 but there is also a section for larger sizes, which is great because everybody is catered for (sizes go up to somewhere in the 20's). There is also a large section with accessories like hairbands, jewellery, clips, mobile phone covers, lolly's, gloves ...

Eminem 01/04/2001

INFINITE by EMINEM is it the best

Eminem Infinite, what a cool debut album by Eminem! This album is Eminem's first, when he hadn't yet made it. So if you believe that the Slim Shady lp was his first, you'd be wrong! Unfortunately it bombed because no one had heard of the talented rapper at the time (1996). Not many copies were made as I guess there wasn't much demand, but now bootleged copies are going around. It is clearly not produced by Dr.Dre because there are none of Slim's trademark sound effects and the sound quality is not as clear as the current two albums (Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers). This isn't much of a problem though as I feel that this album has real feeling behind it. However, I believe it is a good album for a first try at putting one together. My favourite track on Infinite is Tonite. Tonite is a laid back rap song with a catchy tune behind it. When I first heard it, I instantly liked it as it is just one of those type of tunes that hits you and you love it. There are not as many swear words on Infinite as there are on The Slim Shady lp and The Marshall Mathers lp. A few tracks have some swearing on them, but the only one with a lot is Open Mic. Eminem says how the Slim Shady lp and Marshall Mathers lp are to do with his life, but I feel that this album reflects how is life was and his background more. I believe that this is to do with the fact that when he made this album he was not yet recognised and he was just emceeing trying to make his way to being recognised. So this is ...

Stankonia (Parental Advisory) [PA] - OutKast 29/03/2001

Hip Hop with a difference

Stankonia (Parental Advisory) [PA] - OutKast Outkast are duo Antwan "Big Boi" Patton and Andre "Dre 3000" Benjamin. They hail from America and from album titles "Southernplayalisticadillac", "Muzic", "ATliens", "Aquemini" and "Stankonia" you can tell that they are not your average hip hoppers. They say that even in school they were different from everybody else, and this isn't a bad thing as their music style differentiates Outkast from other rappers. Stankonia is their fifth album, and I bought it after being thoroughly impressed with the massive hit "Ms.Jackson" (which is featured on the album). Ms. Jackson was everywhere I went! In school everybody was singing it, I am for real was written on a stool in my science lab and I'm sorry Ms.Jackson was written on my table in my German classroom. Ms. Jackson is actually an apology to the mother of talented soul singer Erykah Badu, with whom Andre has a child. Apparentley it is an apology for the couples failed relationship... So even though Outkast have been around for a long time, I feel that Ms. Jackson, the catchy, infectuous rap tune got them widely recognised. Stankonia consists of 24 very different tracks, upbeat and chilled out. Bombs Over Baghdad (B.O.B) is not a typical hip hop tune. It is a very upbeat, almost drum and bass like track with very fast rapping and a catchy chorus. Not what you'd expect, but still good. So Fresh, So Clean is Outkast's next release from this album. This track is laid back, with a nice, cool backing and again a catchy hook. It ... 28/03/2001

Everyone say WOW now I'd heard a lot about cd-wow (although I'm not sure everybody has), and so I was interested to see what all the talk was about. I decided to check their website out (, and I'm glad I did. There are a range of c-d albums for the great price of £8.99. This includes c-d's in the top 75! Cassettes are also available. The home page displays new albums available, albums in the top 20 (for example) and an option to search for the album/artist you are looking for. The layout is good and navigation is easy. I'd been planning to buy Outkast's latest album Stankonia for a a while but I wasn't willing to spend £13.99 on it. So I decided to see if it was availavle on c-d wow. It is, and I was really pleased to see it was for £8.99, but what about postage and packaging I hear you ask! Free! So in total Stankonia cost me £8.99. I made a saving of around £4.00 which I could spend on a c-d single in the shops! cd-Wow's service is great. The order was easy to place, and I recieved an e-mail to confirm the order. This e-mail stated that the album would take 5-7 days to arrive. This seems long, however I recieved mine within 3 days, so I was impressed. This may not be the case with all c-d's though. When the c-d arrived it was in good packaging, and in perfect condition. C-D Wow also enables you to pre order albums e.g Destiny's Chils's new album, Survivor which the site says is due for release on April 30th (I assume this is the UK release date). At this stage a ...

Whole Again - Atomic Kitten 28/03/2001

Whole again why oh why

Whole Again - Atomic Kitten Why oh why? Why do there have to be such groups in the music industry? Atomic Kitten's new single Whole Again is a typical pop song, nothing new nothing that you can say "WOW" to! Whole Again is a slow song, with cheesy lyrics ("baby you're the one, you can make me whole again"), basically a ballad but a bit more upbeat. I don't recommend buying this song if you are looking for original lyrics and music that isn't done by a formula. It is just another teeny-bopper girl group who have no intent to save the music industry! Whole Again is another jump on the band wagon song, completely un-original and nothing inspirational- ordinary. I haven't actually bought the single (why waste money) but I have heard it on the radioand turned off straight away (I saw the cover/inlay in a music store)! However, just because I don't like it it doesn't mean that the rest of the public doesn't! Whole Again spent 4 weeks atnumber 1 in the UK! Many people like it and they spent a lot of time promoting this single. Atomic Kitten have appeared in many magazines, have been on the radio and have even made tv appearances where they have sung live. I heard the trio (with the new member, as Kerry has left to be with Brian from Westlife) singing live on c-d uk and Top Of The Pops and I wasn't really that impressed. They are o.k. singers, but nothing special. Their performance was also boring, typical sitting on stools and singing just like boy bands. I know that Whole Again has grown on many ...

Top Shop (Shop) 17/03/2001

Maybe only the topshop in the sales

Top Shop (Shop) Topshop is great... if you've got the money! Topshop has a range of clothes from glitzy party gear like dresses to more laid back clothes like hoodies and jogging bottoms. They are up to date with the latest fashions and clothes are quite reasonably priced in the sales. I picked up a lovely, fashionable purple dress for £10 compared to the original price of £25 (it wasn't really worth £25!).However, being a student I am mostly strapped for cash, so usually I do find it expensive, but they do have some really nice clothes and shoes. Topshop's clothes are comfortable (i.e. my purple dress and a pair of blue hotpants I also picked up in the sales for £5 compared to the original price of £15) and there are a range of sizes, that I find fit well. The layout of the store is good, it is big and there is an upstairs and downstairs. There is also a section in the store where other things like socks, mobile phone covers, underwear, jewellery and accessories are sold. You will always find something you want to buy, as there are clothes and accessories for all occasions. Head down to Topshop!

Interview - Westlife 15/03/2001

Westlife get out of my life

Interview - Westlife I know that the Irish boyband Westlife have many fans, and I know that they have made them number 1 8 times (I think it's 8 times). So obviously many people like them including a few of my friends. Frankly, boy bands are becoming thoroughly annoying. People have told me that Westlife are different because they can sing. I'm not so sure though. The way I see it is, they may be able to sing but so can many other people (take some of the last few in Popstars for example), Westlife just got lucky. My friends who are Westlife fans went to see them in concert on 13th March 2001. They were impressed by their singing and the show they put on. Being fans though, they wouldn't exactly criticise. I realise that they must have at least some talent to have made it, but marketing also plays a big part in Westlife being so big. Image is a big issue with all boy bands. Many people find them attractive (I am not one of them), and this helps. The fact that they also seem so clean cut makes them appeal to younger fans too. The songs they have released have been ballads such as "Flying without wings", and their new song is a cover of "Uptown Girl" (which always happens to be on the box). Now, I would be heavily criticising Westlife for releasing a cover version however this is for Comic Relief which I believe to be a good cause. Again though, even though this single is for charity it gives them a good name and gives them promotion. Magazines are full of posters and interviews with ...

Defend It - Beenie Man 14/03/2001

Girls Dem Sugar sweet as

Defend It - Beenie Man With this keys to his "beamer" now firmly tucked into his pocket this ragga legend is now focusing on the other love in his life-ladies. After last summer's collaboration with Jamilia (Money), one of Jamaica's finest has teamed up with current American r'n'b sensation Mya (Ghetto Superstar) to produce a fluffy ragga/soul/pop tune that you cannot help but love. His throaty ragga rhymes work perfectly with the honey vocals of Mya who recently had a hit with Case Of The Ex. This is a cool, laid back song and a good collaboration.

Loco (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Fun Lovin' Criminals 03/03/2001

FLC do it again

Loco (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Fun Lovin' Criminals Never before has a collection of plastic gangsters come across as laid back people more interested in chilling than robbing banks! And thankfully the Fun Lovin Criminals have allowed us into this lounging vibe that is simply irresistable to the ears. After the mixed reviews of their last album, the FLC's have reverted back to the coolness they bathed in on previous albums and have reproduced their unique brand of funky jazz rap. But first of all you have to get past the opening punk track, Where The Bums Go, before you can sit back and return to the more relaxed sounds of the real deal FLC. And they do not disappoint with tracks such as the lounging Loco, the comical rhymes that make-up Bump, the scratchy guitars and latin beats of Underground and gangster fantasies of There Was A Time. Huey and the lads really are back on form and this collection of cool, chilled out tunes just makes for great fun and excellent listening.

Slim Shady LP (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Eminem 24/02/2001

Thank God for the Slim Shady lp

Slim Shady LP (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Eminem The Slim Shady album is one of the best albums I have heard. Eminem's second album (after his debut one, Infinite) is excellent. With 20 tracks, there is a track to listen to for every type of mood that you are in! His talent is just so apparent. The special edition version has 3 extra songs on another c-d (2 freestyles) and a c-d rom element. I bought the Slim Shady lp after his most recent one, Marshall Mathers and so my expectations were high because I loved the Marshall Mathers lp. I was so impressed, it was not a let down. I can't stop listening to it, it is permanantely in my c-d player! My favourite tracks are Just Don't Give A F**k, Still Don't Give A F**k, Rock Bottom and As The World Turns. The lyrics on every track are amazing as is the production. The lyrics are so clever, and some reflect his past. Slim said that he's not going to fabricate his past, and he definetely hasn't. One track, Brain Damage is about a child who used to get beaten up and no one used to help him. The child he is talking about is himself, as he was beaten up a lot when he was younger and was once even put into a coma. So people can relate to what he's saying in his songs. As well as having a great number of tracks, there is a brilliant c-d rom element on the special edition cd with a gallery,a talk from Slim, video's, live performance of Role Model and more. I was very impressed with this as cd-rom elements don't usually have this much on them. Rock Bottom is a moving song ...

Chat [TV Advertisement] 23/02/2001

Bliss magazine it is most of the time

Chat [TV Advertisement] Bliss magazine is a monthly magazine for teenage girls. At £1.90 some may say it's not worth it, but I enjoy it. It contains problem pages, gossip pages on stars, fashion pages, reviews and serious articles. So there is a wide range of subjects featured in the magazine. There is also a letters page where readers can voice their opinions on practically anything (one reader wrote a letter sticking up for Nasty Nick from the hit tv gameshow Big Brother! I'm not sure I agree with that one!) An example of a serious article is one which was about sisters who kill, this was very informative (stating that violence is wrong). Bliss includes articles about stars such as Craig David, All Saints, Eminem and more. It is great for teenagers because they can keep up with all the gossip, get help by reading problems they can relate to and read up about things that are going on around the world. I reccommend this magazine because it is good to read if you have some free time on your hands! **UPDATE** After writing this opinion, I have discovered that Bliss has just been getting worse! It's not worth the price anymore as there are not many interesting stories to read, it is mostly about popstars! ...

Fear of Flying - Mya 22/02/2001

Mya at least she doesn't have a fear of music

Fear of Flying - Mya For every Mary J Blige there is a Melanie B, and for every Destiny's Child there is a Girltalk. And one of the biggest dangers with this style of music that it is very easy to produce boring tunes that do absolutely nothing. They just drone on about falling in love that would suit the speakers in lifts throughout the world. Thankfully, Mya possesses the ability to provide a selection of songs that are sprinkled with the required amount of emotion and certain amount of edginess that take her past the normal boundaries of r'n'b or pop music to make interesting listening. Her ability to blend her voice from rap to soul works perfectly when she matches her talent with the rhymes of Jadakiss, Beenie Man and Left Eye on a number of tracks. From the uplifting Case Of The Ex to the ragga tinged Lie Detector and the heart tugging emotions of Again and Again, Mya ensures that her time is right. ...
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