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Capital One Platinum 24/10/2006

No good for internet purchases

Capital One Platinum I like to buy from the internet, but I've had all sorts of problems with this card. Despite being within credit limit, never missing a payment, always using reputable sites, and entering all details correctly including address and signature strip data, internet transactions always seem to be declined. There's no problem with retail purchases, only internet. I'm told by Capital One that this is due to their points scoring system, and basically it can decline anything if it's internet based! Even when customer services told me they'd over-ridden it for one purchase, it was still declined! The retailer in question stated that if a transaction was declined, it was usually a Capital-One card. Don't bother if you want to use for internet purchases. 24/10/2006

Cheap, but savings are not worth the hassle I have used Ebuyer regularly as even trade suppliers can't seem to match their prices. However, I have now stopped. I've had a very high rate of faulty components and have received stuff that has obviously already been opened and returned (motherboard box with wrong serial number and correct one written in biro on the side!). To return a product you have to jump through hoops on their RMA process. They often fail to follow requests (asked for replacement - they had stock, got a refund instead and had to re-order at higher price and pay postage for replacement!). They've had a faulty memory stick for weeks now and have not replaced or refunded and have not responded to 'e-notes' (the only way to contact them). They may be cheap, but it just ain't worth the hassle!
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