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Avon Clearskin Foaming Facial Cleanser 10/03/2001


Avon Clearskin Foaming Facial Cleanser If you have oily skin it's a bit of a mre trying to find the right cleanser for your skin. The Avon clearskin range made me change my opinion of Avon. It's a clear liquid that's got a slight smell like tea-tree gently washing the impurities and excess oil away. Afterwards, your face feels a little dry and soaks up your choice of moisturiser quite rapidly. This product was passed onto me by a friend, at the time my face was breaking out in acne, it was really quite bad. I needed to find a product that suited my skin - and fast before my face got any worse. So, this has been a life saving cleanser for me. ...

Avon Clearskin Cleansing Scrub 10/03/2001


Avon Clearskin Cleansing Scrub This product was passed onto me by a friend, at the time my face was breaking out in acne, it was really quite bad. Having never suffered from acne before, I started to panic. After a couple of times of using this facial scrub, my face and acne seemed to clear up. It is a very refreshing scrub and also an antibacterial one so you wash all those impurities away. This is a great one to use for oily skin and it does gently remove dead skin cells. i have never been a fan of Avon before unitl I tried this little remedy, a good facial scrub for oily skin is hard to find. The mixture is quite gritty but not harsh, and it really does leave that feel of freshness afterwards. ...

Vichy Thermal S1 Long Lasting Hydration 10/03/2001


Vichy Thermal S1 Long Lasting Hydration I bought Vichy Thermal S because I know the company name and have used thier other products. This is also hypoallergenic so I thought that would be better for my skin since I have had reactions to other products. Anyway, this moisturiser is very runny, it takes a little while to absorb into the skin and when it does, my skin still feels dry, so I put more on, and again. I moisturise my face between three-four times after I've had a wash because I feel it doesn't moisturise my face as well as it should. On the whole, I was quite disappointed with this product as I did expect more from Vichy and won't be purchasing it again. ...

Olay Total Effects Moisturiser 10/03/2001


Olay Total Effects Moisturiser Searching through the freebie sites, I came across the Oil of Olay'a free sample of Total Effects. I got the tube in a couple of days so it didn't take very long at all. This moisturiser is the best one I've tried in a long time, the moisturiser itself is easily absorbed into the skin and there is no greasy feeling afterwards. Your face feels nice and light, not like other moisturisers where they tend to make your skin that little bit oilier or the feeling of 'heaviness' on your face. The smell is quite perfumy, even addictive if you like. Unlike the old Oil of Ulay, the company and thier products just keep on getting better! ... 10/03/2001

ADVANTAGE CARD Have you signed up for your advantage card yet? It takes a lot of spending, but if you’re prepared to make an extra trip to boots to purchase your cosmetics and toiletries, Christmas prezzies, film etc etc, you can get a nice lump saved up at the end of the year – if you save hard of course! The advantage card works on a points system and the amount you can spend is at the bottom of your till receipt like many other loyalty schemes. Last year whilst shopping at boots, I accumulated £60 and spent the whole lot of make-up. It was wonderful having a spending spurge on myself for a change but it’s it fascinating how little you get for £60! ...

Sainsbury's Mouthwash 10/03/2001


Sainsbury's Mouthwash I have been smoking now for ten years, and my teeth have a got a slight yellowy look about them, so i wanted to find a mouth rinse that would descale my teeth so to speak. I bought this at Sainsburies, it's meant to 'lift, remove and absorb bacteria and debris that cause bad breathe', well I have now been using it for a couple of weeks and it does make your mouth feel fresher. It has a wierd blue top and pink bottom and you have to mix it altogether for it to work or activate. with a quick rinse of this stuff, your breathe will be fresher and feel fresher and I'm defiantely going back to get another bottle. It does claim that your fresh breathe will last up to 18 hours, but that is not true, not for me anyway, being a smoker and all. But still, it lasts throughout the day. ...

Fudge Skrewd 10/03/2001


Fudge Skrewd I recently got my hair permed and ran out of mousse, so took the hairdresser's recommendation and bought some skrewd from fudge. 125ml costs around £5.99. It has got a perfumy smell and is not as heavy feeling compared to other gels. When you finish washing and combing your hair, squeeze a little bit on to your hand and scrunch it into your hair to bring the curls back. Your hair will have the wet look for a while and depending how heavily you use it, it won't go crunchy like a dry leaf. The great thing about this product is that if you have had your hair permed, some gels and mousses can make it look false, this stuff when your hair dries naturally, makes it feel and look natural, wins my vote! ...

Boomerang (DVD) 10/03/2001


Boomerang (DVD) Eddie Murphy in another short lived comedy. He plays the part of advertising genius Marcus, a fussy bachelor that has a fascination with finding the perfect feet, he believes that the perfect woman for him must have perfect feet… okay then… During a corporate take-over, he gains a new boss called Jacqueline (Robin Givens), the ultimate babe who is just as charming as Marcus. He sees her as a challenge and goes forth to conquest. During his operation, he tries to suck up to the face of the company, Eartha Kitt, and as she seduces him in the bedroom, with the clap of her fingers the lights go out and growling ‘Maaaarrcus darrling’, you can only imagine what happens next. Jacqueline finds out and laughs as Eartha has done this to many corporate climbers, and pointing out to Marcus that she’s only the face, she has no say in the running of the company. Jacqueline then goes on to seduce Marcus, he peeps over the sheets when she’s asleep to discover she has the perfect feet… oh my.. he’s in love. But Jacqueline, being a man eater, lets Marcus suffer by not returning his phone calls and keeping it strictly professional, leaving Marcus devastated. During this time, he becomes a fast friend with Angela (Halle Berry), who also falls for Marcus but Marcus is a little slow on the uptake. But gradually, spending more time with Angela, his thoughts of Jacqueline are depleting and his love for Angela grows. But then, Jacqueline sees ...

Face/Off (DVD) 10/03/2001


Face/Off (DVD) Castor Troy (Nicholas Cage), is one of the most wanted terrorists dealing with biological weapons, hunted down by Sean Archer (John Travolta), a FBI anti-terrorist team member. His body is being held in a secret location and Sean Archer is about to undergo an operation to have Castor Troy’s face swapped with his own in order to enter prison and find out where a deadly biological bomb is located from Castor Troy’s paranoid brother. Sounds simple enough… until Castor Troy wakes up without a face. He forces the doctors to implant Sean Archer’s face on his own and assumes his enemy’s life. The real Sean Archer is in prison pretending to be Castor Troy, Sean realises that his plan has backfired quite severely when he gets a visitor .. Castor Troy.. in his body. Of course, nobody else knows about this body swapping because the mission is so top secret, and the people that did know.. are now dead. The story is brilliant with the two actors swapping roles. They both have a go at being baddies and goodies which they enjoy, a great action movie with two good looking guys. Apart from when you see them without faces. ...

Jack (DVD) 10/03/2001


Jack (DVD) Jack (Robin Williams), has a rare ageing disease, he’s 10 years old but has the body of a 40 year old. He’s eager to go to school, but his mum feels that he will only be picked on and made fun of by the other kids. With the help from his tutor (Bill Cosby), his parents reluctantly decide to send Jack to school. At first, he’s unsure and shy, with a couple of the girls ridiculing him for his facial hair. He has a crush on his teacher (Jennifer Lopez), and sweetly asks her to the prom. With the kids realising that there new classmate and get things and do things that only an adult can do, they start to have a lot of fun. And Jack gets drunk for the first time while his friends mother believes that he is the school principal and tries to come on to him. Ending in Jack getting into a fist fight where they’re drinking. This is a kids flick, pure and simple, and when they’re watching it you’ll more than likely hear ‘I wish I could do that’. ...

Casino (DVD) 10/03/2001


Casino (DVD) Once upon a time when the Mafia ruled Las Vegas in the 1930’s and continued to do so for over 40 years, they needed a ‘front’, so they called in the legendary ‘professional’ gambling man Sammy ‘Ace’ Rothstein (Robert De Niro). He took pride in winning and according to his long term nasty boy buddy Nicky Santonio (Joe Pesci), never really enjoyed spending it. While managing the casino, Sammy met his future wife Ginger (Sharon Stone), a working girl that was a professional at conning men, she loved money, she needed it almost like a person needs air. Sammy proposed to Ginger, Ginger was honest with Sammy and said that she didn’t love him, but Sammy didn’t seem to mind as he thought that once they were hitched, the love would eventually grow. So, they got married, had a daughter. Although she would always return to her pimp ex-boyfriend. Casino tells the dramatic tale of how the Mafia’s boys f**cked up the biggest money swindling operation of all time.. With viscous beatings, killings, endless snorting, FBI agents and all the like, it’s a movie not to be missed. An example of Nicky’s temper is stabbing an ordinary guy to death with a pen, just for having an ‘attitude’ when Sammy says hello to his girlfriend. An example of the druggie, wannabe gangster Ginger is tying her daughter in bed with pantyhose so she can get close to Nicky. Only discovered by a fuming Sammy, this is a truly superb ...

Liar Liar (DVD) 10/03/2001


Liar Liar (DVD) Fletcher Reede (Jim Carrey), is an up and coming lawyer on his way to bag a promotion as partner of the law firm where he works. He’s just accepted a case where he has to prove that the client slept with several men because of her husband, in order to receive a large settlement for his client and receive his promotion. Meanwhile, his ex-wife, Audrey and their son, Max, are having a fifth birthday party. Once again, Fletcher is too busy to show up so Max makes a wish that his father couldn’t tell a lie for 24 hours and it turns into reality. Audrey has a new fiancée and plans to move out of town, leaving Fletcher behind. The court room scene is quite funny and overplayed, as you’d expect form Jim Carrey, but it ends with him winning when he discovers that his client lied about her age in order to marry her millionaire husband. Along with Jim’s legendary silliness, this would probably the best Jim Carrey movie I’ve seen, it’s witty, fun and at the same time completely stupid. ...

A Time to Kill - John Grisham 10/03/2001


A Time to Kill - John Grisham In a small South American town, a 10-year-old black girl is brutally raped by two rednecks in a pickup truck. As the rapists make their way into the court room, her father, Carl Lee Hailey (Samuel L. Jackson), shoots and kills them and wounds the deputy in the process. With the Klu Klux Klan (led by Keifer Sutherland), still over-running the town, they start to take revenge on his family and everyone that defends Carl, including his white lawyer Jake Brigance (Matthew McConaughey), whose wife (Ashley Judd) and child are forced to take refuge elsewhere while the trial takes place. It’s a highly controversial racial court room drama where Carl struggles to get a fair hearing for the crime he has revengefully committed. The NAACP's legal defence team comes to help Carl, but only if he uses a black lawyer for his case, he refuses and sticks to Jake Breggance, who is already struggling to fund himself and his law firm financially. Ellen Roark (Sandra Bullock), a rich young Northerner lawyer, turns up to offer her free services to the legal team defending Carl, Jake refuses but Ellen turns up with some useful leads and convinces him that he needs her help. His team has had a hard job making his witnesses viable as they all seem to have drinking problems. This is a brilliant court room drama. Powerful, gripping and emotional. ...

Thelma And Louise (DVD) 10/03/2001


Thelma And Louise (DVD) Thelma (Geena Davis), is married to a chauvinistic pig who likes to control her every move, and Louise (Susan Surandon), works as a waitress with a boyfriend, they’re both planning a vacation. Thelma left a note for her husband saying that he can put his dinner in the microwave and left with Louise for a much needed holiday. Everything was fine, until they stopped at a bar and Thelma became drunk with a guy trying to take advantage of her, in an attempt to get the man off her friend, Louise aims and shoots, accidentally killing him. They’re now on the run instead of enjoying a break from their everyday lives. Along their travels, they pick up a hitchhiker (Bradd Pitt), who steals all their money, and communicate with a sensitive cop played by Harvey Keitel who tries to convince the girls to give themselves up. With Thelma & Louise fearing a murder charge and having to spend the rest of their lives in prison, they both decide not to… give themselves up, and drive the car over a cliff. It’s a great rebel like movie which raises some questions about law ascertaining to self defence, if someone is trying to harm you and you accidentally kill them while protecting yourself… would it be classed as murder or self defence? ...

Bethlehem Sampler, Vol. 1 - Various Artists 10/03/2001


Bethlehem Sampler, Vol. 1 - Various Artists The title ‘Con Air’, actually reminds me of KLM. The movie is different however, it’s not about the shoddy customer service onboard a KLM flight, but high risk criminals that need to be transported to a maximum security prison. Cameron Poe (Nicholas Cage), was about to be released and would return home to his wife and child, which he has never seen. He’s just ‘hitching’ a ride home. On board, is the toughest scariest bunch of criminals that you could possibly dream of, they are locked in their cages and the flight takes off. Once in mid air, the ring leader, Cyrus the virus (John Malkovich), has a plan to escape, once he has successfully taken control of the plane and freed most of the seriously harmful criminals, he proudly radio’s a message to the control tower ‘Welcome To Con Air’. From then on it’s all action, fireballs, severely damaged cars and a terrific crash landing in Las Vegas. The storyline is quite basic with Cameron Poe turning into a hero, and once again, seeing his beautiful wife. ...
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