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H&M Wet Wipes Hand and Face Fresh Vanilla 04/04/2014

very vanilla wet wipes

H&M Wet Wipes Hand and Face Fresh Vanilla I've got a bit of a hygiene obsession (or OCD as my husband calls it!) and I'm always either washing my hands, or using an anti-bacterial cleansing gel on my hands, or wiping my hands and any surfaces around me with an wet wipe. I'm not normally too fussy as to which brand of wet wipes that I buy, I'll buy whichever brand is on offer or the best value. I've recently picked up these fresh vanilla hand & face wet wipes from H&M. They were at the till point as I was queuing to pay for a whole host of other items, and I added a packet to my already overflowing arms. They were a total impulse purchase as I've never actually bought or used wet wipes from H&M before, the low price of just 99 pence and the vanilla fragrance tempted me. So these were just 99 pence for a packet of 10 wet wipes, and they have a fresh vanilla fragrance. I have to say that the vanilla fragrance is absolutely gorgeous, very intense for wet wipes, and very vanilla'y'. They smell beautiful, and the fragrance lingers on my hands for quite some time after I've used one. The packet that they come in is smaller than a typical wet-ones packet, it's slightly squatter and squarer, making it ideal for small handbags and clutchbags. I've taken to taking these on a night out with me as the packet is so small, and the fragrance is more 'perfumey' than regular wet-ones, more in-keeping with a night out I guess. The wet wipes themselves are fairly substantial, they are not too thin so that they break up when you use ...

H&M Cotton Pads 02/04/2014

pleasantly surprised by these

H&M Cotton Pads I'm not fussy about where I buy cotton wool pads from. I normally just buy them from wherever I happen to be shopping at the time when I've ran out of them. So it ranges from Boots or Superdrug, to Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose etc. I normally just buy whichever cotton pads look like the best value. The cotton wool pads that I've bought recently are these ones from H&M. I picked them up along with a few other beauty items, and obviously a few clothing items too! These were £1.50 for a packet of 80 cotton wool pads. That's quite expensive really, I know that I can get cotton pads cheaper than this, but I figured I'd give them a go anyway. The cotton wool pads come packaged like cotton wool pads you'd buy anywhere, all stacked on top of one another in a clear bag with a drawstring top so that you can close the packet to keep your remaining cotton wool pads clean and dust free. The cotton wool pads are the small round circular shape, and they have a different texture on each side, one side is plain and smooth, and the other side has a kind of a cross hatch pattern on it. I normally use the plain side for my eyes, lips and face, and the patterned side for nail polish remover. The plain side is softer and smoother than the patterned side, the patterned side is good for 'scrubbing' off nail polish as it's rougher and more durable. These are actually quite thick and substantial cotton wool pads, and they are fairly soft. They feel soft on my skin and they don't irritate my skin at ...

H&M Eye Make Up Remover Pads 02/04/2014

not for me - too oily and greasy

H&M Eye Make Up Remover Pads I do occasionally pick up the odd beauty item from H&M. I've been happy enough with most of the items that I've bought, especially for the low price that I've paid. However one of the items in the range that doesn't really suit me is their eye make up remover pads. Like most of the beauty items at H&M these are cheap, just £1.95. For your £1.95 you get a small tub containing 80 small moist circular eye make up remover pads. I do normally use liquid eye make up removers, but I figured that I'd give these eye make up remover pads a go as they would be handy for travelling. I like that they're packaged in a little tub with a lid, as this ensures that the pads will stay wet and moist until you've finished the tub. The pads are quite small, and very, very thin. I would actually say that they're not 'wet' as such, I'd say that they have more of an oily and a greasy feel to them than a damp feel like a face wipe. I also don't think that they smell all that great, I would say that they have quite a chemically fragrance to them. As for removing eye make up, well I personally didn't think that these little pads were that good. They claim to remove waterproof make up, which they didn't - not my waterproof mascara anyway. And they also struggled with dark and heavy liners - they always left traces of my liner close to my lashes which then turned into panda eyes overnight. I found that I was using up to half a dozen pads at a time to try and remove heavy eye make up, making the little ...

H&M Goji Berry Face Mask 02/04/2014

brilliant quality - bargain price

L'Oreal Ideal Balance Cleansing Wipes 10/02/2014

good quality face wipes

Boots Cucumber Facial Scrub 07/02/2014

too harsh for my skin

Boots Cosmetic Cotton Wool Pads 07/02/2014

nasty and rubbish

Lancome Bi-Facil Non Oily Instant Cleanser - Sensitive Eyes 06/02/2014

expensive - but very good quality

Lancome Bi-Facil Non Oily Instant Cleanser - Sensitive Eyes The eye make up remover that I'm currently using is this one; Lancome's Bi-Facil. I've used this on and off for around 15 years or so now, it is very expensive, typically around £20 for a 125ml bottle, and so I normally only buy it when there's a 'gift with purchase' at the Lancome counter. I wear contact lenses and so I always look for an eye make up remover that is Ophthalmologist tested and safe for contact lens wearers, which this one is. I wear my contact lenses most of the time, and you are supposed to actually take your contact lenses out before you take your make up off, I don't do this because then I can't actually see what I'm doing! So I always leave my contact lenses in until I've taken my make up off to ensure that it is all removed and that I don't have panda eyes in the morning! I have had problems in the past with some eye make up removers that have stung my eyes, but I have no problems at all with this eye make up remover, it doesn't sting my eyes even if I accidentally get a small amount in my eye, and it doesn't damage my contact lenses at all. This is a one of those two-phase liquid formula eye make up removers, that you need to shake well to mix the two layers together before you use it. To use this I squeeze a small amount onto a cotton pad, I then find it best to hold the liquid filled cotton pad on my eye for a few seconds to 'dissolve' my make up and then just gently wipe it off. There's no need to rub or scrub at my eyes using the the eye make up ...

Soap & Glory Off Your Face Cleansing Cloths 06/02/2014

these do remove everything 'off your face'

H&M Raspberry Smoothie Face Mask 05/02/2014

raspberry yogurt for your face!

H&M Coconut Water Face Mask 05/02/2014

good quality face mask - too sweet and sickly fragrance though

Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Make Up Remover Pads 05/02/2014

far too oily and greasy

Boots Essentials Fragrance Free Cleansing Facial Wipes 05/02/2014

not as good as the Boots cucumber wipes

I'm not brand loyal when it comes to face wipes, I'm happy to use whichever wipes happen to be on offer, and as such I've tried absolutely loads of different ones. I've tried some which have quickly become favourites, and I've tried some which I'll never buy again no matter how cheap they are. The Boots cucumber face wipes are definitely one of my favourites, and I do normally stock up with them when they're on offer. More often than not Boots have them on offer at 3 packs for £3 (the full price is £1.50 per pack). You can mix and match the 3 for £3 offer with the Boots fragrance free wipes as well. Last time I spotted the face wipes on offer my local Boots had actually ran out of the cucumber wipes and only had the fragrance free wipes in stock. I decided to pick up 3 packs of the fragrance free wipes instead as I figured that they'd work just as well as the cucumber wipes - just minus the cucumber fragrance. Like the cucumber face wipes each pack of the fragrance free wipes contains 25 wipes. These are fragrance free as the packet states, there is just maybe a very subtle hint of something there which I can't really distinguish. I do normally like the beauty products that I use to have a noticeable fragrance as I think that's half the pleasure of using them. I did find the fragrance free wipes to be slightly dryer than the cucumber wipes normally are, they were not too dry, but they were not especially damp either, and I did find that the packet of wipes seemed to dry ...

Tesco Cucumber Cleansing Wipes 04/02/2014

bargain cucumber face wipes

Tesco Cucumber Facial Scrub 04/02/2014

literally scrubs the top layer of my skin off completely!

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