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The Unit - Series 1 - Complete (DVD) 15/06/2010

highly original take on army life both in combat and at home

The Unit - Series 1 - Complete (DVD) I saw this show advertised a lot on Bravo when it first came out and i was slightly apprehensive that it was just going to be another gun-ho army series with no real substance to it. But after receiving the box sets as a christmas present i was pleasantly suprised. The Unit is a series about an elite team of special forces soldiers, who undertake covert, deniable operations both in the United States and abroad. The show itself is centred around Jonas Blaine, Tom Ryan, Bob Brown, Matt Gerhardt, Hector Williams, Charles Gray and their wives and families. The pleasing thing about this series is that it doesnt just focus on the soldiers and the fighting. What it also focuses on is the effects that combat has, not only on the soldiers themselves, but also on their loved ones. Yes, this has been covered by other shows in the past but what makes The Unit so unique is that these guys are a covert unit. Their exploits are secret, their bravery is never recognised publicly and there is no glory in victory. This places very deliberately in my view, a portrayal of what being an army wife is like.-The ultimate fear of that knock at the door, what happens to them when they dont come home and of course the internal politics of living on an army base. In essence, the show tries to convey that even though these men go places none of us can imagine, they are still normal human beings. They pay their taxes, mow their lawn and have families. The cast, although not at all well known in the own ...

Logan's War (DVD) 15/06/2010

Low budget, but certainly watchable

Logan's War (DVD) This is another one of Chuck's low budget films he is producing himself, and to be honest he is isnt making too bad a job of them. Logan's War is the story of a young boy, Logan Fallon, who witnesses the murder of his entire family by the Chicago mob in retaliation for Logan's father who is the local DA, ignoring threats not to prosecute the mobs leader, Albert Taogworno. Logan is taking in by his Uncle Jake (Norris), and ex-soldier and martial arts expert and over a period of 10-15 years learns and acquires all his Uncle's skills and abilities. After a brief stint following in his Uncle's footsteps in the US Army, Logan goes back to Chicago to fulfill the promise he made to himself as a child that one day he will avenge his family. When he arrives, he infiltrates the mob using his impressive skillsets to attract the attention of the high ranking members of the family and sets out to bring them down. Whilst this story isnt exactly original, it is a pretty good film considering its so low budget. The cast isnt too bad either. Eddie Cibrian gives a decent performance as the older Logan Fallon and Chuck Norris is well... Chuck Norris! The one thing this film certainly has got going for it though is as is the norm in Chuck Norris movies; the martial arts sequences are very very good; even if the film isnt the best you have ever seen. Overall, its certainly worth a look if you are a devoted Chuck Norris fan. If you arent though its probably something you would watch maybe once ...

24 - Series 2 - Complete (DVD) 15/06/2010

Probably the best season of the lot

The Rock DVD 14/06/2010

A must own for action film lovers

Hotel Paradise Park, Tenerife 14/06/2010

One of the best hotels in Tenerife

Apartments Paraiso del Sol y Paradero, Tenerife 14/06/2010

One of the worst places ive ever stayed

Laguna Park 2, Tenerife 14/06/2010

Not a family hotel by any means but is ideal for the party goer

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