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Hi, I write reviews for dooyoo too, so you may find my Ciao reviews over there as well. Love to read and rate :)

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39 24/06/2017

More surveys from light speed, Globalteastmarket As far as paid survey panels go this one that I am reviewing today used to be terrible. really was a terrible place to take surveys, payment in 50 dollar cheque's which took ages to earn then receive once earned made this a dismal place for online earners. The site was advertised everywhere yet was a waste of time for people taking surveys and needing cash, and it was sites like this which helped to give paid surveys online such a bad reputation. Then a few years back there was a change over at, the company who owned the site changed, and lightspeed research took over. Lightspeed have a proven history simply in the fact that they own and run MySurvey is a site I reviewed last week with the opinion that it is the best survey panel online, as far as I have found anyway. I've earned loads over their, and since taking over Globaltestmarket I have now earned a good bit of money with them too. The site has become almost identical with MySurvey, par a few slight differences. One of the main differences is payments. Rewards are the same, you can still choose to be paid by a number of different vouchers on and offline, or have your money placed into your PayPal account. Although you can earn quick redemptions of just five pounds at MySurvey, at Globaltestmarket you do need to earn one thousand points in order to redeem. The good news is it doesn't take that long if you grab all the surveys they send, and when you do acquire the ...

The Legend of Tarzan (DVD) 22/06/2017

Tarzan swings again

The Legend of Tarzan (DVD) Someone in my house had this movie on a couple of weeks back, but I was so distracted at the time I didn't get to watch it. So I decided a few days ago that I was going to relax, sit back and watch this movie properly. I liked the idea of this new Tarzan movie, and after seeing previews in the past I already new that I would enjoy this film. There have been many entertaining ideas which have come from the old story of Tarzan. We've had books, movies, boy Tarzans and even Tarzan in the city. In this relatively new movie Tarzan is a man, married to his sweetheart Jane. Both once lived in the wild Jungles of Africa, Tarzan being born their right in the wild and raised by Gorilla's. Now living in England Tarzan goes by the name of John Clayton the 111, taken from his true family bloodline. After many years living a privilaged life with his wife in England, a situation has emerged which is going to drag Tarzan and his faithful wife Jane back to the wild Jungles of Africa. The Legend of Tarzan is one of many recently made remakes, which have been turned into new big blockbuster movies. Planet of the Apes, Star Wars, The Jungle Book and Jurassic Park are just to name a few I have really enjoyed and Tarzan was no exception. I thought this was a great movie, action packed with love, romance, revenge and murder this is without a doubt a twisted plot that Tarzan finds himself in the middle of. Which includes dirty governments, dirty kings and even the horrific subject of slavery. ... 17/06/2017

My Slice of the Pie I've enjoyed making money online for a while now, and have tried all different ways to do it. Some of the tasks I have found online pay better than others, but all ways have their uses for me. Slicethepie is a site I have had an account with and used for many years, although this is certainly not one of the best paying online earning opportunities. I have other paying tasks I would do each day before writing for Slicethepie, due to the work being very small earnings. Although I do keep this site on my list and take part in it more as fun. I let my earnings build up slowly with this site, only really doing it when I am in the mood and with nothing better to do. The idea is very simple, you listen to a song and review your thoughts and opinions. You can write longer in depth reviews but even a five hundred word review would bag you no more than 15-20 cents. I've found that it is much easier to write short views, 100 words long this way it is less boring and its easy to flick on the site and knock up a couple of quick reviews. People place their songs on the Slicethepie website to get views and reactions to their tracks, so your opinion really will count. This site has been around for years now and they have paid out millions of dollars to their writers. Their pay system has always been the same, you can cash out your earnings when you reach ten dollars and payment is by PayPal. But I usually leave my earnings in here for a long time, I don't spend a lot of time at ... 13/06/2017

InboxPounds a place to earn online I am always on the look out for some extra earning opportunities on the internet to make a little extra cash with. One little money maker I put off for a long time was InboxPounds. I do a few activities online to earn some cash like searching net, answering emails, reward sites, taking surveys and watching ads. At InboxPounds you can do all of these things all in one place, so I don't know why it took me so long to see the earning potential in this site. I just couldn't see it at first, the surveys seemed under paying and the range of offers seemed terrible. The only thing I did really like the look of was the cash search option, 1-3 pence for every four searches made through the InboxPounds search bar. So I flicked on it every now and again and made a few searches over their and also answered any emails they sent me which would bag me a penny each time. But I didn't use the search function enough to build any decent earnings, and the email pennies built up very slow. Then one night whilst sat back watching television, I turned on my tablet and ended up at the InboxPounds website. I flicked through their offers, and by simply flicking on a few sites and signing up to a survey panel I had earned £1.20. I wanted more so tried their surveys and earned another fifty pence, it was the next day I realised that although the offers took a while to change InboxPounds provided loads of surveys for you to try on a daily basis even if some of them were low paying. There's just no ...

Amazon Kindle Fire 11/06/2017

Amazon brings the fire

Amazon Kindle Fire I have had my Kindle fire for around a year and a half and in that time it has served me very well, which is why I have decided to write up my opinion on the product. When I first bought this Kindle Fire 7, it was a little more expensive than it is now. I got it for £90 which was a reasonable price at the time and it was bought from Argos, although many places sold this product such as Tesco, John Lewis and I enjoyed this product so much that I recently bought it again, only not for myself but for my daughter. The Kindle Fire 7 can now be purchased for £50 from a number of retailers, but when I saw it advertised as a momentarily special price at Argos for £35 I snapped up the deal. I think the main reason people buy Kindle's is for the Kindle books option, and this is our modern and revolutionised way to buy and read books. Ebooks are great and the Kindle's appstore provides a way to cheaply buy millions of different titles. To be honest if your looking for newly published and current books, you are likely to pay the same price as buying the book new. But all older books have a knock down price for the digital copies. Books which cost a fiver in paper back can be found for a pound or two now in eBook format. Another brilliant thing Amazon's appstore provides is the huge amount of free material they offer. Free books are now very available for all who have access to the Kindle appstore. I have found some great old time writers and been able to read their books ... 04/06/2017

Taking surveys with MySurvey.Com I have been making some money online for a few years now, its not a full time thing but over the years I have made a fair bit of cash. One of the ways I have made some money is by taking paid surveys on the internet. I must admit this is a pretty boring way to earn some money, yet it does bring in some much needed cash for those who need it. There are loads of survey panels around and in my experience many are rubbish, I've used a few sites which can take a year for a twenty or fifty pound pay out. Then there are a few reasonably good ones around. Probably the best survey panel I am signed up to is MySurvey, over the last three years I have made hundreds if not a thousand pounds from this site. The idea is simple, this is market research and this site sends surveys to your email. You simply open the email then start answering questions. Now I have used and do use sites which pay much more for individual surveys than MySurvey. Some sites pay £1 for fifteen minutes answering questions, whilst MySurvey will only give around 50 pence for fifteen minutes. The thing that makes this site worth using though is the amount of surveys they send. This site sends plenty of paid surveys out, I tend to head to there website once or twice a week, and there will be a load of surveys for me to work through and I'll spend a couple of hours answering questions about all kinds of things. I had a short time when my laptop broke and all I had to use my internet on was a tablet, a kindle fire to ...

T2 Trainspotting (DVD) 02/06/2017

T2 its back

T2 Trainspotting (DVD) I don't know just what I expected when I saw this movie advertised, but as it was such a popular movie when I was younger and I remember watching it I thought I would give it a go. I think Trainspotting on the whole represents a time and place an era, a feeling of despair for some but something many in western society can identify and relate too. The music, drugs and out of your head lifestyle. Loud music, beer drinking and cigarette smoke. For many the 1990s came and went in a moments daze, afterwards only bits of clouded memories left. For Sick Boy, Mark and Spud the 1990s has followed them way into the 21st century. It seems that things haven't changed that much, as Mark 'Rent Boy' Renton, returns home to try and put the wrong he done to his friends right. At the end of the first Trainspotting movie, Mark steals a lot of money off his friends which they had all worked to scam off people. Now he is ready to return home, if only to add some fun to his now boring existence. This is not going to be as easy as he thought though, his old best friend Sick Boy is still very angry and Franco other wise known as a Bigbie a complete nutcase wants to kill him. It's funny all these years later watching these actors come back together to recreate this new Trainspotting movie. O think a great job has been done, the movie has a great storyline and the flashbacks to the first movie throughout create a impacting sense of nostalgia. The characters although now a lot older are still ...

Peaky Blinders Series 1 (DVD) 11/05/2017

By order of the Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders Series 1 (DVD) The Peaky Blinders is a British TV programme created by one Steven Knight, and has been described as a gangster family epic. It seems to be very popular and has had some great ratings online. Peaky Blinders gets started with one Thomas Shelby riding through old run down Birmingham to drum up business by using a trick of the mind, magic they called it. He uses a fortune teller to get the people of the town to move to his own will, so his family book makers business will profit. It is this kind of cunning and out of the box thinking is what sets Tommy apart from his brothers and co workers. Naturally speaking though his organization and business associates are gangsters, cut throats and killers. Yet it is without a doubt Tommy's brain and skills which has the capability to take the Peaky Blinders further than they could ever imagine. Although in this first series a problem is on its way a very Irish problem, C.I Chester Campbell played by Sam Neill. After terrorising, torturing and murdering in Belfast, attacking the IRA. He has now been brought to Britain as part of a police operation to find a containment of guns thought to have been stolen by somebody in the Birmingham area. Campbell takes his job very seriously and these are serious times, the streets are packed with gangs, Communists and the IRA. The British government is worried the guns will find there way to war ridden Ireland where they will be used against the British, which is why Campbell reports to the top to Mr ...

The Equalizer (DVD) 20/04/2017

Denzel is the Equalizer

The Equalizer (DVD) Looking for a good movie to watch, I came upon this one. I vaguely remember being told about it some years back but I never actually got around to watching it. Here in this movie The Equalizer, Denzel Washington takes the lead role as Robert McCall an ex contract killer specially trained to take out the worst people in this world. Now McCall has put it all behind him, missing the love of his deceased wife he works in a hardware store living a contemplative life. It seems though that trouble is destined to follow this man. He spends most nights reading in a small cafe not far from his home, and it is here that he meets the lovely Alina. She is played by the popular Chloe Grace Morets, and despite Alina's young age she is a lady of the night and stuck inside an organization run by the Russian mafia in the heart of the United States. After befriending the young girl Robert starts looking forward to seeing her at the all night cafe until one day she doesn't turn up, where upon Robert is told she is in hospital after taking a vicious beating. This is when the music starts to kick in as tensions rise, the movie lifts off as Robert finds himself feeling them old feelings of revenge stirring him to get involved. Opinion I am a Denzel Washington fan he has played the lead role in some of my favorite films, and this movie The Equalizer is now on that list. There's no one better at playing the trained hit man with a heart than Denzel. This movie reminds me a little of the hit movie ...

The Wedding Ringer (DVD) 14/01/2017

Kevin Hart is the wedding ringer

The Wedding Ringer (DVD) If there is one actor who has been getting himself out their, working lots and getting his name around it is Kevin Hart. Starting out as a stand up comedian, Kevin's career has sky rocketed, leaving him as one of the most well known house hold names.TV shows to comedy now movies as well, Kevin Hart must now be one of the most worked guys in entertainment today. And it is Kevin Hart who takes the lead role in this movie The Wedding Ringer, along side him stars Josh Gad. The Wedding Ringer is about Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart), a man who specializes in being a great friend but only at a price. If you have the money, the wife and the up coming wedding but nobody to be your best man then just phone Jimmy. He specializes in lying and in style as he pretends to be your old friend back from out of town. This is where Doug Harris (Josh Gad) steps into the equation. He has a beautiful wife and a wedding coming with no best man, so he calls on Jimmy. These two strike up an unlikely friendship, as Doug faces the reality of having no close friends. Jimmy too realizes that his job and the way he is, has led to him to having no friends. Opinion I do like Kevin Hart, he's nothing to serious and usually gives me a giggle. I thought his stand up was really funny, I enjoy his show and like his movies too. That's why I expected to really like this film, but to be honest I thought it was just okay. It is a good idea, funny at times but I just found myself getting a little bored half way ...

The Untouchables (DVD) 21/12/2016

Untouchables, epic gangster movie

The Untouchables (DVD) Plot It has been years since I had watched this movie, so when I pulled it out of a box stashed away at the back of my wardrobe I instantly fancied watching it. Untouchables is an epic gangster flick, with a great cast and fantastic story line. The movie is set in Chicago in America during prohibition, and the days of Al Capone. Big Al plays a massive part in this movie and his character is played by Robert Deniro. Eliot Ness (Kevin Costner) is the police man assigned to bring big time bootlegger Al Capone down. He recruits the help of a experienced old police man named Jimmy Malone, played by Sean Connery. Together these two guys go after Al Capone with all they have got but it is no easy task. Opinion This movie is not all guns and killing although there is plenty of that in it. There is also a good interesting story which is easy to get in to. There is almost two worlds going on, the violent, fast paced and dangerous world of Al Capone and his men. And the private, calm and nice life of Eliot Ness. Happily married and a baby on the way, as the movie repeats a number of times 'its good to be married'. Eliot Ness is a happy man, but life gets strained as he enters into a private war with the late Chicago mob boss. I think Kevin Costner did a fantastic job here as Eliot Ness, he seems the perfect character for the job. Whilst as Robert Deniro has proved endless times since the making of this movie, he plays a great gangster. Untouchables is no exception, in fact I ...

The Game Plan (DVD) 16/12/2016

Game Plan, Family Fun

The Game Plan (DVD) If your looking for some family fun to watch on the television screen, then this movie Game Plan is a movie I would say is well worth a watch. I wouldn't say it is fantastic but it is good and worth watching. Dwayne The Rock Johnson heads up the lead role as Joe Kingman who is the famous quarterback playing for the Boston Rebels. Joe's high rolling career has turned him into an arrogant, over confident and highly unlikable person. But at the start of this movie Joe gets the shock of his life as an eight year old girl turns up at his door step. She is name Peyton Kelly played by Madison Pettis and claims to be Joe's daughter sent to him by his ex wife. This movie then takes you on a journey of these two people coming together and getting to know one another but it is not without its problems. Joe's attitude is terrible and his skills as a father even worse, but luckily charismatic Peyton is on hand to show him his faults. It is obvious that so far Joe has been a terrible dad, self obsessed and little time shared but now he has been given a chance to change but will he change before its to late? Opinion I must say that I thought this was going to be a little boring when me and my daughter sat down to watch this, but I was pleasantly surprised. There were some funny bits through out which placed a smile on our faces, I wouldn't say this is laugh out loud material though. But family movies rarely are. There is a bit of a lesson here in this movie for the dads out there, and a ...

The Night Before (DVD) 13/12/2016

Great comedy The Night Before

The Night Before (DVD) When it comes to comedy these days I think really good laugh out loud comedies are hard to come by. But that is exactly what I found when I watched this movie The Night Before. Just from the actors starring in this movie, I new it was going to be a good one but I didn't no how good. And I thought it was great, there were moments through out from start to finish which had me really laughing. The movie is basically about three guys who have a great night together every Christmas, it has become there tradition ever since Ethan Miller (Joseph Gordon Levitt) lost his parents in a car accident. But now they are all growing up Isaac Greenberg (Seth Rogen) is having a baby and Chris Roberts (Anthony Mackie) is becoming famous, they decide that this will be their last year together. One last blow out before they all start to grow up. Isaac's wife Betsy (Jillian Bell) is pregnant and before her man goes out for one more big blow out, she gives him a special little early Christmas present. Which is a box containing every drug in the world which she purchased for him from Craigslist. Which is kind of funny seen as though she comes across so prim and proper. The three friends head off for their big night, and Ethan has a special little present for his two friends. Three tickets to the Nutcracker Ball, a party they have all wanted to go to for years but never had the chance. The movie shows these three friends now on their night out before the big party where they get into all kinds of ...

Concussion (DVD) 10/12/2016

Concussion, Will Smith the Pathologist

Concussion (DVD) Directed by Peter Landesman and produced by Ridley Scott among others, this movie Concussion has Will Smith playing the lead role. He is playing Nigerian pathologist Dr Bennet Omalu, set in 2002 when armed with new research goes up against the NFL and there big corporation. His work shows a direct link between brain degeneration and the bangs and knocks pro American footballers take daily. All over the place this movie has had mixed reviews online, some say its good and others say its terrible so I suppose this one comes down to individual taste. I myself thought it was okay, but to be perfectly honest I was expecting a lot more. With the cast and the way it was advertised I thought it was gonna be a great blockbuster movie. Instead I found myself getting a little bored. Don't get me wrong it wasn't bad and I did watch it to the end but it certainly could have been better. It actually does have a great storyline, as pathologist Dr Omalu takes on the corporation presidents because his research serves to loose the NFL a lot of money. And at first it seemed like this was going to be really good. The Dr gets a love interest adding romance to the movie. She is Prema played by Gugu Mbatha Raw and comes to stay in Dr Omalu house, eventually falling in love and becoming the women by his side. Will Smith himself is his usual professional standard and his acting in no way reflects the rating of this review. He puts on a Nigerian accent through out this film, and actually pulls it ...

Grimsby (DVD) 09/12/2016

The Grimsby brothers, silly comedy

Grimsby (DVD) I watched this movie because I thought it looked like it may be a laugh, and I wasn't wrong. Sacha Baron Cohen has always made me laugh right back since his early days, he is not my favorite comedian actor but he has been known to place a smile on my face. His lead role in this movie is along side Mark Strong and together they make Nobby (Sacha Cohen) and Sabastian (Mark Strong) the Grimsby brothers. This movie starts in Grimsby with Nobby as a cliche working class loud mouth. He has a pot belly, a big gob and loves the pub in which everyone knows him. He has loads of kids and seems to love his home town. But one thing is missing in Nobby's life, his long lost brother who he hasn't seen since childhood when life ripped them apart. The last he saw of his brother was as children when Sabastian was packed off on a train to live with a new family in London. Nobby kept his brothers photo's and has even dedicated a bedroom to him in the hope that one day Sebastian will return. As this movie gets going a sequence of events leads to these two long lost brothers finally meeting after many years, but you could not find two different kind of people. Nobby never leaving his humble, poor and working class surroundings is now very different to his brother who has become a highly skilled M16 agent. With the licence and ability to kill Sebastian has come along way from Nobby and Grimsby. Although these two characters couldn't be more different life brings them together, serving Nobby a ...
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