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The Equalizer (DVD) 20/04/2017

Denzel is the Equalizer

The Equalizer (DVD) Looking for a good movie to watch, I came upon this one. I vaguely remember being told about it some years back but I never actually got around to watching it. Here in this movie The Equalizer, Denzel Washington takes the lead role as Robert McCall an ex contract killer specially trained to take out the worst people in this world. Now McCall has put it all behind him, missing the love of his deceased wife he works in a hardware store living a contemplative life. It seems though that trouble is destined to follow this man. He spends most nights reading in a small cafe not far from his home, and it is here that he meets the lovely Alina. She is played by the popular Chloe Grace Morets, and despite Alina's young age she is a lady of the night and stuck inside an organization run by the Russian mafia in the heart of the United States. After befriending the young girl Robert starts looking forward to seeing her at the all night cafe until one day she doesn't turn up, where upon Robert is told she is in hospital after taking a vicious beating. This is when the music starts to kick in as tensions rise, the movie lifts off as Robert finds himself feeling them old feelings of revenge stirring him to get involved. Opinion I am a Denzel Washington fan he has played the lead role in some of my favorite films, and this movie The Equalizer is now on that list. There's no one better at playing the trained hit man with a heart than Denzel. This movie reminds me a little of the hit movie ...

The Wedding Ringer (DVD) 14/01/2017

Kevin Hart is the wedding ringer

The Wedding Ringer (DVD) If there is one actor who has been getting himself out their, working lots and getting his name around it is Kevin Hart. Starting out as a stand up comedian, Kevin's career has sky rocketed, leaving him as one of the most well known house hold names.TV shows to comedy now movies as well, Kevin Hart must now be one of the most worked guys in entertainment today. And it is Kevin Hart who takes the lead role in this movie The Wedding Ringer, along side him stars Josh Gad. The Wedding Ringer is about Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart), a man who specializes in being a great friend but only at a price. If you have the money, the wife and the up coming wedding but nobody to be your best man then just phone Jimmy. He specializes in lying and in style as he pretends to be your old friend back from out of town. This is where Doug Harris (Josh Gad) steps into the equation. He has a beautiful wife and a wedding coming with no best man, so he calls on Jimmy. These two strike up an unlikely friendship, as Doug faces the reality of having no close friends. Jimmy too realizes that his job and the way he is, has led to him to having no friends. Opinion I do like Kevin Hart, he's nothing to serious and usually gives me a giggle. I thought his stand up was really funny, I enjoy his show and like his movies too. That's why I expected to really like this film, but to be honest I thought it was just okay. It is a good idea, funny at times but I just found myself getting a little bored half way ...

The Untouchables (DVD) 21/12/2016

Untouchables, epic gangster movie

The Untouchables (DVD) Plot It has been years since I had watched this movie, so when I pulled it out of a box stashed away at the back of my wardrobe I instantly fancied watching it. Untouchables is an epic gangster flick, with a great cast and fantastic story line. The movie is set in Chicago in America during prohibition, and the days of Al Capone. Big Al plays a massive part in this movie and his character is played by Robert Deniro. Eliot Ness (Kevin Costner) is the police man assigned to bring big time bootlegger Al Capone down. He recruits the help of a experienced old police man named Jimmy Malone, played by Sean Connery. Together these two guys go after Al Capone with all they have got but it is no easy task. Opinion This movie is not all guns and killing although there is plenty of that in it. There is also a good interesting story which is easy to get in to. There is almost two worlds going on, the violent, fast paced and dangerous world of Al Capone and his men. And the private, calm and nice life of Eliot Ness. Happily married and a baby on the way, as the movie repeats a number of times 'its good to be married'. Eliot Ness is a happy man, but life gets strained as he enters into a private war with the late Chicago mob boss. I think Kevin Costner did a fantastic job here as Eliot Ness, he seems the perfect character for the job. Whilst as Robert Deniro has proved endless times since the making of this movie, he plays a great gangster. Untouchables is no exception, in fact I ...

The Game Plan (DVD) 16/12/2016

Game Plan, Family Fun

The Game Plan (DVD) If your looking for some family fun to watch on the television screen, then this movie Game Plan is a movie I would say is well worth a watch. I wouldn't say it is fantastic but it is good and worth watching. Dwayne The Rock Johnson heads up the lead role as Joe Kingman who is the famous quarterback playing for the Boston Rebels. Joe's high rolling career has turned him into an arrogant, over confident and highly unlikable person. But at the start of this movie Joe gets the shock of his life as an eight year old girl turns up at his door step. She is name Peyton Kelly played by Madison Pettis and claims to be Joe's daughter sent to him by his ex wife. This movie then takes you on a journey of these two people coming together and getting to know one another but it is not without its problems. Joe's attitude is terrible and his skills as a father even worse, but luckily charismatic Peyton is on hand to show him his faults. It is obvious that so far Joe has been a terrible dad, self obsessed and little time shared but now he has been given a chance to change but will he change before its to late? Opinion I must say that I thought this was going to be a little boring when me and my daughter sat down to watch this, but I was pleasantly surprised. There were some funny bits through out which placed a smile on our faces, I wouldn't say this is laugh out loud material though. But family movies rarely are. There is a bit of a lesson here in this movie for the dads out there, and a ...

The Night Before (DVD) 13/12/2016

Great comedy The Night Before

The Night Before (DVD) When it comes to comedy these days I think really good laugh out loud comedies are hard to come by. But that is exactly what I found when I watched this movie The Night Before. Just from the actors starring in this movie, I new it was going to be a good one but I didn't no how good. And I thought it was great, there were moments through out from start to finish which had me really laughing. The movie is basically about three guys who have a great night together every Christmas, it has become there tradition ever since Ethan Miller (Joseph Gordon Levitt) lost his parents in a car accident. But now they are all growing up Isaac Greenberg (Seth Rogen) is having a baby and Chris Roberts (Anthony Mackie) is becoming famous, they decide that this will be their last year together. One last blow out before they all start to grow up. Isaac's wife Betsy (Jillian Bell) is pregnant and before her man goes out for one more big blow out, she gives him a special little early Christmas present. Which is a box containing every drug in the world which she purchased for him from Craigslist. Which is kind of funny seen as though she comes across so prim and proper. The three friends head off for their big night, and Ethan has a special little present for his two friends. Three tickets to the Nutcracker Ball, a party they have all wanted to go to for years but never had the chance. The movie shows these three friends now on their night out before the big party where they get into all kinds of ...

Concussion (DVD) 10/12/2016

Concussion, Will Smith the Pathologist

Concussion (DVD) Directed by Peter Landesman and produced by Ridley Scott among others, this movie Concussion has Will Smith playing the lead role. He is playing Nigerian pathologist Dr Bennet Omalu, set in 2002 when armed with new research goes up against the NFL and there big corporation. His work shows a direct link between brain degeneration and the bangs and knocks pro American footballers take daily. All over the place this movie has had mixed reviews online, some say its good and others say its terrible so I suppose this one comes down to individual taste. I myself thought it was okay, but to be perfectly honest I was expecting a lot more. With the cast and the way it was advertised I thought it was gonna be a great blockbuster movie. Instead I found myself getting a little bored. Don't get me wrong it wasn't bad and I did watch it to the end but it certainly could have been better. It actually does have a great storyline, as pathologist Dr Omalu takes on the corporation presidents because his research serves to loose the NFL a lot of money. And at first it seemed like this was going to be really good. The Dr gets a love interest adding romance to the movie. She is Prema played by Gugu Mbatha Raw and comes to stay in Dr Omalu house, eventually falling in love and becoming the women by his side. Will Smith himself is his usual professional standard and his acting in no way reflects the rating of this review. He puts on a Nigerian accent through out this film, and actually pulls it ...

Grimsby (DVD) 09/12/2016

The Grimsby brothers, silly comedy

Grimsby (DVD) I watched this movie because I thought it looked like it may be a laugh, and I wasn't wrong. Sacha Baron Cohen has always made me laugh right back since his early days, he is not my favorite comedian actor but he has been known to place a smile on my face. His lead role in this movie is along side Mark Strong and together they make Nobby (Sacha Cohen) and Sabastian (Mark Strong) the Grimsby brothers. This movie starts in Grimsby with Nobby as a cliche working class loud mouth. He has a pot belly, a big gob and loves the pub in which everyone knows him. He has loads of kids and seems to love his home town. But one thing is missing in Nobby's life, his long lost brother who he hasn't seen since childhood when life ripped them apart. The last he saw of his brother was as children when Sabastian was packed off on a train to live with a new family in London. Nobby kept his brothers photo's and has even dedicated a bedroom to him in the hope that one day Sebastian will return. As this movie gets going a sequence of events leads to these two long lost brothers finally meeting after many years, but you could not find two different kind of people. Nobby never leaving his humble, poor and working class surroundings is now very different to his brother who has become a highly skilled M16 agent. With the licence and ability to kill Sebastian has come along way from Nobby and Grimsby. Although these two characters couldn't be more different life brings them together, serving Nobby a ...

The Martian (DVD) 18/02/2016

Matt Damon is the Martian

The Martian (DVD) I watched this a couple of nights ago for the first time, with my family. With such a big build up to the movie in the media and the subject matter, I was expecting something good. Which in all fairness I got, only I couldn't help thinking it could have been better. I think I can safely say that this is a movie about a man who gets stuck on the planet Mars, without spoiling it for anybody. And that somebody is Mark Watney, played by Matt Damon. Now Mr Damon has never really been one of my favorite actors, but I have enjoyed a few of his films. Good Will Hunting being one, which really stood out for me. I really enjoyed Robert Ludlum's Bourne books, but did not enjoy Matt Damon's Bourne movies all that much. He does okay in this, funny at times and gets into his character but there is nothing astounding about his performance. Other actors in this are: Jessica Chastain Kristen Wigg Jeff Daniels Michael Pena Kate Mara Sean Bean Sebastian Stan Aksel Hennie The movie is directed by the world famous movie director Ridley Scott. Now I never said this was a bad movie, the graphics are amazing and the story line alone is extremely interesting. It can be clearly seen, that a lot of money and effort has gone into the making. But this is a long movie, 141 minutes. And for a movie this long it has to be really good to keep you interested. The truth is we were all anticipating the end, I myself for a good half an hour before the films end was getting bored. I wanted my bed. Yet a ...

Legend (DVD) 13/02/2016

What a Legend

Legend (DVD) The Krays are certainly legends now. Their story will live on for centuries, if for nothing more than to make some more money. The tale of the two east end brothers, who held the London underworld hostage in the sixtees, is one that has fascinated the public for many years now. Brutal violence, corruption and tragedy, it sells like hot cakes. And the Krays had plenty of these things in their murky pasts, all which was sold to an eager public on their arrests. Well they still needed cash, after all they were only in prison. The earlier movie made about them starring the Kemp brothers was terrible, and it was said Ronnie Kray thought so as well. He went mad when he saw it, in Broadmoor. Yet they kept their mouths shut for the cash, which they got a fair bit of for it. It is completely the opposite for this new Kray movie Legend, this movie is far more authentic. No offense to the Kemp brothers, I love that song Gold. But this is one part they were not made for. Tom Hardy on the other hand could pull it off, and did so with extreme talent. Nothing short than absolutely amazing is all I can say. He plays both characters, Ronnie and Reggie and brings them both alive on the screen to be watched. Reggie the slick business minded man with violent tendancies and Ronnie the homosexual psychopathic killer, who bribed members of parliment to do his will. Tom gets both characters spot on and hits the nail on the head in this film, you really get an insight into the true characters of ...

8 Mile (DVD) 02/12/2015

Not a bad movie, 8 mile

8 Mile (DVD) 8 mile, yea it's worth a watch I am not such a big Eminem fan any more but I must admit that there was a time that I was. When he released his first album and became a world wide success, I was a young troubled teenager and this music some how made sense to me and others back then. Let down by family and the system and just another statistic of the British urban culture, we were the children following the piped piper. It didn't take long for these feelings to wear off though for most, work, children, relationships and life in general all has its own way of straightening you out. But Eminem has himself gone through changes, and by the time we get to this movie 8 mile, we have a maturer Eminem, even if just a little. Obviously I had watched this movie along time ago now, when it first came out but have recently watched it again. This has actually got some big names in it, and is a well put together American movie. There is Mekhi Phifer, Brittany Murphy and Kim Basinger as well as some other familiar faces. This movie is basically a music film, based around hip hop and the life of Jimmy B-Rabbit Smith. He is an aspiring musician, stuck working a dead end job in a factory, and living in a Detroit trailer park with his mum. His dream is to get out of the factory, out of his mums and to make it as a top class rapper. And this movie is all about that journey. One thing Eminem certainly does in this is showcase his talent, I was thinking that in this he really does show just how ...

Mrs Brown's Boys Live Tour: Mrs Brown Rides Again (Blu-Ray) 27/11/2015

Mrs Brown Rides Again, Amazing Comedy

Mrs Brown's Boys Live Tour: Mrs Brown Rides Again (Blu-Ray) Mrs Brown is somebody I knew very little about for a long time, that was until around a year and a half a go. Firstly I started hearing people talk about her, then a friend borrowed me this show , Mrs Brown rides again. Since then I have bought myself a copy of this, as it is so good I wanted it as part of my collection to watch whenever I may get the urge too. To be honest I didn't think I would like it at first, I mean some bloke dressed as an old woman and trying to be funny just did not sound good to me. But as we are in life sometimes, I was pleasantly surprised. When it comes to comedy shows, this has got to be one of the funniest I have ever watched. After enjoyoing this so much I did go and check out the television series, but to my great disappointed it wasn't half as funny. I think what makes this show so special, is the fact that it is live and the cast do a wonderful job. Brendan O Carroll is an Irish writer who created Mrs Brown, Brendan playing the lead role as Mrs Brown herself. And he is outstanding, quick witted, extremely funny and very likable. This show is basically set in one room, Mrs Browns front room as people come and go. They have a big Irish family, and all her children are in her life. In this quick movie sized show there is drama, love, crime, passion but most of all a lot of laughs.This really is a family oriented show, with a strong emphasis on family sticking together. Yet at the same time it is not a cheap silly comedy, it is well thought ...

The Book Of Eli (DVD) 25/11/2015

The Book of Eli, brilliant

The Book Of Eli (DVD) I sat down the other night with the kids in bed and my day done, ready to watch a good movie. A quick look through the television programs offered me a few different movie choices, and in the end I settled for watching Denzel Washington in The Book of Eli. I had seen it before a few years back, but remembered enjoying it so much I thought it would be worth another watch. This movie is described on Wikipedia as a post-apocalyptic and neo western movie. Whatever, I call it a great action flick. From the beginning to end this is a hardcore action movie, so is not one for those who don't like seeing blood on the television screen. But its not the action that really makes this a great movie, its the amazing storyline which comes with it. After an apocalypse a man named Eli (Denzil Washington), is called upon from god to keep safe and protect the last holy book, the bible. He is blessed with gods protection, turning him into a Holy killing machine. I can see how making a movie like this could have wide appeal, as indeed it did. Its not only the action movie fans who will like this, but also religious people too. And a quick look online shows there is a strong interest from religions in this movie, especially Christians. For me I have got say I loved it, the both times I have watched this movie now, I have really enjoyed it. As far as actors go, Denzil has got to be my favorite. This man is brilliant and some of my most favorite movies are his films. He doesn't let me down here, ...

Battleship (DVD) 24/11/2015

Battleship the movie, when reptiles attack

Battleship (DVD) Although this movie has been around for a few years now, for some reason I have only just got around to watching it. I am glad I did in the end, because it ended up being a pretty good film. Now if your looking for a deep movie with a great story line, then this one probably is not for you. But if you want an action packed movie from start to finish, then Battleship would be a great choice for. I wouldn't call it original but I would call it fun, aliens coming to earth is nothing new in Hollywood. Yet I must say reptile aliens was a great touch. Not all movies hold my attention to the end these days, but this one did. I watched it all the way through to the end and enjoyed doing so. It was the action I would say I most enjoyed with this movie, as the big American battleships did war with advanced alien technology. As a force shield keeps out any help, five American battleships must hold their own against a monstrous enemy. And it all makes for great television, leaving you on the edge of your seat in the hope that humans can save the earth. Another thing I thought really made this movie was the special effects. The explosions and weaponry is done fantastically, which just make watching this movie a whole load of fun. There is also a few fairly good actors and lots of familiar faces in this too. Two big names playing parts in this film are the music singer Rhianna and big time actor Liam Neeson. Neeson plays a relatively small part, although Rhianna has a big role and is ...

Tooth Fairy (DVD) 29/10/2014

Dwayne Johnson becomes the ToothFairy, as the Rock put's on pink

Tooth Fairy (DVD) I watched this movie the Tooth Fairy the other day with my family on television. I must admit I wasn't expecting much from it, but with kids in the room it seemed more appropriate than Predator, which was on another channel at two in the afternoon. I have never thought much of Dwayne Johnson as an actor really, I have only seen him in one movie which I really enjoyed, which was The Grid Iron Gang. In the Tooth Fairy Dwayne Johnson plays Derek Thompson, Derek is a hockey player in the minor leagues, and got the nick name the Tooth Fairy for knocking out peoples teeth on the ice. Carly is his girlfriend played by Ashley Judd, and she has two children. At the start of this movie Derek goes to tell Ashley's young daughter who is six, that there is no Tooth Fairy. Derek is stopped by Ashley, and the whole episode puts a bad taste in her mouth. That night when Derek goes to be bed, he is woken when something is magically placed under his pillow. It is a summons, from the realm of the Tooth Fairies, and Derek's life is about to be changed forever. For his crime of ruining the magic of the myth of the Tooth Fairy for children, he is to work Tooth Fairy duty for one whole week. This is when Tracy comes into the movie, Tracy played by Stephen Merchant, is Derek's case worker for the week. Like I said I wasn't expecting much from this before it came on but I was pleasantly surprised. This movie wasn't so bad, I mean it is not one of the greatest movies out their, but it made me ...

Meet The Parents - Little Fockers (DVD) 24/10/2014

Little Fockers, every bit as good as the first two

Meet The Parents - Little Fockers (DVD) After watching Meet the Fockers a week or two ago, it made sense when I saw Little Fockers advertised on television the other night, that I would watch it. This is one of them movies that I should have seen, because I loved the first two movies in the sequel so much, but for some reason it had fell through my net, and I hadn't watched it yet. Things have changed a little for the Fockers since the other movies. Their once babies have grew up and are now kids, and family life seems to be moving in just the right direction. There is one thing still the same though, and that is that Jack Byrnes (Robert Deniro), Gregg Focker's (Ben Stiller) father in law is still breathing down his neck, and watching his every move. In this movie Jack intensifies his relationship with Focker, as after a mild heart attack, he comes to the realization that he is not going to be around for ever. Another thing he realizes, is somebody needs to take his place as head of the family, and Gregg is the only one there for the job. This is when Jack phones Gregg and ask's him, 'do you have what it takes to be the godfocker'. This is a pretty good movie, it had me laughing anyway. Stiller and Deniro have done brilliantly together in their part in the making of this movie. Both actors play their characters brilliantly, and although Stiller is great as Gregg, Deniro's Jack is what really makes me laugh in this. It is not always the thing's he says, but the facial expressions he pulls, and body language he ...
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