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BaByliss 2287 PRO 200 Curling TONG 16/09/2015

Getting the curl!

BaByliss 2287 PRO 200 Curling TONG ~ Babyliss Pro Curl Tong ~ I own quite a few hair styling accessories and this is one of the latest that I have purchased and I paid £3.99 for it from Cash Generator, it was brand new and still in the sealed package so it was a real bargain. My hair is naturally very straight so I do like to add some curls to it and the best and easiest way I find to do this is with some tongs. What I like about these is that they have a variable heat setting, which goes from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest setting at 195°c. I do use it on the highest heat as my hair is somewhat stubborn and difficult to curl. Another thing that I do with this, is use it as you would a curling wand, I don't use the clamp but that is just a preference of mine. I have used the clamp at times and it works very well at keeping the hair in place and providing you place your hair in the correct positioning it doesn't mark the hair or kink the hair in any way. To use it the way I do, simply plug the tongs into the mains and set to the correct temperature for you, for me this is number 10 on the wheel, wait for the flashing red light to stop flashing and stay steady and that means that they are ready to use. Wrap sections of you hair around the barrel, pointing it downwards and wrap from the top to the bottom and hold the hair in place with your fingers being very careful not to burn yourself. When you let the hair go you will get more of a beachy wave rather than a ringlet which is what I prefer. They ...

The Body Shop Body Butter 16/09/2015

Cranberry Body Butter.

The Body Shop Body Butter ~ The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Butter ~ I bought this last Christmas time along with a couple of other items from the range, and whilst I did use the oils in my oil burner I put this away and forgot all about it. At the moment it seems that myself and two of my children are getting dry skin and I am pretty sure this is down to having to have the central heating on all of the time so I went looking in my big dressing table drawer for some moisturising creams, I knew there was a tub of E45 in there but I also came across this, which is quite handy really, seeing as it is a lovely festive product. I have been using this over the last few days and I have to say that it has helped my skin no end. I had dry skin on my hands, legs and face so I have been lathering this on in the evenings after a bath and it has really helped. The scent is lovely. Both fruity and spicy but not too heavy, it lasts well too and I can always smell it still on my skin in the morning. I would say that it is a product more suited to this season as it is a very festive scent. The colour of the body butter is pale pink but when rubbed into the skin leaves no trace of colour at all. I do find that I need to use this sparingly as it is really rich and can seem a little greasy if I layer too much on but using a little dollop and rubbing it in as I move along seems to work great for me. When I use it on my face, I only take out a really small amount and just rub it in lightly. I had dry skin on my ...

Batiste Coloured Dry Shampoo 16/09/2015

Not Great.

Batiste Coloured Dry Shampoo ~ Batiste Coloured Dry Shampoo - Light & Blonde ~ In the summer I was really lucky to go to an event hosted by Batiste and it was there that I had a goody bag which contained various Batiste products including this A hint of colour Light & Blonde dry shampoo. I had run out of my usual Batiste so grabbed this one from my box of hair stuff and went to apply it in my usual way. The first big difference I noticed was the scent, I didn't find it very appealing, it is quite masculine I think, the second thing I noticed was a big yellow streak across my head! It was like I had spray painted my head! Not the look I was going for at all. I have blonde hair, so really this product should be suitable for me. As I use this the dry shampoo to add texture and volume to my hair I generally just spray the whole of my hair rather than just aiming it at my roots so I ended up with a yellow hue to my hair. Seeing this, I decided to try it on my roots which after doing an Ombre hair colour are a darker shade of blonde, the dry shampoo did lighten my roots a lot but still looked very yellow. I rubbed it through with my fingers and then brushed it all to try and even out where the spray had hit and it did blend in well, but it didn't seem to offer the boost and volume that I am used to getting from Batiste products, it left my hair quite limp actually. This isn't something I would buy again, but others may like it. Thanks for reading x

Argos Maddison Single Bunk Bed Frame 16/09/2015

Cheap but sturdy bed for my boys.

Argos Maddison Single Bunk Bed Frame ~*~ Argos Maddison Single Bunk Bed Frame ~*~ Over the last 14 years of having children I have bought a few bed frames and bunk beds, we have had single beds, the bunk and futon type beds and also a few bunk beds. I have four boys so the older two share a room and then the younger two share a room. The eldest have the larger attic bedroom and the younger two have the front bedroom, so whilst I can easily fit in two single beds in the attic, there would be no room if I did this in the front bedroom so I opted for bunk beds and bought these when they were on sale in Argos. I paid around £90 -£100 and chose them in the black colour. The are also available in white and silver. It is a good bunk bed and the assembly was relatively easy. It does require two people though as the top bed is very awkward to assemble alone. It has metals poles for the base and whilst I would have preferred wooden slats my children haven't complained at all. The dimensions of the bunk bed are - Bed size W98, L200, H170cm. And it has a 23cm clearance on the underside of the bottom bunk which I find useful as I have used underbed storage tubs to put books and toys in ... Out of sight out of mind! The ladder can also be positioned on either side of the bed but keep it in mind when you are putting it together as it isn't easy to move around when assembled. We have been using this for around 2/3 years now and it's still going strong. I have tightened the nuts a few times but I think that them ...

Ikea POÄNG Armchair 16/09/2015

Comfy little chair.

Ikea POÄNG Armchair ~*~ Ikea POÄNG Armchair ~*~ I have owned two of these chairs in the past, I bought the first one from Ikea about 8/9 years ago and gave it to my neighbour when we moved house and the other I bought from eBay the same time as I bought my Ikea Klippan Sofas. I bought this from the same seller where I got two leather Klippan sofas, a nest of tables, this POÄNG Armchair and the matching footstool. I paid £100 for the lot but it easily cost at least £1000 when the lot was bought new so I got a great bargain. I didn't bid on the items for the armchair but for the sofas and wasn't sure where the armchair and footstool would fit but it actually fits quite nicely in the corner of the living room and is the chair that gets fought over by the kids on a daily basis! The frame on mine is in a dark brown/black but it is the same bent wood shape as the image shown, the cushion/seating part is different looking to the one shown though and I think this is because Ciao are using an older photo. The seat cushion is very similar but there is a removable top cushion that just slots on the top rather than over the chair. Mine is also in an easy to clean soft black leather. The footstool is the same with the matching bentwood frame and black leather top. I like this chair and find it really comfortable, it has a slight rock to it too if you so wish to use it as a rocking chair, the high back makes it comfy too and really supportive, the only bad thing I could say is that it lacks padding, but ...

Ikea Klippan Two Seater Sofa 16/09/2015

A Simple but Comfortable Sofa.

Ikea Klippan Two Seater Sofa ~*~ Ikea Klippan Two Seater Sofa ~*~ I didn't set about buying these sofas and I didn't actually buy them from Ikea, but my corner sofa was just too big for the front living room and I needed to get something quickly, I was so fed up of being cramped and cluttered! I still wanted black leather sofas so I went onto eBay and that is where I managed to snap up two of these sofas in black leather for £100 ... I was happy with that! The seller also threw in a nest of table so I got a real bargain. I forgot to add the sofas also came with the Ikea POÄNG Armchair and footstool too, so it really was a great bargain! I did worry about the sofas looking small but when they were in the living room all set the way I wanted them they looked great. They do have low backs but when you are sat on it it feels fine as you sort of sink into the seat a bit. They come with four silver metal tubular screw in legs and these although not huge themselves do add that much needed bit of height to the sofas. I have them in black leather but if you choose the material ones the amount of coloured covers available is huge! You can have them in white, cream, black, red, pink, green, spotted, animal print etc... But the actual colour of the sofa under the covers is white. Mine being leather means they are so easy to wipe over and keep clean which is the reason for me wanting to stick to leather at the moment, I have four children who definitely cannot be described as clean and tidy lol. The material ...

Morphy Richards 720020 9 IN 1 27/10/2014

Brilliant for lots of jobs around the home.

Morphy Richards 720020 9 IN 1 ~ Morphy Richards 9 in 1 Steam Mop ~ I bought this a few months back and it is probably one of the most used items in my house. I had previously had a cheap steam mop which was ok but didn't really cut it when it came to cleaning up after four kids so I decided to upgrade and saw a lot of people talking about this model online so I went for it. And I am glad I did. ~ 9 in 1 ?? ~ This is not just a steam mop, it has many other features too. You can of course use it as a mop for all your hard surface floors, I have laminate, tile and vinyl flooring and it cleans all of these with ease. You can also sanitise carpets and rugs by add the carpet glider attachment. I have used it on cream rugs after spot cleaning with a little cleaning solution and it really brings up the pile and freshens them. But then by pressing a little button on the unit, you can use it as a hand held steam cleaner which is great for lots of things. It comes with 2 x micro-fibre floor cloths, carpet glider, extension nozzle, upholstery attachment with elasticated cloth, worktop surface attachment with micro-fibre cloth, window cleaning attachment, angled jet nozzle, round brush, crevice brush, plastic scraper and bag for accessories. The round brush is great for cleaning in the oven and microwave as it means you can scrub at any burnt on bits of food and they come away really easily. I have also use it to clean and sanitise the bathroom and this was really easy to do mainly using the jet nozzle to ...

Fisher Price Little People Racin' Ramps Garage 25/09/2014

A lovely little garage.

Fisher Price Little People Racin' Ramps Garage My parents bought this Fisher Price Little People Racing Ramps Garage for Christmas last year. It came in a large box but still needed to be assembled. The garage is constructed from a nice strong plastic and it seems like it's one of the toys that will last years. It is all nice and bright, with a large red curly ramp, a yellow and green lift with orange flags, a blue base and white platforms. It has a petrol pump and a bell, it also came with two cars, one with a boy driver and one with a girl driver. The garage can also be used with any other car/vehicles you want as long as they are small enough to fit down the ramp, they don't have to be small as it is a decent size, it can handle cars bigger than matchbox type ones. It's quite a large garage but my son loves it so it does 'live' in the living room, he has toys in his bedroom but rarely bothers with them so I don't mind him keeping his favourites downstairs where he can get more use from them. I would definitely recommend this if you have children who like to play with toy cars as this is a great garage, it's really sturdy and looks fun with all the different bits to do with it, my son likes to line all his toy cars up on the platforms so it's a good place for him to store his cars too. It gets used pretty much every day and is still in great condition and I think he will be playing with this in a few years still. I hope this helps, thanks for reading x

Mothercare 5 Pack of Bath Crayons 25/09/2014

Not the best idea in world!

Mothercare 5 Pack of Bath Crayons At 6.00 I was dithering about getting these bath crayons but my son loves bath time and drawing so in the end I gave in and bought them, how I wish I hadn't bothered. They look like they would be a fun bath toy and of course in theory they do sound great, we all know how kids like to draw and doodle on everything, so these do sound great but in reality they are useless! They just plain and simple do not work which then leads to tantrums. You can, if you press hard enough get some sort of mark on the side of the bath with them but you cannot actually draw with them, you get five crayons in the pack, an orange, red, green, yellow and blue and only the blue and red actually made any marks at all. Then after all the pressing with them I assumed it would just wash away, maybe need a quick rub with my hand, but no those marks stayed firm until I poured hot water from the shower over them, it must have melted it a little to be able to wipe it away. Useless! And of course there is the fact that these crayons are encouraging children to draw on surfaces that they are not actually supposed to be, so they are sending out the wrong message! These soon enough found themselves firmly in the bathroom bin, and I have vowed to never buy such items again!!! I can see that they are in a way a good idea but they are encouraging the wrong thing but they could potentially make bath time fun for kids who dislike it if they actually worked. Thanks for reading.

VTech Toot-Toot Cars 25/09/2014

Fun little cars

VTech Toot-Toot Cars For Christmas last year my son was given lots of V-Tech vehicle toys and among the stuff was this little truck or two actually! This truck is part of the V-Tech Toot Toot range and these smaller vehicles go with the lager toys in the range or of course they can be used alone. When you press the front window it lights up and starts signing a little tune. They are really cute and all sing their own little tunes depending on what type of vehicle they are. The thing I like about these is that they are nice and chunky so suitable for little ones and also with them being chunky are great for them to grab and drive along. They are light but are quite robust as my son has dropped/thrown them many times with them suffering no adverse effects. The on/off switch is located on the underneath of the truck as is the battery compartment, this needs to be opened with a coin, you simply use the coin to unscrew the small screw and pop the batteries in or out. Our batteries are still going strong and haven't needed to be changed yet despite them being in use all the time, they are also quite sensitive and a knock of the toy box will set them off so you will get a right little ditty going on! I like them, they are not cheap but they are a toy that will last years and will still be used by the child at 5/6 years old as they are still cars! I hope this helps, thanks for reading x

Jade - Fighting to the End - Jade Goody 19/08/2014

A sad tale of Jade's Life

Jade - Fighting to the End - Jade Goody ~ Jade - Fighting to the End ~ From the minute she went into the Big Brother House, Jade Goody captured peoples attention, she was, as she would openly admit, like Marmite, you'd either love her or hate her. I for one liked her very much, she was ditsy and silly but loving and warm and I would say that I did follow her career afterwards and up until her sad passing on Mothers Day 2009. I bought this book and shed a few tears whilst reading it. The just shows Jade perfectly, you see her success as first of all a mother, and also as a business woman and also the ditsy, not so popular side. It makes for excellent reading and I know it sounds silly, but it's like she there reading it to you. The book is an honest account of her life right through her biggest battle which she sadly lost, but she did fight it so well, and with such dignity. We know she did so much publicly in her last months and this was for her childrens future, she didn't want them to have the deprived childhood that she had and she wanted to provide for them even though she wasn't to be around for them physically. This shows what a fighter she was and an inspiration I feel too. She did all she could to raise awareness of the disease that stole her life - Cervical Cancer, and in doing so she has saved many lives. She tells us of her deprived childhood, about her drug addict mother and how she dealt with this, then we read of the Big Brother fame and also the race row in the CBB show which very nearly ...

McVitie's Fruit Shortcake 19/08/2014

A scrummy, delicious biscuit.

McVitie's Fruit Shortcake ~ McVities Fruit Shortcake ~ Fruit Shortcakes are probably my favourite biscuit and I usually opt for own brand biscuits simply because of the price differences but my local Premier store only stocks the Mcvites Fruit Shortcake biscuits so it was these I purchased. They were on offer so I only paid 90p which I thought was very fair. I don't eat many biscuits these days (dieting) so tend to buy what everyone else likes so they can carry on eating them but I can't, but I treated myself to these after I really fancied a sugar hit whilst in the shop, knowing I could savour a few later on with a cuppa. These biscuits are really morish and taste delicious, they have a slight sprinkle of sugar on the top and little currants are scattered through the biscuits, some more than others but I've to get a plain one which is a good thing! I do think they are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea and that is when I enjoy them most. They don't handle a long dunk just a slight dip and they soften a little bit still have the right amount of crunch and texture. When I have these I am quite happy to stop at 3 biscuits because they are quite sweet and satisfy any sugar cravings I may have. They are only 37 caloried per biscuit so I see these as a healthy alternative to a chocolate bar which is what I really want when I get the sugar cravings. I am following the Slimming World diet plan and these are just 2 syns each which again I think is brilliant. They are delicious, and I would ...

NYC Eye Pencil 17/08/2014

Great for the smoky eye effect - NYC Eye Pencil.

NYC Eye Pencil ~ NYC Eye Pencil ~ The NYC Eye Pencil is a rather good eyeliner for the low price, I bought it in Superdrug at just £1.49 which is a great price for eyeliner. ~ Using it ~ This is quite a soft pencil so doesn't drag too heavily along the lash line, I use it to frame my eye's with a thin line at the lop lash line and another on the lower, I also sometimes use it on the waterline if want more dramatic and darker looking eyes. ~ Sharpen it or break it? ~ I have found with lots of eyeliners they just don't withstand sharpening very well, this usually leads to the nibs constantly breaking, or being very flakey, however this one sharpens just fine and afterwards you will be left with a nice pointed nib, you can always round it off on the back of your hand before use if you want it rounded for a softer look. ~ Smudge or stay put? ~ This is a good lasting liner, you can smudge it yourself but it does stay put in a strong line if you want it to. I have never had any problems with it loosing colour or fading or even smudging through the day. However it is simple enough to wash off at the end of the day using either soap and water or make-up remover. ~ Overall ~ Overall I do think this is a great bargain eyeliner, which allows you to use it in whichever way you please. It is a great length so you know it will last you an age! And it withstands sharpening so it really is great. It is a nice dark colour, comes with a lid to protect the nib and stop it drying out and ...

Belling FSEC50DOW 04/08/2014

It's a good enough cooker from Belling.

Belling FSEC50DOW ~*~*~ Belling FSEC50DOW Electric Free Standing Cooker ~*~*~ ~ What is it? ~ This is an electric cooker from the makers Belling. It has a ceramic hob and double oven. ~ Why I bought it ~ I have always had a gas cooker and the last one lasted 8/9 years before it finally gave up on me, two of the rings stopped working and then the oven wouldn't light and when it did it took a good hour and half to cook a pizza so I decided we really must get a new cooker. I decided I wanted an electric cooker for a change, we are quite lucky that in the kitchen we have the option of having either gas or electric and I thought this time an electric cooker would be a good choice. I am not entirely sure why I ended up choosing this particular model but there wasn't a huge choice available in the shop and this looked like one of the nicer ones without having to go for the larger range oven (which I love but simply have no room for). ~ The cooker ~ After buying this cooker I read a few reviews online and they were not too promising if I am honest, one said about it being small and lightweight, being flimsy etc... Having only looked at the cooker in the shop I was starting to worry that I had made a bad choice but I had to wait for it to be delivered before making my final decision. I panicked and worried for two days before it was finally delivered but to be honest the worrying was for nothing really. My hubby noticed that the cooker would need to be hard wired rather than plugged ...

Makeup Academy MUA Lipstick 04/08/2014

MUA Bargain Lipstick!

Makeup Academy MUA Lipstick MUA Lipstick I have been a massive fan of the MUA range of make-up for a while now, it's all brilliant quality stuff at bargain prices. I was so upset when my local Superdrug closed down but it's only a short bus journey away to the next nearest one so all is not lost for me! I love lipstick and whist I do not wear it everyday I do wear it for special occasions, like a meal out, drinks with friends etc. And I do have quite a few different brands/colours available to me in my make-up case but I always go for the MUA ones as I love the creaminess of them, the staying power and also the fab colours. Bargain lippy These lipsticks cost just £1 each! And at that price I have gone and bought a good few, I will pick up 2 new ones everytime I go to Superdrug and whilst there isn't a massive colour range, there is a good few to choose from. There are currently 16 shades available and these are simply numbered 1 - 16. I currently have 4. 5, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16. These admittedly are the brighter fashion shades, bright pink, red, corals but there are more natural or darker shades available too. At the bottom of each tube is a clear cap which shows the true colour of each one, so they are easily identifiable in my cluttered make-up case! The bottom cap also screws off to reveal a blob of the lipstick inside - something I only very recently noticed! Long lasting or apply, drink, repeat? I find these quite long lasting, as long as many of the higher end brands if not longer. I ...
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