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Ferrero Rocher 07/11/2010

Ferrero Rocher - nutty, chocolatey rich little balls of heaven

Ferrero Rocher INTRODUCTION These luxurious chocolates are a must for any dinner party or important occasion! I bought a box to share with friends at christmas and I became completely addicted to the fabulous taste of Ferrero Rocher. But if you need some indulgence there's nothing to stop you buying this product even if it isn't a special occasion. PACKAGING The packaging is of a very high quality, the thick plastic lid is embossed with a divine diamond pattern, yet underneath are a sea of golden globes. Your eyes are fed with a feast of gold - I love what I see! The honeycomb golden tray is dazzling, and really gives you a sense of luxury. Each of the chocolates are hand packaged and are covered in a wonderful golden foil in a brown/gold paper basket topped off with a oval sticker saying Ferrero Rocher. The time taken over the wrapping and the quality of the appearance of this product set Ferrero Rocher apart from other brands in the market. In this box, you get 24 chocolates, on the side of the golden tray is embossed "Ferrero Rocher" which is classy and makes for a very attractive box. APPEARANCE, TASTE AND TEXTURE After you've unwrapped the chocolate, you are hit with a lovely aroma of roasted hazelnuts - truly sublime! It would take a person with the self control of a saint not to devour that chocolate in one go when being hit with that smell. The chocolate praline sphere is embedded with roasted hazelnuts and when you take a bite you crunch through so many ...

Mario Kart Wii (Wii) 07/11/2010

Mario Kart Wii - making racing great fun with cool new courses

Mario Kart Wii (Wii) INTRODUCTION You may wonder why Nintendo would add motorcycles and dirt bikes to the game series that invented, the genre of weapons-based go-kart racing. If you're one of the fans who was dissapointed at the inclusion of two-wheeled vehicles, a midair stunt system, and motion controls, rest assured that despite these changes, Mario Kart Wii is still very much the game that you have come to love over the years. The simple gameplay make the Mario Kart Wii game great fun and quite possibly the most accessible one yet. The main event of Mario Kart is the Grand Prix mode, which in this version pits you against 11 other computer-controlled competitors in a race to the finish on a four-course cup event. Grand Prix lets you select from three different engine size settings, and there are four cups available, with four more that are unlockable by conquering their predecessors. Depending on how well you do you can earn gold, silver and bronze for each cup, and there are a total of 32 different courses altogether. However the multiplayer feature allows you to play this game with up to four people. As the races range in their level of difficulty the game is suitable for younger children as well, and makes a great game for all the family to enjoy. My brother is only nine, and he has beaten my dad before at this game. My whole family love this game, and have often spent nights racing each other on the game. The only thing that is sad is the fact that you can only have up to ...

Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan 06/11/2010

Chapter One - 'I accidently vaporize my math teacher' -Hooray!!!

Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan INTRODUCTION If you're a fan of Greek mythology and a good action/adventure series, than I would recommend you go and buy this book at your local bookstore as soon as possible. This book titled, "Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief", by multi-award winning author Rick Riordan, focuses on the life of a seemingly ordinary young boy named Percy Jackson. Unfortunately, the most unusual circumstances never allow Percy to live this ordinary life. Every time he is enrolled in a new school, he ends up getting kicked out due to strange circumstances, sometimes he blows up the school, or other times he simply does something outrageous. It all begins with the new school at Yancy Academy; his life turns from the unusual kid with problems to a life of a young hero. PLOT Throughout the mythical adventures of Percy Jackson, he discovers the truth about himself and the world around him. It turns out that he's a demigod, but not just any demigod; he's the son of the one and only, the ruler of the sea, Poseidon. He also finds out that his ADHD are actually battle reflexes and his dyslexia is because his mind is hard-wired for ancient greek. But Percy is barely just coming to terms with how real mythology is and the role he is destined to take part in, when he is summoned to go on a quest - a quest to find the thief of the King of the God's most powerful weapon, his master bolt. His journeys take him and his friends, Annabeth and Grover, across the United States and other ...

German Shepherd 06/11/2010

German Shepherds - they don't deserve their bad reputation

German Shepherd INTRODUCTION I personally think German Shepherds are distinctive in terms of their attachment and loyalty to their owners. I have owned one German Shepherd in the past called Belle, but she very sadly passed away of old age. It felt like we had lost a member of our family - that's how important she was to us. And if you read on I will explain why. FEATURES OF GERMAN SHEPHERDS German Shepherds are extremly cute and cuddly as puppies and will always be very eager to please and be loved. When I got Belle she was little more than a bundle of fluff. However she grew to being very a very tall and big dog - German Shepherds will grow very quickly. So for this reason it would not be a good idea to get a German Shepherd if you have limited space in your house. If you don't train your German Shepherd from a young age they will have bad habits in the future that may be hard to get rid of. For example they tend to bark very loudly at the doorbell ringing, and if you want to stop this you will need to put in a lot of time and devotion when the German Shepherd is a puppy. So you will need to have a lot of time on your hands if you want to get a German Shepherd, and will need to start training then from day one. I am awestruck by the caretaking instinct of this dog. This breed, despite it's reputation for being aggressive and dominant, was extremely careful around any children or younger people and sensitive to their every need. When I was a baby I learned that Belle would ...

Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (Wii) 05/11/2010

Harvest Moon: Magical Melody for Nintendo Wii

Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (Wii) INTRODUCTION Harvest Moon: Magical Melody is just one of the series of Harvest Moon games that have been made, all available for Nintendo DS and Wii. However for the Nintendo Wii version, unlike the Nintendo DS version, there is no choice of gender or appearance for your character in the game. STARTING THE GAME The game starts off with a choice of which season you are born in, and then proceeds to the start scene in which you arrive in a new village (the choice of name is yours) as part of a project to start your own ranch and are greeted by the village mayor, Theodore. You then have a choice of three different plots of land to start off on. Once you have chosen you will then watch another scene in which you see the Harvest Goddess become upset that no-one remembers or appreciates her anymore, and as a result turns herself to stone, putting herself in a state of hibernation until things change. Her followers, the three harvest sprites, then ask you to gather 50 musical notes to form a magical melody. There are a possible 100 musical notes to collect, each one can be earned by doing different things and completing different challenges – some take more effort to earn than others. Each time you earn 5 more musical notes, you need to visit the Harvest Goddess Spring (where the Harvest Goddess and harvest sprites are based) and the five notes you have collected will turn into a musical instrument. Once you have collected the 50 notes that have formed ten musical instruments ...

Syrian Hamster 05/11/2010

A perfect furry companion, with minimal maintenance and effort!

Syrian Hamster INTRODUCTION I got my first Syrian hamster when I was 11 years old. I currently own one syrian hamster, called Charlie. He is a particularly good-natured hamster, and has never ever bitten me, although I know it is common in for hamsters to bite - they are more likely to bite than other rodents, particularly fingers if hands haven't been washed or if they are frightened and don't recognise your scent. They are also more likely to bite in the earlier stages when you have first got them. Hamsters are nocturnal, so if you're at school or work all day you can come back in the evening to play with them. Syrian hamsters are easy to care for, relatively easy to tame and live on average between 2 - 3 years, also in some cases they can live up to 5 years. They come in a variety of colours and fur length, the most common colours being golden and white. The best place to get a hamster is from a good pet shop - ideally, you want a hamster to be from 6 to 8 weeks old when you buy it, and before purchasing make sure the hamster has bright, clean eyes, a clean bottom, smooth clean fur with no bald patches and moves without any difficulty. Syrian's must be kept alone as they will fight with other hamsters. This is important because if you keep more than one syrian hamster in one cage they will most likely end up killing each other. FEEDING Normal brand hamster food can be bought from a supermarket or pet stores if you want something more specific. The food comes in quite a ...

Nestlé Kit Kat Chunky 05/11/2010

Less is more and in this case it works beautifully

Nestlé Kit Kat Chunky Wafer layers covered in a thick layer of chocolate - that's what makes up the Kit Kat Chunky. This is a simple but very respectable chocolate bar - It isn't too sweet or too sticky, and the simplicity of the taste and appearance is very appealing. A bar is normally around 50p - 60p and you get great value for your money, because of the generally size of the bar and how filling it is. I really like this chocolate bar, and it's suitable for adults and children alike, because it's not too sweet. All my family like this product too, making this chocolate bar an all round favourite for everybody. I found that the chocolate is not too sweet and the wafer compliments it perfectly and they go hand in hand to provide you with smooth chocolate but crisp, crunchy wafer at the same time. The red packaging is appealing but still follows the same rule that the simpler the better, and I think in this case this works very well. In conclusion: Chunky Chocolate covering and wafer - what's not to like? The Kit Kat chunky is good value for money, tastes lovely and is an all-round, good quality option for an eleven o'clock snack with your daily cup of tea.

Milka Chocolate Bar 05/11/2010

Yummy Scrummy chocolate - and all round delightfulness!

Milka Chocolate Bar The chocolate in this bar is absolutely heavenly - it's a simple smooth, milky, velvety chocolate bar and had all the right qualities to ensure the chocolate tastes perfect. I don't know one person who doesn't love the taste of this product, and I can personally say I really like the taste and overall appearance of this product. However, as lovely as this chocolate tastes, I can't taste the 'alpine' in this chocolate like the packaging suggests. And if you're wondering, alpine doesn't have any specific taste that I know of but what I'm trying to say here is that the chocolate has no special taste or flavour to lift it out of the ordinary, although as I said this is very nice tasting chocolate. Although the packaging says 'alpine chocolate', I can't taste any difference and I'm sure this chocolate is manufactured in a factory and not the alpines. And incidently, I though Milka could've chosen another colour other than purple for their packaging, because it isn't exactly a very new or original colour associated with the packaging of chocolate in general. Apart from that there isn't much else wrong with the product, except maybe the nutritional values - It's chocolate, so obviously it's going to have calories, but each bar contains around 530 calories. The product needs to be stored in the fridge or in a cool dry place away rom heat because if exposed to warm temperature this chocolate melts very easily. In conclusion this is a really lovely chocolate bar, and although it ...

Mars Twix 05/11/2010

The Twix bar - what's not to like?

Mars Twix A biscuit finger with a caramel topping covered in milk chocolate - like I said, what's not to like. Less is more, after all, and the crunchy biscuit is not too sweet, and constrasts very nicely with the caramel and the chocolate is just a thin layer and is therefore not too overpowering when combined with the caramel. You also get good value for money. Twix bars are only 40 - 60p and the bonus is that you get two in a packet. The packaging is pretty appealing as well, although a bit average, with the chocolate in a gold-coloured foil wrapper . Nutritional Analysis: Good points: Low in cholesterol and salt Bad points: Very high in saturated fat and sugar This chocolate bar has an average 290 calories per packet, which is a bit much. That's also not including all the extra sugar as well, so the fat content may be more than the packet actually says you are getting. My dad loves this chocolate bar, he doesn't like anything too fancy and this is exactly to his taste. I know lots of adults that love this chocolate bar however kids love it too. However it might get a bit sticky and sweet because of the caramel. To sum up, I would have to say that this chocolate bar is not fancy and doesn't have a particularly special name or wrapper, but that's what makes the humble Twix bar a good choice - it's simplicty.

Cadbury Fruit And Nut 05/11/2010

Tastes amazing but can it really be called 'Fruit' and Nut?

Cadbury Fruit And Nut The taste of the Cadbury's milk chocolate is, as always, it's normal smooth texture and sweet milky self. However - the question on my mind is, does this chocolate bar deserve to be called 'Fruit' and nut? The nuts are certainly there, but 'fruit' is strangely absent. There are only raisins and I don't think that counts as fruit. But that's not to say I dont love this chocolate bar. I am a big fan of Cadbury's and as always I love this product like many others of theirs. I think the raisins and nuts go together really well with the chocolate and I particularly love the the nuts in the bar, which are decent-sized and are dotted here and there, as little crunchy suprises that contrast well with the rest of the Cadbury's bar. However, the raisins are a little dry and hard. and these raisins are also really sugary and combined with the chocolate can make the bar seem overly sweet. You also get good value for your money, as you pay around £1.50 for each bar and get quite a lot for your money. The Packaging - is attractive, as it is the normal distinctive Cadbury's chocolate wrapper shade of purple, so no change there, apart from the picture on the front. The product might need to be stored in the fridge or in a cool, dry cupboard otherwise it will partially melt, and the chocolate will look mottled and discoloured. In conclusion: an attractive, tasty bar of Cadbury's milk chocolate dotted with chunky hazlenuts but slightly spoiled by the dry, slightly hard raisins. The ...

Cadbury Bournville 05/11/2010

For lovers of dark delight

Cadbury Bournville For people who like darker chocolate, you will definately love Bournville. The only thing to bear in mind is that, like with all dark chocolate, there is a little bit of a bitter aftertaste. But the taste, smoothness and qualtiy of this chocolate bar far outweighs that. Bournville can be a little expensive for what it is, but you have to realise that you get what you pay for - this is very good quality dark chocolate and is not too bitter. Bournville is great if you want a change from the normal taste of cadbury's sweet chocolate, however it is not too dark and is good for people willing to try something new. The packaging looks really nice, with the red and dark colours, and the chocolate is good quality so you could even use this in cooking if you wanted to. To sum up, all those who are normally dubious of dark chocolate should try Bournville as it is not too dark but still good quality and does not have the typical sweetness of normal cadbury's chocolate, and so is therefore a good option for all those who are sick of run-of-the-mill, sickly-sweetness when they buy cadbury's.

Cadbury Creme Eggs 05/11/2010

You're going to need a glass of water..

Cadbury Creme Eggs First off cadbury's chocolate is sweet to begin with, and things don't get any better once you get inside - the sugary sticky mass that is meant to be 'creme'. It is fortunate that creme eggs are the size that they are, because otherwise they would be alittle too much to bear. However the creme egg is good value for money, as they don't cost very much, averaging around 30 - 50p an egg, and you will always be able to find some on special offer for very cheap prices anywhere.The brightly coloured foil wrap definately appeals to the younger generation. The creme egg is way too sweet for it's own good, and all the sugar makes for a sickly, overly sweet mouthful of goop which ensures the presence of some water and possibly the toilet bowl. In conclusion, the creme egg is either going to be loved or hated. It all depends on whether you care about taste and quality or if you're just looking to get a sugar high.

Wii Fit (Wii) 05/11/2010

The Wii Fit - Getting fit from the comfort of your living room!

Wii Fit (Wii) Introduction to the Wii Fit: The Wii Fit is a good game to consider buying if you are in need of getting into shape or for just keeping fit for any reason. This game comes with a Wii Fit board, which is reasonably easy to synchronise with your Wii console and can be tucked away when not being used in any cabinet or cupboard, as it is not too heavy or cumbersome. The game lets you create your own personal character profile by letting you choose or create a Mii from the Mii channel, then weighing you and finding out your Wii Fit age through a series of tests. It then stores this data in your profile for whenever you come back for each session. In each daily session you can choose to go through the Body Test, which will re-weigh you and measure your Wii Fit age again so you can see any difference between previous and current scores. In this way you can see the effects the exercises you are doing are having. As well as this the Wii Fit will help you set targets for yourself, for example to lose 2 pounds in two weeks. You can set these targets yourself and make them as challenging as you want. Then you can do training sessions on the Wii Fit daily and see how well you did at the target deadline. There are different types of activities to try, each one serving a different purpose. For example, there are yoga positions, muscle workouts and exercises to burn fat. There is also jogging, in which you can switch the screen to normal TV and jog with the Wii remote in hand so ...

Cadbury Dead Heads 05/11/2010

You may be dead if you eat too many of these heads

Cadbury Dead Heads I normally like Cadbury's chocolate as I think it has a distinctive flavour compared to other brands, however, these dead heads really were what they said on the packet. The candies consist of an hollow egg shaped chocolate shell filled with red coloured caramel, with the design of a scary face on the top of the chocolate. So these are well suited to the Halloween spirit. The flavour of the chocolate was there but the red caramel inside was really sickly sweet and obviously full of flavourings and sugar. Eating more than one resulted in me feeling a little sick. The normal sweetness of cadbury's chocolate combined with the gooey, sticky sweetness of the caramel will prove too much for many people. The sweets will make you feel very thirsty because of their sweetness and the texture left a lot to be desired. However this was probably to be expected as they were, after all, aimed at children for halloween and we all know kids don't care about the flavour as long as they get the sugar. For this reason I would not suggest any older people trying these because you will be dissapointed. That doesn't mean to say they don't make good treats to go in the trick or treat bags, and they are kid-friendly. The foil around each individual sweet makes unwrapping each one tedious and annoying, and the bag these candies come in does not leave a lot to be desired. And although tiny, these heads are full of colourings, sugar and E-numbers. However you get what you pay for. Packets of ...

Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate Drink 04/11/2010

A Lifesaver when you're out of milk, still just as satisfying!

Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate Drink We bought this hot chocolate drink because we had run out of our normal brand and wanted to try something new for a change. We weren't dissapointed. In our family we all (especially the younger ones) find there is nothing like a mug of hot chocolate before bed to send us to sleep with sweet dreams. However we were dubious at first, because of the 'I' word - Instant. But we soon changed our minds, because despite it saying instant on the front of the tub, the powder dissolved very nicely in hot water to form a smooth, milky, chocolatey brew. And when we tasted it we couldn't tell it was instant, it was like it had been made with milk. The main advantage of buying this was we saved a lot of money on milk because normally we chug through a bottle a day in hot chocolate as a family. My mum said what a relief it was to not have to drag herself to the supermarket to buy more milk all the time (this is a long-term problem for us). This product is not too expensive, tastes just like hot chocolate made with milk but with minimal effort. The packaging was also really appealing which drew us in to start with. Definately worth buying for hot chocolate fans, or you could substitute it for your daily cup of tea.
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