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since 24/10/2002


Thomson Holidays 20/01/2003

Thomsons All Inclusive Cruise On The Topaz

Everything that starts with H ... 31/12/2002

Human Rights

Everything that starts with H ... A 15-year-old girl is suing the local education authority claiming that the 11 detentions she was given by her school are a breech of her human rights, (Daily Mail 31.12.2002, page 19). She even has the support of her mother and claims that the detentions, which were over lunchtime, were for ‘trivial’ offences such as drinking a fizzy drink in lessons. Well excuse me miss 15 year old, but if you had sipped your fizzy drink at lunchtime when you were supposed to you wouldn’t be spending lunchtime in detention. And what were the other ‘trivial’ offences one wonders, perhaps talking on your mobile phone because the lesson was not stimulating enough, or maybe chatting to your friends for the same reasons. Or maybe someone asked you to remove the numerous pieces of jewellery you are pictured wearing in the newspaper, i.e. 3 necklaces, one bracelet and two rings. I mean, how mean can teachers get, don’t they have anything better to do than supervise teenagers in detention. In my experience as the mother of a now 18 year old these were the usual reasons for detention and one, which I would have thought every sensible parent, would agree with. Not this girls’ mum it seems, she feels very strongly that the detentions had a detrimental effect on her daughters well-being, confidence and health in general. By the way Mrs Mother, sipping fizzy drinks is not exactly good for teeth so what next, are you going to sue the makers of the pop. For goodness sake, this compensation ...

Everything that starts with M ... 01/12/2002

Murphys Law Of Practice Nursing

Pataks Microwave Chicken Korma 30/11/2002

As Good As Any Restaurant Curry.

Clinique Aromatics Elixir Eau de Toilette 28/11/2002

This Is On My Xmas Wish List.

Halifax Mortgages 23/11/2002

Losing A Good Customer

Magnetic Therapy 22/11/2002

My Consultant Asked Have You Been Shot.

Everything that starts with G ... 11/11/2002


Calpol 09/11/2002

A Must For Mums But Not The Cheapest.

Everything that starts with L ... 09/11/2002

Lay a little egg for me..........

Goodnight Lady - Martina Cole 06/11/2002

An Author With Attitude.

Everything that starts with D ... 04/11/2002

Drugging The Dog

Max Factor Lipfinity 03/11/2002

A Must For Lippy Lovers.

Max Factor Lipfinity Lipstick that lasts all day, a likely story. That’s what I thought when I read a review in a woman’s magazine about a year ago. Four women had been asked to try MaxFactor Lipfinity for a day and each one rated it highly. So lets give it a go I thought. So off I went to Boots to buy this product, and that was mistake number one. The magazine had stated that the product cost £9.99 so no shocks in the store there, but buyer beware. On my way home I trundled through the market, and yes you’ve guessed. The makeup stall was selling Lipfinity for £6.99. Don’t you just hate it when this happens? Most towns have a market so I’d check yours out before you head for the major stores. Testing – The major stores like Boots or Superdrug will have testers, the only problem with these are if you test on the back of your hand like most women, the product will stay there. No amount of rubbing or licking is going to remove it. Standing in Boots furiously licking and scrubbing the back of your hand will also attract stares from others so beware. The only way to remove this product is with a cleanser, and of course I’d foolishly left home without mine. MaxFactor advise you to use their brand of remover, but then they would, having already stung you for £9.99 they want to squeeze a little more out of you, but any oil based cleanser will do. According to a make-up artist called Jenny Jordan, lipstick should actually be tried on the pads of the fingers ...

Member Advice on Weight,Image and Personality 01/11/2002

Being Thin Will Not Make Me Love Myself More.

Member Advice on Coeliac Disease 30/10/2002

I have A Disease....But I'm Lucky.

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