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Dragonball Z 09/05/2012

Dragonball Z tale

Dragonball Z I read the comic 25 years ago when I was 5. I loved it content and picture in comic. Japanese calls their comic "manga" I think. "Anime" is a different type of comic that characters are drawn more carefully. I confused because DZB was not bad drawn. In my country, they published 65 books of this comic. It started as Songoku was a child and end after they defeated MAgo Boo. At the end of the 65 th book, I read a conclude of Songoku: " Songoku was combined by Super man of West, who is an Alien and has super strength and Won Su Kung the monkey king in China legend :"Travel to the West". They both are invincible in their story and are good guys to fight bad guy, protect people,etc. So that Songoku is the imagination of the West people and East people combined. I loved the story more because of its culture side. I liked global culture ( myths. legends,..etc) so I liked DZB so much. But, when I was 17, I watched it online on youtube and I disaspointed its quality , picture and sound( in English) was so poor. P/s: if you want to know about Superman and Won Su Kung check them on wikipedia.
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