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Toni and Guy Soft Curl Cream 14/01/2008


Toni and Guy Soft Curl Cream I have naturally curly hair, it is both my best and worst asset, depending on what day it is!! Over the years I have tried and tested alot of different products on the market, to try to tame my hair and get it to do what I want it to. I don't always have the money to buy designer brands, on this occasion I bought a Toni and Guy gift set from Boots January sale. It cost £7.50 instead of £15, so I thought it was worth a try. The set contained this curl cream, along with shampoo, conditioner and serum. I'll review these other products seperately. DETAILS: Toni and Guy Soft Curl Cream 75ml For soft, natural - looking curls Price: £5.99 from Boots Directions: Rub a small amount between palms. Work through towel dried hair. Salon tip: Use a small amount on dry curls for extra definition. VERDICT: Like I have already said, I have tried many hair products specifically made for curly hair, I found that this wasn't anything special. I followed the directions stated on the tin, the cream itself is white and soft to the touch. It reminded me a little of Bryl cream that my grandad uses on his hair!! The tin has a screw off lid, you just have to scoop out the cream, making it much easier than trying to squeeze a bottle when you're hands are wet! I rubbed a small amount into my palms and massaged it through my damp hair, scrunching it up into curls as I did so. It smells lovely - light and fresh. I finished styling my hair as usual, not using any other hair ...

Member Advice on Cosmetic Surgery 20/12/2006


Member Advice on Cosmetic Surgery I'm still new to Ciao and only just noticed there is a section for cosmetic procedures, I've had rhinoplasty ( a nose job ) so I thought I'd fill you in on my experience. At school I was called names and picked on because of my nose, I inherited my dads nose which is rather large with a bump in the middle. The names people used to call me still echo in my head today : concorde, pelican and hunchback were just a few. I thought about surgery but was too young to afford it and I knew my parents couldn't either so I carried on as I was, hiding behind long hair and suffering with low self esteem and confidence. I built up the courage to go to my doctors one day earlier this year and asked her about rhinoplasty, I told her how I felt, etc. I was given counselling for a while then my doctor referred me to a surgeon at my local hospital. He went through the pros and cons of the operation and told me that I would always have 'my' nose but it could be improved. I agreed to have it done no amount of 'things that can go wrong' would've stopped me, I'd waited all my life for this opportunity. In February this year I went into hospital to have rhinoplasty, I remember looking in the mirror for one last look at my nose before I went down to theatre, I was scared but had no regrets. When I woke up I felt awful, I was vomitting blood and my face felt as heavy as a brick. After a few hours I looked in the mirror and couldn't believe how I looked, I had bandages and plasters ...

Hoteles Isla Bonita y Jardín Isla Bonita, Tenerife 15/10/2006

This is where I long to isla bonita

Hoteles Isla Bonita y Jardín Isla Bonita, Tenerife We'd never been to Tenerife before and a friend of ours recommended this hotel to us, he goes year in year out and said it was great. So we checked out reviews on the internet (not ciao by the way, there was none, until now!) we found the hotel had mixed results but wasn't put off, afterall our friend said it was great, so we booked indepedently, got a good deal with Holiday Rooms Direct and the four of us ( hubby, two boys and myself) flew out in September 2006. I'll review each section of our holiday seperately and give a final mark out of ten for that section, hope this helps! ON ARRIVAL.....It only took us about 15 minutes to reach our hotel from the south airport in Tenerife, it cost us £25 euros. When first entering the hotel you find yourself quite strangely in the entertainment/bar area, where people are drinking and watching the nightly show. The reception is signposted but we didn't see the sign and had to ask one of the guests where it was! We pulled our suitcases over the cobbled floor, which was a nightmare, then finally reached the reception. The man at reception was very welcoming and sorted us out with our all inclusive ID cards which we had to have our photos taken for, he told us we had to use the cards for our drinks at the bar, ice creams and to unlock our room. This is an important card as it acts as your room key aswell as your pass for free drinks, we had two between the four of us. 9/10 OUR ROOM.......Was fantastic! It was like we were ...

West Midlands Safari Park, Bewdley 09/08/2006


West Midlands Safari Park, Bewdley MY SAFARI PARK EXPERIENCE Ok, it's two weeks into the big six weeks summer holidays and my hubby and I thought we should treat the kids to a great day out. We decided on the safari park as it is fairly local to us and we've only been once before and the kids were too young to fully appreciate it then, so we set off at 9.30am to make the most of the day. We arrived at just after 10am, the park opens at 10am and we were glad to see that there wasn't much of a queue. We paid for the four of us to get in, this cost us £8.95 each, under fours go free but our youngest is now five and therefore has to pay the same as us. With our entrance ticket we were given a leaflet containing information about the park and a useful map. We were also given a free return visit voucher which may come in handy! We had the opportunity to buy animal food at £2.50 a bag but decided not to bother, so in we went. From here you can decide if you want to drive through the safari first or park up and walk around the other attractions and return to the safari later, this is recommended at busy times (11am-2pm). We wanted to do the safari first, the park didn't seem too busy but as we drove around the safari it did seem to get busier. There are two lanes for cars to use and this is good if you want to park up for a while to look at a certain animal or take pictures, as you don't feel you're getting in the way of the other motorists. It was a warm day (about 25degrees) and it soon felt too warm in ...

Kotex Sanitary Towels 21/07/2006


Kotex Sanitary Towels I'm usually faithful to the brand of sanitary towel that I buy every month, I love Always towels and have bought them for a while now. Although on this occasion the shop I visited didn't have any in stock and as I didn't have the time to shop around I had to choose some from what they had. I remember using Kotex towels in my teenage years which seems quite a while ago now ( I'm 29 in case you're wondering!) I couldn't remember how good they were but in this particular shop they were on offer for 99p so I thought I'd give them a go. THE KOTEX RANGE Kotex have a good range of sanitary products, they do towels which come in different sizes of thickness and absorbancy. This is shown by 5 teardrop shapes on the front of the packet, the heavier your period the more red teardrops you'll need. There are Ultra thin, normal and maxi, all come in different absorbancies and with or without wings. They also do tampons and pant liners. THE PACKAGING Kotex towels seem to stand out from the rest on the shelf, I think it must be the colours on the packaging. They are white with Kotex written in black and a red full stop, then there is a picture of a red flower, red frilly pants or red lipstick on the front depending on which towels you buy. The colour red is obviously suitable for the product, but it's done in a way that it looks pretty and discreet at the same time. I purchased the 'normal' towels, there were 16 individually wrapped towels in the pack, each one ...

Sony Ericsson Z200 08/05/2006


Sony Ericsson Z200 I'm not the type of person who keeps up to date with the latest and trendiest mobile phone on the market, saying that though I don't want to be embarassed getting my phone out when it rings in public either! I've been the proud owner of a Nokia 3510i for ages, I felt comfortable with it but decided it was time to invest in a flip phone. I wasn't bothered about it having all the latest features, I just wanted it to be easy to use, nice to look at aswell as not being too pricey. I placed a bid on Ebay late one night and the next morning I woke to discover that I was the new owner of a Sony Ericsson Z200 on Virgin. *AT A GLANCE* This mobile phone when closed is approx 9.5cm x 5.5cm and fits quite snuggly in the palm of my hand. When open it is approx 16cm long. It has a circular screen on the front cover so that the time,battery life, reception and any missed calls or new messages can be viewed at a glance without having to open the phone first. The original cover is blue as is the base of the phone, there is a free spare cover included which is silver. Other covers can be bought for this phone although the prices vary. The keypad itself is silver, the numbers are white with an orange background, the screen is also outlined in orange (which may not be to everyones taste). * THE FACTS* 29 ringtones Can I create my own? Yes Polyphonic? Yes Downloadable ringtones? Yes Games? Yes 2 Downloadable games? No Predictive texting? Yes Changeable fascias? ...

Arundel Hotel, Blackpool 22/04/2006


Arundel Hotel, Blackpool I visited Blackpool with my husband and our two children during the Easter holidays, we stayed for three days and two nights in a three star hotel in the North pier area of Blackpool. We won our stay on an Ebay auction but the hotel can also obviously be booked in a more traditional manner (by phone,post or email). *CONTACT DETAILS* The proprieters are: Andrew and Roxanne Sandiford The address is: Arundel Hotel 102 Queens Prom Blackpool Lancashire FY2 9NS Telephone: 01253 351838 Fax: 01253 595952 Website and Email: *THE HOTEL* The hotel building is victorian (as are most in Blackpool), it has twelve rooms altogether, all of which are ensuite with shower, a colour TV, central heating, a hairdryer and tea and coffee making facilities. Rooms available are single,twin,double,family and four poster. The hotel is situated closest to the North Pier and therefore is about a 20 - 25 minute walk into Blackpool and all of it's attractions. There is a tram and bus stop ideally situated opposite the hotel. The hotel is completely NON SMOKING, if you are found to be smoking ANYWHERE in the hotel you will be asked to leave. Pets are not allowed. There is a Holistic beauty salon within the hotel where you can book to have a facial or massage during your stay, there is also internet access, a sun lounge and a well stocked bar with widescreen TV and DVD player. There are car park spaces for upto eight ...

Moschino I Love Love EDT 14/02/2006


Moschino I Love Love EDT I put this perfume forward to Ciao to be added to the catalogue for reviewing just before Christmas and now finally here it is! I'm quite fussy with perfume, I'm normally happy with a nice body spray that I can keep spraying on throughout the day as and when needed. But just before Christmas I was walking through Debenhams perfume section (they make it so you have to walk through to get out of the store) when one of those heavily made up sales women pounced on me spraying perfume onto my arm! She thrust a card into my hand and although annoyed, I put it in my pocket and proceeded to leave the store. For the rest of that day I could smell this perfume on my skin and clothes, my husband commented on it when I returned home and it wasn't until I had a shower that I could no longer smell the perfume. I kept hold of the card and looked out for the perfume and its price when out shopping, it was called Moschino I Love Love. *THE BOTTLE* As you can see from the picture, the bottle is slightly curvy, possibly representing a ladies figure perhaps? The top half is white and blue with 'Love' written in bright orange letters, in the background there are shapes like you'd see in a lava lamp in orange and blue. The bottom half is an aqua coloured glass with 'Cheap and Chic Moschino' written in small silver letters. The lid is also bright orange and just clicks onto the spray nozzle on the top of the bottle, the lid isn't a great fit and tends to fall off easily if you knock it, which ...

Cleft Lip and Palate 08/02/2006


Cleft Lip and Palate My mom and dad were happy newly weds when they discovered they were to be parents for the first time, they were of course over the moon and after having what would be described as a 'normal' pregnancy and birth, my mom gave birth to me in hospital in June 1977. They were both over the moon to have a baby girl as my dads family was very male dominated. So you can only imagine their shock and devastation when after examining their new beautiful baby daughter a doctor came to tell them that I had a defect in the roof of my mouth, he explained to them that I in fact had a cleft palate, that would need operating on sooner rather than later. A cleft palate is when part of, or all of the roof of the mouth doesn't join together properly when developing in the womb, in my case it was the soft palate that hadn't formed properly, this is at the back of my mouth near my throat. In some cases it can be the hard palate, which is closer to your front teeth, or in extreme cases it can be the entire roof of the mouth and the top of the lip that is affected. My mom took me home and broke the news to the family. Her mom (my nan) then decided it was a good time to tell her that she (my mom) was also born with a cleft palate! My mom was furious as you can imagine, having never being told that she had also had this at birth. My mom informed the doctor of this and he informed her that this condition can be inherited genetically. My mom struggled to feed me properly with a bottle as I ...

Everything that starts with C ... 08/02/2006


Everything that starts with C ... I read a review from one of my buddies from my circle of trust (Maggie) and she wanted everyone that knew her to have a go at it themselves, so here's my answers..........enjoy! MY CHILDHOOD MEMORIES........ *What era were you born?* 70's *Name 3 songs that you can remember from that era* I wasn't born until 1977 so I can't recall any from the 70's, my earliest memory of songs are those from Duran Duran, Wham and Boy George. *Your first good memory as a child* I have fond memories of going on family holidays once a year to Wales and Devon, staying in B&Bs and caravans. *Your first bad memory as a child* This would have to be when our cat got run over outside our house, he was an old cat, older than me! But I'd grown up with him and I remember feeling completely devastated, it was the first time I'd experienced losing someone I loved. *Your first day at school* I can't actually remember this, for some strange reason I can remember starting nursery but not school. In nursery I remember being told I was in the blue room and my best friend at the time was in the yellow room, I wasn't happy about that at all! *Did you ever get punished at school ie, lines, detention etc?* I was a good girl at school and kept myself out of trouble, I can't recall ever having detention or lines, that must be a good thing, do you think? *Action man eagle eyes/Barbie, Sindy? Tell me your 3 favourite toys.* My brother had an Action man with moving ...

Davidoff Echo Woman Eau de Parfum 12/01/2006

Echo by Davidoff

Davidoff Echo Woman Eau de Parfum I'm quite fussy when it comes to perfume and don't like to spend a load of money on expensive brands when they end up being no good. I noticed a free sample of this perfume on a website I visit regularly called, I ordered my free 5ml sample and waited for it to arrive. When it came I was surprised at the size of the bottle and the fact that they had also sent my husband a 10ml bottle of the male version of Echo. * FRAGRANCE* It has a really pretty, delicate and light fragrance which is very subtle and feminine, but it is so light and delicate that you can't really smell it and so you find yourself putting alot on. It has a floral fragrance but not the type your nan would wear (if you know what I mean), its flowery and sweet with a hint of musk. I quite like the smell of it but no one has commented on the scent when I've worn it to work and out and about which is a bit disappointing. *BOTTLE* The bottle design is a winner with me, it is an original shape and certainly catches your eye. It is flat and oval shaped with clear glass, the perfume itself is pink so this makes it even more appealing to the eye of a lady. The lid matches the shape of the bottle and the spray nozzle is located here also, although on my sample there was no spray nozzle, it was just a screw top lid. *PRICE* I have seen it in Boots but they only seem to sell the largest bottle, I assume its 50ml, it was £39.99. This seems fairly reasonable when compared to ...

The Body Shop Body Spray White Musk 04/01/2006


The Body Shop Body Spray White Musk I rarely go in the Body Shop, it's one of those shops that I tend to forget about when I'm out shopping for toiletries, but when I do go in I always come out with a bottle of White Musk body spray. I first tried this as a teenager my friends all loved the vanila range but I thought it was too sickly and preferred the White Musk, it's still the same now as it was back then it's just gone up in price a little, but what doesn't? THE BOTTLE....The body spary is 100ml in size, the bottle is transparent plastic with pale lilac writing, it looks very simple with the Body Shop logo in small letters. It has a pump action spray nozzle that when pressed sprays a fine mist of the scent, this I find works well. THE SCENT.....The Body Shop advertise this as being sensual and romantic, I would agree. It is hard to describe what it actually smells like, it is subtle and delicate yet lingers on your skin for hours. It has a pure clean smell that isn't overpowering or sickly, so is ideal for everyday wear as well as evenings out. When you first put it on it smells a little strong then gradually mellows during the day leaving a subtle delicate feminine fragrance. THE RANGE.... I have only ever tried the body spray but there is also: bath and shower gel body lotion home fragrance oil eau de toilette eau de parfum body spray soap dusting powder The body spray costs £5.50 for 100ml. THE VERDICT.... If you want a body spray that is not too expensive or overpowering, ...

Sanex Dermo Sensitive Deodorant 03/01/2006


Sanex Dermo Sensitive Deodorant I consider myself to be quite an active person therefore the deodorant I use has a hard job to keep me sweat free and smelling fresh all day long. I have tried lots on the market and whenever I see a new one on the shelf I give it a go, although my favourite up to now has to be Palmolives Soft and Gentle, this really works for me personally and that's the trouble with deodorant isn't it? I'm going to tell you what works for me but you'll probably completely disagree, everyone's different and you've got to try out deodorants until you find that one that works for you personally. Anyway..... THE BOTTLE.... Is quite feminine looking, although I'm not really sure if it's unisex or not, it doesn't actually state if it's for women or men. It is white and peach with the blue sanex logo in large letters across the front. It states that it cares for sensitive skin and lasts for 24 hours. It is 150ml in size and cost me £1.29 from Wilkinsons, although I've seen it in Superdrug and Boots for £1.99! MY VERDICT.... I tried this with an open mind, the brand is well known (I love their shower gel) and the price is good. After showering I sprayed a generous amount under each arm, no stinging effect - always good, smells quite soapy and fresh which would be suitable for men and women. I carried on with my day to day activities but found that after two hours or so I needed to re - spray, this was the case all through the day and I ended up with talcy white powder under my arms and all ...

Wella Shock Waves Creative Curl Boost Mousse 01/01/2006


Wella Shock Waves Creative Curl Boost Mousse I use an awful amount of hair mousse as I have naturally curly hair that has a mind of its own, I find mousse gives my hair more of a natural finish than gel. I've used mousse on my hair now for about thirteen years so as you can imagine I've tried alot of different brands during that time. I was in desperate need of some mousse and hairspray and my local chemist had run out of my usual brand (Professional Touch) I have used this for some time and didn't know what else to buy at this point. I noticed Superdrug were advertising Wella Shock Waves hair products as buy one get one free, so I purchased the curl boosting mousse and the strong hold hairspray, the two cost me £2.79 with the offer. I must point out that the mousse I bought isn't the same as the one pictured above, I think they have redesigned the bottle for the better I might add! My bottle is grey with black and green sqiggles on the front, alot simpler and more modern looking. THEY SAY.... The bottle is 200ml in size and claims to give you strong defined curls. They rate their holding strength out of four, this mousse they give a two. They recommend that you apply to damp hair and either allow to dry naturally or diffuse dry with a hairdryer. It is ideal for both permed and naturally curly hair and brushes out easily. I SAY... . I towel dried my hair and brushed it through, I applied my usual amount of mousse ( golf ball size) spreading it evenly through my hair. I then scrunch dried it using my ...

Glaxowellcome Zyban 20/12/2005


Glaxowellcome Zyban The new year is almost upon us and as usual lots of us will be making our new year resolutions, so I thought it would be a good time to share my experiences with the wonder drug that helped me to quit the fags for good....I hope! I started smoking when I was about 14, I used to use my nans pocket money to by my fags with and then go over the park to smoke with my friends. I never realised at this point that it would be so hard to quit later in life. As I got older I tried giving up a few times with willpower alone and failed miserably, the only times I managed to stop was when I was pregnant with my sons and to be honest this was mainly because the smell of smoke made me want to throw up! After the birth of my second son I decided I didn't want to start smoking again so I went to my nurse for advice, she offered me a range of products that I could try for free but told me I only had one attempt through the NHS if I failed I would have to pay to try something else. This was an incentive for me, I chose Zyban. I took one tablet a day for a month, you can decide yourself when you want to take the tablet, I chose first thing in the morning as I always had a fag with my cup of tea. The effect was almost instant, I still had my first fag that day but struggled to have any more after that. The smell of smoke make me feel nauseous just like when I was pregnant, I couldn't believe how a little tablet could have such an effect. The list of side effects was long as it is with ...
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